by David Lee

Chapter 42

Thanksgiving at Carol's apartment ran smoothly. With her mother's help, she had started the turkey in plenty of time for a 2:00 o'clock dinner. Doug and Kyle arrived around 9:30 to have breakfast with Carol's parents. Kyle would rather have stayed with Sky and Luke, but he knew his mother would expect him. He thought both guys were hot! They were only a couple of years older than he was, and he wondered if either or both would fool around with another guy. Fantasies of a threesome had fueled his massive climax the night before.

Luke and Skylar were happy to have the house to themselves. They could have gone for breakfast at Carol's, but begged off saying that someone had to watch over the food that was being cooked in the oven at Doug's.

As usual, when they were alone in the house, they were naked. One thing led to another as they played grab-ass that morning. After checking the oven one more time, Skylar took Luke's hand pulling him toward the basement.

They tried to do their workout routine wearing nothing except jockstraps; but, like other times when they did, neither could concentrate very well. When Sky ran his hand inside the legs of his lover (who had been spotting for him), there was no going back to exercising. Of course the two would burn off a few calories making love, but a serious workout was out of the question this morning. Rolling around on the mat seemed more inviting at the moment.

They were so involved in moaning their appreciation to each other in the 69-position that they didn't hear Kyle coming in the back door. Kyle had, in fact, been especially quiet. He figured he might get a chance to witness some hot action if he could sneak into the house.

Using a lame excuse, Kyle had borrowed his parents' De Ville. He was supposed to be going shopping, but came to Doug's house as quickly as he could.

Very quietly, Kyle descended the stairs. Guided by the sounds of love-making, he tip-toed toward the exercise/laundry room. He was certainly not disappointed by what he saw. Two fit, hot young guys were servicing each other at the same time. It was awesome. Kyle undid his jeans, sending them to the floor along with his boxers. He began to pump his cock in rhythm with the movements of the guys on the mat. The loud whimpers that accompanied their orgasms sent Kyle over the edge and his load all over the floor. He too let out a cry of passion.

Startled, Sky and Luke sprang apart reaching for towels to cover their nakedness.

"Don't cover up. Your bodies are so awesome!"

"And you're a fucking pervert!" Skylar exclaimed. "I'll bet no one in your family knows what a sleaze you are."

"Oh, please don't tell on me. I'll do anything you ask. I'll suck you both or I'll suck one of you while the other fucks me. Or, you can take turns riding my ass. Whatever you want to do is okay with me." Kyle offered.

"Look, you scum-bag, we don't want to have sex with you. We love each other. No one else is allowed. I'm sure your sister and Doug wouldn't want to share their bodies in that way either." Luke added.

Kyle was mystified. He couldn't believe that any gay guy wouldn't just want to have sex whenever possible. He was disappointed that no one wanted to use him.

"Hey, I'm cool with monogamy. But if you both play with me at the same time, it wouldn't be like you were cheating on each other."

Sky shook his head.

"You just don't get it, do you? Now pull up your pants and get the fuck out of this house before I call your momma and tell her what a pervert her little precious is."

Kyle left in such a hurry that he tripped going up the stairs. He drove to Walmart and quickly bought underwear which he really didn't need just to have an alibi to cover the time he was gone.

Dinner at Carol's was an unqualified success. All of the food was delicious. The wine was perfect and plentiful. The Croy family and the Newman's seemed to hit it off wonderfully. Everyone appeared to be laidback and happy except for Kyle. He was moody again. Since that was not highly unusual, his parents and sister took little notice.

Luke noticed. He supposed that he might not have been so aware of Kyle's attitude if it hadn't been for the morning's events. Up to this point, Luke and Sky hadn't discussed the incident much. However, they seemed to be able to read each other's minds.

Zeke loved everything about his Thanksgiving Day. He was surrounded by his extended family and his lover. Everyone was kind and loving. He felt no animosity from anyone. Even Lisa, Todd's fiancée, seemed to accept the fact that Bryan and Zeke were boyfriends without showing a trace of disapproval.

The best new addition was Zach, of course. Bryan and Zeke took turns feeding him so Grace could have an uninterrupted dinner for a change. They delighted in holding the kid. It made them wish for a family of their own someday.

Todd and Lisa left soon after dinner so they could go to be with her parents who were visiting Jeri's folks. Grace and Craig stayed through the afternoon football games. Around 7:00 everyone snacked on leftovers before the Adams' decided it was time to put the little one to bed.

Bryan and Zeke got ready to go to Zeke's apartment. They wanted to have a chance to finish what they started in the morning shower. So, they took another shower which did not involve washing their hair. After soaping each other nearly to the edge, they dried off and jumped into bed. Zeke took the dominant role lying on top of his love. He slowly ground their trapped cocks together. After all of the foreplay in the shower, the climax was not long in coming. In the after-glow, they gave each other a tongue bath before settling down to sleep intertwined.

