by David Lee

Chapter 30

Christmas day dawned bright and clear. The magic of the night before was enhanced by the rays of the rising sun. It was another picture-perfect day.

After an early breakfast, Doug left to pick up Carol. He didn't awaken the other guys, but slipped out quietly. He was pleased to see that the snowfall had been light. It would pose no hazard for the drive to Chicago-land.

Sky and Luke took their time waking up. There was no rush. Sky's mom wasn't expecting them until around 1:00 for dinner. As was their habit when alone in the house, neither wore anything at all for breakfast. They did, however, brush their teeth and shave in case either wanted to get amorous later.

After breakfast, Sky went into the living room to retrieve a CD he had been listening to the day before and was surprised to see a large envelope with his and Luke's names on it. He called Luke who came running to see what the excitement was all about.

Inside the envelope was a note with a key taped to it. It read:

"Hey sleepy heads, I wanted you to have this today, but didn't want to get you up too early. You both deserve the rest. I guess you know by now you're the two most important guys in my life. I love you like brothers (ha-ha-ha). Well, I know your Christmas presents from me last night weren't very big. That's because I spent my money on a surprise. Please use this key to open the basement bedroom. It's your new love nest. Your presents are whatever you find in there.

Love, your big brother, Doug"

Luke was hot on Skylar's heels as the two sped down the stairs. In his excitement, Sky fumbled with the key and dropped it. Luke knelt down to retrieve it stopping to kiss the flaccid love muscle he encountered on the way back up.

The look on their faces was one which Doug should have been there to see. The lovers were awed not only by the nicely finished room with large walk-in closet, but by the furniture and the color scheme. The whole effect was stunning. There was a brand new queen sized bed in light oak. Companion pieces included a double dresser with large mirror, a nightstand, and a chair.

The whole room was done in shades of green which happened to be both guys' favorite color. Neither could believe that Doug, the wrestling jock, had the sensitivity to pull this all together. (In fact, he had solicited the help of Don Hanson, the art teacher, to do most of the decorating, but the color scheme had been his idea.)

On the bed was a note saying that the furniture was theirs to keep if and when any of them decided to move elsewhere. If they broke up, they were to divide it equally.

"I'm never breaking up with you!" Luke proclaimed strongly.

"I'm not letting you go either! Want to join me in the shower so we can christen this new room properly?"

Showering was so much fun that the pair nearly came before they got to their destination, but both wanted to hold back. So, with erections leading the way, they entered their new suite.

Out of curiosity, Sky opened the nightstand drawer. Inside was a box of Kleenex, a tube of KY jelly, and a pack of a dozen condoms. He blushed realizing his brother had assumed their relationship had reached a level to necessitate using those items.

"Luke, I think it's time," he said as he lay on his back with his legs pulled up toward his chest.

"Are you sure, babe?"

"Yeah, I've been stretching myself to be ready to take that big dick of yours. I don't want to wait another minute. I just wish I could offer you a virgin ass to bury it in."

"Babe, we've been over this before. You ARE a virgin because you've never willingly offered yourself to anyone else. I will treasure this moment for the rest of my life," Luke stated with glistening eyes.

Very tenderly, Luke kissed Sky on the lips as he covered him with his whole body. Skylar knew he'd made the right decision. He loved the weight and the warmth of his lover. He could scarcely wait to become one with him.

Luke didn't rush things. He sucked on Skylar's nipples until the latter moaned in anticipation. Then he worked his way southward, bathing Sky's abdomen and upper thighs with is tongue. Next, he licked from scrotum to cock tip, savoring the droplets he found forming there. Then he went for the rosebud. He had never rimmed anyone before and was hesitant to do so now except that he wanted to help Skylar relax and enjoy this experience to the max.

Luke was surprised that Skylar's asshole did not repulse him. It was squeaky clean from the shower so it didn't taste bad at all. The best part of the experience was Skylar's reaction. He let out a squeal which made Luke remember the sound-deadening insulation Doug had put in the walls and ceiling. He smiled as it all made sense to him now.

