by David Lee

Chapter 28

With all the school activities, fall was moving along at a rapid pace. In no time, it would be Thanksgiving break. Students and teacher alike were ready for a change in routine.

This year, Mary Stillwell was going to host Thanksgiving dinner and invite Grace, Craig, and Zeke. She well remembered preparing a holiday dinner when she was working and "expecting" with Todd. The morning sickness had nauseated her through much of the pregnancy making it feel like an ordeal. There was no way she was going to let Grace take it on. After all, with the boys in love with each other, they were practically in-laws.

Todd would be having dinner with his girlfriend's relatives which would make one less at the table. Brad and Bryan would help, so it wouldn't be too difficult to pull off. And if Bryan helped, Zeke would too.

Grace was delighted to be relieved of the responsibility of cooking a big dinner. She had been dreading the whole thing. If she were hosting she would probably feel obligated to invite her mother and that would definitely not make for a relaxing day. Since she was invited out, she could enjoy the day with no feelings of guilt.

Her schedule had been especially tight with trying to finish her degree on line. If she took course work and student teaching next year at a local college, she could be qualified for certification. As a teacher, she would have quality time off in the summer to be with her children. It would also give her similar holidays during the year. She was going to go for it. If nothing opened up, at least she could sub in the district and work part-time at the grocery store.

Across town, Fran Jacobs was preparing her house to host another large Thanksgiving crowd. It was becoming a tradition. Her younger children were still in high school. Her college son, Brad, and his partner, Alan, would be there as well as Alan's mother, step-father, and Alan's baby brother. She had invited Don and Travis too. It would be great for Alan to have his biological father in addition to his step-father. He loved them both.

Of course, she had invited Don and Travis's foster kids, but none would be in attendance for the meal this year. Tom was going to be with Amy's family. The couple was now engaged and heading for the altar as soon as their finances would permit.

Ben and Adam would have loved to be in the company of all those friends for the whole day, but would be there for only part of the time. This was the year First Presbyterian would host the dinner for the homeless again. Ben had to be there to help. It was an important anniversary in his life. He remembered the food and the love Liz and Derek had showered on him in his time of need. Maybe he could pay it forward by serving others.

Ben would have done this by himself, but Adam wouldn't hear of it. If his lover was giving up something to help others, he could too. He had never known the dark despair Ben had, but he had come to understand it through empathy with his guy. Maybe their serving could lift the spirits of someone else as well as Ben. That thought made him feel warm inside. Falling in love with Ben had opened a whole new window of love for other human beings.

Ben's mother was disappointed that he would not join them for Thanksgiving either. She had been at the point of pushing him, when he reminded her it was the time of year they had ejected him from his home and family. That had stopped her mid-sentence.

While his father had done a 170-degree turnaround, Ben was not yet comfortable about being in his childhood home. He was happy his father was at least trying. The hug after the musical last spring had been a giant step, but it had not been followed up by an offer to go camping or fishing together or anything remotely resembling father/son bonding. Perhaps they would never get beyond civility. Ben could only hope.

Since Joey was now a freshman, Ben got to see him regularly at school. Joey was the one member of the family who had stood by him unfalteringly through the whole ordeal. Joey was dearer to him than anyone other than Adam.

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, Doug got serious about working on the basement. Sky bought materials at an employee discount, but Doug insisted on reimbursing him. After all, he had argued, it would increase the value of his house when it came to selling someday. And Sky and Luke were helping with monthly expenses already.

Both Luke and Skylar were handy enough with tools to be a big help. It wasn't long before the new room was taking shape. Then Doug decided that while they were at it, they should divide the rest of the basement up into a large room to be used as family/computer room, a nice sized bedroom, and a weight room/utility room. It made sense to do it while the guys were working where they could get the materials cheaper. It also resulted in insulating all the outside walls which would save on the utility bills.

When Doug added insulation above the ceiling and in the inside walls of the bedroom, Sky looked at him with curiosity. Doug just smiled and said he would explain all in due time. Once the bedroom had a door installed, it was kept locked. Only Doug had the key. This was the only room Luke and Sky did not continue to work on.

One day in the midst of construction, Carol called to invite Doug to her parents' house in the Chicago suburbs for Thanksgiving. He accepted before he thought about his brother and Luke. They said it was no problem because they could cook their own meal unless they got a better offer. Not an hour had passed before Mrs. Newman called to invite all three to her home for the holiday. She was excited to hear that her first-born was going to meet Carol's parents. That was a significant step, especially since it was a four-hour drive. Although she would miss her older son, she was looking forward to getting better acquainted with the guy who had brought a new outlook to her other son. She had not seen Sky this happy since he was a prepubescent child.

