by David Lee

Chapter 27

Lots of young people attended the Halloween parties at First Presbyterian Church that autumn. There was one party for the younger set, up through middle school, which would happen at 6:00 PM on October 31st; a separate one for the high school teens later the same night; and a third for young adults a day prior. A surprising number of college students came to the one on the 30th. It was a dance with costume optional, but most came dressed up. Liz was pleased to be making gains with that age bracket. So often they seemed to avoid church when they were too old for their parents to force them to go. Frequently they returned only when they became parents themselves.

Among the participants to the twenty and thirty-something party were Luke and the Newman brothers. Sky had asked Luke to be his date, and Doug was taking Carol Croy. Doug had told her up front that his brother would be going with another guy and that he approved. It his way of letting her know how things were before he became too involved. He didn't want to start having feelings for someone who wouldn't accept Skylar as he was.

Carol graciously accepted both the date and Doug's younger brother. She found him to be pleasant and witty. She also liked Luke very much. Neither dressed in drag for the party nor did they do anything campy. Not having much knowledge about gays other than the stereotypes she'd seen on TV or in movies, she he had wondered how they would act. Other than the fact that they held hands in the back seat of the car, she would never have suspected either was gay.

After the dance, Doug dropped his date at her door with a chaste kiss. He would have loved to have done more, but he was going to take it slowly. He was already considering her as possible wife material. He didn't want to blow his chances. Damn! He must be getting old thinking like that. Was he really ready to settle down?

As he drove back to his house, he teased the two in the back seat.

"Well, I have to go home and either take a cold shower or take myself in hand. You two are lucky. You get to go home together and you can make out all night!"

Though it was too dark to see, Luke and Skylar blushed. They were both kind of hoping that things would progress between them, but each was afraid to make the first move. Ever since the afternoon when they had found themselves in a passionate kiss, they'd been extremely careful not to tempt each other to do more. Luke wasn't really sure where he stood because Sky was hard to read. Sometimes he was affectionate, sometimes reserved, other times he was almost remote. When Skylar seemed open to making out, it was always when their schedule wouldn't allow them the leisure time for going too far. Luke didn't want to push Skylar because he'd been hurt before. Skylar was afraid that once they'd experienced sex together Luke would leave him. Still, he kind of wished Luke would make some sort of move. He finally reasoned it was up to him to stop holding back, and take the initiative. That was a major reason he'd asked Luke to the party.

It had been over six weeks since Skylar had revealed the baggage he was carrying. During that time, Luke had cried for him and prayed for him. He too had decided it was time to take things up a notch.

Tonight, Skylar was affectionate; acting like a young boy on his first date. He had paid for Luke's dinner and their admission to the party. He had held Luke's hand in the car on the way to and from the events of the evening. Now, he actually walked Luke to the door of Luke's bedroom to say goodnight. He gave Luke a soft kiss on the lips similar to the one Doug had given to Carol. Luke felt it was his place to take the next step.

"Thanks for a great evening, Sky. Would you like to come in for a few minutes?" Luke asked formally.

"Sure, but remember tomorrow's Saturday, and we have to work at the store all day."

Once inside his bedroom, Luke turned on the desk lamp which gave a soft glow to the place. He sat on his bed and patted the place next to him to indicate that Skylar should join him. He turned toward Sky, taking both of his hands in his own. Looking into those beautiful blue eyes, he spoke from his heart.

"Sky, I feel things for you that I've never felt for any guy. I love you. Please sleep with me tonight."

Feeling Skylar's body stiffen, he continued, "No sex. I just want to have your body next to mine. I want you in my arms. I want to know how it feels to be in yours. I want us to love each other emotionally before we share our bodies. That is, if you feel the same way about me."

Skylar couldn't respond because he was sobbing. Luke reached over and took him in his arms. Sky hugged back tightly. They remained locked together for several minutes until the emotional storm subsided.

When he could talk, Skylar said the things Luke had longed to hear.

"I'm sorry for jerking you around, Luke. I know I've been hot and cold with you. I love you so much it scares me! I've been afraid if I gave in to my feelings, it would all fall apart like before. Please forgive me."

