by David Lee

Chapter 29

From the moment Doug entered the spacious house in suburban Schaumburg, he felt welcome. Carol's family practically adopted him. Her parents asked him to call them Walt and Celia. Both sets of grandparents wanted him to call them grandma and grandpa like their own grandchildren did.

But most of all, Carol's baby brother Kyle, who was 17, became Doug's shadow. It was comical. Almost like a new puppy, Kyle was underfoot every minute. Doug could hardly go to the toilet by himself!

When sleeping arrangements were made for the night, Doug would share a room with Kyle much to the latter's delight. The other four bedrooms were occupied by parents, both sets of grandparents, and Carol. Doug wouldn't have minded sharing with her, but even if the offer had been made, it was probably too early in their relationship. Fortunately there were twin beds in Kyle's room. Otherwise, Doug could envision having Kyle wrapped around him all night.

The older members of the household went off to bed at the end of the 10 o'clock news leaving the younger ones by the fire in the great room. After Carol had a little private talk with Kyle, he bade the couple adieu and went off to his room.

Alone at last, they snuggled on the sofa nearest the fire. She offered a glass of white wine which Doug readily accepted. They were relaxed, but not ready to call it a night.

For a while, they cuddled and kissed. When passions began to rise (among other things), Carol broke free saying that she needed to go to bed. Doug really didn't want this to stop and was about ready to offer jokingly to go with her to tuck her in, but felt it wise not to push his luck. He didn't know if she would take it as a joke or think that he was moving too fast.

When he got to the room he was sharing, there was a night-light on so he could find his way around. Since Kyle was evidently asleep, Doug shed all of his clothes unconcerned that his cock had not gone completely soft. He dug out the boxers he had packed for sleeping wear. At home, he wouldn't have worn anything, but in someone else's house, he thought it best to be clad in something in case of an emergency.

Doug was tired from his long drive earlier in the day. The full dinner and night cap were having their effect too. He wanted to quietly jerk off, but sleep soon overtook him.

Kyle had been feigning sleep. The illumination of the night-light had been adequate to give him a great show. Looking through slits in his eyelids, he had admired Doug's great physique and bountiful package. Now, Kyle lay still in his bed wanting to flog his own tool, but listening for changes in Doug's breathing pattern.

Hearing soft snoring noises, Kyle slipped out of bed with his sleep shorts tenting in front of him. He tiptoed over to the other twin bed. Getting down on his knees, he slipped his hands under the covers coming into contact with Doug's strong, hairy leg. It felt hot to his touch and made him nearly cream his shorts.

Since Doug's breathing stayed the same, Kyle got braver after a couple of minutes. He ran his hand up further inside the left leg of Doug's boxers. There he explored the sac filled with good-sized balls. He caressed them lustfully.

Barely able to breathe, Kyle continued his progress until he held the object of his desire. He moved up to touch the head of that awesome, circumcised phallus. It was beginning to swell in his hand. He could feel the drops of precum forming on the end of it. How he would love to taste that substance with his tongue. Would he dare go that far? What if he got caught? The thrill of danger made his adrenalin flow.

Ever alert for signs of awakening, Kyle slipped his head between the sheets. He inhaled the rich scent of Doug's crotch. Then he carefully slipped Doug's throbbing meat through the slit in his boxers. Reaching out with his tongue, he caught some of the sticky substance which was now flowing freely. He milked the big cock slowly while running his tongue just under the head. He knew that was a sensitive spot. He took in as much of the awesome piece into his mouth as he could as he continued to stimulate it with is tongue.

Without warning, Doug lunged and moaned. The first shot of thick creamy cum landed squarely in Kyle's mouth before he rolled away and ran to the bathroom; his heart racing. Kyle's cock began to spasm without being touched. He didn't reach the Kleenex in time to avoid turning his sleep shorts into a sodden mess filled with teen spunk.

Doug awakened knowing his cock was spewing. Shit! He hoped he wouldn't make too much of a mess on his host's sheets. Wow! That had been an awesome wet dream. He hadn't had one since he was in college. It must have been due to the making out before he went to bed. But it all had felt very real; as if he were getting an expert blow job. The few times girls had consented to do that, they hadn't made him feel like this!

He was about to get out of bed to clean up some in the adjoining bathroom, but he noticed the bed near him was empty. Kyle must be taking a leak. Doug would delay until he was back. Lying there waiting, Doug drifted to sleep again with a relaxed smile on his face and cum drying on his hands and crotch.

