by David Lee

Chapter 26

Late August meant the beginning of fall term for a variety of educational facilities. Universities, community colleges, public and parochial schools, along with institutions that taught hair styling and massage therapy all opened to a host of new students.

Todd was beginning his junior year, while Dave, Jeri, and Lisa would be sophomores at Iowa State University. Luke and Skylar headed out together for their sophomore year at the community college. Zeke, Bryan, Sam, and most of last year's freshman class would back at Cosgrove High. Of course there were the usual number of transfers and new freshmen.

Over the summer, a lot of construction had taken place at the high school. Thanks to the passing of a bond issue, there were new classrooms, new music practice rooms, new science rooms, and a new climate control system. To top it off, Principal Roy Carlson had a state-of-the-art intercom and bell system that didn't get all out of sorts if he reprogrammed it for irregular schedules!

If all of that weren't enough, he had several new teachers to replace those who had retired or resigned. Miss Primrose was gone, and in her place was a pretty young language arts teacher whose golden hair and trim figure might, at first, disguise the fact that she was very intelligent. The "dumb blonde" stereotype did not apply to Carol Croy. As well as being smart, she was lively and out-going. What a pleasant contrast to her predecessor!

Carlson idly speculated on how often she would be featured in boys' wet dreams. He wasn't being guilty of thinking like a dirty old man. The sad reality was that some teachers crossed the line. It used to be confined mainly to males, but there had been several cases of young female teachers in other districts having sex with their students. He hoped Ms. Croy would have the good sense not to get involved with any of the boys. He certainly didn't want anything like that to tarnish Cosgrove's reputation.

Another positive change to the staff was the transfer of Doug Newman. Roy Carlson had been pleased to replace coach Carney with a young man who was known for his fairness and his rapport with students. He was no dummy either. The high school kids were likely to respect him as much as the middle-schoolers had. Carlson had actively recruited him.

Other personnel new to the high school included Norma Long, Gavin McPherson, and Greta Sorenson. Norma was neither pretty nor particularly brilliant. Carlson had had to take her because she had seniority and her math job at the middle school had been cut.

Greta was kind of a plain Jane who had been hired for a six-tenths contract because of the increased art enrollment. If she was as good with kids as she was at creating art, she should be a great addition.

Gavin came to replace Bob Franz who had retired as associate principal. Roy felt he was getting old. He remembered when principals were named William, James, Robert, Donald, Frank, or even Roy. The new young ones had names like Chad, Shannon, Justin, Chance, and Gavin. What was happening to the predictable world he'd always known?

Zeke and Bryan, along with a lot of their classmates, looked forward to this year with less dread and more eager anticipation. Last year had been a big adjustment going to a large school in a small body. This year most were going back inches taller than they had been twelve months ago. And, the place didn't seem as huge and daunting despite the fact that the school was physically larger and enrollment was up.

At opening assembly on the first half-day session of school, students were required to sit in their homeroom sections in the big gym. This gave them a chance to establish more class spirit and to identify the new freshmen. Many of those were not hard to spot. They had expressions on their faces that could best be described as "lost." Most of them, even the bigger jock types, were at least somewhat apprehensive about the start of high school.

Again, there were some guys who looked tiny to the older students. From their respective sections, Bryan and Zeke noted a couple of freshmen looked a little like they must have a year ago. One had a swimmer's body with a cute bubble butt that was noticed by more than one appreciative people-watcher.

After the brief assembly, students went to shortened periods of the classes they were enrolled in for first semester. Bryan and Zeke had a common schedule for most of their courses this fall. Except for gym, concert choir, and theater arts, they were mostly in upper-level classes. Bryan was again in a different section for science. He wasn't quite up to handling the level that Zeke was in. But his grades as a freshman had been good. He now ranked in the top 10% of the entire class. As an eighth-grader, he had been lucky to be in the top half. He had been more focused during his freshman year despite adjusting to high school, and he planned to continue the trend. Now, he was more comfortable with himself as well. This looked like the beginning of a banner year.

