by David Lee

Chapter 46

Up in Zeke and Bryan's room, the couples sprawled on the beds snuggling with their boyfriends. Bryan lay propped up with his back against the headboard with Zeke sitting between his legs resting his head on Bryan's chest. Trevor and Marc were in a similar position enjoying the contact with each other's body.

They felt good about having the opportunity to discuss their situations with other guys who understood. The boys from the rival school marveled at the fact that both Zeke and Bryan were out to their parents and that they had other friends whom they knew were gay.

"Have you ever made out with other guys watching?" Trevor asked nervously.

"Yeah," Zeke admitted.

"We don't have anyone to even talk to about things like making out," Marc said sadly. "We have to be very careful. There are a couple of mean jocks who would beat the shit out of us if they knew. The attitude at our school must be a lot different than it is at yours."

Zeke told about the torment a couple of younger kids at Cosgrove had suffered at the hands of bullies. He didn't use any names or say they were gay, but he let the other boys know that things weren't perfect anywhere.

Marc and Trevor were fascinated in hearing about the field house. They would like to have gone to try it out, but didn't have enough time before Trevor's parents would come to take them home. They had seen their rivals in singlets at wresting meets and knew they were packing nice goods, but they wouldn't have minded a bit of naked time in the steam room to see the real things.

Bryan said he would like them to come to Cosgrove sometime during Christmas break. It would be good to stay in touch.

"If it isn't too cold, we can all sit in the hot tub. If Mom happens to be gone, we won't need to wear suits."

Before they parted, Trevor wanted to try something. He wanted to make out with his lover in front of Zeke and Bryan. He pushed Marc back on the bed covering his buddy's body with his own. Then he covered Marc's lips with his and got into some really deep kissing. It was evident that there was a lot of tongue action. He began to thrust against Marc's body.

Bryan and Zeke couldn't resist getting some themselves and they started to make out too. The room was silent except for sighs and moans.

Suddenly, Trevor gave a high-pitched groan as his body first went rigid and then began to spasm.

"Damn! I just came in my pants." He grinned.

He quickly pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. Zeke grabbed the college-provided towel which he gave to Marc who did the honors of cleaning up.

Marc was obviously in agony wanting to get off too. He was torn between his need and his shyness about whipping it out in front of his new friends.

Bryan sensed the conflict going on in Marc's brain. He felt for the guy. Besides, he wouldn't mind seeing what Marc had. Trevor was certainly not lacking.

"Why don't you pull your pants down and let Trevor take care of your problem?" Bryan asked.

"I feel really embarrassed about doing that in front of two guys who are dressed and watching me." Marc countered.

"We can leave for a few minutes," Zeke offered. "Give us the key to your room and we'll stay there for a while; just pound on the wall when you're done."

Bryan and Zeke went next door to allow Trevor to give Marc some much needed relief. It wasn't going to take long considering the condition Marc was in!

Once in the other room, Zeke suggested that he and Bryan finish what they had started before breakfast. Bryan was all for it. The scene in their room a few minutes ago had been stimulating to say the least.

The boys didn't strip. They just pulled their pants and briefs down far enough to give each other access. After a short session of licking and sucking, both were rewarded for their efforts.

The sound of tapping on the wall let them know they were welcome to return. They zipped up and exchanged a few deep kisses before leaving. As they entered their room, they were greeted by two appreciative grins.

When Trevor and Marc left, they hugged both of their new buddies. It was a gesture of caring, not lust. They all felt a bond forming among them that they hoped would continue. Zeke smelled cum on everyone's breath and offered some Altoids to change the aroma. Marc and Trevor were initially embarrassed, but appreciated being told so their parents wouldn't wonder about the odor. The guys all exchanged contact info, and promised to stay in touch.

The next couple of weeks passed rapidly. Before anyone could really believe it, Christmas break was upon them. Bryan and Zeke spent extra hours stocking at night and worked some extra days to help accommodate the rush of last-minute Christmas-food shoppers. They found it easy to make up for the income which they lost by visiting the university. The new contacts they'd made, as well as learning about the school, made it all worthwhile.