"Hey, it's okay. But remember, I'm not that Jared dude. I'm not going to force you into anything you don't want to do. If you never want part of me buried in you, I can live with it."

"It's not that. I think I would love to feel your love muscle deep inside me. I just have to know you better before I offer myself to you. I need to know in my heart that this can last."

"Sky, I'll do whatever is necessary to give you the assurance you need. I'm in this for the long haul."

Skylar smiled and embraced Luke again. Then he said something that made Luke worry for a heartbeat.

"There is no way I'm sleeping in your bed tonight! It's a twin. You're going to sleep with me in my bed!"

Then, Sky led a very willing Luke down the hall to his room with the queen-sized bed. Once there, the young men stripped to their underwear. Luke began to climb under the sheet when Skylar stopped him.

"We have to do this right."

So saying, Skylar tucked his thumbs in Luke's waistband pulling his briefs to the floor. As he came up, he kissed the tip of Luke's rising cock. Luke returned the favor.

A wise man once said that good intentions pave the road to Hell. The two young men had every intention of just falling asleep in each other's arms. But their hormones had other plans. That which started as cuddling, lead to tongue- wrestling as their bodies reeled in throes of desire.

"Luke, I'm not a cock tease. If your balls are aching as much as mine are, we need to do something about it."

Then reaching over, Sky began to slowing stroke his bedmate's raging hardon. Luke followed suit. After a couple of minutes, both were nearing climax. Sky pulled Luke on top of himself trapping their dripping cocks between them. While engaged in deep kissing, Sky used his grip on Luke's firm butt to start the rocking motion. Natural lubrication smoothed the way, but there was enough friction to propel them rapidly toward their goal. Breathing hard and whimpering in anticipation, they released their pent-up love and lust in torrents of hot cum that exploded between their loins.

As they came down from the mountain-top of ecstasy, their kisses became more gentle and loving. In the afterglow, they expressed feelings of love for each other. Their energy spent, they fell into a restful, sticky sleep.

In the morning, Doug had a big grin on his face as he came down the hall just in time to see a scantily clad Luke emerging from Sky's bedroom.

"Shut up!" Luke greeted him with a grin.

"Hey, I didn't say a word."

"Yeah, but you were thinking it!"

Doug embraced the younger man in a bear hug.

"I was thinking of how lucky my brother and my good bud are."

Then Doug whispered in his ear.

"You smell like stale cum and I'll bet it's not all yours!

Skylar came out of his bedroom at that moment.

"Hands off, Doug, he's mine! And I intend to keep him forever!"

While the two lovers got ready for work, Doug busied himself making breakfast. He was certain they'd be ravenous. He knew how hungry any kind of sex made him.

Well-fed and still smiling, Sky and Luke went off to work their shift at Menard's.

Saturday was a busy day at the grocery stores as usual. Some shoppers were getting ready for parties, others were doing their weekly buying after cashing their paychecks, while yet others were taking advantage of last minute candy bargains for trick-or-treaters (or maybe themselves). Bryan and Zeke didn't get to spend much time talking. As was often the case, their breaks didn't overlap because of the constant need to have as many sackers available as possible. They did manage to eat a quick lunch together. Knowing that they might get pressed into service before their break was over; they took their sack lunches to a deserted spot behind the store.

Their conversation revolved mostly around school. There was nothing said that couldn't be repeated if overheard. While they would have loved to have grabbed a quick kiss, it wasn't safe. They knew some kids sneaked out here for a cigarette. It wouldn't be a good thing to get caught kissing. Tobacco use was illegal for kids under 18, but would be more likely overlooked than a show of love between two guys.

Craig picked up a tired pair of boys at the end of their shift. It was Bryan's turn to stay with Zeke this Saturday night. Mary and Grace had talked about the guy's obvious affection for each other and agreed not interfere. If the guys were indeed gay, they couldn't have chosen anyone better suited than each other to spend their lives with.

Grace would arrive home after the boys did. Craig had dinner cooking in the oven so that all would be ready when his wife got there.

He had prepared a rare beef roast with all the trimmings. The boys helped as they could, Zeke mashing potatoes and Bryan setting the table, as Craig made the gravy. Grace walked in as the last dishes of food were being set on the table.