After the teasing and pleasing, Luke lubed up the middle finger of his right hand and slowly inserted it into Sky's chute. While letting Sky adjust to the intrusion, he moved it around stimulating Sky's sweet spot. Then Luke added his index finger to stretch the muscle more. When he had three fingers moving around easily, it was time for the main event.

"Do you want me to use a condom, Babe?"

"Only if you are afraid of getting your dick dirty; I know we're both safe. I'd love to feel your juice pumping into me."

The last statement made up Luke's mind for sure. He lubed up his sizeable cock and placed it against Skylar's sphincter holding it on target with his hand. Then he put his lips on those of his lover. As they were kissing deeply, he pushed past the muscle ring and froze in place. He continued the assault on Sky's mouth without moving his hips until he felt certain Skylar was relaxed. Only then did he drive his throbbing saber of flesh to the hilt.

Skylar gave an involuntary moan making Luke think he was in pain.

"Did I hurt you, Babe?"

"No, I have never been better! Don't stop what you are doing. Fuck me lover; make me yours!"

Sky kept up a patter of naughty talk because he could sense it was turning Luke on.

For Luke's part, he had never felt anything in the past to equal this. His cock was planted in a hot, tight tunnel. That orifice was a part of the man he had come to love above all others. Luke could sense Sky surrendering his whole being in this act of love. It was awe-inspiring emotionally.

It was also overwhelming sexually. They would have loved for their first act of coupling to have gone on for a long time, but it was destined to last only a few minutes. With a lunge and a cry of joy, Luke began to pump what seem like quarts of cum. Skylar's over-stimulated prostate began to spasm causing him to shoot an equally copious load between them.

The lovers remained connected until Luke's softening penis slipped out of its new home. Then, after resting a few moments, they turned around into a position which allowed them to lick each other's abdomen clean of Sky's offering before it got cold.

A look at the clock told them that they had just enough time to shower again, get dressed, and drive over to the Newman's for dinner. They still spent some of their time in the shower kissing, caressing, and pledging to each other anew, their undying love.

Zeke woke up on Christmas morning to the adoring smile of his boyfriend, Bryan. The two had gone home to Zeke's basement apartment after the midnight service. This was their first Christmas morning to be naked in bed together. It was fortunate that the adults in their lives understood their affection for each other and their need to be together as a couple.

After a quick cleanup in the bathroom, they broke their fast with cereal and the breakfast ring Mary had baked for them. She had made three small ones that year; one for Craig and Grace, the second for Brad and herself, and the third for the boys. For the guys, it was a symbol of her approval of them as a couple. Eating it was special, almost like partaking in a sacred rite.

After breakfast, the guys went back to the bathroom for a long and serious shower. It was not only to get nice and clean. They did the full shampoo/blow job routine which they loved to do. Digesting each other's cum was another bonding experience. They had discussed how cool it was to know that a part of the other guy's body would become a part of your own. Each time they did it, they felt closer.

Grace had insisted on hosting Christmas for the two families. She was past morning sickness and was feeling very well. Besides, Mary was bringing many of the side dishes. Between the two of them, neither would spend her vacation doing all the cooking.

At dinner, Todd and Lisa were present as well. It was becoming evident they were destined for the altar. The only question was how long they would be willing to wait. Todd was ready to have Lisa and Jeri move into the apartment with Dave and him, but he figured his parents would go ballistic. So far, he had not worked up the balls to broach the subject even with his father; who he felt might be more open to the idea. As it was, the girls spent most weekends with their boyfriends anyway. During the week, the boys got each other off when the girls weren't available. The guys assumed that the girls helped each other out the same way. No one was jealous; they all cared for each other.

After dinner, Todd and Lisa left to drive to Lisa's parent's home for a few days' stay. Yes, it was becoming evident even without an engagement ring that this was a union in the making.

In Schaumburg, Doug was pleased to have his own room for his time there. Celia's parents were in the Caribbean for the holidays, so there was more space to bed everyone down. Kyle was not particularly pleased. He had hoped to have another look at Doug's fine body naked. Perhaps he could still figure out some way to do that.