Christmas itself was a fairly laidback day. Bryan and Zeke awoke in each other's arms in Zeke's bed. They gave each other their special present in the shower before starting their day. The load of protein might have been enough to tide them over until dinner time, but being active teenagers, they needed something more for breakfast. Grace had told them she would provide a big Christmas breakfast since dinner was later in the afternoon.

Hearing a little body crawling on the floor above, they got dressed to go upstairs to join Grace, Craig, and baby Zach. The boy broke into big smiles when he saw his two godfathers coming into the kitchen. He crawled to them grabbing each around one ankle.

Grace had breakfast ready for all of them and they were soon enjoying it. When they'd eaten and the dishes cleared away, she asked the boys to entertain Zach while she worked on dinner for the two families. This year, Todd was at Lisa's, so there would be just six of them plus the baby. Since Mary had hosted more than her share of holiday dinners, Grace was determined to do this one.

The boys were pleased to do the baby sitting, but felt they could do more. Craig assured them that he could set the table and help his wife. It was their duty to take care of the little one. They didn't argue. This was a duty they loved.

As they were playing on the living room floor, Zach got a serious look on his little face.

"Mom, have you started to potty train this critter?" Zeke called.

"No, he's way too young yet."

"Well, I think he is about to fill his diaper and I don't want to clean it up. I'm going to put him on the pot."

Before he could make good on his promise, Zeke discovered that Zach had already performed his "duty." Now, he did have a mess to clean up. He took it as a mission. He wondered how many times Grace had performed the same chore on him.

Bryan took pity on his lover and helped with "operation baby-cleanup." They got everything ready and put Zach on the changing table. Zeke tore the tape strips to open the dirty diaper. He pulled down the top. Just as the cooler air hit Zach's tiny penis, he let loose with a stream of pee so strong it splashed on his little face. The boys laughed so hard that they could hardly stand up.

"Man, did you see the distance he shot?" Zeke asked.

"Yeah, I wonder if we could squirt that far in relation to our size." Bryan responded.

"I know something you can squirt that far." Zeke smirked.

After finishing the cleanup and exchanging a couple of kisses, the boys went back to join Grace and Craig.

Doug and Carol had spent Christmas Eve with the Newman's and headed to Schaumburg early in the morning to spend a couple of days with the Croy family. Both families were being filled in on their wedding plans. Since Carol was wearing her beautiful new diamond ring, it seemed like a good time.

When they got to their destination in suburban Chicago, Kyle came bouncing out of the house to help with the luggage. He kissed his sister and hugged Doug. His attitude seemed to have improved a lot.

Later, he got Doug alone for a moment. He thanked his future brother-in-law for keeping his secret and for helping him.

"I've been going to a counselor, thanks to your suggestion. I'm a lot better now. I've accepted myself and I don't feel guilt over Scott's death anymore. I have come out to my parents and they're okay with it. Rich and I are dating. He's coming over after dinner to spend the night. Both of our families approve of our 'friendship.' His mom has a hard time calling it dating." Kyle giggled.

Doug was pleased to see the kid so happy. He hoped it would continue.

When Rich came over in the evening, he and Kyle sat together on the love seat. They talked and giggled like any straight couple in a romantic relationship. Doug smiled. He had seen the same looks on the faces of his brother and Luke.

Back in Cosgrove, Skylar and Luke spent Christmas with the elder Newman's. After a great dinner, they all sat around the fireplace enjoying each other's company.

"Mom and Dad, Luke and I are thinking about tying the knot. Would you be comfortable with it if we had some kind of ceremony to mark our commitment to each other?"

"Of course it is alright with us! It's your life anyway. You don't have to ask our permission." His mother answered.

"I know, but we want you to be a part of it. We want your approval, I guess."

"Well, you have it, son," his father chimed in. "We love you both very much."

Luke began to feel the tears welling up in his eyes. He was very happy to be accepted into this loving family. He was also sad that it would probably never happen with his parents. It was a kind of bitter-sweet moment. Sky sensed what he was thinking and held his lover tightly. He gently kissed the tears away. No one in the room was embarrassed by his loving actions.