Ben and Adam settled into their bed at their foster fathers' house. They were glad to be home from college for a few days. They were tired from a long day, but not too tired to make love.

Their day had begun fairly early at First Lutheran Church. That was the site of this year's meal for the poor and homeless. The boys had decided to make it a tradition to work in a shelter or soup kitchen each Thanksgiving for as long as they had life and strength enough to do it.

There were vegetables to cut, salads to make, and goodies in the ovens to be tended. Of course there were quite a few volunteers, so the work was not hard and there was plenty of chance for conversation. Ben's younger brother, Joey, joined them this year. He too remembered the kindness that his brother had received at that time of year. He was also on his way to having a well-developed social conscience.

After the serving and cleanup, the young men had driven to Don's house for their holiday dinner. Don and Travis had invited Ben's family to eat with them. It was a big step for Ben's father to sit at table where the gay guys outnumbered the straight ones. All of the guys went out of their way not to make him feel like he was in the minority.

Tom, Don and Travis' other foster son, was there with his fiancée for dinner. They were planning to marry in the summer. Both were looking forward to being together for the rest of their lives. Amy was probably as eager as Tom was to consummate their union.

The day had gone very well. Ben had finally been able to relax around his family again. He hadn't even felt self-conscious about holding Adam's hand in their presence. Now, in the privacy of their room, they kissed tenderly. As the fire in their loins blazed higher, their kisses became more passionate.

Ben was especially aggressive that night. After lots of kissing and nibbling, he ran his tongue from Adam's right nipple to his balls. Then he swallowed Adam's swollen phallus in one gulp. Adam was so surprised and excited that he let out a yelp.

Adam was pleased that Ben had chosen to turn with his feet toward the headboard so that Adam had access to his juicy erection. He didn't hesitate to take advantage of its availability. The two young men knew what pleased each other. And, although they wanted it to last longer, the will-power to make it happen was something neither possessed at the moment. With whimpers of pleasure, they offered each other a sticky expression of their mutual caring.

In the middle of the night, Doug was awakened by the sounds of screaming coming from the bedroom next to his. He quickly threw on a pair of boxers and went to investigate. Kyle was obviously having a nightmare. He was thrashing around in the bed crying. He kept repeating: "Oh, no Scott, oh no!"

Doug managed to awaken his future brother-in-law. The younger man sobbed and clung to him. Kyle was nude, but exhibited no signs of arousal as he buried his head into Doug's hairy chest. The feel and scent of the man seemed to calm him.

"Please hold me. I'm so scared. It's my fault that Scott died."

If Doug felt ill at ease about holding a naked young man while sharing his bed, he didn't show it in his body language. He stroked Kyle's head as one would a little boy's. Even after Kyle fell asleep, Doug remained until he was confident the emotional storm was over.

The next morning Doug got up to make breakfast for everyone. Sky and Luke were up early because they had to work. Doug had prepared an egg and potato casserole and a coffee cake that could be eaten early and would hold until Carol and her parents came over later. There were several kinds of juice along with crisp bacon and sausages.

Kyle stumbled into the kitchen just after the two working guys had left. He took some orange juice, but made no move to eat anything.

"Do you want to talk about Scott's death?" Doug asked gently.

Kyle nodded, but couldn't seem to get started.

"You had a bad dream. Scott must have been in it. Why do you feel responsible? It was an accident."

Doug had heard about Carol's former boyfriend. She had told him early in their relationship. It worried her that she had not grieved over Scott for as long as she thought she should have. Of course, they had drifted apart before he was killed. Scott had seemed to care more for her family than he did for her.

Kyle looked at Doug with pleading in his eyes.

"Can we keep what I say here secret?"

"You didn't kill him did you?"

"In a way, no; in a way yes. I certainly didn't mean to distract him to the point of hitting the bridge."

"Well then, I guess you might have made an error in judgment, but certainly didn't intentionally do anything to hurt him. In light of that, I think what you tell me can remain here."

Doug's manner was so gentle and reassuring that Kyle began to open up. Before he was through, he had given the highlights of the whole story. He didn't go into detail about their sexual pastimes or how he had first serviced the stud while Scott was sleeping, but he didn't hide the fact of essentially being Scott's sex slave

"Shit!" Doug swore. "In a way he got what he asked for. I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me. I know you must feel bad to have lost him even though he was using you. I won't tell anyone, but I think you should.

"No, don't panic, I'm not talking about your parents or Carol. I think you should get professional counseling. Telling me probably helped, but I'm not a trained therapist. You need the guidance of a licensed specialist."