The boys had been fortunate enough to get gym the last period of the day. It alternated with study hall, so on days when there was no gym, they could leave school early as long as they maintained a 3.5 grade point. The other advantage to last period P.E. was that kids could shower and not worry about how their hair looked for the rest of the day. That was a bigger issue with the girls, but affected boys as well.

Today, because of the abbreviated schedule, they didn't dress for gym of course. The main emphasis of this particular class was weight training. Coach Newman had recommended it for his wrestlers so they could get into shape before official practice was allowed to begin. He would come in to assist his guys during his prep period a couple of times a month.

Along with Bobby and some of the other wrestlers, Zeke noticed that the bubble-butt freshman was enrolled in this class. While he walked in trying to look confident, he seemed a bit ill at ease in this room full of bigger guys. Nudging Bryan to follow, Zeke went over to introduce himself to the new kid. It turned out that bubble-butt's name was Lonny Peters. A few of his buddies in middle school had dropped the "ny" calling him "Lon." Some of them had nicknamed him "Long Peeder" for reasons that would become obvious when they had occasion to change in the locker room.

Lonny relaxed visibly when the two older guys made him feel welcome. He had been anxious about being in a class with mostly boys who were in upper classes and were considerably bigger than he. He could lift plenty in relation to his size, but he knew from experience that some guys needed to inflate their egos by trying to put someone else down.

Bryan and Zeke rode their bikes to the latter's house for lunch. Grace wasn't home, but the two helped themselves to the lunch she had put in the fridge for them. After clearing up the kitchen, they rode on to Bryan's house to play in the pool. Despite the fact that most of August had been cool and rainy, the temperature had climbed just in time for the opening of school. It never failed.

Since no one was home, the boys wore their usual swimming attire - nothing - for the rest of the afternoon. It was great to take advantage of the hot sun and cool water.

Swimming and splashing turned into wrestling in the water. There was plenty of body contact. Their spirits, and other things, rose accordingly. They moved their activity to a pool-side mat continuing the body contact.

As their tongues invaded each other's mouth, their cocks trapped between them became harder and slipperier. Zeke, on top, began the gentle thrusting that they both loved. Bryan held Zeke's butt to keep Zeke pressed against him where he wanted it the most. He allowed his finger to trace the cleft of Zeke's crack. It ended up gently flicking across Zeke's rosebud. The additional stimulation caused an increase in Zeke's moaning. Bryan always knew from the increased volume when his lover was getting close. Zeke's response had an effect on Bryan's rising sap as well.

The feeling began in his crotch, spreading in all directions – even down to his toes. He found himself pushing up forcefully toward Zeke's body. Both guys were teetering on the brink for several seconds. When they fell over that edge, they fell together in a flood of teen juices. Not wanting to waste, they moved to the classic 69-position to clean each other with their tongues. Then they moved back to share the abundance.

Tired from the first day of school and especially from intense orgasms, the two fell asleep in each other's arms. That is how Mary found them when she came home from school about 3:30. Bryan had set the alarm in his watch for 3:45 so they could have a quick shower and dress before his mother would return.

"Well," Mary thought, "I guess that answers the question I didn't want to ask."

She was not unfamiliar with the aroma of decaying sperm.

Mary noticed how cute and innocent they looked in their sleep. She couldn't help thinking that Bryan's developing body looked a lot like his father's had when she had first seen him naked. His male attributes were certainly developed like those of his sire. Zeke was not lacking in that department either, she noted. Again, it saddened her to think that neither of them would have wives and children.

She was going to cover their nakedness with a beach towel, but decided against it. There was no need to upset them by letting them know what she had seen. Quietly, she tiptoed back to the drive and got into her car. She put it in neutral to allow it to roll down to the street before starting it and going to the grocery to buy some things for dinner.

When she returned a half hour later, the boys were exiting the pool-house clean and dressed. Without a trace of self-consciousness, they hurried to help her carry the bags.

Luke and Sky didn't have exactly the same schedules, but since they were sharing transportation, they needed to keep the same hours. Luke would study in the library while Skylar had his first class. Then Sky would do homework while waiting for Luke to finish with his classes. It was working out well because it forced them to budget their time and get things done so there was less to do later.

