by David Lee

Chapter 33

After returning from the party, Bryan and Zeke decided to make good on their promise to take care of each other's needs. They undressed each other slowly, kissing and feeling one another a lot in the process. Then they walked hand in hand into the adjoining bathroom to shower together.

Later in bed, they cuddled naked. The fatigue of their long day caught up with them before they had a chance to do what they intended. However, in a sense they did take care of each other's needs. Right now what they needed most was to feel loved. And so they fell into a contented sleep, nestled in each other's arms.

Their sleep ended with a rapping on the bedroom door the next morning. The boys slid apart slightly, making sure their bodies were adequately covered as Bryan responded to his father.


"It's time to get around if we're going to get our money's worth out of Disney World. Mom's getting breakfast ready, so don't play too long in the shower."

Bryan and Zeke blushed at the latter remark which Brad had made quite innocently. Even though they were out to their families, they still felt a little embarrassed that the adults might know what they actually did together in private.

Disney World was a blast. After agreeing on a time and place to meet up later, Brad and Mary went one way and the boys went another. Since they had gotten to the park fairly early, there was a better chance to ride on the big attractions first. Bryan and Zeke started with "Space Mountain" and went from there. They had tried out many of the best rides by the time lunch came around.

After consuming burgers and fries at one of the eating places, the guys decided to chill a bit to let their food settle before going on to other attractions. They found an out-of-the-way spot with benches in the shade. From a distance, it looked like no one else was around. But when they got close, the realized another couple of boys were there holding hands as they sat together.

The seated boys cringed when they saw Zeke and Bryan bearing down on them, but they didn't stop holding hands. They looked up in defiance as if to challenge the newcomers.

Zeke smiled as he gave them a thumbs-up sign. Bryan did likewise. The other boys seemed to relax a little, but were still wary. They looked poised for fight or flight as the situation dictated.

Once seated on a bench facing the strangers, Bryan took Zeke's hand in his own as he addressed the other two.

"Hi, my name is Bryan and this is my boyfriend, Zeke."

"I'm Randy and this is my boyfriend, Mark," the shorter of the two responded.

Mark spoke with a smile: "He's 'randy' most of the time."

That comment earned him a punch on the shoulder from his buddy. Both Mark and Randy grinned.

Soon the four young men were in a lively conversation about the park and their vacations in general. After a while, the subject turned to the problems of being gay in a straight world. In comparing notes, Bryan and Zeke found once again how extremely lucky they were in having both of their families supporting them. Mark was living with Randy and his grandparents after both sets of parents had disowned them.

It was as a foursome that they enjoyed some of the more laid back entertainment for the afternoon. They took the boat ride through "Small, Small World." Mark and Randy took the opportunity to hold hands and snuggle in the lower light. Bryan and Zeke did not.

Despite the relative darkness, Mark and Randy's activity did not go unnoticed. As they exited the attraction, a couple of teen males came up to them.

"You faggots need to be taught a lesson. God hates faggots and so do we. We're going to beat the shit out of you," the taller of the two boys hissed in an undertone.

From the size of them, they probably could do just that.

"I think you had better leave them alone unless you're willing to take on all four of us," Zeke countered in an equally low voice.

"You stay out of this. They're fags. If you help them you're fag lovers and maybe fags too."

"Maybe we are and maybe we aren't," Bryan responded in a menacing tone. "Either way, we will NOT stand around and see someone bullied for no reason."

"No reason? Queers aren't normal. They deserve whatever we give them."

Neither Zeke nor Bryan wanted to spoil their day by getting into a fight, but they were not about to let another gay couple get beaten up. They would stand their ground and hope that the bullies would back off and leave. Just when they thought it might not happen, and elderly gentleman came upon the scene.

"What seems to be the problem?" Abraham Markus asked.

"None of your business, you old Jew," the shorter of the bullies answered. "We're going to teach these fags a lesson. God hates fags, and Christ killers!"

