by David Lee

Chapter 43

Thanksgiving week was great for all concerned except for Ted and Donny. Ted spent the time in jail because his family wouldn't come up with the bail money. The new charges against him included going armed with the intent to do bodily injury, attempted kidnapping, and breaking and entering. These were in addition to the ones of assault for his attack on Bryce and Aaron. Donny was charged with aiding and abetting in a felony, but made a deal with the D.A. for a lesser charge if he testified against Ted. Since he was also facing charges for choking Aaron and Bryce, his lawyers convinced him to take the deal. He was not yet 18 and might get off without doing hard-time. They implied that putting guys like Ted and him in prison would be like throwing raw meat into a cage of hungry lions. The prospect shook Donny to his very core!

When school took up again, the rumor mill was churning out lots of material about the attempted attack at Bobby's house. Most of the information was surprisingly accurate except the ones that claimed Ted had had his nuts shot off by Bobby's mother. In any event, Linda became a kind of folk heroine especially among the young ladies. Ted had not been well liked by girls or boys; feared, but not liked. Several students breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that neither Ted nor Donny would be coming back to Cosgrove High – ever!

Aaron came back with a totally renewed outlook. He was in several classes with Lonny, and since their friendship had been repaired, Aaron felt like things were right again. Of course having Bryce as his boyfriend didn't hurt his attitude either. Students as well as teachers were aware of a new self-confidence and drive. Naturally there were days in which he didn't feel on top of the world, but he didn't feel that it was on top of him either. He still went for counseling sessions once a week, but wasn't on any medication.

The only downside for Aaron came from the rumors that Jennifer was spreading about his best friend. She told her friends that Lonny was more interested in Aaron than he was in her and implying that they were more than buddies. Although Jennifer's crowd snubbed Lonny on her say-so, few in the clique actually believed her stories. For one thing, Lonny exhibited no signs of being interested in boys. Also, though Aaron and he hung with each other in classes, they weren't inseparable. Aaron usually sought Bryce's company at other times. And it wasn't unusual to see the three of them in the company of a couple of freshmen girls like Esther and Kaylee when they were in study hall. So, the rumors didn't grow as Jennifer had hoped.

Aaron assumed Lonny must be unhappy sometimes because he wasn't in his former crowd of friends. However, Lonny never seemed to show it. He was always able to make friends easily, so maybe having to make new ones was okay after all. Esther certainly seemed to be smitten. Coach Newman was pleased with the "new" Lonny (or more accurately, the return of the old one).

Bryce and Aaron were trying to keep their relationship from being obvious to the other kids at school. Lonny was the only one who knew for sure. When they saw their straight friends holding hands with girls, they wished they could do the same thing – with each other. It was difficult to keep a lid on their desires. They could be involved in a little grab-ass and towel snapping with each other and other members of the swim team, but that was just horsing around. What they wanted more than anything was to have a private place to do some serious making out.

Despite Aaron's renewed appetite for food and his upbeat attitude, his mother was keeping him on a short leash. Gina was truly worried that his psyche was very fragile, and felt he needed plenty of rest. Other than going to school and swim practice, she wanted her son to be home taking it easy. Being home without his father there made it bearable, but he was becoming restless.

As a result of all the down-time, Aaron was bursting with energy and horny as Hell! His coach couldn't believe the speed with which he was swimming. He was bound to break records again this year.

Besides his physical strength, he had another thing which motivated him to work out constantly in the pool and that, of course, was Bryce. At least Bryce and he could be together for practice. It was better than nothing, but it was also frustrating. When they changed in the locker room, they took their time and didn't hesitate to feast their eyes on each other's body when the place was fairly empty. If no one was around, they would make suggestive gestures with their tongues while grinning. It was becoming more difficult not to pop a stiffy whenever they were naked together.

On Thursday evening, Aaron began to work on his mother to let him sleep over with Bryce; or, if that failed, to have Bryce sleep over with him. He figured if he begged enough and suggested it would be good therapy, Gina would give in. He was still deciding if he was too old to whine when he discovered he didn't need to.