The bathroom got painted on the weekend before Thanksgiving. By Tuesday night, it was operational. Everything was finished except for putting up towel bars and the toilet paper holder. Late that night, the three young men celebrated with a beer before turning in. Since there was no school on Wednesday for anyone and Menard's would operate on a skeleton crew, they could sleep in.

Early Wednesday morning, Doug left for Illinois. After he departed, his brother and Luke thought it would be nice to christen the recently installed shower. With the new 40-gallon water heater, they could enjoy a leisurely time without fear of finishing in cold water.

They washed each other lovingly and thoroughly. This time, when Luke ran his soapy fingers into the crack of Sky's ass, Sky did not tense up. In fact, he backed up into Luke's hand to get the full effect. Luke made very sure it was clean. Satisfied with his wash job, Luke replaced his fingers with his tongue. Sky nearly screamed in ecstasy. Never had he felt anything like this. Luke went back to using soapy fingers again as he turned Skylar around in order to lick his cock. While Luke licked and sucked, he worked one finger into Sky's hot chute. His finger kept teasing Skylar's prostate while his tongue stimulated the sensitive place just below the head of Sky's dick. Soon, Luke was rewarded for his efforts by moans of appreciation and a big load of hot cum.

When he recovered enough to reciprocate, Skylar used almost the same techniques on Luke. Since Luke's libido was already overheated from servicing Skylar, he came in record time. If he hadn't been able to grab Sky's shoulders, he would have collapsed on the shower floor.

The guys rinsed off again before toweling each other down. Luke suggested that since they were alone for the day, they didn't need to get dressed at all. Sky seconded the motion as he went to turn up the thermostat. It would be great to spend the day naked.

Most of the day's activities worked out okay in the nude. Frying bacon for breakfast wasn't one of them. Sky jumped around as he got spattered by hot grease. Luke found an apron to protect his lover's vital parts.

The other thing that didn't go as well was working out. The guys solved the problem by wearing jockstraps while exercising. As Luke was spotting for Sky, the latter couldn't focus well given the view. He managed to get the barbell back on the rack. Then his hands went right up the inside of Luke's thighs. Luke shuddered in anticipation. Pretty soon, the young men were wrestling around on the exercise mat. Sky got a willing Luke sprawled on his back. Then Skylar turned around and nibbled on the jock. His tongue snaked inside the pouch around Luke's balls.

Luke got into the spirit of the game pulling Sky's jock aside with his teeth. Once the raw meat was exposed, he wasted no time in sucking it into his mouth. The guys brought each other to the brink a couple of times before backing off to cool their ardor.

Then, they started making out. Their tongues wrestled as each explored his lover's mouth. In the midst of this, Sky managed to trap both of their erections in the waistband of his jock. By thrusting his hips in the old instinctive manner, he stimulated them both to the point of no return. Despite their morning activities in the shower, the amount of cum they produced was plentiful. It nearly bonded them together like super glue as they kissed and cuddled in the aftermath.

"Oh, Sky, I love you so much! I keep thinking about what life would be like if I hadn't knocked on Doug's door that fateful day. What if he hadn't taken pity on me? How could I have lived without you?"

"I don't know what I'd do without you either, lover. I've never been this happy. I'm almost afraid to feel what I feel. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm afraid I'll wake up back in that lousy, fleabag motel to find this has all been a wonderful dream, but only a dream."

"This crust forming on my pubes is no dream!" Sky quipped. "If we don't do something soon, we may have to call 911 to get help pulling us apart."

So, it was back to the new shower again to hose off the sticky evidence of love. After they were clean and dry, they went up to Sky's bedroom where they snuggled and talked about their hopes and dreams until sleep overtook them. There seemed to be a mutual, tacit agreement that their future would be a shared one.

Sky and Luke were not the only young men who enjoyed their lovers on that vacation day. Across town, Zeke and Bryan were having fun of their own.

It was really Bryan's turn to host the sleepover, but Zeke's little apartment was much more private. Craig and Grace had to work most of the day, while Mary would be home.

Zeke awoke at an early hour as he often did on school days. His trip to the bathroom got Bryan stirring. Since they were up, they put on their running clothes and went out to get some exercise in the chilly November morning. When they got home, they ate a cold breakfast, took a shower, and crawled back in bed to get a little more shut-eye.

They lay in spoon fashion on their left sides. Zeke's hard-on was nestled in the crack of Bryan's butt and his right hand held his lover's equally hard cock. They fell asleep hard and awoke in the same condition.

