by David Lee

Chapter 31

The time between Christmas and New Years was a nice break for the teachers and kids. Doug and Carol spent several of the days in the 'burbs with her family before driving back to Iowa together.

On the day after Christmas, Kyle suggested that the three younger people go to the health club to work out. He and Carol were covered by the family membership and they could take Doug as their guest. Doug always packed a few workout clothes when he traveled for any length of time; hoping to stay active. So, early in the morning, the three went to get their exercise.

Kyle could hardly contain his excitement as they drove to the gym. When they got there, he chose a locker near Doug so that he wouldn't miss a thing. He was not disappointed at the sight! Doug sensed that he was being checked out, so he took his time getting into his workout gear. If the kid wanted to see it, he was not going to hide. Maybe a good look would cure Kyle's curiosity. Doug didn't flaunt it, but he had no reason to be ashamed.

For his part, Kyle also stalled a bit after getting naked. He wanted to give Doug ample opportunity to see his equipment. Kyle's body was not hard on the eyes either. He kept himself in shape. He was blessed by having a decent-sized cock which lay nicely over a plump ball sac. His tight little ass completed a fine picture.

Doug couldn't help but check the kid out. He was impressed, but not tempted by the youth who was showing off before him. Doug was not interested in other guys sexually, but he could appreciate a good body, and fine cock when he saw them.

It was almost humorous to watch the three exercising. Doug could lift plenty; but was not trying to impress. He and Carol wanted to work out together, but her baby brother was always there underfoot trying to show off for Doug. Carol and Doug exchanged amused glances occasionally. She loved her kid brother; however, she wished he had someone else to play with other than the two of them.

Her wish was granted in the form of Ricky Walters. Rick, as everyone but his mother called him, was one of Kyle's classmates who had a secret crush on him. Rick offered to spot for Kyle and soon the two were chattering away as they worked out together. The image of Doug's hunky body was put on the back burner of Kyle's mind as he began to set his sights on a more attainable goal.

The younger pair decided to retire to the sauna for a few minutes before showering while Carol and Doug opted for the steam room. At this club, the steam room was coed, but there were separate sauna facilities for males and females. Kyle and Rick stripped in the locker room and donned towels for the sauna. Fortunately, no one else was in there this early in the day. Kyle thought he would check to see if Ricky had any interest in him. (He felt like he had been getting positive signals in that direction.) He grabbed the edge of his towel to wipe his face. This left his semi-hard dick exposed for a few seconds. Rick didn't miss the opportunity to have a good look. Kyle peeked through his fingers to confirm that Rick was staring at his piece.

Rick suddenly felt the need to wipe his face as well, exposing his fattening member. Kyle didn't even pretend he wasn't looking. Then he reached under his own towel and boldly began to stroke a little. Rick's eyes widened; as did his smile. He pulled his towel back completely and began to fondle his own equipment.

Kyle move closer. Soon, their hands found each other's crotch. The rush of adrenalin produced by knowing that they could get caught heightened their excitement as they sped toward their goal.

With a thrust and an inarticulate sound, Kyle produced a gusher. Rick caught most of the goo in his hand. He spread it on the end of his dick as Kyle continued to pump. It took only a couple more strokes to put him into an equally blissful state made evident by a good quantity of sperm and lots of moaning.

The grinning boys wiped their sticky hands on each other's crotch before wrapping the towel around their loins again. They had to wait a few minutes for their hardons to subside enough to walk to the showers.

Once there, they chose showers across from each other and left the curtains slightly open. Looking each other in the eyes, they soaped up their cocks and began playing again. It took a little longer, but both shot another good-sized load. They were barely finished when Doug entered a nearby shower. Unlike the boys, he closed the curtain completely.

As they were getting dressed, Kyle invited Rick to sleep over. Doug was relieved that Kyle had an interest in someone other than him.

Not everyone had lots of time to kick back. People like Craig, Grace, and Brad Stillwell had to work most of the days, but got time off for New Year's Eve and Day. Zeke and Bryan had to put in a few hours at the store, but had most of the time to hang and do whatever they pleased since the Christmas rush was past.

And what they pleased often involved just being together. Sure, there were some times when they needed each other for serious lovemaking, but a lot of their vacation was spent playing video games, going swimming at the Y, or working out to keep in shape.

At the Y, they ran into some friends from school who were there exercising too. One of them noticed the matching earrings.

"Hey, what's with the jewelry? Are you two going steady now?"

Bryan did the thing he and Zeke had talked about in the past. He took Zeke's hand in his and spoke in an exaggerated manner.

"Ah, yes! We are planning to marry in the spring. Maybe we'll honeymoon in the Bahamas!"

This brought fits of laughter from everyone. Of course, no one took any of it seriously and the subject was soon forgotten.

Menard's was gearing up for a big first-of-the-year sale, so Sky and Luke were kept steadily employed. They didn't mind the work, especially since they had no classes to think about, and they loved the extra income. Despite paying Doug something for staying in the house and contributing to the food bill, the two young men were not only making ends meet, but having money to spare. This was a real turnaround for Luke who had wondered a few months ago if he would have to drop out of school. Now he was considering saving for a car. He disliked being dependent on Sky all the time though the latter assured him it wasn't a problem.