Kyle got up and hugged his future brother-in-law. He felt lighter in spirit than he had for a long time. Doug had listened to him in a non-judgmental way. It was almost like going to confess to a priest or something, though he thought a priest might judge him. He sat back down to do justice to the bountiful breakfast Doug had set out.

When Kyle's parents arrived with Carol a half hour later, they couldn't help but notice how cheerful their son was. Maybe being here with a bunch of guys close to his age had helped him feel better about himself. Whatever it was, they hoped it would last.

After breakfast, the Croy family loaded their luggage into the car to begin their four-hour trip home. They would have liked to have stayed longer, but they wanted to get a jump on the traffic. Kyle also seemed restless to get back. He and Rich had a tentative arrangement to work out together at the health club. Walt was pleased to see that his son was interested in staying active. Of course, he didn't know about all of the activities Kyle and Rich had in mind.

Carol stayed to help Doug put away food and clean up the kitchen and dining area. She didn't want him to be stuck with all of the work. That wasn't her only motive. She thought he might like a little reward for his part in entertaining her family.

When Doug was putting the last things away in the cupboard, Carol came up behind him and caressed him. She ran her hands over his broad chest. Then she moved her right hand down to the lump in his pants. It swelled under her touch.

"You keep this up and I'm gonna cream my skivvies!"

"Oh, let's not make a mess," Carol exclaimed.

As she said this, she was unzipping Doug's fly. Next, she carefully extracted his growing cock from its cloth confinement. After stroking it a couple of times, she knelt down to kiss the monster. Her tongue ran across its sticky head. Doug shuddered.

Using little flicking motions, Carol ran her tongue down the underside of Doug's throbbing piece. It was an awesome feeling. Doug had never received head like this before. The only good head he had ever gotten was what he had felt in the wet-dream he'd had about a year ago. He could hardly hold back.

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum! You'd better pull off."

Instead of pulling back, Carol took as much of Doug as she could into her warm, wet mouth. She continued to use her tongue like a mini vibrator. Doug was shaking as he tried to hold off. Pretty soon, it was a losing battle.

When the first blast hit her tonsils, Carol backed off enough to catch the load in her mouth. She tasted it before swallowing most of it. The rest got deposited into Doug's mouth during the intense French kissing that followed.

At first, Doug felt strange about tasting his own juice, but Carol's passionate kissing turned him on again. In the far reaches of his mind, he began to understand what his brother and Luke must experience. He wasn't ever going to try this with another guy, but he couldn't condemn anyone for doing it either.

Doug was so turned on by Carol's sexy act that he carried her to his bedroom to continue. For the first time in recent memory, he didn't even go soft after his first orgasm.

Carol pulled off her slacks and panties, but didn't fully undress. It was as if she couldn't wait to get laid. Doug obliged! He quickly greased up his big tool and buried it to the hilt. Carol was so wet and ready that she took the whole thing without a sign of discomfort.

Carol's body rose to meet his every stroke. Doug plowed her like a man on a mission. Since he had cum recently, he had to work at it for a while. Carol loved it! She came twice. The second time just after Doug pumped a healthy quantity into her. After he came, he moved his hips around as if stirring the sauce. It was that clock-wise motion of his imbedded cock that set off her very vocal orgasm. Luckily Sky and Luke were still at work.

After a short nap, the lovers showered together. Doug didn't have the stamina to cum a third time so soon, but he did do some amazing things with his tongue. Carol smiled for the rest of the day. She was ready to settle down with this guy. Doug was ready to spend the rest of his life with her as well.

The moment that the Croy's car was unpacked, Kyle called Rich to confirm that he was home. Since the gym would close early, the boys went immediately to exercuse before dinner.

Their workout lasted about 45 minutes. Both were eager to get to the sauna. That was becoming evident despite the tight sports briefs they were wearing under their shorts.

Because it was a holiday, very few people were at the club. Kyle and Rich had the sauna to themselves. After a little fooling around, Kyle got on his knees to suck on Rich. Rich watched to see if anyone was coming toward the door. The glass was fogged up, but one could see a silhouette quickly enough to change positions if necessary.

Kyle used all of the techniques that Scott had taught him. Rich was like putty in his hands. In no time, he gave an involuntary shudder while sending his pent-up load into his friend's receptive mouth.

Rich was too spent from the heat and the experience to reciprocate immediately. But a few minutes later, he took care of Kyle in the back-most shower stall. They both got clean, and Kyle got very satisfied. Under Kyle's tutelage, Rich was learning to give great head.

In the car on the way back to Rich's house, Kyle asked him if he would like to be in a relationship together.

"You mean like going steady?" Rich asked.

"Yeah, something like that. I mean, we don't have to be like married or anything."

"Yeah, I'd like that!" Rich replied without hesitation.

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