Zeke had been planning something that he thought was very kinky. At Goodwill, he had purchased an extra-large pair of sweat pants. He had laundered them and stashed them in his underwear drawer in anticipation of a day when there was ample time to play.

After lots of squirming and giggling, the two boys managed to encase their bodies face to face inside the huge pants. It made them look like conjoined twins, but their naked body parts reminded them that they were two lustful individuals.

They spent a half hour kissing and nibbling and licking the body parts they could get to. All the while, their cocks remained like swords dueling inside the sweats. Their bodies were slick with sweat and precum as they rubbed against each other. The awesome feeling built slowly and steadily until there was no holding back. Zeke's cry of pleasure signaled the beginning of his orgasm. It triggered Bryan's eruption a fraction of a second later.

The boys were too wiped to move for the time being. So, Bryan reached back and pulled up the sheet. They slumbered for about 20 minutes before the phone interrupted their rest.

It was Mary calling to see if they wanted to come for lunch. She also needed some help in getting things ready for tomorrow's feast.

The boys quickly peeled off their cocoon-like covering, showered and dressed. They were waiting for her when she pulled into the drive half an hour later.

After a hearty lunch, Bryan and Zeke helped Mary prepare the foods that could be made ahead of time. They worked well as a team. Mary couldn't get over how much better Bryan was in the kitchen than Todd. Zeke also seemed to have a knack with food. At least they wouldn't starve if they ended up together.

A couple of hours later, all that could be done before Thursday was done. The boys were not sure what they would do with the rest of the afternoon. Bryan suggested that they brave the cold and sit in the hot tub. Once in the water, there would be no problem. They were putting on their suits when the phone rang. It was Sam. He was bored since Rachel was out of town visiting her Grandparents. Bryan invited him over to soak with them. Sam was delighted. He would be there as soon as he located his swim suit, and his mother could drive him.

In the hot tub, the three boys discussed the new school year. Sam had noticed there was a new bully to take the place of those who had graduated. Ted Dye was only a junior, but was already twice as mean as Bobby had been at his worst. Ted was 18 already. He had been held back in first grade because he was too out of control to learn anything. Bobby had changed, but Ted didn't seem to be the type who would. Bryan and Zeke agreed that Ted needed watching.

But Ted was soon forgotten as Sam chattered away about other things. Sam was happier than he had ever been. He credited his two buddies with making him over to be a chick magnet. Bryan said it wasn't the hair and clothes. Those were only props.

"Do you remember the old story about Dumbo the flying elephant? He thought he couldn't fly when he lost the 'magic' feather, but he found that what he needed to do it was inside of him all the time."

"You mean I could still be cool without the clothes?" Sam laughed as he pulled down his trunks baring his rising cock.

"Careful Sam, Mom's home."

Sam blushed as he sat down again.

"Will she want me to go home if she saw me?"

"Hey, don't panic Sam. Chances are she wasn't looking out the window at the exact time you bared it all. Besides, she's seen our bare butts out here more than once, I'd bet. We go skinny most of the time in the pool. She's never said anything, but then we didn't show off our hardons either."

Sam blushed again, not knowing if he felt better or worse.

Mary popped her head out of the back door about then to say she was heading for the store to buy a few things she'd forgotten. She wouldn't be gone more than an hour and for them not to burn down the house while she was gone. From her demeanor, it was evident to Bryan that she hadn't seen Sam's display.

The boys laughed and Bryan began to form a plan. As soon as Mary's car was out of the drive, he stood up pulling down his trunks and throwing them on the side of the spa. Zeke did likewise followed by Sam.

"Now that no one else is home, I think it's time we taught Sam the real pleasures of a hot tub." He said with a grin.

Bryan demonstrated how a guy could let his body float up near a jet for the full effect. Sam tried it. Anyone could tell he had found the right spot by the glazed look in his eyes! He pulled his body up to a kneeling position and practically humped the jet near him. Bryan and Zeke found jets of their own. The low, pleasurable moaning of three teens began to rise to a level that threatened to drown out the sound of the bubbling water.

The excitement of a new "trick" sent Sam over the edge first. He tried to catch the load in his hands, but most of it went into the swirling water. Zeke and Bryan came at almost the same time. Their bodies were so in tune with each other that they often did. They didn't even try to catch the flood of boy juices. Bryan said he would check the filter later and clean it.

Sam came over and spontaneously hugged the other two naked youths.

"Man! That was the greatest thing I've felt since you taught me how to do it. I really love getting off! I wish we could get together and do it more often."

Bryan and Zeke exchanged glances before Bryan spoke for them.