Skylar actually liked being able to provide something for Luke. He felt very lucky to have found a soul-mate; especially one who had reunited him with his brother. He couldn't believe that this good-looking stud had eyes only for him. Sometimes he had to pinch himself to prove he wasn't dreaming. Luke was certainly the kind of material of which pleasant dreams are made.

When Doug came back from Chicago in the middle of the week, the two younger men grabbed him the minute he came into the house. They both kissed him on the cheek and told him how much they appreciated the Christmas present. By using the self-timer, they had taken a few digital photos of themselves cuddled in their new bed. The sheet was pulled up enough to hide their best assets, but it wasn't thick enough to hide the fact that they were both healthy males.

Doug started to walk down the hall to his bedroom when he stopped and backed up.

"You two have been busy! Thanks for painting the hall. I haven't had the time to get to it."

"We know where all your spare time went, so we figured that we could try to do some paybacks," Sky grinned.

More payback came in the form of an excellent dinner prepared by the two younger men. They wouldn't even let Doug set the table. That way he had time to go to the weight room to work off the effects of sitting in a car for four hours.

Vacation went quickly, but many kids were ready to get back to the routine of school. Even so, it would be a long stretch until spring break. However, there would be a lot of activities to occupy everyone.

Zeke and Bryan were used to their earrings by the time school began again. Some of their friends noticed and gave them the thumbs-up sign. Others didn't seem to notice. Heather did.

"So, I see that you two decided to get married over break. Which one of you is pregnant?"

Kids in the hall stopped to see what was going on.

"We're not like you," Zeke retorted.

That earned him a slap.

"Besides," Zeke continued with a grin, "We are only engaged. We aren't getting married for a couple of years; at least until after graduation."

"Yes, we're still too young." Bryan interjected.

The boys were in fine form realizing they had an appreciative audience to entertain. The kids around them were enjoying the show. Bryan was glad he and Zeke had decided to joke about their relationship instead of being defensive or denying it.

Seeing that she wasn't embarrassing the boys, Heather put her nose in the air and walked away.

Wrestling took up a fair amount of their time and energy in the mid-winter months. They were in a slightly higher weight class than in the past. Doug Newman didn't believe in starving his team. He did insist on their eating a healthy, high protein type diet, but did not expect them to go hungry for any long periods of time trying to compete at an unrealistic level.

Lonny Peters was the star in the lightest weight class. He was taking the place that Zeke had held his freshman year. Zeke was happy for the young stud. In fact, the whole team was working well together. Egos were set aside for the good of the group.

The only one who seemed out of sorts was Bobby. His mood was often unpredictable. Staff, as well as students, assumed he was reverting to his old self. One day after an outburst during practice, Bryan took him aside when they got to the locker room.

"What in the world is wrong with you?"

Bobby put his head down suddenly finding a worn spot on the floor fascinating. He didn't want to talk about it, but he needed to. He didn't want to admit he was hurting. After all, he had said earlier that his affair with Rusty was a casual one that didn't mean much to either of them.

"Rusty's your problem, isn't he?" Bryan asked quietly.

"Shit." Bobby countered as he nodded.

"Okay, let's talk about it."

"Alright, I'll take you guys out to Mickey D's for a Coke. I do need to talk to someone."

Bryan made a quick call on his new cell phone to tell his mother not to pick them up because they had a ride home.

In a back booth at McDonald's, the two younger boys listened as Bobby poured out his heart. He had been holding it in for so long that he thought he would burst. As much as he tried to control his emotions, he had big tears rolling down his cheeks as he told Zeke and Bryan about what Rusty had said to him.

"I thought at first we were just fuck-buddies, but things changed. I have real feelings for the big stud."

Zeke and Bryan did what they could to ease his pain. In a way, just being there to listen helped.

"I can't tell you what to do," Zeke ventured. "But I wouldn't give up on him just yet. Wait until summer and see what happens. If he really can't face being gay, you'll have to move on. I don't know what else to say."

Bryan agreed. They both told Bobby he was welcome to unload his problems whenever he felt the need.

After Bobby dropped them at Bryan's house, Bryan and Zeke embraced each other intensely; each glad that he was sure of his lover.

This year Cosgrove High was doing "Music Man" for the spring production. Young Lonny was cast as Marion's little brother, Winthrop. His voice wasn't anything to write home about, but he was the right size. And, he could more or less talk his way through songs like "Gary Indiana." When he did it with the lisp, he was so adorable that he was bound to be a hit.

Bryan commented to Zeke that he hoped the costume designer didn't dress Lonny in form-fitting pants because no one would believe he was a LITTLE boy.

As for Zeke and Bryan, they made up part of the barbershop quartet that sang "Lida Rose." Ben and Adam were the other members. Despite its being his senior year, Ben felt he did not want to try out for a principal role. He had enough on his plate without the pressure. So, Ben and Adam ended up being the other members of the quartet. Bryan couldn't wait until he was alone with Zeke to point out that it would be an all gay quartet singing a love song about a girl. They both giggled.

