by David Lee

Chapter 35

The boys spent most of Saturday playing in the pool and spa. Bryan's parents were taking weekend trips this summer instead of a larger vacation. Brad had used up a number of his days over spring break and things were especially hectic at his job, making it difficult to be gone an entire week anyway.

After lunch, Bryan called Rusty to come and join them. The boys were concerned about him and also thought he could use the relaxation. He was happy for the change of scenery. He needed someone to talk to. As they sat naked in the spa, he told them what had recently transpired.

A few hours ago he had called his girlfriend and told her that he wanted to break up. He didn't have the guts to tell her he was gay because it might get all over campus, but he did let her know that it didn't have anything to do with her. He still liked her a lot and hoped she would find the right guy. She seemed to take the news okay. He sensed that she might have already figured out they would part company. She wasn't as broken up as he had thought she would be. In one way he was relieved; in another, he was a little disappointed.

He was still trying to figure out how to come out to his family. He felt like he had to do it before the summer was over. His approach to all this was quite analytical. He had sat down and done the math. His wrestling scholarship paid for most of his schooling at the university. With the summer construction job and a part-time job during the school year, he could survive financially on his own. The car was in his name and he owned his own computer. He could make it. He wasn't looking forward to the emotional cost. Despite being a dysfunctional one, it was the only family he had.

About an hour after Rusty's arrival, Bryan asked about inviting Bobby. Rusty wasn't sure Bobby would come over if he knew Rusty was there. Bobby had not answered his emails for the last several days.

Zeke suggested they call Bobby but not tell him about Rusty's presence.

"Let him come over and see you. If he doesn't want to stay, that's his choice."

When Bobby showed up, he was very surprised to see Rusty. He didn't jump into his arms, but he didn't run back to his car either. Bryan had put on trunks to open the gate, but shed them as he joined Zeke and Rusty in the hot tub. They invited Bobby to get in too. He stripped and slipped into the hot, bubbling water.

"Thanks for asking me, guys," Bobby smiled. "I am frustrated as Hell. I have been fussing over my computer for the last week! I think it's dead."

"You haven't been getting your email?" Rusty questioned.

"No, have you been writing?"

"Oh, Bobby, you don't know about my decision then."

"No, what is it?"

"I'm GAY, damn it! I can't be what I am not. I still love you. Do I have a chance? Can you forgive me for walking away? Will you consider taking me back? I'm going to come out to my family. I'm not going to wuss-out and change my mind this time." Rusty blurted out in one long string.

"Well, I'll have to think about it," Bobby replied, quietly. "Do you know that you broke my heart, you big jerk?"

Rusty hung his head. He was beginning to see that he had hurt Bobby more deeply than he had thought, but he didn't know how to make up for it.

"I understand it's gonna take time for you to get over it. I'll wait for you. Please let me know that there's some hope. I need you, man."


"Okay, what?"

"Okay, you stand a chance. I've spent months trying to get you off of my mind and out of my heart, but I couldn't do it. Trey gives good head, but he's not you. I'd thought maybe if I could get some hot male sex I'd be satisfied. I wasn't. I still have a big hole in my heart just your size."

Now both Bobby and Rusty were teary-eyed. Rusty was actually crying. Bobby put his arms around his lover and rocked him back and forth like one would do with a little child. Zeke couldn't believe how Rusty had allowed his feelings to show since admitting he really was gay.

Bryan pulled Zeke out of the spa and the two of them went into the house.

"Let's give them time alone while we fix snacks and something to drink."

When the younger pair returned with trays of food and drink, they found their friends lying on a mat making out. It appeared they were making up big-time!

Rusty and Bobby decided to use the pool house to rinse off before eating. Bryan and Zeke joined them to hose off the chlorine from the spa.

Bobby turned to his big lover and demanded, "Who's you daddy, stud?"

"You are, Bobby."

"How are you gonna to prove it?

Rusty got down on his knees by the drain in the big shower.

"Mark me as your own, Baby. Piss all over me."

Bobby proceeded to subject Rusty to a golden shower. Rusty didn't object. When he was finished, Bobby gave his hand to Rusty to pull him up.

"Okay, I've marked my territory. Now it's your turn."