"Well, it's usually a kind of private thing, don't you think? I guess it's okay to share once in a while, but not all the time. Besides, you have Rachel."

"Yeah," Sam replied. "Everyone THINKS I have Rachel. She and I are good friends, but we've rarely even kissed. The guys in the locker room think I'm getting laid every week. I never say anything one way or the other. I just smile and let them think what they will. But I don't have any other close buds to do it with either. You guys have each other."

"What do you mean by that?" Zeke frowned.

"Nothin' bad! But I figure since you guys have known each other forever; you've probably done cool stuff like this together. You weren't embarrassed to do it in front of each other when you taught me. I'm not saying you're gay or anything."

When neither Zeke nor Bryan commented, Sam looked thoughtful.

"ARE you guys, like, you know, together?"

What could the guys do or say? They didn't want to lie about their mutual feelings; yet they were not ready to be out at school. No one there knew for sure except for Bobby. Ben and Adam probably suspected, but they could be trusted in any event. Would Sam keep their secret if he knew?

Zeke's smile was as enigmatic as that of the Mona Lisa as he said:

"I guess we'll just smile and let you think what you will."

That broke the tension of the moment setting all three into fits of giggling.

The sound of the garage door opening announced Mary's return. Three naked teens scrambled to put on their swim trunks.

After Sam had gone, Zeke and Bryan cuddled in Bryan's bed clad only in their briefs. They were waking from another short nap.

"Hey, Stud, you really played it cool with your answer to Sam about us." Bryan said. "How can you think on your feet so quickly?"

"It's practice from going to that horrible church for so many years. I learned that if you deny something strongly no one will believe you, but if you joke about it or even suggest it might be true people will assume that you could never do what they're accusing you of."

Seeing Bryan's look of doubt, Zeke continued.

"Let's say some bully, like Ted, or like Bobby used to be, came up in the hall at school and claimed we were having sex together. Since we do, it wouldn't come off convincingly if we got mad and denied it. But, if one of us said something like: 'Oh, yeah, we suck each other off twice a day,' everyone would assume we were making a big joke. If you tell the truth in an exaggerated way, no one will believe it!"

"Hey, that's clever. I can't wait to try it. Want to make good on the twice a day part?"

"We already came twice today!"

"Yeah, but the spa doesn't count. We couldn't make each other cum with Sam here."

Cuddling escalated to kissing and petting. The tents in their underwear left no doubt that they could rise to the occasion for yet a third time. Zeke dived under the covers to use his tongue on Bryan's private parts. In doing so, he left his treasure within easy reach of Bryan's mouth. They spent quite a bit of time ball-washing before going in for the "kill." Once the slurping and bobbing began, the feeling of impending orgasm began to arise also.

The offering of boy juice was not as large as what Bryan had cleaned out of the hot tub filter, but there were only two squirting now, and they had drained their balls more than once already. The feeling was no less intense.

They had barely finished when Brad Stillwell rapped on the door to call them for supper. At Bryan's response, he entered.

Now that they were out to the families, they didn't bother to move apart, but remained side by side holding hands under the covers.

"You two look rested and happy."

Their grins made him suspect that they had done more than taken a nap in Bryan's bed.

Skylar and Luke had remained naked most of the day, putting on shorts only to do things like retrieve the newspaper. Once, they had actually donned their jeans, shirts, and shoes in order to drive to the grocery store-for a few supplies. But they didn't bother with underwear. Free-balling was great.

They cooked a simple, high-protein dinner together in the same state they had cooked breakfast. Sky had on nothing but an apron. Luke wore only a smile. Occasionally, Luke would come up behind Skylar and feel whatever flesh wasn't covered by the apron. Other times, he would snake his hands around under it. Sky was becoming more and more comfortable with the loving hands that explored his body; even when they strayed into the crack of his butt.

Somehow, the pair managed to make it through dinner without taking things to the bedroom.

Evening found them cuddled on the sofa under a light blanket watching a DVD movie. The movie wasn't holding their interest as much as it might have. There were a couple of hard distractions that had come up. Finally, they gave up trying.

In the bedroom, the making out escalated. Sky reached into the drawer of the night stand for a tube of KY jelly.

"I'm not quite ready to give you everything, but I thought maybe we could search for each other's magic button again."

Sky turned downward to face Luke's throbbing cock and began playing with Luke's asshole. Luke did the same to Sky. Using a generous amount of lube, they each gently inserted a finger while sucking. After a while, they used two. They didn't get to three before the explosion occurred.

The last few minutes of wakefulness were spent in deep kissing. It was like each wanted to be swallowed up by the other.

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