"Sally called me at work today to ask if you could spend the weekend with Bryce. I suspect you boys put her up to it, but it's fine with me. All I ask is that you don't wear yourself out."

"Thanks, Mom, I'll be careful."

"I know you think you're in love with him, but I want you to take it slowly! Teen romances, straight or gay, have a way of fading when kids go off to college. You're a grade ahead of Bryce so you'll be a college man while he's still a high school boy. That could alter your future."


"Now, don't get all bent out of shape. I just want what's best for you. I don't want you going into this with your eyes shut."

"Mom, my eyes are wide open. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. He gives me a reason to get better. He gives me a reason to live."

"That's my point, dear. You need to live for yourself as well as for him. If something should happen between you to change your feelings, you can't stop living."

"Yeah, I know. But I really need him right now. I think I always will. I'm not going to kill myself if we have a fight. I don't feel like a piece of shit now that YOUR husband is gone."

"Watch your mouth, boy, or you won't be going anywhere this weekend! And, like it or not, James is still your father."

"Sorry about the "S" word, Mom, but you know how it was. Right now I can't think of him as anything more than a sperm donor."

"Yes, baby, I know. I'm sorry I didn't act sooner. I just kept hoping…"

"I know, Mom, at one time you must've loved him like I love Bryce. Is that why you're so worried about my relationship?"

"Yes, I suppose it has something to do with it. Now, you'd better get to bed so you'll be rested and ready for school in the morning."

"Okay, and thanks again, Mom."

Aaron went to his room whistling. Life was improving! He was going to get to sleep with Bryce for two nights. This time, he wouldn't hesitate to sleep in nothing but his skin. In fact, he would practice tonight.

He locked his door as soon as he got into the room. Then he did a slow strip in front of the mirror. All the while, he was focusing his mind on the image of Bryce's firm, young ass. He had memorized its shape in the locker room for the last several days. It had been difficult not to get hard in the process. As a matter of fact, he had had to think about a stressful homework assignment before taking his last gang shower so as not to embarrass himself.

Here in his room, there was no reason not to be fully erect. He smiled at his reflection. He saw in the mirror a truly happy kid. He still didn't see what he had that Bryce loved, but he wasn't going to complain.

Slowly, Aaron ran his hands over his chest and abs. He went back to his nipples and played with them. He wondered if Bryce liked nipple play. He was going to find out tomorrow night. The thought turned up the fire in his loins a couple of degrees. He began to stroke his steely tool gently with his left hand, which made him feel as if someone else were playing with it. He had heard about the pleasures of teasing oneself to the edge and backing off just before orgasm. He thought he would try it. However, by the time he made himself stop stroking, the feeling was too intense. He let go at the last moment, but his dick began to jerk as if it had a mind of its own. Then the awesome rush hit him. His young cock began to spew. Had it not been for his discarded T-shirt, he would have been trying to clean up a sticky mess out of his carpet. As it was, no harm had been done.

His sexual needs satisfied for the moment, Aaron slid naked between the sheets to enjoy a very restful sleep. His dreams were pleasant. How could they be any different? Bryce was in them all.

Friday couldn't come soon enough for lots of the kids at Cosgrove High. If truth be told, the teachers were just as eager to have the week come to an end because getting back into the routine after the Thanksgiving holiday was never easy. There was so little time until Christmas break that it seemed futile to try to cover material that would soon be forgotten again over the holiday.

Zeke and Bryan had to work on Friday night. It would be busy at Fareway, but that was good. Time would go rapidly if they were constantly on the move. When their shift was over, they hurried home to Zeke's house for a leisurely hour or so of cuddling.

The cuddling progressed to a hot shower, followed by massage therapy. They took turns easing the kinks out of each other's muscles. Finally, each guy had only one muscle still in need of more work. They moved into the 69-position so they could take care of it. There was no hurry; they took their time. As their passions rose, Zeke started to lick Bryan's balls and the area just behind them. That turned Bryan on big-time. He began to do the same thing to Zeke. After a few minutes of this kind of play, they swallowed each other as deeply as they could and bobbed their heads. Their climax was about as mutual as two individuals can achieve. After a tongue bath, they cuddled under the covers. Sleep did not elude them for long.

