by David Lee

Chapter 44

Although the second weekend after Thanksgiving wasn't as big a shopping period as the first had been, there was still plenty of business. Luke and Skylar didn't have a moment to breathe all day Saturday. But, when their boss asked if they could put in overtime, they nodded. It would cut into their cuddling time, but they could always use the money. Even though they were still living with Doug and commuting to the university, their expenses were greater than at the community college. And, they were hoping to save a little toward a house of their own some day. Their next paychecks should be fat!

Planning for a home together was not such a crazy thing to do. This relationship showed no signs of fading. If any little problem came up, it was worked out between them before it could escalate into anything major. Skylar's parents were great role models for this kind of action. Sky had learned from them and also from his relationship with his brother. He would never again let anything he could control cut him off from those he loved.

Zeke awoke to the feeling of someone nibbling on his nipple. He couldn't imagine who that would be. (R-i-i-i-ght!)

"Bryan, if you keep that up, we're gonna have to take care of this before we go to work."

"Yeah, promises, promises." Bryan chuckled.

Zeke started to make good on his promise, but Bryan made him stop because his bladder was so full that he couldn't trust it. The two got into the shower and let their streams go. Bryan aimed his "hose" at Zeke, and Zeke fought back. The warm water soon rinsed them off sending their golden liquid down the drain.

"God, Bryan, you're getting to be as nasty as Bobby."

"Hey, you did it too. Besides, I'm just marking my territory."

"Yeah, me too. Nobody better mess with my property either!" said Zeke remembering a girl named Teri in Florida.

"So now you think you own me, huh?"

"I think we own each other. Let's see if I can get some dividend from my investment."

Bryan just sighed as Zeke knelt down to collect. As horny as they both were, it didn't take Zeke a lot of work to get his reward. Bryan was too much into being sucked off to even think of shampooing Zeke's hair until Zeke pulled off to remind him. There wasn't much time to spare, so multitasking was the order of the day.

Though his legs were rubbery, Bryan insisted he was owed some rent too and that his hair really needed washing. Zeke was turned on enough to pump out his juice pretty quickly as well. As a result, the boys actually had time for a bigger breakfast than just a quick load of protein.

"Are you interested in pancakes this morning," Zeke asked.

"Sure, I guess pancake batter would sit okay on top of "baby batter." Bryan said with a smirk.

"Speaking of babies," Zeke replied, "do you want to have a family?"

"Oh, damn, are you pregnant? Whose is it? We haven't even done THAT yet."

"Okay, silly, I'm just thinking ahead. I love my little bro so much that I wouldn't mind having a couple of rug rats running around someday."

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind it either. The only thing I regret about us being in love is not being able to have kids."

"Who knows? Maybe we can adopt or find a willing girl to carry our kids."

"Well, I'm sure Heather wouldn't mind germinating your seed if it were planted in the traditional way. I think she would enjoy getting plowed a lot."

"I think I would like getting plowed myself if you did the honors." Zeke ventured.

"You've mentioned it before. Do you want us to "go all the way" before we're 18?"

"Yes and no. I want to feel connected with you, but I suppose we should wait. It's a pretty big step for me. Do you think you could begin to prepare me by running your middle finger up there again?"

"I could do that. Boy, could I do that!" Bryan assured his lover.

All the talk about getting laid made them hard again, but there was definitely no time to do anything about it if they wanted to eat. Therefore, they channeled their energy into making a hearty breakfast and tidying up the kitchen before they rushed off to the store.

A little way across town, Bryce was awake propped on one elbow watching his boyfriend sleep. A smile adorned his cherubic face as he studied his lover. Although Bryce had experienced the joys of sexual exploration with another boy in his old school and had joined in a few circle jerks with some guys in his old scout unit, he'd never felt like he did with Aaron. This was special. He knew his dad didn't want him to get hurt, but he was certain Aaron would never hurt him intentionally. Aaron's attempted suicide had caused him pain, but Aaron hadn't meant it to, and Bryce was pretty sure it wouldn't happen again. Yes, he had read the statistics and knew kids who try it once are in danger of trying again, but he believed the major reasons for Aaron's attempting it had been cleared away. He would do his best to protect his lover as well.

Aaron stirred a little and came to with a start, having forgotten where he was. Seeing his beautiful, mocha-colored angel brought a smile to his face. Bryce leaned in to kiss that smile. The kiss only served to broaden the grin.

The boys slipped into their briefs and peeked out into the hall. No one else seemed to be up, so they sprinted to the bathroom to relieve themselves and brush their teeth. Bryce filled the basin with warm water. Taking a clean washcloth and some soap, he carefully bathed Aaron's flaccid dick. Once touched, it didn't stay soft for long.