Dinner with Carol's parents was done to style, but not to the point of being stuffy. It was a sumptuous feast to say the least. Celia had hired help to prepare the meal ahead of time so she could spend more time with her guest and family.

Later at night, Kyle took the hint and left Doug and Carol alone in the great room to cuddle before the fire. Carol again provided a nightcap of white wine. Doug's tongue found its way into Carol's mouth. She put up no resistance; rather she participated fully. She was not unaware of the firm piece of male pride pressing against her as they made out. When they stopped long enough to catch their breath, Doug spoke the words she wanted to hear.

"Carol, I know we've only been dating for three months; but I've never felt like this about any woman before. I think I'm falling in love. I didn't intend to. I thought I would play the field for a few more years, but now I want to settle down. Do you think you could feel the same way about me?"

"Oh yes, I DO feel the same. I could see myself in love with you for the rest of my life."

"I suppose we'll have to wait awhile to get engaged. People aren't supposed to rush into things like this."

"We don't have to wait for everything," she announced. "Let me spend the night in your bed. I'll get up early and go back to my own, but I want to sleep with you. Please don't think I'm easy. I wouldn't do this if you hadn't said you love me."

Doug smiled. He did love this woman, but he didn't want to blow his chances with her.

"I can wait if you want me to."

"Shut up and kiss me," she grinned.

When her breathing returned somewhere towards normal, she explained to him that women can crave sex as much as men – especially when it's with someone they love. Doug was not about to dispute her words!

Carol took his hand and led him up to his room. Once there, the couple continued to make out. Slowly, but steadily, they undressed each other. He kissed each newly revealed part of her body and she did the same to him. Doug was amazed at Carol's assertiveness. He loved it. She not only liked him sucking her breasts; she, in turn, sucked and nibbled on his nipples.

He'd had no idea this was an erogenous zone for him. He was in heaven. When she moved him on his back and mounted him, he could not believe it. No woman he'd been with had ever been this assertive in bed. With his hands on her hips assisting her motions, she rode him like a cowgirl. When he came, it surprised him both in how quickly it had happened and in how much he had cum. He was whipped big-time!

As the flush of first encounter began to fade, Doug felt a momentary rush of guilt. He had not worn any protection. Was he setting himself up again? Then, he relaxed knowing that if Carol became pregnant he would just have one more excuse to hurry up and marry her.

"I'm sorry I didn't even think of wearing a condom."

Carol must have sensed the concern in his voice.

"Don't worry, I'm wearing the patch. Didn't you feel it on my thigh?"

She guided his hands to the spot when he could feel the rectangular area which was obviously not skin.

Her next words relieved his mind even more.

"I hope you didn't take me for the kind of woman who would trap the man she loved. I have too much respect for you and for me, not to mention any child who might be brought into the world as a result of our actions."

If he hadn't been sure before, he was now. This was his soul-mate.

Rusty was home from the university for the holiday and he picked up Bobby for a drive after dinner. Bobby had missed his guy a lot over the past months. They had had only a quick encounter at Thanksgiving and Bobby was ready for some serious sex. It was not easy to find a place private warm enough to do it in Iowa in the winter.

When they finally got to a secluded spot, Bobby quickly had his hands on Rusty's thigh going toward his prize.

"Bobby, I don't want to hurt you, but I don't think this is going to work. I don't want to live the life of a gay man. I've been dating a girl at school since Thanksgiving. I didn't want to tell you in an email. I thought it would be better to do it face to face. I really care about you, but my family would never understand. I'm a big wuss, but I can't help it. I'm sorry."

Bobby bit his lip before he responded. He didn't want to show the emotion he was feeling.

"Hey, it's okay, Stud. It's not like we were married or anything. We've been good fuck-buddies. No hard feelings. Do you think I could blow you just this once for old-time's sake?"

