by David Lee

Chapter 36

Summer was a great time for a lot of young people. Todd and Dave were happy in their summer jobs. They were also pleased that the girls were spending most weekends with them. Those times almost always ended up with plenty of sex. When the girls couldn't make it, the guys helped each other out.

Sky and Luke went on a full-time schedule at Menard's in the summer months. The fact that they were dependable and responsible made them highly desirable workers in the busy season of building and remodeling. They were putting in enough overtime to boost their bank accounts considerably. Since they were young, they could work that hard and still have the energy to enjoy their leisure time and each other.

Carol Croy stayed in Cosgrove to teach summer school. She enjoyed earning extra money, but most of all, she wanted to be near Doug. They had fallen in love completely and were trying to decide how soon they could tie the knot. Doug was looking forward to the time when he could, as her husband, share his bed with her every night. Their relationship was built on more than good sex; it was love and companionship. They were well matched.

On Sundays, Mrs. Newman often invited Carol and Doug for dinner. She was pretty sure this young lady would be her daughter-in-law and she wanted to get off on the right foot with her. Skylar and Luke were always invited, but often couldn't come because they were working.

Across town Lonny's Peters' friend Aaron Chadwick was not having a particularly good summer. He felt confused and sad. Things had changed. Oh why did life have to be so complicated? He longed for the days before high school when he and Lon had shared everything.

From the time they had entered preschool, Aaron and Lonny had not only been neighbors, but best buds. Starting in first grade, they often slept over at each other's house on the weekends. Both were so well-behaved and well-mannered that neither family minded having an extra boy in the house when it was their turn to host. In fact, they provided entertainment for their younger siblings as well as each other.

Their families were a study in contrasts. Lonny's father, George, was a professor at a private college in town. Aaron's father, James, was a restless sort who bounced from job to job, mostly in sales. He was a smooth talker who could have sold refrigerators to Inuits in igloos, but always "knew more than the boss."

Lon's mom, Sophie, was a registered nurse. Aaron's mother, Gina, was a computer technician. The Peters family lived below their means in a medium-priced split-foyer house. The Chadwick's were scraping by in a modest ranch which always seemed to be in need of repair.

Of the two boys, Lon had always been a natural leader. Aaron looked up to him even though he was actually the taller one. Lonny was more outgoing and seemed more mature despite being only a month older. Lonny was somehow more sophisticated.

It had been Lonny who introduced Aaron to the joys of masturbation when they were twelve. Up until that time, Aaron had assumed the appendage between his legs was just a neat thing for peeing with. He'd seen his baby sister in the bathtub and realized he was lucky to have a hose instead of a hole. Sure, he had enjoyed making it hard. In his early childhood, he'd always loved running around naked. Before he started preschool, his mother could hardly keep pants on him in the summer. She used to laugh about her little nudist. He was completely innocent.

Then one summer night during their twelfth year when they slept in a tent in the Chadwick's back yard, Lonny showed Aaron what his dick was created for. Life would never be the same.

It was a sultry evening. The two boys lay on top of their sleeping bags clad only in their briefs. There was very little air circulation in the tent. Both were sweating. It was nearing midnight and neither was asleep. Aaron was recalling how he used to sneak outside naked when he was little. Lonny suggested that since it was late and everyone was in bed, they could lie naked in the yard and no one would be the wiser. Aaron jumped at the idea. Soon, they were lying nude on Aaron's sleeping bag which they had dragged out and opened up.

In the faint glow from the street light out front, Aaron could see that his buddy was not only naked, but hard as well. He was fascinated at how much Lonny's cock had grown since he had seen it last. Of course, since he had never seen Lonny with an erection, it was impossible to know exactly how large it had been before.

Almost without thinking, Aaron had reached over and wrapped his hand around the throbbing appendage. Lonny smiled as he did the same for Aaron. The difference was that Lonny began to slowly stroke Aaron's stiffy. Aaron gasped at the shock-waves which radiated throughout his body from the epicenter of his crotch. He had never felt anything like it before. He was so overwhelmed that he didn't return the favor and Lonny had to prompt him. It wasn't long before Lonny's moaning became Aaron's reward for pleasuring him. From then on, he never needed coaxing.

Neither boy could produce cum yet, but both had fantastic dry orgasms. The great thing about it was that they could keep doing it until their young dicks were on the verge of becoming too sore to continue.

