by David Lee

Chapter 37

Aaron Chadwick awoke around 9:00 a.m. to an empty apartment. He found a note for him on the table telling him to help himself to anything in the fridge and to stay as long as he wanted to. He quickly made up his mind to remain there until it was time to go mowing with Lon. That way he could avoid his father for a few more hours. Life was looking better.

After an early lunch, Aaron got restless. He rode his bike over to the park trail to get some exercise. Physical exertion seemed to help calm his anxieties. He loved being out in nature with the wind blowing through his hair.

It was nearing time to meet Lon, but Aaron had to piss. He stopped by the park toilet to do just that. As he was relieving himself of the water he had drunk while riding, he notice a fair sized hole in the panel which separated the urinal from the toilet stall. Although he was fairly innocent in sexual matters, he had a pretty good notion of what it was for.

As he shook off the last drops from his nicely cut dick, he saw a finger beckoning to him. He turned his body toward the glory hole. A hand wearing a cool ring reached out to caress his hardening cock. He couldn't have left if he had wanted to. He felt like a bird charmed by a serpent. Only the "snake" was sprouting from his crotch.

The hand stoked and petted his cock. Then it fondled his balls. One finger slid toward his perineum. He spread his legs wider to give access. Then the hand tugged on his cock pulling to into the hole. Immediately, the hand was replaced by a warm, wet mouth. Someone's tongue was now pleasuring him, making him tingle all over.

With a whimper, and a moan of pure pleasure, Aaron unloaded his young balls into the sensuous warm cavity. He came so hard he thought he would pass out. When he regained his senses, fear and guilt washed over him. He quickly zipped up and ran out of the door.

Though he was frightened, he couldn't help being curious. After riding up the trail, he turned around and slowly coasted back down. He passed the restroom just in time to see someone he recognized come out of the door.

At the job-site on Monday, Zeke and Bryan were discussing Aaron when Rusty came by to join them for lunch.

The boys told Rusty about the happenings of the previous afternoon and evening. They didn't mention their playtime in the spa. Rusty already teased them about being the horniest guys he knew. But they did share their concerns about Aaron's well-being.

"He seems different than he did at school last year," Bryan said.

"Yeah, it's like he has lost interest in everything. Do you suppose he is depressed?" Zeke wondered.

"Well, if you had a father like his, wouldn't you be?" Bryan asked.

"You guys had better adopt him like you did me when my father kicked me out," Rusty suggested.

Since Aaron was a good swimmer and champion diver, it would be logical to invite him to use the Stillwell's pool some of the time. Bryan made up his mind to do that. Perhaps he and Zeke could ease some of Aaron's problems. Maybe more time away from his father was what Aaron needed to cheer him up.

"Do you suppose we should wear swimsuits when he is over? He seemed rather shy about going skinny yesterday." Bryan said.

"You guys in swimsuits; that'll be the day," Rusty laughed.

"I suppose he was just worried about getting hard, or afraid he wouldn't measure up. You remember how we couldn't predict what our dicks might do at that age." Zeke added.

"Hey, he's only a year younger. I think we were over the unpredictable hard-on stage by then."

"That's just because we were pretty well emptied out most of the time." Zeke giggled.

"You guys kept each other drained ALL the time if I know anything," Rusty snorted.

Lunch was good and relaxing, but too short. After polishing off a mountain of food from their coolers, the boys went back to the heavy work which their bodies were now accustomed to doing. It felt good to know they could do a man's job and earn a man's wages. Their feelings of self-worth grew along with their muscles over the summer.

Despite feeling strong and fit, none of the guys was disappointed to see quitting time come. The heat and humidity were enough to sap the most virile of men.

After checking with his folks, Bryan called to see if Aaron could go swimming after dinner. Aaron was eager to accept. His mother was working late and he would be stuck with his father all evening. He could hardly wait.

Bryan had suggested he bring a suit in case Mary would be home. Aaron didn't care if the invitation was for dressed or undressed swimming. He just wanted out of the house!

As it turned out, Mary and Brad were going out for the evening to play cards with friends. The boys were free to do as they pleased, and it pleased them to go skinny dipping. This time, Aaron wasn't as hesitant about shucking his clothes. He secretly hoped there would be an invitation to play with the jets in the spa, but it was not forthcoming.

Swimming at Bryan's house became a fairly regular thing for Aaron. He often spent three evenings a week there. The experience was reviving his interest in the sport. His coach could see real progress and congratulated him on it. Aaron began to feel better.

Aaron's psychiatrist was quite pleased with his progress during the next visits. The antidepressant he had prescribed was evidently doing the job. While he hated to drug kids, he knew it was sometimes better than the alternative.

What the good doctor did not know was that Aaron had stopped taking his meds after the first couple of doses. The drug had made him so lethargic that he couldn't do anything. In fact, it made him feel worse than he had felt in the first place.