The next morning, Doug was up at a reasonable hour, but Kyle slept in. After showering and dressing, he made his way to the kitchen. The grandparents were up eating breakfast. Over his mild objections, Celia's mother jumped up to make breakfast for him. In her generation, men couldn't find their way around the kitchen on their own. They needed to be fed by the ladies of the house.

It was nearly 10:00 when Kyle finally made his appearance. This morning, he seemed shy, not the over-friendly boy of yesterday. He didn't even look toward Doug as he went through the great room to forage for something to eat. Celia, unlike her mother, did not rush to feed young males.

Kyle had not slept well. His mind had reeled from the excitement of sucking off his sister's boyfriend. Then, panic had set it. What if Doug knew? What if it were like it had been with Scott? He looked back at those memories with a mixture of pleasure and horror.

He had tried something similar with Scott when he was dating Carol four years previous. Scott had threatened to tell unless Kyle did what he asked. What Scott wanted was a sex slave; someone who would blow him on demand. Kyle had been frightened, but at the same time excited. He had enjoyed servicing the young stud. He had even liked the way Scott dominated him. It had ended with the auto accident that took Scott's life.

Kyle had not seen the crash coming. His face had been buried in Scott's crotch, doing what Scott had demanded. Evidently, the exhilaration of orgasm had distracted Scott too much. The small convertible had hit a bridge abutment. By some miracle, Kyle had been thrown into a ditch filled with cattails which had broken his fall. He had escaped with minor injuries while Scott had died. Kyle still had visions of crawling over to the mangled car and zipping Scott's fly before passing out.

Thanksgiving dinner was served at 2:00. By then, Kyle was coming out of his funk. He managed to sit beside Doug and began to attach himself again.

Back in Cosgrove, Zeke and Bryan awoke on Thanksgiving Day like they did often; wrapped around each other. Zeke nuzzled Bryan's neck planting little kisses on it.

The boys made out for a few minutes until the call of nature became too strong and they had to empty their bladders or risk wetting the bed. In the shower, they took turns washing and pleasuring each other. Once Bryan's body had been cleaned to Zeke's specifications, Zeke got behind him pressing his hard love muscle into Bryan's crack. Then he reached down to apply his soapy hands to Bryan's most pressing problem. After a few strokes, Bryan was moaning and spewing.

When it was his turn to please his lover, Bryan knelt in the shower swallowing Zeke's big erection as far as he could without choking. He had learned which spots on that beautiful cock were the most sensitive. He quickly stimulated them all. Zeke let out a little squeal as he pumped his love offering into Bryan's receptive mouth.

After both their need for release and their desire for cleanliness had been satisfied, the boys went down to breakfast. Mary was preparing a large amount of food knowing that it would take a lot of calories to hold a couple of teens until the 1:00 o'clock dinner.

The day passed pleasantly. Around 5:00, Craig and Grace left with a load of leftovers that Mary insisted they have. Zeke was staying again that night because Mary was taking the boys Christmas shopping on Friday. On Friday night, Bryan would stay with Zeke and Craig would drive both guys to their job at the store. No one said it, but all were looking forward to February when Bryan got his license. It would mean less hassle for the parents, but at the expense of another car and insurance.

Luke and Skylar woke up early on Thanksgiving Day. They had intended to work out, but figured they could give themselves a day off. It was nice to cuddle leisurely instead of having to rush off to school or work. Tomorrow would be a big day at Menard's as early Christmas shoppers vied with do-it-yourselfers for bargains.

One might expect a couple of twenty year olds to spend the whole morning having sex, but that isn't what they did. The security of feeling loved, of having a warm male body cuddled close, and of knowing it wasn't just lust, made the two young males more appreciative on this Thanksgiving than they had been in years.

After emptying their bladders and before heeding the rumblings of their stomachs, they spent the better part of an hour talking about their feelings for each other. Sky was ready to give himself completely to Luke, but Luke wanted to wait a little longer. Part of his hesitation was because he wanted to give Skylar more time to feel comfortable with him and part was due to his own fear of taking the next step. For him, anal sex meant complete commitment. He wanted it, but he'd never had that experience with another guy. A part of him was afraid he wouldn't do it right; that he would disappoint Skylar. How could he live with that?

Dinner at Skylar's parents' house couldn't have been lovelier. Sky's mother had gone all out to please her son, and impress his boyfriend. Having accepted Skylar's orientation, she wanted him to have the best guy possible. In Luke, she felt he he'd found THE guy.

