by David Lee

Chapter 34

The week of frolic in sunny Florida seemed like a pleasant but distant dream as the realities of school pressed upon the boys again. Iowa weather was rainy and chilly. One day soon after their return, there were actually snow flurries.

By the time the spring musical opened, some of the cast members were getting tired of the whole thing. It was fun to sing the music, but the story line was a bit cloying. The thing which saved it for them was Lonny lisping his way through "Gary Indiana." He was adorable. Most of the girls ,and more than one guy, noticed his cute bubble butt.

The quartet of Ben, Adam, Bryan, and Zeke got rave reviews. The local newspaper used the word "professional" in assessing their performance. The director encouraged the two younger members, who wouldn't be graduating, to try out for leading parts next year. He was planning to produce "Into the Woods." He could picture Bryan and Zeke as the two Princes Charming.

Zeke ran for junior class president for the next year and Bryan ran for vice-president. Zeke teased Bryan saying he'd be in charge of vice for the whole class if he won. Bryan assured Zeke that together they could come up with a few kinky things. When the votes were all counted, Zeke had won over his opponent by a large majority. Bryan had won handily too. They looked forward to taking on the responsibility for the year which would demand major fund-raising efforts if the class was to have a memorable prom as seniors.

Spring term from that point on went both too quickly and too slowly. It was too fast-paced for those trying to finish up work and prepare for finals. It moved too slowly when these same people were looking forward to summer. What a time warp.

Graduation was a special event for the seniors. Among them, Bobby, Ben, and Adam were all pleased to put high school behind them. Although Ben and Adam had not usually been hassled for their sexual orientation, they felt like they were never as free as they could be in college.

Bobby wasn't out to any of his schoolmates except for Bryan and Zeke who could be relied upon to keep a confidence. He was facing college with a mixture of hope and dread. He had chosen to enroll in the same college as Rusty, but now he was having second thoughts. How would he feel if they met on campus since Rusty had dropped him in an attempt to be straight? Would he still feel a sharp pain in his chest if he saw Rusty holding hands with a girl?

Most of the members of the graduating class from Cosgrove would host parties to mark this rite of passage. Many friends from all grades would attempt to attend the endless round of celebrations to eat potato salad, deli-ham sandwiches, chips, cake, and nasty-tasting punch.

Don and Travis held one large party for both Ben and Adam. The boys had been offered individual ones, but had declined. Their lives were so intertwined that having separate parties would be strange.

"Our friends would think we were breaking up!" Ben exclaimed.

"Besides, it would be too expensive," Adam added.

Travis and Don loved their foster sons like their own flesh and blood, and wouldn't have spared any expense. However, the party cost them far less than they had anticipated. Ben's father and mother insisted on providing some of the food. Adam's father gave them a decent sized check to help cover any additional expenses. This meant they could splurge and serve rare roast beef and croissants for the sandwiches and rent a soda pop dispenser. No deli-ham and nasty punch for this pair! Both boys were pleased with the menu and the participation of their parents.

Among the hordes of guests who came during the four-hour open house were several gay couples. Alan and Brad were invited. Bryan and Zeke were there. All but Bryan and Zeke made no effort to hide the fact that they were couples.

Toward the end, Pastor Liz and Derrick came bringing their young son. They had waited until after his nap so he wouldn't be fussy. Liz offered Ben her hand when she saw him, but that wasn't enough for him. He grabbed her in a bear hug which nearly took her breath. When he at last held her at arm's length, people could see that both of them had tears flowing. There was no need for words. In their special bond, their hearts spoke to each other.

Ben's parents felt a momentary pang of sadness realizing they didn't have the same connection with their son. They knew it would take years of healing before there could be anything close to it. At the same time, they were happy for their son and for Liz. She had done the right thing at the right time when they hadn't.

The only person obvious by her absence was Adam's mother, Rita. She showed no signs of wanting anything to do with her gay offspring. Adam didn't care anymore; he had Ben.

Zeke was planning to celebrate his 16th birthday with his family and Bryan's. It was a very special day. He awoke early in anticipation of going to get his driver's license. Bryan was lying on his back, sleeping soundly beside him. Zeke lay there quietly listening to Bryan's breathing and watching his chest rise and fall. He felt a warm glow in the realization that this guy belonged to him; knowing their relationship was based on much more than sexual desire. It was a deep and lasting friendship. They were true soul-mates.