"You have a lot of temerity speaking for the Almighty!" Abraham remarked.

"Don't call me timid, you old kike."

The older man smiled.

"You might want to consult a dictionary before you jump to conclusions," he said.

Then he pushed a button on his walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

"Sector 4b, Small World, on the double!"

"Is that supposed to scare us?" the taller punk sneered.

He didn't have time to say anything else before he and his cohort were sandwiched between couple of muscular security guards in uniform. One of the guards called over his shoulder.

"Thanks Abe. We've been watching these two on and off today. There have been other complaints about them. They've worn out their welcome."

"Well," Abe remarked. "I guess that takes care of them."

The four boys thanked Mr. Markus for his intervention. They insisted on buying him a Coke and sitting for a while if he could take a break. He accepted graciously.

In the conversation which followed, the boys found out that Abraham's parents had died in a concentration camp when he was a small boy. He would have suffered the same fate but for an older Polish couple who claimed he was their grandson. As they had helped him, he wanted to help others.

In his retirement, he was working to prevent problems in the park – whatever the cause. The people who ran Disney World saw him as a kind of angel of mercy. He didn't look like a security person, so he was able to observe situations without arousing the suspicion of those who wanted to cause trouble. He looked out for lost children, kept a sharp eye out for pick-pockets, and came to the aid of anyone who was being harassed.

After the incident, Randy and Mark were careful not to show their affection where anyone else could see. It was a shame that they felt intimidated, but it was a fact of life.

The two couples bade each other farewell after exchanging email addresses. Because they'd lingered a little longer than intended while talking to their new acquaintances, Zeke and Bryan had to sprint over to the appointed rendezvous. They arrived at their destination a split second before they were due. Mary and Brad laughed at their breathless state. Oh to be young again!

They ate a light dinner in one of the little restaurants just as the sun was setting. They stayed in the park long enough to enjoy the parade of lights before departing for the cottage.

The next day was beach time again. After breakfast, Bryan and Zeke slathered each other with plenty of sun lotion before donning their Speedos. They decided to expose more of their flesh to the sun (and to the admiring looks of a number of beach goers). They really didn't care if anyone thought their attire was gay. None of these people would ever see them again anyhow.

As they were lying on big beach towels near the shore, someone came and stood nearby. They had their eyes closed, but were aware of a presence because of a shadow that fell across them.

Towering over them was Mitch. He was wearing only a thong and a crooked smile.

"Hey guys, thanks for not ratting me out to the cops. I realize you could have fucked me over good if you had wanted to. Actually, I did get fucked over good. Teri just wouldn't quit. I spent most of yesterday in bed with lotion on my dick trying to recover."

"You're not pissed at us?" Bryan said in amazement. "We figured you'd be out to get us."

"No, I'm not. I know I was out of control. Booze and pot make me very horny and I'll try to fuck about anything I can get. That nympho, Teri, says I need to get help. She's the one who needs help! I'm not sure I need any, but I may check into it. Your little butts still look mighty good to me."

"Maybe you should just admit you like guys and find a buddy who likes what you like. There's no reason you can't get off in someone's ass if you both want it," Zeke suggested. "Just don't try to force someone who isn't interested."

"Too true!" Mitch grinned, turned around and mooned them as he left. Well, it was more symbolic than actual since his ass was exposed already.

That night, the family ate at the cottage. It was a simple meal; consisting mostly of prepared food purchased at the local deli. However, it was more hassle-free and less expensive than eating out. It gave everyone time to enjoy the evening without the inconvenience of driving somewhere.

Zeke and Bryan turned in early after showering together. They lay naked in their bed with the blinds open enough to let the moon shine through their window. It was a romantic setting.

