by David Lee

Chapter 32

Spring break came none too soon for the kids at Cosgrove High. Though the winter hadn't been severe, it had been gloomy. There were weeks at a time when the sun never broke through the clouds. Added to this, there were no days when school was called off on account of snow. It had seemed like an eternity since Christmas.

This year, Mary and Brad planned a trip to Florida. They booked a beach cottage on the gulf side for the entire week. It was a bit remote, but not so far from Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center to make them out of range. It was an ideal spot because most of the time would be spent enjoying the beach if the weather cooperated and it was less crowded than the Atlantic side.

They had invited Zeke along and were going to pay his fare, but he insisted on doing it. Since he and Bryan had saved a lot of their money toward a car which they no longer needed to buy, the money wasn't a problem. He was included in the "family" tour package, so the cost wasn't that great in any event.

The guys were antsy for the last class period to end so vacation could begin. They were not alone. Students and staff alike were chomping at the bit. When the final bell rang, there was a stampede nearly like the one at the end of the school-year.

That night, two very excited teens cuddled in Bryan's bed trying to sleep. After a while, they gave up and turned on the light. Bryan looked into Zeke's handsome face. Zeke licked his lips in a sensuous way.

"I think I might have a sleep potion for us," Bryan said with a grin.

Then he dived under the covers to nuzzle Zeke's crotch. His actions certainly got a rise out of Zeke who pulled Bryan's legs toward the head of the bed so he could work on Bryan's stiffening problem.

They licked, teased, and sucked. Being teenagers, their fleshy weapons were almost always loaded and ready to fire. Despite backing off from the edge a couple of times, it didn't take very long for them both to blast away. The relaxation which followed their powerful orgasms did prove to send them quickly to dreamland.

When the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., it seemed like they had barely gone to bed. But the excitement of the trip helped get them up and stirring. They had to get to the airport in time to go through security, and no one knew how long that might take.

Zeke had never traveled anywhere by plane. He was both excited and a little apprehensive. When they boarded, the guys found that they were assigned to a window seat and a middle seat. Bryan's parents had the same configuration a row ahead of them. A young woman had the aisle seat next to Bryan. Though he loved the window seat and usually chose it, he wanted Zeke to be able to see out better. After all, Bryan had flown many times.

Before takeoff, Bryan managed to procure a couple of little pillows and a blanket. He knew they wouldn't likely fall asleep, but the blanket would serve to conceal the fact that they were holding hands. He wasn't ashamed to be gay, but he didn't want to upset anyone else either.

Zeke was very happy to feel his hand in Bryan's. It was comforting. It crossed his mind that if the plane were to crash, he would at least die with his lover.

For Bryan, flying was no more stressful than going somewhere by bus. He was rather blasé about it, but he sensed that his boyfriend was not. So, to distract Zeke's mind, Bryan pointed out various things on the ground. This worked until the plane began to launch itself down the runway. Zeke's body stiffened noticeably.

Bryan continued to talk to him, but now the subject was the fun they would have once they got to their destination. All the while he was doing this; he was sliding his hand over toward Zeke's crotch. When his hand got to its destination, Zeke grinned and began to relax. Well, let's say that the stiffness went out of most of his body, but seemed to settle between his legs. His shorts were becoming like a prison to his growing cock. He tried to adjust himself without being too obvious.

Bryan smiled coyly.

"Hey Zeke, you don't seem to be as tense as you were."

"Yeah, you seem to know how to distract me." He replied in a husky voice.

The two giggled. The lady next to Bryan smiled at their laughter. She suspected that something was going on under the blanket, but it wasn't any of her business.

At the airport in Tampa, Brad went to arrange for the rental car while the other three waited for the luggage. It worked out well. He had barely signed the paperwork when the rest arrived with the bags.

On the way to the cottage, the boys wished they had their convertible. What a wonderful day to have the top down. The sun was bright and warm. There was a mild breeze off the gulf. It seemed like heaven to people who had recently endured another Midwestern winter.

The boys were hardly out of the car before they had on their swimsuits and were racing to the water. Today, they wore boxer-type suits. They had packed their skimpy Speedos, but were waiting to see what other people wore before donning them. After observing one young stud in a thong, they wondered if their trunks made them overdressed. However, they found that many of the young guys were dressed as they were. Several wore board-shorts.

The boys spent most of the afternoon splashing in the waves or playing Frisbee. They even joined in a game of beach volleyball with some other young people. Fortunately, Mary had chased them down before they hit the beach to apply water-resistant sun lotion. Had she not, she would have been doctoring a couple of sunburned puppies. As it was, they got a reasonable start on their tans.

Before they headed back to the cottage as the sun was settling lower in the sky, they received an invitation to a party at another nearby place. They were flattered to be asked by the college-age group. It made them feel mature.

For dinner that evening, the family went to a seafood restaurant. It was excellent and the prices were not out of line. All left feeling satisfied.