Adam wanted to know what they were chuckling about. Zeke said that they would tell him sometime, but not right then.

Homework, wrestling practice, and musical rehearsals left little free time to get into too much mischief. Zeke and Bryan found ways to get into some trouble of their own, but only "good" trouble with each other. Since both families had come to accept them as a couple, and their grades remained high, they were allowed to sleep together with more regularity than they would ever have imagined. It was almost like being married.

For his 16th birthday, Bryan got the surprise of his young life. He had opened his present from Zeke which was a couple of CDs including the one from "Music Man." He had loved the new shirt and jeans from his parents and Zeke's family. Then Brad pulled out another small box. Inside were two sets of keys and two remotes. Unknown to Bryan, his parents had conspired with Craig and Grace to give the boys a joint present for their 16th birthdays. It turned out to be Craig's white convertible. Craig had found out what it was worth in trade for a minivan. Brad and Mary Stillwell had paid him half the value or it, and the car had been registered in both boys' names.

Bryan and Zeke were ecstatic. They had both driven the car on numerous occasions and loved it. Now, they not only had wheels, but decent transportation which wasn't considered an old sedan. It had a CD changer in the trunk for their favorite tunes. It was big enough to take a couple of friends along. But, best of all, it was the first thing they owned in common. It made their plans for a life together seem that much more real.

After their small, two-family celebration, Bryan took his lover in their new vehicle to cruise the haunts where their friends might be hanging out. At the Dairy Queen, they found Ben and Adam who asked them to join them at their booth.

As they were talking, Bryan let it slip that the car belonged to both of them. Ben arched an eyebrow. Adam nodded as if some silent communication had taken place in that look. Indeed, it had.

"So," Adam asked, "Does this mean you're a couple?"

Bryan grabbed Zeke's hand in preparation for doing their joking routine about getting married after graduation.

Zeke held on to Bryan, looking him in the eyes. They, too, seemed to be carrying on an unheard conversation. Both smiled and nodded.

"Really?" Ben exclaimed. "We thought, no hoped, that you might be in love because you seem so perfect together, but we were never sure if you were like us. You both attract girls like honey attracts flies."

Once the admission had been made, the younger boys filled the two seniors in on some of the details. They told about how Heather had tried to seduce Zeke, but did not mention Melissa's role in the affair. Finally, Zeke shared Bryan's comment about the barbershop quartet. That set them all laughing.

On the night of his birthday, Bryan enjoyed another gift from his lover. They went to Zeke's apartment where they could have complete privacy. The minute the door was locked, Zeke attacked his lover; pinning him on the living room carpet in a flash. Bryan didn't put up much of a fight.

Zeke began nibbling on Bryan's ears and neck while struggling with buttons and zippers. In a few minutes, both teens were writhing naked on the floor. Bryan looked up into his buddy's eyes with tears of joy in his own.

"Zeke Adams, I love you more than all the white convertibles in the whole world. I love you more than life itself."

Zeke smiled as he tried to rein in his own emotions. Then he kissed his way down to Bryan's raging cock and swallowed it nearly to the roots in one gulp. Bryan gasped. It was so exciting that he thought he might lose control and cum immediately.

Zeke, however, had other plans. These included an intimate shower. During the bathing, both felt their jizz rising nearly to the boiling point. Fortunately, both had enough self-discipline to hold back.

After they were dried off, Zeke put the second part of his plan into action. He asked Bryan to lie face down on the bed so that he could receive a full body massage. Zeke had gone to the massage school a week earlier to have one from a trainee. The young stud, who had massaged him, had worked every muscle except the one between his legs. Zeke had no intention of stopping at that point tonight.

Putting lotion on his hands and warming it, he started with Bryan's back. He kneaded his lover's shoulders and arms. All the while, his semi-erect phallus was drooling on Bryan's ass.

Next, he worked on Bryan's arms and legs. By the time he had massaged Bryan's glutes, the birthday boy was producing precum of his own.

Then, he had Bryan turn over. The proud mast rising from Bryan's groin was a testimony of his appreciation. Zeke proceeded to massage Bryan's pecs and abs. Doing it from the top of the bed, with his knees on each side of Bryan's head, caused his tasty meat to hang only a couple of inches from Bryan's mouth.

Bryan lunged upward to take a swipe with his tongue. Seeing this, Zeke spread his legs to lower his body. An appreciative Bryan began to bathe Zeke's balls.

As Zeke worked his way down, he ended up in a perfect position for 69. For the next several minutes, they licked and sucked gently. They made it last quite a while for a pair of horny teenagers. This time when they felt the roiling of life-producing juices, they made no attempt to hold back. With a final, inarticulate groan, they filled each other's mouth with the sticky results of their love and lust.

The deep, tongue-wrestling kisses which followed made them hard enough to want begin all over again, but the fatigue of the day and demands of tomorrow caused them to fall asleep in each other's arms still erect.

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