Their soft kisses and caresses turned more ardent as the minutes passed by. Zeke sucked Bryan's sensitive nipples until the latter thought he might cum from the sheer pleasure of it. Then Bryan went to work on Zeke. He traced around Zeke's belly button with his hot, moist tongue. He worked his way down to Zeke's balls and perineum. Before long, Zeke was moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

Eventually, the boys wound up in the 69-position. Bryan wet the middle finger of his right hand with plenty of saliva. He teased Zeke's hole with it before slipping into the hot chute. Zeke tried the same thing on Bryan. In no time they found each other's "G" spot.

Getting sucked gently while having his prostate massaged was more than either guy could take for a long time without popping. Both produced gushers at nearly the same moment. They shared the results in deep kisses for the next several minutes. Then they pulled up the sheet and fell asleep cuddled together.

Spring break in Florida fell into a pattern. Days on the beach were broken up by side trips. The one to NASA was one of the most memorable for the boys. They were very impressed by the technology and achievements of the space industry. It was educational as well as fun.

On the last day of vacation, Bryan and Zeke found a stretch of beach which lay some distance from the water and looked pretty much deserted. There were few people out since the day was cool. Of course, for people from the Midwest, the weather didn't seem at all cold. As long as the sun was out, there was no reason not to catch a few rays.

They discovered a low spot where they were screened from the few sweat-suit clad beach combers who were out. There they spread their towels and decided to shed their Speedos. Of course, they had to apply more lotion to each other's bottom. As their fingers teased each other's rosebud, it nearly led to a repeat of their moonlight love making from a few nights before. However, they knew better than to do it in a public place in broad daylight. Being bare-assed was risky enough to give them a rush. There could be gay-bashers around. They hadn't forgotten the episode at Disney World.

After a couple of hours, they decided to stretch their legs and explore a little more inland. They pulled their suits back on and walked quietly on the sand. About a quarter of a mile further, they came upon a bigger depression. This one was being used by guys who were not as careful as they had been.

Bryan and Zeke recognized the owner of the butt that was humping the other one. It was Mitch, and from the sound of things, he had taken Zeke's advice. Both parties seemed to be enjoying the experience immensely!

As the day wore on, the temperature climbed. A warm-front was coming in. The beach was far busier after lunch. The boys spent much of that time splashing in the pleasant saltwater. They had to get their playtime in before going back to the chill of an Iowa spring.

Brad and Mary spent part of their day doing the same thing.

After the parents had gone to bed that night, the two boys grabbed a beach towel, put on their swimsuits, and slipped outside. In the shadow of the cottage, they spread the towel and stripped each other. There with the sound of the waves and the light of the moon, they slowly sucked each other toward Nirvana.

Mitch had been unable to sleep. His mind was reeling over the events of the day. He'd had great sex with another guy. He had both topped and bottomed. He had liked it all. The implications of this were just now beginning to seep into his brain and he wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Strolling on the beach in his thin cotton shorts, Mitch caught a faint moaning sound. He walked carefully and quietly around the side of the cottage where the Stillwell's were staying. As he peeked around the corner, he saw the boys making love. It was a beautiful sight. Though he longed to join in, he knew he would only mess it up for them. So he pulled down his shorts and began to jack in rhythm with their movements. In a little while, their moans increased in volume and intensity. Sensing that the end was near, Mitch moved his hand at a more rapid pace. As the boys whimpered in climax, Mitch fertilized the sand. He smiled in the darkness.

The plane ride back to chilly Iowa was far less traumatic for Zeke. He was beginning to enjoy the feeling of flight. He loved the surge of power when the plane was taking off. However, he still wasn't crazy about the sensation of landing.

As before, Bryan managed to obtain a little blanket to put over their laps to hide their handholding and any other activities which might arise. On this trip, Bryan's dad sat next to him while Mary had the seat across the aisle. This arrangement was fine with Bryan. He couldn't put his finger on the reason, but somehow he felt his father would be more understanding if he thought there was any sexual play.

The boys didn't do anything overt, but they did let their hands cup each other's package (which remained in a semi-hard state). It was a soothing feeling which must be something like what a baby experiences with a pacifier. They were so stress-free that they actually fell asleep for most of the flight home.

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