This was the best Christmas Aaron could remember in a long time. He would not have to see his father. While the divorce wasn't yet final, the judge had ordered James to have no contact with his eldest child. In view of Aaron's age and the history of verbal abuse he'd suffered, Judge Prescott had left the decision of visitation up to Aaron. Aaron hadn't even hesitated.

Today, he woke up in Bryce's bed. He loved the sensation of Bryce's warm naked flesh against his own. It felt comforting and exciting at the same time; caring as well as sensuality.

The first order of business was to brush their teeth and shower away the dried cum residue from last night's activities. After they were dressed, they ate breakfast with Bryce's family. Later, Gina and the younger kids would join them for dinner. Sally and Gina had worked it out between them what the menu would be. This combined effort meant that neither woman would spend the day in the kitchen. Since they were both great cooks, the feast would be a sumptuous one. It promised to be a wonderful day.

The day after Christmas, Brad Stillwell reminded the boys that he and Mary were driving to Ames to visit with Lisa's parents who were up for the holidays. They would be gone for two nights. He would appreciate it if the boys would stay in the house to keep an eye on things. Bryan asked if they could invite some friends over to stay a day or two. Mary and Brad gave their blessing as long as the kids were careful not to "burn the house down" as Mary always said.

Bryan immediately got on the email to invite Trevor and Marc. When he checked his messages a couple of hours later, he was pleased to see they had responded. Since Bryan hadn't mentioned that his parents were going out of town, Trevor and Marc didn't have that information to pass along to their parents or they might not have gotten permission to come.

The next day, Brad and Mary hadn't been gone more than a couple of hours before a small, old Corolla wheeled into the drive. Bryan punched the button on the door opener to allow the car to continue into the attached garage. Trevor and Marc jumped out of the car to hug Bryan.

"Grab your luggage and come on in. Zeke will be here pretty soon. He had to baby sit for his little bro. We usually do it together, but I needed to stay here so we wouldn't miss you."

"We're sorry we messed up your plans," Marc said.

"No problem. Zeke's mom didn't expect to need us, but the lady who usually watches Zach came down with the flu and it was all a last minute deal."

Bryan took the boys up to Todd's room.

"I hope that you don't mind sharing a bed." He snickered.

"We've been looking forward to it ever since our stay at the university. We do sleepovers, but our houses are both pretty small and cheaply built. Noise travels! If someone farts, everyone else is likely to hear it. Imagine trying to cover up the sounds of an orgasm!" Trevor quipped. "Wow, this is a very nice home!"

Bryan showed his guests the rest of the house and took them out to see the hot tub. It was one of those rare, warm days in December when the temperature was 50 degrees F and the sun was shining. The visitors were ready to brave the chill just to get naked in the warm water. Bryan phoned Zeke to tell him they'd be in the spa when he came over. Zeke said Grace was coming home in about 10 minutes and he would join them soon.

"If you're getting off, don't start without me." Zeke requested.

"Don't worry, Stud, I can't speak for the other guys, but I'll wait for you."

Trevor and Marc were impressed with the pool house. Bryan had turned up the heater before he called Zeke. The temperature had already risen enough to make it possible to strip without discomfort. Soon the three guys were naked and running for the warm water.

"What's it like to be uncut?" Trevor asked.

"I don't know; what's it like to be cut?" Bryan responded.

"Trevor thought he saw Zeke skin his back at the urinal at the dorm, but we didn't have time to ask about it then." Marc said. "Can we see yours up close and maybe touch it?"

"Maybe, but not unless Zeke's here. I don't get it on with other guys."

"I'm just curious." Marc insisted.

"Yeah, but I'm horny and I'll bet you are too. I don't trust myself or you. My dad once told me that a stiff prick has no conscience."

"Wow, you talk about stuff like that with your dad?"

"Yeah, he's always been open with us guys. He told me about jacking off even before I knew much about it. My big brother was helpful too. He's the one I really learned from."