Once they were seated, they all bowed their heads as Craig returned thanks. After saying thank you for the food, Craig thanked God for the beginnings of new life.

Zeke and Bryan looked at each other and then at Craig and Grace. Craig smiled broadly.

"Yes, we just found out for sure. We're pregnant!"

For the moment, food was forgotten in the expressions of joy and congratulations. Zeke was almost as excited as he would have been if it were his own kid that had been conceived.

Craig opened a small bottle of chilled wine so each could have enough for a toast. Zeke and Bryan felt quite adult to be included. Grace didn't partake because any alcohol use might not be good for the child developing in her womb.

"With a new baby, you won't be the cutest little guy in the family, Zeke." Craig joked.

Zeke turned to Grace.

"Wow, Mom, you'll finally get a kid of your own to raise."

"Hon," she replied, "I've already had a wonderful son for over 15 years!"

"Okay, let's cut out the mushy stuff and eat this dinner I've slaved over all afternoon." Craig announced with a laugh, but a couple of tears in his eyes.

Craig served a light sherbet for dessert. Everyone welcomed it because they were too stuffed to have eaten anything heavy.

Their conversation about the baby lasted well after dinner, so by the time the last thing in the kitchen was cleaned up and put away, it was nearing bedtime. The boys helped because they thought Grace shouldn't be on her feet anymore that day. Craig agreed. He was going to baby his pregnant bride as much as he could.

Craig and Grace headed upstairs to their room while Bryan and Zeke went to the basement apartment. They yawned in concert. It had been a long day. Plans for a couple of hours of making out went out the window to be replaced by a bit of quick fun in the shower. Bryan knelt while Zeke applied shampoo to his hair. He was in perfect position to pleasure his lover. Zeke tried to do a good job washing Bryan's hair, but after a while he stopped massaging his lover's scalp and just hung on, moaning. His hips bucked as he delivered an ample load.

Once Zeke had recovered enough, they switched positions so Zeke could suck Bryan's hot meat while he got shampooed. Fortunately, Bryan came quickly as well. If he hadn't they might have finished their shower in cold water.

After drying each other off, they slipped between the sheets; each enjoying the sensation of the firm, yet soft body beside him. For several minutes they drifted in and out of consciousness loving the warmth, touch, and after-taste of each other.

Saturday had been a long day for the workers at Menard's as well. Needing the extra money, Luke had jumped at the chance to work a longer shift. Skylar went along with it more for Luke's sake than his own.

When they got home at long last, there was no dinner waiting for them. Instead, a note on the fridge said that Doug had been invited out to eat with Carol. It mentioned something about a meatloaf in the freezer, but the weary guys settled for frozen pizza which they popped into the oven. They moved around the kitchen working well together. While the pizza was cooking, they made a salad and set the table. Skylar got out a couple of lite beers to wash it down. After it was all eaten, Sky sat back and let out a loud, frat-type burp. Luke tried to equal it, but got to laughing so hard he ended up with hiccups which set Skylar off in fits of giggles.

Clean-up took a little longer than necessary because Sky kept hugging Luke every time they came in contact. When Sky rinsed the dishes, Luke hugged him from behind forcing his bulging crotch against Skylar's firm butt. Skylar automatically tensed up. Luke backed off and apologized, but Sky stopped him by placing his lips on Luke's.

"Please be patient with me, Luke. It'll take time, but I am going to conquer this. I know you won't hurt me."

"You've got that right! I'll never intentionally do anything to hurt you. You and Doug are my family. I don't know what would have happened to me without you and your brother's kindness. I might have given up. Shit, I might be even dead."

"And where would my relationship with my brother be if you hadn't talked some sense into both of us? It's almost as if you were sent here to bring us back together. Do you think God works that way?"

"I don't think God got me kicked out of my family in order to bring me here to get you two back into harmony, but I do think He wants us to use every situation to make something good out of it. I don't like the crap about 'If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.' But, I do think there are opportunities in whatever comes our way."

"Speaking of opportunities, Luke, we might save some water by showering together since Doug is out for the evening and won't be around to tease us."

Luke, ever the conservationist, was eager to help save the world!