Bobby got down on his knees while Rusty peed on him. Then Bobby arose and hugged his lover. They were both hard again. As they soaped each other up, they played around until both shot a substantial load.

Bryan and Zeke got hard at the sight, but didn't engage in sex play. They still had reservations about getting it on too much with others watching.

On a Sunday in mid June, Zachary Adams was baptized with Zeke and Bryan as his godparents. In private, they joked about being fairy godfathers, but in public they took their role quite seriously. If, God forbid, anything happened to Zach's parents, the boys fully intended to raise him as their son in a loving home.

If Pastor Liz thought it unusual to have two teenage males designated as godparents, she certainly didn't show it. In fact, she was very pleased to see young people participating in the rite of baptism. Her world was one of inclusiveness. Despite the conservative box which some religious leaders tried to put God in, she was not buying it. Christ was a rabble-rousing liberal. He changed the whole concept of what and who God was perceived to be. He turned the religious world of his time on its head. One of His sayings came to her mind as she considered how restrictive some of her religious colleagues were: "Let the dead bury their dead."

Toward the end of June, the weather turned rainy. Since the boys were on the crew that did the rough-in work instead of the finish carpentry, they were idle for several days. It was too wet for fun activities like camping or swimming. They did spend a few hours in the hot tub at various times, but it wasn't enough to entertain them all day.

Video games and household chores were also losing their charms, though sitting cuddled on the sofa naked under a light blanket didn't grow old. One day, their afternoon snuggling was interrupted by a pounding on the outside door. Zeke looked out to see a bedraggled Rusty on the other side. Since it was just their big buddy, the guys didn't bother putting on clothes before they let him in out of the drizzle.

"Don't you two do anything except sit around naked and make out?"

"Name two things that are better!" Zeke replied, laughing.

Rusty admitted that he couldn't and went on to ask them a favor.

"Could you guys put me up for a few days? I came out to my parents this morning and I have no place to stay. Mom didn't want me to leave, but Dad was adamant. He tried to hit me, but I pinned his arm behind his back before he could do anything. It made him really pissed so I kept him in that position until he promised not to try it again. As long as I'm out of the house, I'm not taking any more shit off him!"

"I don't see any problem with having you here," Zeke replied. "I'd better pass it by the 'rents just to be on the safe side. Also, you need to watch your language if you're living here. Mom and Dad don't put up with four-letter words, and I don't want you being a bad influence on my boyfriend or my baby bro!"

"I can do that," Rusty assured him. "But if you two run around naked all the time you're definitely going to be a very bad influence on me; not that I mind!"

With that, he affectionately pinched their butts. Both jumped, but neither boy was offended.

Once things had been cleared with Craig and Grace, the boys went into action to make their guest comfortable. The sofa wasn't going to be a suitable bed for the big guy. Bryan went to his house to retrieve a queen-sized inflatable mattress that his parents had used for the occasional overflow guest. The guys moved the sofa away from the wall and set up the mattress for Rusty behind it. By rearranging some of the other furniture, they were able to create a small srmi-private space for him to sleep in. He was really pleased that they were going to the extra trouble for him.

The next day dawned clear and sunny just like the forecasters had predicted. Getting ready for work took longer with three using the bathroom, but since Zeke and Bryan showered together, and since no one was shy about being naked around each other, it didn't take much longer than usual.

After a quick breakfast, they packed their lunches and headed for the construction site. Rusty insisted on driving because he was mooching off of them for food that day. He hoped the savings in gas would help compensate.

It was a long, hard day. Larry asked everyone to work two hours longer to begin making up for lost time. They would also be working Saturday. Some guys grumbled, but most were eager to make up for the pay they had lost during the rainy days.

When quitting time finally arrived, Rusty said he was treating at the Italian restaurant again. This would be a little "coming out" party. The boys appreciated his sense of humor and the thought of a hot meal they didn't have to prepare was certainly welcome. As soon as they had all cleaned up and changed, they were on their way to pick up Bobby.

After dinner, Bobby and Rusty took Rusty's car and Zeke drove Craig's minivan to get Rusty's things. Fortunately, they had called ahead to make arrangements and Rusty's father had decided to go to the local bar instead of being there to be around his "queer" son. It worked out well for all concerned. Actually it was nothing out of the ordinary because it had been his main form of recreation for the past five or six years anyway.