Rusty felt guilty about letting Bobby suck him off. It was like he was using him. Yet he wanted Bobby's lips wrapped around his cock and he knew Bobby wanted to do it, so he reached for his zipper. Bobby stopped him, performing the task himself. He looked lovingly at the big piece of meat as it began to expand in his hands. The flicking of his tongue brought a moan from Rusty. Bobby's technique could please him like no one else could.

Rusty adjusted the back of the seat to a nearly horizontal position, put his hands gently on Bobby's head, and headed for heaven. Rusty came like a tidal wave.

When he dropped Bobby back home later, Bobby smiled bravely.

"Hey, keep in touch on email. Don't just walk out of my life."

"Okay. And thanks for understanding. I'll always care about you even if we can't be together like we want."

Upon coming home, Bobby didn't go to the living room to speak to his mom. He went straight to his room where he cried himself to sleep.

Ben and Adam spent the day with their foster fathers. Tom was there too. He and Amy had been with her family on Christmas Eve and were now spending the day with his. Amy joked about being the only female present, so the guys offered to dub her an honorary "y" chromosome for the day. In actuality, she didn't feel out of place. Tom was the only straight guy in the group, but he had become pretty sensitive himself, so it wasn't akin to going into a men's locker room. All were clean-spoken and solicitous to her. She felt like a queen. Inwardly, she laughed at the play on words. She supposed that some people would think she wasn't the only queen in the house. But none of these guys acted like one.

In the evening when Luke and Sky were back at the house they shared with Doug, Luke couldn't keep his hands off of Skylar. But, of course, the feeling was mutual.

"Ooh, you bad boy," said Sky in a mocking voice, "if you keep this up, you're going to get me pregnant."

"I wish I could! But anyway, it's your turn to see if you can knock me up. Tonight I'm going to let you fuck my brains out."

"Keep up the dirty talk, sailor, and I may do just that."

Again in less than 12 hours, the two young men took yet another shower together. Luke wanted to be very clean for this intimate act. Sky wanted to do for Luke what Luke had done for him in the morning.

Naked in their new bed, Skylar played the dominant role exploring all of Luke's body with his mouth and tongue. Despite having spewed loads of cum not long ago, both guys were ready to couple again.

Sky nuzzled and sucked Luke's most private area as Luke had done to him. He nearly got his tongue into Luke's twitching hole. The lubed fingers that followed the tongue-bath went in pretty easily. Luke had been stretching himself for over a month in anticipation of surrendering to his lover.

Sky's throbbing cock entered the tight, hot cavity with relative ease. He was thrilled with the very thought of possessing his guy in a way he had never done with anyone before. The act, in itself, was an awesome experience; but sharing it with a guy he wanted to commit to made it even better in his mind.

He started the pumping motion with care and tenderness. Soon Luke was thrusting up to meet his movements, urging him on.

"I love you buried deep in my gut! Fuck me harder! I want to feel your big cock explode inside me. Fill me up with your jizz!"

Each moan and each word of desire from Luke's lips caused Skylar's juice to boil up closer to the surface. Luke's own orgasm was only a few strokes away. He couldn't believe he was getting so close without touching himself. The only stimulation was Sky's hard cock massaging his prostate and slight friction on his own dick which was trapped between their sweaty bodies.

Sky made one more very deep thrust before going rigid. Then his cock began its spasmodic pumping. That final stimulation sent Luke over the edge. This time it was his nectar they shared in cleanup.

Panting from the exertion, Sky remained planted firmly in Luke's ass.

"I think you can call me "Binky" now, but only in private."

"I love you, Binky!"

Luke smiled broadly as he pulled Skylar's lips to his own. They spent the next few minutes tenderly exploring each other's mouth.

Neither guy wanted to get up, but both felt the need to rinse off before sleeping. So, for the fourth time that day, they got into the shower together. This time, they actually kept their focus on getting clean.

Once dried off, they headed upstairs for a quick snack before sleeping. Hot sex made them both ravenous. They would need their strength for work in the morning. The after-Christmas bargain hunters would be out early and in full force tomorrow. But tonight, they fell happily asleep in their new surroundings. It was almost like having a home of their own.

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