Well, it is hard to say how much water was actually conserved in the operation. Sky offered to wash Luke's back. Luke loved it. He told Skylar they could save more time if they soaped each other's back at the same time. But first, they soaped each other's front. Then with slippery bodies in full contact, they worked on the backs. Their subtle movements were fueling their passions.

In the heat of love and lust, Skylar made a hasty decision. He dropped to his knees engulfing Luke's engorged member in one gulp. Luke was so excited that he let out a little squeal. He had experienced blow jobs before, but never like this. This was not only hot, but it was being performed by someone he loved. He wanted it to last forever, but that was not to be. With shudders rivaling a magnitude eight earthquake on the Richter scale, he filled Sky's mouth and throat.

Skylar kissed his way up Luke's body ending with a French kiss that allowed Luke to know how he tasted. Luke knelt down to do the same for Sky, but the latter pulled him back up.

"The hot water is going to run out pretty soon. Let's finish this in bed."

The two young men toweled each other off quickly and headed for the bedroom. Sky lay on his back and Luke stood for a moment just admiring the great body in the soft light of the room before proceeding to make love to Skylar, slowly and gently.

First, he planted lots of little kisses on his face and neck. Then he moved to his chest where he spent a leisurely session sucking and nipping at Sky's nipples. He moved down to bathe his belly button. Next, his tongue worked on Skylar's perineum. By this time Sky was moaning and bucking.

After gently slipping Skylar's balls in and out of his mouth, Luke went for the main course. Because of his limited experience, it took him awhile to get most of Sky's ample erection into his mouth and throat. After choking a couple of times, he settled for keeping about half of the cock in his oral cavity and the rest in his right hand.

Skylar stopped Luke's ministrations long enough to swing around so he could do the same thing to him. He found a stiff, dripping cock waiting to be serviced. He caressed Luke's balls and ran his fingers toward Luke's crack to help bring him up to speed. Luke responded by spreading his legs.

Luke tried things he had recently read about on the Internet. He licked Skylar's cock from base to tip. Then he licked the head like a lollipop. By this time, Skylar was about to pop. When he did, it was the most satisfying orgasm he had experienced since he first learned to cum. Despite feeling wiped, he bobbed his head long enough to bring his lover to climax for the second time that evening.

As the couple kissed and cuddled, they both remarked about how great it was to be loved by someone who you loved in return.

Around midnight, Doug returned to his house on a high after his great date with Carol. The more he was with her; the more he wanted to be with her. He was beginning to think that he finally understood what love was all about.

Going into the bathroom to relieve his bladder, he laughed out loud at the two sets of clothing flung on the floor in disarray. He guessed that he wasn't the only one experiencing feelings of desire.

With three guys in the house, he should probably get back to working on the basement bathroom again. He would put in a shower big enough to allow the boys space for some really hot playing. Hmm, he should probably install a larger water heater while he was at it.

Sunday morning came entirely too early as is often the case for teenagers and young adults. Bryan and Zeke really wanted to sleep in, but they had promised Pastor Liz they would participate in the service. They were to be greeters at the side entrance often used by the younger set. They were also to light the candles during the organ prelude. So, they got themselves up and dressed.

There were a number of sleepy looking young people in church that morning. Liz was among them. Little Davey had not had a good night. Both his mother and father were short on rest. But life went on, and it was good.

In her sermon, Liz talked about God being the potter and his children being the clay. She challenged her flock to be flexible like fresh clay so they could be adaptable to God's plan. She reminded them that being too fixed in their ways could cause them to miss out on opportunities to serve.

As an example, she used Paul who, though a circumcised Jewish man, had come to accept those men who were not. (Zeke and Bryan nudged each other and grinned at the mention of men who were not circumcised.)

"Especially, we need to be open and inclusive with people who are different than we are. According to Paul, we are all one in Christ. There is no Jew or Gentile, no circumcision or uncircumcision, no slave or free, no male or female. So I ask you, if Paul were alive in our society today, might he have also said: no Democrat or Republican, no conservative or liberal? Might we add: no straight or gay? ……. Amen."

A few of the congregation met these last words with a thoughtful frown, but many were smiling. Those who didn't fit exactly into the molds that some religious people thought they should knew they had found a place of true welcome.

Luke squeezed Sky's hand and Sky squeezed back.

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