About 1:30, they fell asleep still outside the tent, their hands wrapped around each other's softening penises. Sometime in the night, Aaron awoke with a serious need to pee. After watering the flowerbed, he managed to get Lonny awake enough to get them back into their underwear and into the tent.

They slept until nearly noon. It was Saturday, so Gina and James Chadwick were both home. Sometime after 11:00 a.m., James had peeked into the tent to check on them. He smiled at their healthy, brief-clad bodies. Both had morning wood, and James could see that neither boy was lacking in endowment. It made him proud to know his son was growing up into a fine-looking, well-hung guy. They would be getting lots of pussy when they got a little older, he thought.

For the next couple of years, the two boys jacked off together every time they had a sleep-over. Shortly before Aaron's thirteenth birthday, he shot his first watery load. It had scared him to begin with. He thought that he was going to pee the bed, but instead, he spooged on Lonny's hand. Lonny knew what it was. He congratulated Aaron on his achievement. Then he put the tip of his tongue onto his fingers and tentatively tasted the nectar. He offered some to Aaron who tried it because Lonny had. It seemed like the naughtiest thing two boys could do. Both agreed it tasted okay.

It was nearly two months later when Lonny had his first wet orgasm. The guys celebrated by sharing what there was. Since it had landed on Lonny's abdomen, Aaron licked it up and put his mouth on Lonny's. In attempting to get his portion, Lonny slipped his tongue into Aaron's mouth. Another milestone had been reached. The tongue-wrestling which ensued made them hard again and they went for seconds. This time, Lonny suggested that he turn around so nothing would be wasted between cock and lip. It led to their first oral experience.

Initially, it was just the tips of hesitant tongues running over the slick, cut heads, but that was soon followed by lips. Eventually both boys tried to get as much of his cock into his buddy's mouth as possible. The sounds of pleasure each guy was making served to reward and stimulate them both. Neither guy lasted very long. While Aaron may have been shortchanged in the quantity of what he received from Lonny, he was thrilled to be able to get it from the awesome source. Lonny had a fantastic cock! Lonny couldn't believe the amount of cum his friend produced. Of course, it wasn't a great quantity in reality, but to young teenagers, it seemed like a flood.

Sex between the boys was frequent and fulfilling though Lonny didn't want to give head very often. They tried a number of alternatives, like rubbing their bodies together. They even discovered nibbling on each other's nipples. Both knew how to please each other. But just when Aaron thought he might spend the rest of his life doing this with his buddy, things had come to a screeching halt a couple of weeks ago.

It was another warm summer night. This time they were in a tent in the Peters' backyard clad in boxers. Aaron reached over to lovingly caress Lonny's package when his best friend grabbed his wrist and pulled it away.

"Aaron, we can't do that anymore. We're gonna be sophomores next year. We need to find girlfriends."

Aaron was crushed.

"You mean you don't like to do this anymore?"

"Oh, it feels good, but it's boy-fun, and we're growing up. We can't do it with each other anymore. If we did, it would make us gay."

"I thought that you loved me," Aaron said with a catch in his voice.

"Hey, I do, Buddy. You're my best friend. You're closer than a brother. We can always be together. We'll be roomies in college. Hey, we might even get laid together!"

Aaron remained quiet after that. He couldn't trust his voice. After a bit, it began to dawn on Lonny that maybe Aaron loved him in a different way.

"Hey, Aaron, you're not like in love with me, are you?"

"Of course not," Aaron lied.

As the summer progressed, Aaron got more depressed. He lost interest in swimming. He forced himself to go to summer diving practice, but his heart wasn't really in it. He had set a couple of school records last year and the coach was hoping to build on this initial success. Now, Aaron was in the doghouse with him for his lack of effort.

Other aspects of summer, which should have been fun, were not. The time he spent mowing lawns with Lonny was both good and bad. He loved being with his buddy, but it was painful realizing things were not the same anymore.

Sometime in July, Gina took a morning off of work and drove Aaron to the doctor for a physical. He would need one for sports in the fall anyway and she wanted to get the opinion of a professional.

Dr. Flynn could find nothing physically wrong with the boy. In fact, he remarked at how well Aaron was developing. His muscles were strong, and there wasn't an ounce of fat on his body. The lab tests all looked great. There was no mono, anemia, or anything else that would account for Aaron's listlessness. Flynn said he wished all his young patients were in that good a shape.