Zeke carefully moved his head onto Bryan's chest so he could listen to the rhythmic thump of Bryan's heartbeat. Little by little, he relaxed until he felt himself drifting off to sleep again.

When Zeke awoke again, an hour later, he was on his side with his lover's arm draped over him. He felt Bryan's hand making its way down toward his morning stiffy. Bryan sensed that his buddy was awake and softly squeezed his balls gently, a gesture which brought a pleasurable sigh from Zeke.

"Happy Birthday, Stud," Bryan said by way of greeting. "Do you want the first part of your present now?"

"If it's what I hope it is, I need to drain the old lizard and brush my teeth first."

"Sounds like a plan. I need to do the same thing."

Soon the guys were standing side by side at the toilet straining to piss through their hard dicks. As the streams joined, Bryan put his free hand on Zeke's firm butt. It resulted in bringing a grin to his face, but a momentary halt to his flow.

After cleaning up a bit and brushing their teeth, the boys were ready for their morning fun. This was the last weekday for such leisure since they would be starting to work fulltime next week.

Bryan asked Zeke to lie back and chill out. He was interested only in satisfying his birthday boy. Zeke complied. He put his hands behind his head while Bryan nibbled and sucked nearly every part of his sixteen-year-old body. It was very exciting. By the time Bryan got to the main course, Zeke couldn't resist running his hands through his lover's hair. Bryan could tell that Zeke appreciated his ministrations and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of evidence. Zeke's orgasm was so vocal that Bryan was glad his mother had already left for her volunteer job at the hospital.

While the boys showered, Zeke insisted on taking care of Bryan's needs, and he didn't resist. Zeke got behind his boyfriend so he could jack him as if he were jacking himself. Bryan loved the feeling of Zeke's hardening cock nestled in the crack of his ass. He wondered if they could hold out until they were 18, as they had planned, before "going all the way." Bryan's juices were so close to the surface from sucking Zeke that it didn't take long for him to coat the shower curtain with globs of cum. He was nearly as noisy when he came as Zeke had been.

After breakfast, the two young men got into the Sebring and drove to the license bureau. Bryan had to drive going, but Zeke would take the wheel coming home. Since he had done well in driver's ed., Zeke merely had to pass the eye exam, pay his fee, and get his picture taken in order to become a legal driver.

Of course, Zeke thought of a couple of errands that they needed to run before going home. He had to go to Fareway for milk even though he still had half a carton in his fridge. He made sure some of the other bag boys saw him get behind the wheel before he left. Bryan was grinning to himself. He knew what Zeke was doing because he had done a similar thing a few months earlier.

When the boys arrived back at Zeke's apartment, there was a note from Craig saying Grace's labor had begun in earnest. He was taking her to the hospital, but the boys should go to Bryan's house for the birthday celebration as planned. He would let them know when there was any news.

Zeke's birthday dinner, at Bryan's house, was eaten in excited anticipation. Just as they were devouring slices of cake at the end of the cook-out, the call came from Craig telling them that Zachary Craig Adams had arrived a few minutes earlier. He was 21 inches long and weighed just over 8 pounds. As per Zeke's wish, he would not lose his foreskin. Everyone was welcome to come see the newest Adams as soon as they could get there.

Zeke's big gift from the families had been given to both boys. It was a set of mags to replace the steel wheels which had come on the car. The present served to remind him that the car was half his. He and Bryan were partners in all but the legal sense.

At the hospital with his new brother/cousin in his arms, Zeke felt that Zach was the best present he could have received on his birthday. His tears were of joy mixed with a little sadness thinking he and Bryan might never have the experience of holding sons of their own.

Bryan and Zeke had hired on with a housing construction crew for the summer. When they told Jim Ackley they would be leaving the store, he was sad to see them go. He assured them their jobs would be waiting for them in the fall if they wanted to return. He would fill their positions with college kids who were home for the summer but who would be gone by the time school started again.

When they told their mowing customers about their new jobs, several were quite unhappy to lose them, but were willing to try their replacements. Before they broke the news, the guys got in touch with Lonny Peters to see if he and his friend, Aaron, wanted to take over their lawn business. The two younger kids were thrilled to have a way to make some spending money. So, it all worked out pretty well.