The conversation was making them all hard and something was going to have to be done about it sooner or later. Fortunately, Zeke arrived about then.

"Hi, guys. Are you getting my boyfriend all horned up?"

"Yeah, we're having some pretty steamy conversations here," Trevor giggled pointing to the mist rising from the water.

Zeke dropped his clothes off in the pool house and walked out with his cock at nearly full erection. He stood proudly while he turned the spa's timer to its limit. (It had just stopped.)

Marc's jaw dropped as he watched Zeke step into the water.

"That is one aw-awesome piece!" he stammered.

Zeke grinned, enjoying the compliment. He took his time entering the hot tub. He had seen enough in locker rooms to know he was not lacking and he didn't mind showing it off.

"Zeke, get in here, you perve!" Bryan snorted. "You really love to show that thing off, don't you? You're such an exhibitionist!"

Trevor and Marc wished they had that much to exhibit. Actually, they were both in the range of average or above. Zeke's stood out straight from his lean body which made it look even bigger and more magnificent.

Marc again requested to see the uncut marvels at close range. Bryan agreed to it because he knew Zeke was as eager for the attention as he was. Marc asked if he could touch them, but the boys declined. They were afraid they might like it too much, so they turned to embrace each other for the contact they desired.

"I love you, Baby," Zeke said just before he covered Bryan's mouth with his own.

"I love you, too," Bryan responded as soon as he was allowed to breathe again.

The two couples made out until the timer turned the jets off again. This time, Bryan led Zeke by the hand into the shower room. The other pair followed. By now, the temperature had risen to a very pleasant level. Bryan pulled out a couple of mats and laid them on the concrete floor. He and Zeke began to suck each other while Marc and Trevor watched.

Marc and Trevor soon got their own thing going. They all felt hot doing it around guys they didn't know well! There was lots of gasping and moaning. Given the making out they'd already done in the spa, it didn't take Zeke and Bryan to fill each other's throats with a thrust and a whimper. Hearing them in the throes of orgasm, Trevor and Marc quickly followed suit. Both couples kissed and cuddled for several minutes after their awesome climaxes.

They all grinned at each other.

"Man, this is like an orgy!" Marc said.

"I agree," Trevor joined in.

They were still smiling as they put on enough clothes to face the chilly outdoor weather. Zeke helped Bryan cover the spa again and they all went back into the house.

"Well, it's not quite noon, and we have already gotten off." Bryan commented. "How about we put some lunch together?"

Everyone pitched in and soon sat down to a good meal of cold cuts, cheese, and bread for sandwiches accompanied with chips, fruit, and soft drinks.

When they were filled up again, the boys got dressed completely and went to the mall for a while. Marc and Trevor lived in a smaller town and weren't used to having a place like this to hang out in. They loved it.

When dinner time came along, Bryan treated his guests to pizza. He ordered two large ones and a medium one. All three got wiped out.

After their evening meal, the boys settled down in the family room to watch a DVD. Then, they played a couple of video games. Finally, they retired to their separate rooms to sleep with their boyfriends.

In the morning, Zeke and Bryan stumbled out of their room to see if the other guys were awake. They found the pair making out.

"Don't you guys ever do anything else?"

Trevor pulled off of Marc's lips long enough to respond.

"Hey, we don't get chances like this every day."

After breakfast, the four went out to sit naked in the hot tub again. It was cooler and overcast, but that didn't matter once the guys were in the water up to their necks. Bryan taught his guests the joys of using the jets to pleasure them. Both Trevor and Marc tried backing up to them while kissing. It was hot! They liked the anal stimulation while massaging each other's tongues with their own. Both erupted without warning. They apologized, but Bryan cut them off.

"Don't worry guys. I've cleaned out the filter lots of times. If I had saved it all up in the freezer, I'll bet I'd have a pound-sized 'cumsicle'."

Zeke and Bryan didn't get off this time. They were feeling a little embarrassed about how uninhibited they'd been in front of the other guys the day before. Were they turning into dirty old men? (Well, given their age, dirty young men.) It was a little scary, but rather sexy at the same time.

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