Once their classes were over, they would rush home for a quick workout and something to eat before hurrying off to their jobs. Luke's supervisor at Menard's was happy to work out a schedule around school once he found out that Luke was a conscientious employee. It didn't take long for Luke's hard work to pay off. He was given more responsibility within a few days and promised a raise within a month.

Sometimes, the two had a little more breathing space between school and work. On those days, they spent longer working out. It was a more leisurely time when they could lift heavier weights without worrying as much about straining their muscles.

On one of those days as Sky was spotting for Luke, Luke looked up the leg of Skylar's baggy shorts to see his full jock straining to hold its contents, just like he had with Doug in the summer. He momentarily lost his focus nearly dropping the barbell. Fortunately, Sky was taking his spotting job seriously.

"Are you okay?" Skylar was concerned.

"Yeah, I just lost concentration."

Then, realizing that his own shorts were beginning to tent despite his jock, Luke sat up quickly in embarrassment. But it was not fast enough for Sky to miss his condition.

He sat on the bench beside Luke torn between his desire to grab the young man and kiss him until he was breathless, and the fear of getting hurt again. Shit! Why did he have to be falling for this guy? What if Luke rejected his advances? How would they co-exist under the same roof? At least a part of his dilemma was soon to be resolved.

"Sky, I'm sorry. I know it's too soon to say this, and maybe I shouldn't bring it up at all. But, man, I'm developing major feelings for you."

The words were hardly out of his mouth when Sky went with his first option. Soon both were breathless and panting.

"Oh, Luke, I've wanted to do that since the first day I saw you when you got in my face and told me to shut up. You were so ardent; so strong. Then you made the crack about hoping I thought you were a hunk. Right then, I wanted you in my arms. But you need to know about me before you invest any time in a relationship. I'm kind of skittish."

"That kiss didn't seem skittish," Luke responded with a grin.

Then he leaned in and planted an equally passionate kiss on Sky's willing lips. He ran his tongue across them and was granted entrance. After a couple of minutes, both were panting again and spotting their shorts with pre-cum.

"Does this mean I get to call you "Binky"? Luke giggled.

"Don't push your luck, smart-ass," Sky laughed in response.

The striking of Grandma's old clock in the living room reminded them they had little time to spare before going to work. Unfortunately, Doug hadn't gotten around to working on a basement shower yet, so there was only one. Sky knew that trying to save time by showering together would only lead to activities that would do just the opposite.

"We have to hurry. You shower first, but leave it running and I will get in quickly and rinse off," Sky offered.

They ran upstairs, grabbed clothes, and headed for the bathroom. As Luke left the shower, a naked Skylar was ready to make his entrance. They couldn't resist checking each other out and couldn't help grinning when they caught each other. Neither was disappointed.

On the way to work, Skylar began to tell his story. When he was a senior in high school, he'd met a college guy who swept him off his feet. Jared was big and handsome. He was fun to be with. He seemed to love Sky as much as Sky loved him.

Jared lived in a mobile home. His father thought it would be less expensive in the long run than living in the dorm. He figured Jared could get a couple of other guys to live with him and share expenses. Jared had seen it as a way to have more privacy and less supervision.

Sometimes, Jared would ask Sky over to spend the weekend at the trailer. They would cook together, cuddle, and help each other get off. It was like playing house. Skylar dreamed of spending his life with the guy.

About two months into their relationship, Jared wanted to take things to the ultimate level. Sky was reluctant to surrender his anal virginity because he had heard it hurt a lot. He feared the pain despite that fact that Jared wasn't particularly well hung.

Jared coaxed and pleaded and then got mad when Sky turned him down. He left for several hours. When he returned, he was roaring drunk. It was a wonder he made it home without killing himself or someone else.

Some people mellow with alcohol; Jared was not one of those. He trapped Skylar in the tiny bedroom and demanded his "rights." Without the benefit of lube, he fucked Skylar hard. When he was done, Sky was bleeding and crying. After getting what he wanted, Jared passed out.