Construction work wasn't easy, but within a few days the guys were adjusting to the increased physical activity. When heat and humidity rose, it could become exhausting. They hoped for another cool summer like the previous one.

Rusty Draper turned up on the crew a couple of days into the first week. He had been gone to his girlfriend's house for a long weekend. Larry, the boss on the job, was none too happy about his showing up late, and rode his butt for several days because of it.

Most of that time, Rusty seemed to be moody. Bryan thought it was a reaction to the foreman's constant demands, but Zeke felt it ran deeper. Rusty could be a pain in the ass, but he was a good and loyal friend as well. Zeke was determined to try to help their big buddy.

Usually the workers carried lunch in sacks or coolers. No one wanted to waste time while there was money to be made. However, on Fridays, some of the guys would go out to a fast-food place to eat something hot and greasy.

The second Friday on the job, Zeke asked Rusty to go with Bryan and him to grab a quick lunch at McDonald's. At first Rusty declined, but gave in when the boys persisted. It wasn't easy parking his large frame in the back seat of the Sebring, but he managed by sitting sideways. With the top down, it was easier to get in and out.

After picking up their orders at the drive-up window, Bryan drove to the park to eat. He selected the same table where Rusty had come out to them the year before. It brought back memories.

Rusty picked at his food without looking up at the two across the table. Finally he put his burger down and shook his head.

"Shit! I'm so fucked up I don't know what to do!"

"Talk to us, Shrek," Bryan insisted.

"I'm so fuckin' unhappy. I can't be gay, but I can't pretend that I'm something I'm not. I tried to get it on with my girlfriend, but my dick let me down. I couldn't even get hard enough to stick it in her! She said it was probably just stress from the end of school, but I know it isn't. All I have to do is think about Bobby and it stands right up and salivates like Pavlov's dog."

"Why don't you call Bobby?" Zeke asked.

"I can't do that to him. I can't fuck him over again. I've got to get my head straightened out or I won't be any good to anyone."

"My parents know a great counselor who you could go see," Bryan offered. "Mom wanted me to go after I came out to my folks, but Dad said he could tell that I knew 'which team I played for' and talking to a shrink wouldn't change anything."

"Wow! You're out to your parents? What about you, Zeke?"

"Same here. They know and accept us as we are. They even tease us about being an old married couple. Dad sometimes calls Bryan his son-in-law."

"My Dad would beat the shit out of me and throw me out!"

"No one could do that, Shrek. You're WAY too full of shit!" Bryan snickered.

Bryan's comment lightened the mood some, and Rusty went back to eating his lunch. He felt better having shared his problem with his li'l buds.

Bryan pushed the issue of seeing a counselor giving Rusty the name of Dr. Ewing. Rusty said he would think on it. Zeke assured him that he had to be himself or he would never be happy.

"If you don't believe me, ask Mr. Naughton."

"What has he got to do with anything?"

"Well, Alan Jenkins is his son. Alan was the result of an accident when Naughton was trying to prove to himself that he wasn't gay." Bryan related.

"Shit! Naughton's gay? I never knew that. He seems like a regular guy."

"You're a regular guy, aren't you? Being gay doesn't automatically make your wrists go limp," Bryan laughed.

"Do you think he would talk to me?"

"I'm sure he would. He's one of the coolest teachers at Cosgrove High."

Rusty's mood was much improved after lunch. The foreman wondered if he had been off "smoking" his lunch, but there were not tell-tale signs of drug use. Maybe Rusty was going to be a good worker after all. Perhaps it was time to back off and maybe compliment him on his work. Yes, that might be a good idea.

When quitting time came, Rusty sought out Zeke and Bryan.

"Hey, li'l buds, thanks for cheering me up. I feel a lot better. Even old hard-ass Larry said I did a good job this afternoon. After dinner would you guys go to see Naughton with me? How 'bout I call him to see if we can come over. If we can, I'll take you guys out to a decent place to eat and I'll be covered if my Dad wonders what I'm doing."

The boys gave him Zeke's number since they were living in the basement apartment for the summer. They said their goodbyes and went home to shower and change.

Rusty's call came just as things were heating up in the shower. He would be over to get them in about 10 minutes. It meant a delay in taking care of the two problems which had come up in the last few minutes, but there would be time later.

They ate at a new little Italian restaurant which had recently opened. The food was great and not expensive. Bryan and Zeke decided to bring both sets of parents here. Too bad it hadn't opened in time for Zeke's birthday.