Rusty's mother, Helen, hugged her son when he left. She said that since he was gone from her house, she had little reason to stay there either. She had made an appointment with a divorce lawyer to see what kind of settlement she could get.

"When your father tried to hit you, it was the last straw! I've put up with his temper and his meanness all these years for your sake. I didn't want you to grow up in a broken home. Now I'm not so sure you wouldn't have been better off without him. At least you have a warm heart; you're not like him."

On the way to Zeke's apartment, he and Bryan once again mentally recounted how lucky they were having families who loved them.

The three guys fell into a kind of regimen the next couple of weeks. More often than not, Bobby joined them for dinner. He would either bring something to share or kick in money for food. Their cooking wasn't gourmet, but it was less expensive than eating out, and the wrestlers could control their intake of fats and carbohydrates.

On weekends, Rusty slept over at Bobby's house, which gave both couples more privacy. Rusty wasn't bashful about having sex in front of the younger boys, but they were uneasy about doing it in front of Bobby and him. Even though it was hot, it felt too much like an orgy for comfort.

It was on a Saturday evening that Rusty was sitting on the sofa at Bobby's house. Bobby's mother had gone to play bingo at the KC hall as she often did. It had become Linda's social life after her husband died. She never took more money than she could afford to lose. Remarkably, she rarely lost.

Neither young man wanted to spend money foolishly that summer. They would have college expenses in the winter and they would both be living close to the edge financially. So, they had settled down to a rented video movie.

Bobby was tired. His eyelids kept drooping. Rusty got him to lie on the sofa with his head in Rusty's lap. Though the evening wasn't chilly, Rusty pulled an afghan over Bobby to make him feel cozy. The warmth plus the droning of the TV soon sent Bobby into dreamland. Rusty began to drift in and out as well.

Around 11:00 p.m., Linda came home to find the pair asleep. She couldn't help but notice that Rusty's hand was on Bobby's chest in a position that suggested caressing. She had wondered about their bonding recently and the fact that neither talked about girls. Now, she was pretty sure why.

Linda retreated to the back door, opened it again, and closed it noisily. When she returned to the living room, Bobby was lying on the couch yawning, while Rusty was seated in the chair nearby. She felt that her suspicions were confirmed.

In the morning, Rusty awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon being prepared. He got out of bed without disturbing his sleeping lover and he quickly got cleaned up and dressed enough to join Linda without embarrassing her.

Linda had the table set and juice poured. She smiled at her young guest as she asked him how he would like his eggs prepared.

A few minutes later, Linda joined Rusty at the table. They ate together in companionable silence. She liked this kid. Bobby could have done a lot worse.

As they sat with their coffee, Linda decided to find out for sure.

"You and Bobby have become very close this summer," she stated.

Rusty flushed slightly not knowing where this conversation was going, but feeling like he was trapped.

"We were pretty good friends my last year in high school too," Rusty stammered.

"Are you and my son in love with each other?"

Rusty looked her straight in the eyes as he answered, "I can't speak for Bobby, but I do love him."

"Yeah, Mom, we're in love. Is that a problem?" said the young man who had just entered the kitchen.

"No, dear, it isn't. I was just thinking that since Rusty was kicked out of his house maybe you'd like him to live here until school begins."

Both guys were shocked at her casual response to their admission.

"Mom, are you serious?"

"Yes, but I need to ask one question first. Rusty, were you disowned because your orientation?"

"Yes Ma'am.

"Okay. It wasn't because of getting into drugs or booze."

"No, it was because I came out to my family. I don't abuse my body."

"Then it's settled. I'll have to ask you to contribute to the grocery fund, but other than that, you're welcome to live here without charge. Bobby was one unhappy kid, always getting into trouble, until you and he started to hang out together in high school. Then, when you went off to college he seemed at loose ends. Since Christmas, he'd been moody and sad. But in the last few weeks, he's been the happiest I've seen him since before his father died and I'm sure you're the cause of it."

Rusty got up and hugged Linda tightly.

"God, you're a great lady. I'm gonna love you like my own mom."

Linda wasn't expecting such an emotional response from the big athlete, but she loved it. She could sense that under the rough exterior, there beat a tender heart. Yes, Bobby could have done a lot worse!

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