When they broached the subject of the party, Mary was hesitant to have them go.

"Those are mostly college kids. There'll be a keg for sure and probably marijuana. I don't want you two getting into trouble."

Bryan figured he and Zeke had better not push the issue and were content to spend a quiet evening with Bryan's parents.

When they got back to the cottage, Brad asked Mary to join him in their room for a few minutes. Bryan grinned at the thought that maybe his father was going to get it on with his mother. He whispered the thought to Zeke who also got a smirk on his face.

However, the parents emerged a couple of minutes later saying that they had discussed the party and decided the boys could attend. But, it was on the condition that they would swear not to do any drugs. If any situation came up that they couldn't handle, they were to use Bryan's cell to call. Brad put the cottage phone number on speed-dial so they could call it with the push of a button.

The boys were elated at being given this amount of freedom and trust. They were not about to abuse it. They gave their word that they would stay away from drugs.

It was only a short walk to the cabin where the party was in full swing. You could have found it by the noise and the music. Of course there was a keg. Bryan remembered that his father had forbidden drugs, but had said nothing about a beer. He supposed his dad knew that trying it was a rite of passage for many young men, and had probably done it himself when he was their age.

As they moved toward the beer, the young stud, Mitch, who was their host, came up to greet them. He had replaced his thong with a pair of filmy, white cotton shorts that didn't do much to hide his best assets. When he stood back-lighted by the campfire, it was obvious that he was going commando.

Zeke and Bryan accepted the large plastic tumblers of foamy liquid remembering to thank Mitch. It was then that Bryan noticed the donation jar. He reached into his billfold for a couple of dollars to add to the collection. Mitch assured him it wasn't necessary, but Bryan insisted on paying for Zeke's and his drinks. He didn't want either of them to be in the position of owing anyone.

They sipped, instead of chugging, their beer. Some of the older teens around them seemed intent of getting drunk. Zeke's experience of the massive hangover less than two years ago was still imprinted on his mind. He wasn't ready to do that again. The remembrance of cleaning up the vomit and fearing for his buddy's life, made Bryan not want to overindulge either.

Neither was impressed by the bitter taste of beer, but neither was going to let the older crowd know what they thought. They wanted to feel like they belonged.

When they were alone for a moment, Zeke expressed what they were both thinking.

"This stuff tastes like piss!"

"And how would you know?" Bryan asked. "Have you been hanging around Bobby? He seems to be into that."

"No, but I have tasted you when you hadn't just gotten out of the shower. Since I'm not cut either, I'll bet you've tasted some on me too."

Bryan had to agree that there were occasions when he had tasted more than just precum on his lover. He added that it didn't disgust him either.

The boys found a convenient spot to pour out most of the beer. There was enough left to make it look like they were still enjoying their drinks.

Mitch came up to them with fresh glasses filled to the brim. The boys accepted them wondering where they would get to pour these out. They felt like they should have declined, but didn't want to look like wet blankets in front of a group of older kids.

Some girls came by to talk for a while. One of them, named Teri, was evidently feeling no pain. She wasn't content with only conversation. She was looking to get laid. She let her hand come to rest on Bryan's butt. Pretty soon, she moved it around toward his swelling mound.

"Hey, you can look, but you can't touch," Zeke said quietly.

"Ooh, ish this your little boyfriend I'm feeling up?" Teri slurred.

"Yes he is." Zeke replied (again in a low, calm voice).

The girl staggered off leaving her friends who were cracking up with laughter.

"Wow, I loved that," said one of them. "Most guys don't know how to get rid of her when she's drunk. But are you sure your friend didn't want to get laid?"

"He'd better not!" Zeke said with a smile.

The girls eventually wandered off to join others closer to their ages leaving the two boys enough time to dump most of the second beer.

In a little while, the scent of smoke in the air wasn't coming from just the campfire. It was obvious even to the inexperienced that pot was being smoked somewhere in the vicinity.

When the small, clay pipe was passed to them, both Bryan and Zeke resisted the temptation to try it. Zeke was afraid he might get hooked. He had even been a little frightened to drink any of the beer. His grandfather had been a drunk, and Zeke had heard that genetics have a role in addictions.

Mitch tried to pressure them to take a hit, but both held their ground. Finally he shrugged saying it would mean more for him. He did come back a few minutes later with new full glasses. Bryan held it under his nose before sipping. It smelled different from the early ones. He nudged Zeke just as his lover was about to take a drink. As they slipped away from where Mitch was standing, Bryan voiced his concerns.

"This doesn't smell right. Check it out."

Zeke sniffed Bryan's drink and agreed that it didn't smell like the early beers. It didn't smell like his drink either. It must be laced with something stronger. They decided to try something to see if they were right.

About 15 minutes later, Zeke approached Mitch with his arm around Bryan obviously struggling to keep his buddy upright. Bryan seemed to have lost his bones; his body was so limp.