As he was helping his partner, Don, clean up after dinner, Travis Naughton was pondering what would prompt Rusty to want to visit him. Yes, he had had the boy in class and had encouraged him to keep writing, but they had never been particularly close. Bryan and Zeke's visiting he could understand more easily because they were buddies with his foster sons. But Ben and Adam had just left to go camping for the weekend so the guys wouldn't be coming to see them. Well, he would know soon enough.

Rusty seemed uncharacteristically nervous when Travis welcomed the boys into the living room. He rattled on about college, but seemed to have something else on his mind. Finally he dropped his head.

"Shit! I don't know how to ask this."

"Just a minute, Bryan and I need a quick conference," Zeke announced.

The two of them went to the hall to talk. Both nodded their heads and came back quickly.

"Okay," Bryan began, "I don't know if you are aware that Zeke and I are boyfriends. We don't want to be out at school, but we came to discuss it with you. Rusty is our friend. He is trying to understand about us."

"I didn't know about your relationship other than you've always seemed to be good buddies," Travis replied.

"No," Rusty blurted out, "It's about me. Bryan said you didn't want to be gay when you were my age either."

Then Rusty flushed realizing he had implied that Mr. Naughton was gay when the man had not said he was.

"I'm sorry," Rusty blushed.

"Don't worry, Rusty, I'm not offended. I'm a gay man living with my partner and I don't try to hide the fact. We don't advertise it or rub anyone's nose in it, but we don't deny it."

Rusty's body relaxed noticeably.

"Do you want to talk privately about this, or do you want the other guys to stay?"

"They know. I'd like them here."

Travis Naughton asked the boys to keep his story confidential because he didn't want the whole world to know all about his troubled years. He asked Don to sit in on the discussion so he could add to it. When all were comfortably seated with their choice of beverage in hand, he began a shortened version of his life story.

Rusty was impressed by Travis' honesty and candor. He didn't go into detail about his drinking, drug use, etc., but told enough to let Rusty see how miserable he had been trying to force himself to be straight. All of the listeners had a bit of moisture in their eyes when Travis finished.

"Thanks, Mr. Naughton!" Rusty said as he shook his former teacher's hand. "Now I know what I have to do."

Rusty looked pale, but resolute when he dropped the boys off at their apartment. He said he would see them on Monday (since they weren't working Saturdays unless they got rained out during the week). He thanked them again for their help.

"Wow, I wonder what he's going to do?" Zeke ventured after Rusty had left.

"I just hope he'll survive whatever it is," Bryan shuddered.

As they undressed each other, the two lovers were intent on completing the business they had left undone earlier. The night was still young enough for leisurely lovemaking.

The boys took turns giving each other total body massages. They had practiced enough to be very good at it. They each knew the other's body like their own. Bryan finished his frontal rubdown of Zeke by running his tongue around Zeke's belly button. That was one erogenous zone for Zeke. Then Bryan turned to the other major turn-on spot which was his perineum. By the time Bryan finished bathing that area along with Zeke's balls; Zeke's cock was a veritable pre-cum fountain.

Zeke was ready. Bryan swallowed most of the dripping phallus in one gulp. He nearly choked on the size of it, but managed to keep his gag reflex under control. The swallowing motions of his throat took Zeke to heaven. He pumped until he was sure his gonads must have turned inside-out. Bryan backed off quickly enough to save most of the load to share.

Zeke was so wiped that he spent nearly half an hour cuddling with Bryan before he had the strength to take care of his lover. He knew that Bryan's nipples were his most sensitive areas other than the head of his cock. He could swear they were hard-wired to Bryan's dick.

So, after he had massaged every muscle Bryan had, except for the one between his legs, he began to tease Bryan's chest with his tongue. He worked from bellybutton up. He would nearly get to the tits and then back off. Sometimes he would give one or the other a quick butterfly flick. Other times, he would unexpectedly nip one between his upper teeth and lower lip. Bryan was kept in a constant state of anticipation. This caused his Cowper's gland to produce a flood of sticky substance.

Instead of going directly in for the "kill," Zeke began to lick from the balls to the tip of Bryan's cock. Then he licked it like a lollypop. Bryan didn't last long after that action started. He too produced a gusher. Zeke shared some of it when they kissed as they slowly floated back down to earth.

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