"Okay, now you do me," Bryce requested.

Aaron complied. Soon neither boy had any evidence of last night's fun left on his clean cock. But, neither could get soft again.

Bryce quickly knelt to help Aaron with his problem. Aaron gasped as Bryce sucked in most of his erect phallus. It felt so good that he thought he would pop right then and there. Bryce pulled off and asked:

"Am I as good as Ted was?"

"Oh Baby, how can you ask? It happened before I knew you and it didn't mean anything to me. What he did took care of my horniness for a moment. What you do makes me feel loved all over – all the time."

"Kewl!" Bryce's responded, just before he went back to swallowing down his boyfriend's cock again.

As soon as Aaron recovered from his orgasm, he took care of Bryce's needs.

After breakfast, the boys spent awhile doing homework. Yes, some of their teachers had the nerve to assign papers during the time before Christmas break.

In the afternoon, they went to the Y pool to work on their swimming strokes. Both wanted to hold up their end for the school team. Whether or not they would set any records, they were determined to do their best. It was all their coach asked of them. He didn't have to yell at his kids because they respected him so much that they didn't want to disappoint him.

As they stood toweling off in the locker room, Bryce's quick look confirmed that they were alone. He took the opportunity to pull Aaron into a tight embrace and plant a big, long open-mouthed kiss on his sweet lips. Aaron didn't hesitate to respond with his tongue. Moments later, they broke apart flushed and breathing heavily. They managed to pull on their skivvies and jeans just before another kid entered the area. Fortunately, their jeans were baggy enough to mostly hide what had just been packed into them.

Dinner was again a pleasant time of family conversation. It was followed by a few hands of a new card game which Sally and Mike tried to teach the boys. The boys picked it up quickly and were soon holding their own as a team against the more experienced adults. Aaron loved it so much that he didn't know where the time had gone.

When it got close to bed time, they resumed their activities from the night before. The moment they hit Bryce's room, they shed their clothes and climbed into bed. Bryce took the lead again. He laid his young form fully across Aaron's body. This time, there was no fear of hurting Aaron's stomach.

Their lips met and opened. Soon, their tongues were doing a slow, sensuous waltz. It was what they had wanted to do earlier at the Y. Aaron reached out to place his hands on Bryce's butt. He cupped the firm young ass of his lover, assisting Bryce's humping motions. Their passions rose higher. Then, with a whimper of ecstasy, Bryce blew his load. Despite reaching his "personal goal," he kept moving until Aaron also unloaded. His dick was getting sensitive, but he wouldn't quit until Aaron joined him in bliss.

When they finished, it wasn't really over. The boys continued to cuddle and kiss for another 15 minutes. If anyone had doubts about this relationship, it certainly wasn't the guys involved in it. At that moment they felt securely bonded together (in more ways than one).

By the time 9:00 o'clock arrived, Luke was pretty well spent. Sky was equally exhausted. It had been a very long day. They had had a dinner break, but were hungry for a little something else. Sky went by the theater, not to see a show, but to buy a large tub of buttered popcorn. Luke grinned from ear to ear when Sky returned to the car. Second only to Sky's body, popcorn was his favorite snack.

They began to eat it on the way home, but finished it sitting on the sofa in front of the TV watching the late news. When it was gone, Luke pulled Sky toward the big shower in the basement. The next few minutes were spent in stripping each other naked.

In the shower, the two college juniors washed each other's body thoroughly. Sky didn't tense at all when Luke's fingers caressed his hole. In fact, he relaxed so Luke could massage his rosebud more easily.

"Make love to me, Luke. Bury you big, throbbing cock deep into my hot ass!"

"Your desire is my command, Binky," Luke responded. "Talk dirty to me."

Sky really got into the act and started to talk like a guy in a porn film.

"Fuck me hard and deep. I want to feel your hot jizz exploding in my well- fucked ass."

The time it took to dry one another off and head for their love nest must have set a new Guinness record. Despite the long hours at work, Luke found the strength to satisfy his lover's every desire. Sky enjoyed it so much that he came between their bodies just after Luke's cock began to spasm.

At school on Monday, Aaron looked like someone who had just won the lottery. No one could remember when he had looked happier. He was a different boy than he had been just a month ago.

Zeke saw him coming into the lunch room around noon. He nudged Bryan.

"He looks like he's gettin' some!"

"I think you're right. Look, there's Bryce. He looks like he is too. Do you suppose…?"

"I'd bet the farm." Zeke smiled.

Bryce and Aaron were pleased when Bryan motioned them to sit at their table. They had sat there before, but never presumed that they had a "right" to sit with upperclassmen.