"Thanks for inviting us, Mitch, but I have to take my buddy back to our cottage. I think he has had too much."

Mitch was quick to reply.

"Bring him into my room and lay him on the bed. You don't want the 'rents to see him like this. Give him a couple of hours to sleep it off."

The two young men carried Bryan to the room.

"I think I'd better stay with him until his wakes up," Zeke said.

"Okay, I'll bring you a little refreshment while you wait."

Mitch soon returned with another beer for Zeke. Zeke smelled this one as unobtrusively as possible and pretended to take a healthy sip. Mitch smiled saying he'd check back in a few minutes.

Zeke dumped most of the contents of the glass out the window after spitting back the small amount which had gotten into his mouth. He lay down beside Bryan who was grinning at him.

"Man that smelled stronger than the one he gave you," Zeke whispered. "I know the smell. I'll bet that drink was at least half scotch. It might even be cheaper than the rot-gut I drank of Grandpa's."

This was the first time in over a year that Zeke had made any reference to his one attempt to drink himself into oblivion. It nearly brought tears to Bryan's eyes as he relived part of the scene. He shuddered involuntarily. Zeke held his hand.

"Don't worry, Babe, I'll never do anything that stupid again."

Zeke lay back on the bed and attempted to stare vacantly toward the ceiling. Mitch came in locking the door behind him.

"Well, my cute little friend, are you feeling no pain?"

"Yesh," Zeke giggled.

"Okay! Now for the main event," Mitch chuckled.

He slipped out of his flimsy cotton shorts allowing his six inches of manhood its freedom.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet virgin ass while your little buddy sleeps beside you. Then I'm going to do the same to him."

As he said this, Mitch pulled some rope out of the bureau drawer to tie up the compliant Zeke. Just as he was about to slip the loop around Zeke's right arm, both younger boys jumped up and grabbed him.

"What the fuck…" was all Mitch could utter before he found himself spread-eagle on his bed tied with his own rope. Even sober, he might have been out-manned. In his semi-inebriated state, he was no match for the two wrestlers.

"I'm gonna yell for my friends and there'll be Hell to pay if you don't untie me right now."

"Yeah?" Zeke answered. "Who's gonna hear you over the party?"

"If you don't let me go, I'm telling your parents that you're a couple of queers. Teri told me what you said to her."

"Hey, our families know we're gay," Bryan grinned evilly. "If you want to talk to my dad about it, all I have to do is push this one button on my cell. He'll be happy to confirm it. He may be less happy to know what you were planning to do to us."

"Besides," said Zeke, "anyone who wants to fuck other guys shouldn't call anyone else QUEER!"

The boys discussed what they should do with Mitch. They hated to call the cops and ruin the party for the rest of the kids. Some of them would probably be arrested, but Mitch shouldn't go unpunished either. Finally Bryan whispered to Zeke an idea which had just popped into his head.

As soon as Bryan left the room, Zeke locked the door behind him. Mitch had a few minutes to worry about what the boys had cooked up when the knocking came. Two spaced raps were followed by three more in rapid succession. Zeke opened the door.

Teri stood there beside Bryan with a smirk on her face. She didn't seem as inebriated as she had earlier. The boys wondered how much of it had been an act.

"Thanks guys, I think you've just solved my problem. Though from the looks of it, it isn't a very BIG solution," She quipped as she pointed to Mitch's wilted dick. "I think I can fix it. I know a few ways to stimulate a guy who thinks he's had enough. I may ride half the night. I really need this. Grass makes me super horny. If you guys want to hang around, I'll do you first. I don't think you want to slip around in his load, though it might be a turn-on."

(While she was talking, Teri was dumping the contents of a small bag. It had contained a couple of joints, several condoms, and a small vibrating dildo.)

To show Teri that they were not interested in participating, they kissed each other passionately. Mitch went hard watching them.

"We have the rest of the night to take care of each other," Bryan assured her.

After they left the room, they heard the lock click behind them. It would be a long night for Mitch; one that he would never forget. Before going back to their cottage, they couldn't resist taking a little peek in the window. True to her word, Teri was riding Mitch like a cowgirl on a bronco. It looked like she had inserted the dildo in Mitch's ass, but their angle of sight wasn't perfect enough to confirm it. They smiled as they walked along the beach holding hands.

It took longer going back than it had taken coming to the party because the boys stopped to enjoy the sound of the water lapping against the beach. They wanted to try a few of the moonlight kisses like the ones songwriters love to describe.

Mary was curled up in a chaise lounge reading as they arrived. When she asked about the party, they told her it was basically boring. Most people had seemed intent on getting smashed. The afternoon of swimming, volley ball, and lounging around the beach had been a lot more fun. Mary was relieved that the boys had returned apparently unscathed for a college-type bash. Brad had been right in saying they should be allowed to go. Yes, she had to learn to let go. They were growing up to be responsible young men.

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