The best treatment for Aaron, as far as he was concerned, was his new friendship with Zeke and Bryan. They treated him like an equal despite his being a grade below them in school. They genuinely seemed to like him. He couldn't understand why. He thought that if they knew his secret, he would not be welcome in their circle. Of course, they had hung with Ben and Adam. And everyone in school knew about those two. They didn't even try to hide it by their senior year. Yet, Aaron still felt insecure about the possibility of their discovering his orientation.

As summer drew to a close, kids began thinking about what to do with the few days of freedom they had left. Bryan and Zeke gave notice that they would quit their jobs a week before they had to go back to school. The foreman wasn't happy to lose them, but understood that they were young and would want time off before school started. He said he would hire them on again next summer if they were available. He would even add them to the crew which did interior work if they wanted to work part-time this fall. They declined the offer, but said they might be available next year.

During their final week on the job, the boys made plans to go canoeing and camping. Since their work was mostly physical, it didn't take too much brain power. That left their minds free to consider where to go and what to do.

Rusty wished he could quit when his buds did, but knew he needed to work as long as he could in order to support himself. He had started a few days late in the beginning, so he would work right up to the day before going back to college.

Going to college this fall would be both exciting and scary. He was pleased that Bobby's mother had put pressure on the school's housing committee to allow Bobby and him to be roommates. But, he was a little frightened at the prospect of being outed. How could they keep their relationship secret? When he stopped to think about it, he really didn't have anything to lose if they did come out. He had lost his family already. He was big enough to take care of himself. People who didn't accept them were people he didn't want to be friends with anyway! Life would go on.

On the third week of August, Bryan and Zeke loaded up the convertible with camping equipment and supplies. They headed north to Wisconsin where they had arranged to rent a canoe. It was a little expensive, but the rental place would drop them at a site far upstream and pick them up at the end of their trip. Their car would be safe in the well-lit, fenced lot. This fact alone made it worth the price.

It was a long trip for two young guys who were not used to so much time on the road as drivers. They switched every couple of hours and made numerous stops just to stretch their legs. Being sedentary after their summer jobs was quite a change.

At long last, they reached their destination. The first night they would camp in a county park. The next day, they would go to the rental place to begin their adventure.

The boys cooked their dinner over the campfire. They ate the fresh meat which wouldn't keep for an extended period of time. The frozen steaks they had brought along would thaw slowly and keep for several more days.

After they'd cleaned up, they walked to the little store about a half mile away. It was a combination gas station, mini supermarket, and bait shop. Zeke thought they should buy ice for the cooler since it would be cheaper than getting it at the rental place.

"Hey Zeke, you don't have to pinch pennies. We earned enough this summer to do what we want."

"Maybe, but we need to save our bucks. No sense in wasting. There's college in a couple of years. After that, we'll want a home of our own someday and maybe a family."

"Whoa, don't go getting too responsible on me. We're still young dudes. A home and family are years away unless you're pregnant," Bryan laughed. "And if you are, we won't have to worry about money. It would be the biggest news since the Virgin birth. All the tabloids would do a story on us."

"Okay, so I'm a scrounge," Zeke replied. "Young studs have lots of expenses too. We'll have a choir trip in the spring and a number of other things at school to take our money. And then, like I said, there's college. Besides, I've had to watch my pennies for so long I can't get out of the habit. You're lucky you didn't have to."

Bryan agreed that he'd never suffered any hardships, but he wasn't a spendthrift in any event. They left the store with a bag of ice as well as a couple of candy bars for dessert.

That night, they lay naked in the zipped-together sleeping bags. Since there were a number of other campers nearby, they didn't feel free to make noisy, passionate love. They would save it for when they were more secluded. Being in each other's embrace was enough. They fell into a restful sleep around 9:00 p.m.

Since they had retired early, they also awoke early. Bryan had a serious need to piss. He got up and started out of the tent before he realized where he was. Fortunately, their tent door was facing away from the others. He slipped behind a tree and let it go. When he was finished, he got back into the tent quickly. Zeke was grinning at him.

"So, you decided to treat the camp to your awesome body this morning."

"No! No one was up."

"I'll bet those girls next door peeked out and got an eyeful," Zeke continued. "They seemed pretty interested in getting to know you last night. If we had wanted, I'm sure we could have slept in their tent."

Zeke pulled on some flimsy shorts and made a quick trip to the bathroom facilities. On his way back to the tent, a scantily clad girl waved at him. She looked pretty good. It was obvious that she had been up long enough to comb her hair and put on makeup. Zeke wondered if she had indeed seen his lover in the buff.