Aaron's fun had begun earlier in the evening while Bryan and Zeke were still bagging groceries. Bryce's dad had picked the boys up at school and driven to Aaron's house to get his duffle bag.

Aaron had packed carefully to take just what he thought he would need and little else. He had included a couple of sexy bikini briefs he'd gotten up the nerve to purchase during an outing at the mall when Gina had let him have a rare half hour on his own. After he had paid for the pack of bikinis, he had gone into a men's room stall to put them on, one over the other, until he had on all three. He had gone free-balling to the shopping center so he could smuggle his new playthings into the house without his mother's knowing about them. They were thin and stretchy enough not to look bulky under his jeans. While packing them, he had become hard just remembering.

As soon as the boys were in Bryce's bedroom, Bryce locked the door and pulled his boyfriend into a firm embrace. Then, they kissed for several minutes. The both took delight in the shared experience. Aaron explored Bryce's mouth thoroughly despite the fact that he had the location of every tooth memorized already.

When they broke apart, aroused and grinning lasciviously, Aaron pulled the two scanty briefs from his bag.

"Let's put these on and wear them all weekend."

"All weekend?" Bryce pouted.

"Well, not every minute! I want to sleep naked with you after I pull these off of you with my teeth." Aaron said huskily.

"Sounds like a plan to me as long as I get to do the same to you."

"Oh, you will!"

It was a good thing the underwear was stretchy because containing two serious erections was not easy. In the end, there were two cock heads peeking out above the waistbands. Looking at each other's uncovered tip sticking out in the air made the boys about as hard as it was possible to be.

Bryce knelt down and kissed the exposed head of his boyfriend's dick. Aaron shuddered in delight. He had loved the things he used to do with Lonny, but this was different. Lonny had done it more out of a sense of fair play while Bryce was treating Aaron's cock like it was a sacred thing to be worshipped. Aaron could get used to that!

After a few minutes of being on the receiving end, Aaron pulled Bryce up to a standing position and got on his knees to nuzzle and fondle Bryce's boy part. Bryce moaned in appreciation. In his past, brief relationship, he had been used to doing most of the giving. Receiving attention like this was great!

"You'd better quit now," he said with a catch in his voice.

"Don't you like it?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah! I love it, but I just heard Mom's car and she'll want help setting the table for dinner and stuff. If we keep this up, I'll be in no condition to do anything!"

"Okay, but you have to promise me we can do this some more tonight. Do you want to?"

"Well, duh!"

"Okay, so that was a dumb question. How soon after dinner can we go to bed?"

"I suppose we should watch at least one program on TV or play some games with the 'rents before we play our own games. They probably know what we're gonna do, but I don't want it to be real obvious."

"You think they know?"

"Sure. Dad talked to me about what's safe to do with other guys. He said as long as we hadn't messed in any risky behaviors with guys older than we are or hadn't slept around we should be safe to do about anything we want to do. He did say licking another guy's asshole can be risky because of hepatitis."

"You talked about that with your dad?"

"Yeah. I guess I'm lucky to have a dad like him. I know he's my step-father, but I couldn't ask for a better dad. He might even be more understanding than my own father would have been if he were alive. I don't know."

"Wow you're so lucky!"

The boys did help with dinner. Mike pitched in too. Sally was appreciative of her family's aid. They seemed to understand how tired a mom can be when she has worked all day outside of the home.

After the dishes were in the dishwasher and the pans were washed and dried, the family sat down to play a board game together. Aaron found that he loved it despite wanting to get into Bryce's pants as soon as possible. This family had fun together. No one seemed unhappy to be playing games instead of watching TV or playing on the computer. Lonny's family did things like that sometimes too. Maybe this was what a family was supposed to be like. Aaron felt quite content here.

After about an hour had passed, Mike said they should probably call it a night as far as games were concerned.

"You guys will want to spend some time away from the rest of us, no doubt."

Aaron blushed. It was as if Mike could read his mind and could see what he'd planned to do with Bryce. Bryce might have been blushing, but with his darker complexion, it was more difficult to tell under artificial light.