"You two look happy today," Zeke ventured.

"Yeah, we had fun this weekend and Christmas is just around the corner. Aren't you guys excited about Santa coming?" Aaron asked.

He'd said this last part to take the emphasis away from the weekend fun. These guys seemed okay, but one had to be careful at school.

The older guys were not fooled, but they didn't pursue the conversation. Instead, they talked about Christmas plans and school, which put the younger boys at ease. However, they still wished they could look at each other as much as they wanted to. Life isn't fair sometimes, they thought.

Instead of going to study hall, Bryan and Zeke got permission to work out with Doug's other P.E. class. They appreciated the chance to lift and he liked having them around as an influence on the other kids.

Zeke kept his eyes on the younger boys that day when they were all assigned to work out in the weight room. Bryce and Aaron seemed to giggle a lot, as if sharing a private joke. Zeke could empathize.

Doug had set up specific exercises for the wrestlers and other routines for the swimmers, basketball players, etc. He coordinated with other coaches so that muscle development would be most efficient for the particular activities. Some of the boys just wanted to look like studs, but function was more important to Coach Newman than looks. He thought an efficient body WAS a beautiful form.

So, it wasn't strange to have Bryce and Aaron pair up as Bryan and Zeke would. But, Zeke was quite aware of the endearing looks passing between their young friends. He nudged Bryan as he had earlier. Bryan gave him a perceptive smirk.

Bryce and Aaron lagged back in the locker room. When they were certain that everyone else had left, they took the opportunity to share a kiss. They had wanted to have this contact all day. As they were lost in the wonder of the moment, they heard a noise.

Bryan and Zeke stood there smiling.

The younger boys jumped apart with hearts beating rapidly.

"Shit!" Aaron exclaimed.

"No problem, Dudes. It looks like Christmas isn't the only thing turning you on. But, your secret is safe with us. We kinda figured you were boyfriends." Bryan announced.

"Were we that obvious?" Bryce asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Zeke laughed.

"Shit!" Aaron repeated.

He really didn't know what else to say.

"Do you think it'll be all over school?" Bryce had to know.

"Not necessarily." Zeke continued. "We're not gonna tell, but be careful or someone else might catch you. As far as we're concerned, if you get any crap from anyone just let us know. We're here for you."

"How come? You guys are wrestling jocks and junior class officers. We didn't think you'd beat us up, but we thought you might not want to be seen with us. Why would you care?"

"Oh, that's not a topic for discussion right now, but trust me, we do care. So you're in safe company part of the day at least. Why don't you guys plan to eat lunch with us regularly?

"Kewl!" both boys responded as one.

"Can we give you guys a ride home tonight?" Bryan asked.

"That would be awesome," Aaron said. "We've missed my bus by now and Bryce's dad is on a business trip. We were going to have to walk to my house."

On the way to Aaron's house, the boys in the back seat sat properly apart. They didn't want to press their luck.

"Hey, don't you two want to share some more tongue?" Zeke snickered.

Both boys blushed. In the bright daylight, one actually could even see Bryce's coloring redden slightly.

"Man, if I had the chance to kiss my special person, I wouldn't pass it up," Bryan added as he turned around.

Aaron grinned at his lover. He looked at Bryan who was smiling back at them. Then he took a chance. He leaned in and planted a big kiss on Bryce's lips. Bryce responded with some tongue. It was the first time they had intentionally showed affection in front of schoolmates. Wow! It felt good. They felt like any other couple.

That night, as Bryan and Zeke lay side by side on their backs in Bryan's bed, they were reviewing the events of the day.

"I'm glad we were able to let those two know that we're okay with their love for each other." Bryan said.

"Yeah, me too, but I feel like a hypocrite for not coming out to them. I think they could be trusted. Actually, I am getting tired of being in the closet anyway." Zeke replied.

"Hey, Babe, I am ready to do whatever you want to do. I think we might lose a few friends, but I'm not sure those people would matter. The guys we really care about would stick by us, I hope."

"Well, I have an idea. Why don't we let Aaron and Bryce in on our secret? Then we can decide if we want to hide out a little longer or not. It would give them someone to confide in at school and it would be good for us too. Most of our gay buds have graduated."

Conversation ceased as their lips met in a warm kiss. The work they'd done on the weekend, and their gym workout were catching up with them. Sex was always welcome, but so was sleep. They ended up on their sides with Bryan's hard cock nestled in Zeke's crack while Bryan's hand gently caressed Zeke's equally firm erection. They fell asleep in that position, content in holding each other. Their love was secure even when it wasn't constantly confirmed by loads of cum.

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