Later in the evening back at home as they lay in each other's arms again, Luke and Skylar did what one might expect of two normal, red-blooded males; they made love. It began tenderly and remained that way as they gently sucked each other to Nirvana. When it was over, it wasn't really over because they kissed and cuddled for a long time before falling asleep.

The space between Thanksgiving and Christmas is never very big; when it is filled with activities, it becomes even smaller. School moved on at an unrelenting pace, and that was fine with students and staff alike.

This year for Christmas, Bryan and Zeke decided to have their left ears pierced and buy a pair of diamond earrings which they would split. That way, they wouldn't have to do a lot of shopping for each other and they would share another symbol of their love. The parent generation was not sure this was the best idea, but did not refuse to let them do it. Mary cautioned that it could out them at school if they showed up with matching earrings, but if they were prepared for the possibility, she had no objections. Craig, Grace, and Brad shared Mary's viewpoint.

So, on Christmas Eve Day, the boy's went to the mall after work to have their ears pierced. They had already picked out the diamond studs and put them on layaway. Today, they would make the final payment.

"My, my, someone's girlfriend is going to have a nice surprise!" said the clerk as she wrapped the box.

Neither boy felt he should burst her bubble by telling her who the earrings were for. She should have figured it out when she pierced their ears a few minutes later.

This year, Ben and Adam spent the early part of Christmas Eve with Ben's parents. They went there knowing that they had the excuse of leaving for the service at church if things got to be too much. Adam was concerned about Ben. Ben was trying not to be anxious, but Adam could sense his unrest. It was too early to get dressed, but Ben was already laying out his clothes.

Adam decided to calm his lover down. He insisted that they take a hot shower together before lying in bed for a rubdown. Adam began by kneading his lover's back to relieve some of the tension. Next, he had Ben turn over so he could massage another part of his anatomy.

It was Ben's turn to insist. He got Adam turned around so that they could give each other an early Christmas present in the form of a great mutual blow job. They took it as slowly as two horny teens can. In other words, it wasn't more than a matter of a few minutes before both were rewarded with an awesome orgasm and mouths full of guy-juice.

"I guess we'd better brush our teeth again in case your mom wants a kiss." Adam suggested.

The atmosphere at Ben's house was more tranquil than either guy had anticipated. Dinner was pleasant and filled with polite conversation; everyone avoiding anything that would upset the spirit of the season. When the family gathered around the tree to exchange a few simple gifts, Ben's father broached the subject that all had been skirting.

"I know coming here must have been difficult for both of you. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to give me another chance. I've gone to a lot of counseling and I've read a lot of material on the subject of homosexuality in the past year. It was hard for me to accept you as you are, but I now know how wrong I've been. I want you both to feel welcome here. Whatever you think of me, son, I want you to know that I love you. And (turning to Adam) I want to know you, and love you too."

All the stress of the last couple of years began to wash away in the flood of tears shed by Ben and his father. They hugged for what seemed like forever.

When they stepped back, Ben's father embraced Adam as well. That was even more meaningful for Ben than his own reuniting with his father. It meant acceptance. Ben could finally let his guard down and relax. He would never live under this roof again. His life was now with Adam, but he could visit without having his stomach tied up in knots.

Joey was beaming. Even Esther had come out of her shell a great deal. The conversation for the rest of the evening was livelier and flowed more naturally.

When it came time for the boys to go to the midnight service, Ben's family asked if it would be okay for them to go along.

Pastor Liz didn't miss the significance of seeing Ben and Adam with Ben's family. Her eyes were moist as she recalled the innocent, unkempt boy who had come into her life over two years before. He was more mature now, but still darling in her eyes. He would always have a special place in her heart, as she would in his.

The Newman brothers and their soul-mates were also at the late service. Carol had been pleased to spend Christmas Eve with Doug's family. She had been invited for several Sunday dinners in recent weeks and felt very much at home there. Though she wasn't looking forward to the long drive in the morning, she knew that her boyfriend's mother needed to have both of her sons home for part of the holiday. Her parents had been very understanding and had agreed to put off dinner until she and Doug could safely arrive on Christmas Day.

Of all the people at the service, Luke was possibly the most appreciative. He felt like he really belonged in this family. Doug had become like a brother to him and Skylar had become his lover. The elder Newman's had accepted him like a son. Life was wonderful.

As the worshippers left the beautiful service, they were greeted by light snow falling. The still, cold air was so quiet that one could almost hear the flakes as the hit the ground. It was the kind of night which might inspire Norman Rockwell or Grandma Moses. It was a true, old fashioned Christmas.

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