The boys bade the rest of the family a hasty good-night and headed for the bedroom. Bryce locked the door again and grinned.

"If they didn't know what we were planning, your red face certain gave it away."

"I can't help it if I don't have a permanent tan like you," Aaron pouted.

"Hey, don't feel bad, I'm teasing. They could tell I was blushing too. Whether or not they're thinking about what we might do, I don't care."

Further conversation was impossible. You can't talk when you mouth is full – especially if it is full of your lover's tongue!

They broke their French kiss long enough to help each other remove their shirts. Shoes and socks quickly followed. Then they stood nose to nose and undid each other's jeans. When they had stepped out of those, all that was left were two thin bikinis, pulsing in the crotch and beginning to become transparent where the sticky wetness was forming.

Two shiny, cut penis heads began to poke out above the waistbands. Aaron dropped to his knees first this time. He began to nibble on the front of his buddy's cloth covered shaft. Bryce started to feel weak in the knees. Aaron continued. He made the crotch wetter while licking up the stickiness. Then he ran his tongue up to the tip and was rewarded with more pre-cum. It tasted fine.

Bryce suggested that they lie down because he was afraid he would fall down if they didn't. Wanting to get into the action too, he turned around so they could work on each other at the same time.

Next, Aaron got part of the waistband in his teeth. He tugged and squirmed until he had the brief down below Bryce's balls. Bryce tried to do the same thing with less success. He finally got a finger on each side and pulled them off of Aaron as the latter raised his butt. Aaron laughed.

"You just can't wait to get to my big cock, can you?"

"Yeah, I'm in a hurry to get to your little wiener." Bryce responded.

His teasing-insult led to a wrestling and tickling match which left both boys naked, throbbing, and giggling.

Again all conversation ceased again, because it's hard to talk with your mouth full - especially if it's full of your lover's erection.

Just because there wasn't any talking didn't mean the room was quiet, and devoid of all communication. Their moans of gratitude were adequate to let each know he was pleasing the other and those sounds also served to push them ever closer to the goal they both desired.

When it came, it was awesome. They shook and bucked as if in the throes of their last moments on earth. No wonder the French call orgasm "the little death."

If they had just died, they had certainly gone to heaven as well. Their senses were full of each other. Their sensitive prostates throbbed in little aftershocks.

Bryce moved back up to face his boyfriend, and the two kissed deeply. The realization that they were sharing bits of their own, as well as each other's, load made them feel even sexier.

As they rested for a while, Aaron nuzzled Bryce. He put his nose into Bryce's armpits and inhaled. He was really into the scent of his lover. It was a major turn-on. He tentatively stuck out his tongue to taste the area. Bryce giggled because it tickled. The tent he was erecting in the sheets proved how much this was turning him on too.

Aaron moved toward Bryce's right nipple. He ran his tongue over it. Bryce moaned. Aaron's suspicions were confirmed; this was something Bryce loved. By the time Aaron got to the left one, Bryce was clutching handfuls of sheet and looking almost catatonic. When Aaron moved down to Bryce's bellybutton; it tickled, breaking the spell slightly.

Bryce took his buddy by the shoulders and nudged him onto his back. Then he began to give Aaron the tongue treatment. Bryce was strong for his size and was, for the moment, totally in charge. Aaron wasn't really prepared for the thrill going through his body. His nipples were about as sensitive as Bryce's. This was almost more than he could stand! He found the strength to turn around and gulp down his lover's cock. Despite having cum a half hour before, both boys were ready for more. This time it took longer, but that wasn't a bad thing. They were both on the edge for an extended period of time.

When, at last, they exploded, the quantity may have been less, but the quality was even greater. Their foreplay had turned them on like nothing they'd ever known. They were beginning to learn to play each other's body.

Aaron spooned behind Bryce with his flaccid dick nestled in Bryce's crack. Aaron's left hand found Bryce's soft penis and held it lovingly. They fell asleep in this position and stayed that way for a long time before either moved.

When morning light peeked through the window, it fell on two boys cuddled together.

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