The doctor did suggest seeing a counselor. He thought that having someone to unload the problems of the teen years was never a bad idea. Gina set up an appointment for the following week with Dr. Ewing. When she got home with the news, James started to complain.

"We can't afford a shrink unless Aaron pays for it himself. He needs to get off his lazy butt and earn more money. The mowing is fine, but he could be doing more."

"Maybe if you would get off your lazy butt and get a real job we wouldn't be living from hand to mouth! If I didn't pull down some good money, we'd be on the street!" Gina retorted.

Things went downhill from there. The verbal fighting went on for over an hour. Aaron had been in the next room when it started. He got up and went to his room. He undressed, got into bed, and slept the afternoon away. It was his only escape.

The days that followed were a living hell for Aaron. The more he withdrew, the more his father picked at him. The more his father picked, the more Aaron withdrew. It was a vicious circle. Aaron was looking forward to having school start up again. At least he could get away from his father's nagging. In the mean time, he fantasized about the day he'd be able to move out of the house.

Gina made up her mind that with or without James, she was going to seek some marriage counseling. It would be hard for the kids to grow up in a one-parent household, but it would be equally bad for them to live with the constant fighting.

Despite the fact that Bryan and Zeke enjoyed making good money that summer, each was feeling like there was no time for fun. This was a little too much like being an adult. It was okay to wish to be grown up, but it was another thing to labor as if one were.

"We need to give our two-week notice about a month before school starts," Zeke suggested one afternoon as the sweat poured down his bare chest.

"Sounds good to me," Bryan agreed. "We can go camping the week teachers have to go back for pre-service workshops. Since we have wheels of our own, we don't need to schedule with Todd or anyone else."

And so, the two lovers began to daydream about getting off for a little fun before the next school year began.

Each day of hard work served to build muscle and stamina, but none of the young guys doing construction realized how much stronger he was getting. Only before and after photos of them in swimming suits would convince them of how awesome their bodies looked.

As the summer heated up, most of the workers wore less and less. By the end of July, no one had on more than a pair of ratty cut-offs and work boots. It was obvious from the outlines of their male equipment that many of the guys didn't bother with underwear either. The sight of all of those tanned, lean, scantily clad bodies was enough to stop traffic.

Of course, not everyone was in great shape. There were a couple of guys in their late 30s who obviously spent more time emptying six-packs than developing them. It was a shame to see people, who should be in the prime of life, going to seed before they reached 40. They would never look like Brad Pitt!

Bryan and Zeke looked fabulous. They were careful to use lots of sun-block to keep from aging their skin. They also wore low shoes and golf socks when possible to prevent getting hard tan lines on their legs. When they could, they spent Sunday afternoons naked in the pool to even out their color. It was convenient that Bryan's parents were often away on weekend trips.

One Sunday afternoon their pool time was interrupted by a phone call from Lon, updating them on the mowing business and thanking them again for sending it his way.

Bryan muted the phone for a second while conferring with Zeke about inviting Lon and Aaron over to swim.

Lonny said that he would be over soon. He wasn't sure about Aaron. He thought maybe Bryan should call him directly. Bryan did. With a little coaxing, he got Aaron to agree to come. When he hung up, he turned to Zeke with a frown.

"I wonder what's going on. Aaron sounds kinda down. I hope he and Lonny aren't fighting or something."

"If they were," Zeke reasoned, "why would Lon tell you to call him?"

"Oh well, maybe it's just this hot, humid weather sapping his energy."

Soon two bicycles bearing the younger boys were coming up the drive. Bryan opened the gate to let them in.

"Wow," Lonny exclaimed, "I didn't know it was a skinny dipping party!"

"Oh," Bryan shrugged, "we never bother with suits when the 'rents are gone."

Lon shucked his clothes by the side of the pool and dived in. Aaron was hesitant to strip. The sight of three healthy guys sporting awesome cocks was both pleasurable and frightening. It made him feel better than he had felt in days, but it also made him feel that he might give himself away.

"Just peel them off and jump in, Aaron." Zeke called. We're all guys here. You ain't got nothin' we don't have. And if it gets hard, we'll probably do the same."

Aaron laughed nervously. He got out of his clothes and slipped quickly into the water. It felt cool compared to the heat of the day. The water temperature, along with concentrating on an unpleasant memory, kept him from sprouting a major erection.