After a quick breakfast, the boys packed up and drove to the canoe rental place. In about half an hour, they were on their way in a big van with several other people. Behind the van there was a large trailer with racks holding a number of canoes. Since they had elected to make a fairly long trip on the river, they were the last to reach their destination.

Their driver helped them carry the gear to the water's edge. He made sure they had the shop's phone number programmed into Bryan's cell phone before he left them.

It was now nearly 9:30 in the morning. They had hoped to get an earlier start in order to see a lot of wildlife, but they could do that another day. The sun was warm, so the boys stripped off their shirts, choosing to spend the day free-balling in their thin micro-fiber shorts.

There was no hurry. They stopped to play in the water around 11:00. Once wet, the shorts didn't hide much. Two girls in a canoe whistled at the boys as they went swiftly by.

An hour and a half later, the guys pulled the canoe up on a sandbar to eat their lunch. It consisted of sandwiches, chips, and grapes washed down with sodas. They enjoyed eating al fresco.

Later in the afternoon, they came to a good-looking campsite which wasn't occupied. After checking it for important things like firewood, level terrain, and privacy; they carried up their gear to set up camp for the night.

Bryan sprayed Yard Guard around the area to keep down flying pests. Zeke unpacked the tent and began to erect it. As soon as they had everything squared away, they shucked their shorts and lay on beach towels in the sun. They were determined not to wear clothes unless they were out on the river. It was even more fun to be naked where someone might accidentally see them. The thought caused blood to rush to their groins and plump them up.

Before making dinner, the boys lay face to crotch teasing each other slowly to climax. At this point in their relationship, they knew each other's body well enough to know when to back off to achieve maximum sensation, but not a wet orgasm. It is difficult to be disciplined at 16, but to their credit, they managed to bring each other to the brink twice before plunging over together.

It was fortunate they were isolated. Their moans were in no way stifled as they unloaded into each other's mouth. It was awesome!

After cleaning up in the river, they made dinner. Over the coals of the campfire, they toasted marshmallows and ate chocolate bars. They were going to make s'mores, but the graham crackers had gotten soggy.

Again, they slept naked together in their combined bags.

As they had the day before, the boys arose early. After eating and cleaning up, they got on the river. This time, they saw lots of deer, otters, loons, and other woodland creatures. It was cool to be slipping by these animals so quietly that few of them seemed to be startled by their presence. The boys felt as if they were truly one with nature.

The rest of the days followed in like manner. They would get an early start and also stop early in the afternoon if they found a site to their liking. If they didn't find a good one, they would go on to the next. When the guys got to a new campsite, they stripped off their clothes immediately, even before setting up their equipment. They had plenty of opportunity to make love in the open air. No one bothered them. It was like being completely away from civilization.

The last night of the trip, supplies were running low. Their dinner consisted of canned stew and canned fruit. It still tasted good in the out-of-doors. The ice was now just cool water. Tomorrow, they would cook the last eggs and make toast for breakfast. I wouldn't be a bountiful feast, but as long as they were together, they'd be content with whatever they had.

On the last night of camping, Bryan took the lead in their lovemaking. He massaged Zeke's back until the latter thought he would turn to jelly. When Bryan turned his lover over, he found that at least one part of Zeke's body wasn't limp. He took that part lovingly into his mouth and proceeded to gently stimulate it with is tongue. There was no rush; they had all night to play.

After a while, Bryan asked Zeke to put his legs tightly together. He lifted Zeke's cock and balls as he slipped his own hard, dripping cock between Zeke's legs up against his perineum. Then he began the motions associated with intercourse which seem to be instinctive to every male.

Zeke wasn't receiving as much stimulation as Bryan was, but was enjoying the closeness and the weight of Bryan's body on his. Bryan's breath was becoming ragged and it was evident he was about to cum. At the last moment, he pulled his throbbing dick from its warm nest. He pumped his load all over his buddy's abs. Then he lay down on top of Zeke in the sticky puddle.

They kissed for a while as Bryan came down from his emotional high. Once his heart rate was back to normal, he invited Zeke to do the same thing to him. Zeke was only too happy to comply. It had been great to feel Bryan's cock pulsing in the V of his crotch, but it was even better reversing roles. As he thrust away, Zeke wondered how long they would be able to hold out before doing the "anal thing" or "going all the way" as they sometimes called it. Sucking was great, but intercourse had an allure of its own. In a short time, Zeke knew he was near the point of no return. He chose to do his last couple of thrusts against Bryan's abs. Then he unloaded big-time. He nearly cried from the sheer delight of it.

After Zeke quieted down, Bryan turned himself around and they cleaned each other's body with their tongues. No need wasting all that protein!

The last morning on the river was wonderful but sad. It was a perfect day and all was well with the world, but it was the last day of their adventure. By bed time, they would be home in Iowa. Next week school would start. Summer was over.

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