After splashing and dunking each other for a while, the boys got out to lie in the sun. Aaron was still on the verge of a hardon, so he soon turned over on his stomach to keep from being embarrassed. While he didn't want to show off his cock, the stirring in his loins reminded him that he was alive.

Lon was the first to leave late in the afternoon. He'd been invited over to Jennifer's house for a cook-out. Jennifer's name had come up on numerous times over the course of the afternoon much to Aaron's dismay. Every time he thought of Lonny holding her, it made him want to cry.

Aaron seemed so downcast that Zeke thought he needed company for a longer period of time. After a quick conference with Bryan, Zeke invited Aaron to come with them to the apartment for dinner. He was welcome to stay overnight if he didn't mind the fact that they would be leaving for work early in the morning. He would have to call home to clear the arrangement.

Gina gave her permission, but wanted him to come home to get a change of clothes and his toothbrush and other toiletries. It would also give her a chance to look over the guys he was going to be with.

She was thrilled that he would be with other kids instead of moping around by himself at home. He needed friends, and he needed to be away from his father as much as possible. She hoped these boys would be good for him.

Having made their tentative plans, the three guys showered together in the pool house. Aaron was having a hard (or semi-hard) time of controlling his boy part. He had shared communal showers many times in swim practice, but these two naked boys were turning him on today. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't jacked off as much lately. Whatever it was, he was feeling horny. He tried to face the corner to hide his thickening tool.

Zeke noticed.

"Hey, Aaron, don't be shy. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of what you have!"

Aaron blushed, but turned around to show it off. The sight made both of the other boys sprout wood.

"There's definitely nothing wrong with that!" Zeke exclaimed.

"What are we going to do about these problems that have come up?" Bryan grinned.

"Want to get in a couple more minutes in the spa?" Zeke asked arching his eyebrows.

"I wish we had disposable filters," Bryan mumbled.

Aaron couldn't believe what was happening. He had never stimulated himself with anything but his hands. The sensation of the pulsing jet of water hitting his cut head made the sap rise quickly. He came hard and fast. Zeke and Bryan, who had done this before, took a while longer.

Aaron's legs were like rubber. He felt a twinge of guilt at experiencing this forbidden pleasure. But when the other two grinned and high-fived him, he smiled in return. And boy did he feel better!

As soon as the trio arrived at the Chadwick household, James started ragging on his son.

"You'd better not neglect your mowing tomorrow. You need the money to pay for the shrink."

"James, you have no call to air his personal life in front of his friends." Gina said angrily.

"I don't know why a couple of star wrestlers would hang around with a loser," James continued. "They're in a real man's sport."

"Actually," Bryan interjected, "I first got to know Aaron when I was in swimming. I think it's a great sport. I just don't have time to do both. I like wrestling, but swimming is a lot cleaner than rolling around on a mat with another sweaty guy. Besides, Aaron's a star swimmer and diver."

That shut James up for the moment. It didn't take long for Aaron to grab the few things he needed and make his escape. When they got to the car, he was nearly in tears.

"I'll understand if you don't want to hang with a loser who's also a nut case," he sighed.

"Hey, don't put yourself down" Bryan commanded. "There is nothing wrong with seeking help from a professional. I've had a few times when I wouldn't have made it without someone else. Fortunately I've had an understanding family and a great best friend."

He put an arm on Zeke's shoulder as he said this.

The boys drove back to Bryan's house to retrieve Aaron's bike which they stuffed halfway into the small trunk of the car. With a couple of bungee cords, they were able to secure it sufficiently for the drive to Zeke's place.

When the boys let themselves into the basement walkout door, Aaron's eyes nearly popped out.

"Wow! You live here all by yourself?"

"Well, actually Bryan is living with me, at least for the summer."

"Boy, you guys are lucky; not to have an adult in your face all the time."

"Is your father always like that?" Bryan probed.

"He didn't used to be. He hasn't been able to find a full-time job since he lost his last one. He seems to take everything out on me. Mom doesn't take any shit off of him, but I guess I have to."

Dinner was simple, but Aaron thought that it was great. He could enjoy his meal with friendly conversation. His stomach didn't tighten up dreading what might come up next like it did at home. His mind and body began to feel at ease.

At bed-time, Bryan inflated the air mattress they had used for Rusty. With a sleeping bag and spare sheet, Aaron was made pretty comfortable. As he was drifting off to sleep with his cock in his hand, it crossed his mind that the other two were sharing a bed.

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