Skylar got himself cleaned up and called a cab. He spent the next day in bed hoping to feel better. Jared called with tears and apologies. He even sent flowers.

By Monday, Skylar had a fever. At the doctor's office, he received a prescription for antibiotics and a lecture about safe sex. The physical part of the healing was much quicker than the emotional.

Despite Jared's profession of true love and his oath never to hurt Sky again, the incident ended the relationship for good.

"So you see," Sky said as he pulled into the parking lot, "I'm not the best guy to fall in love with. I'm fearful of getting hurt and I'm not a virgin in any sense of the word. I had hoped to save that one part of me for the guy I would commit to. At the time, I really thought it would be Jared."

Luke wiped tears from his eyes as he said words of comfort.

"I would never intentionally hurt you! You're too precious. And as far as virginity is concerned, I believe it's something you give; not something someone can rip from you in an act of rape. You weren't a willing participant! He should have been sent to jail!"

"But if he had been gentle, I probably would have given in."

"If he had been gentle, you would have been with him now, and maybe forever. As it is, you didn't give yourself to him. When you know you've found the right guy, you'll give it to him. He won't take it from you."

Once punched in on the time-clock, all personal talking ceased as the two young men began their work shift. However, Luke kept thinking about what Sky had suffered. It made his heart ache. He hoped he could help heal the soul of his friend. He would try.

The dynamics of the high school lunch room had changed with the addition of a new class. There were still a few mostly-male tables with jocks holding court. There were some couples' tables, and there were people who sat together by default because they had no other buddies to hang with.

Zeke and Bryan sat with Adam and Ben as they had in the past. This too was usually a guys' table. There were now a couple of empty spots since Sam had migrated to a table where Rachel sat with some of her girl friends and their guy friends. Heather and Melissa didn't attempt to join them either of those.

Heather made it a point to sit with a group made up of mostly jocks. She had a hard look about her this year. She wore too much makeup and her clothes were tight and suggestive. Some of the young males salivated when she came near. They were pretty sure she would put out.

Melissa was still too embarrassed over the events of last spring to look either Zeke or Bryan in the eyes.

Toward the end of the first week, a lost-looking Lonny Peters came from the serving line scanning the room for someone to sit with. He had had a schedule change which tore him away from his usual buddies in the earlier lunch period.

Bryan spotted him and motioned him to come and sit at their table. Lonny brightened up seeing that he was welcomed by older kids. Once he had been introduced, the other guys accepted him as a regular part of the group. He walked out of the cafeteria that day with far more confidence than he had walked in with.

Gym class was an eye-opener for a number of kids later in the afternoon. Coach Newman came to help his wrestlers learn techniques that would give them maximum benefit from weight lifting. He wasn't interested in bodies that looked like Mr. Universe, but bodies that had endurance and muscles that functioned. His own body in workout clothes impressed the boys in the room.

Another surprise was how much some of the little guys could lift in proportion to their size. Coach Newman made sure each guy knew he was to compete against himself; not against someone who outweighed him by 80 pounds.

The third revelation came in the showers. Lonny tried to be unobtrusive as he stayed modestly in the corner. Almost everyone noticed, but no one mentioned at the moment, that Lonny had good reason to have the nickname: Long Peeder. He looked like a little satyr. His butt was even cuter without clothes. His long perky cock jutted out nicely over firm balls. He would be enough to give any gay guy wet dreams for months. A couple of boys could hardly tear their eyes away.

Fall came to the Midwest with the smell of burning leaves and chilly nights with football games. Life continued in normal fashion.

Homecoming was just around the corner again. It was the topic of lunch-time conversation. Lonny said he didn't know any girls he could ask, so the other guys encouraged him to go stag. He wasn't even sure he would have a way to get to the dance. His family had only one car and his mom was working the night shift. Ben said he could borrow the van from his foster father and take Lonny as well as Bryan and Zeke. If Lonny had another buddy who needed transportation, they could take him too.

So, when the night of the dance arrived, Ben and Adam drove to Zeke's house to pick up Bryan and him. Then Ben went to Lonny's house to pick up him and a boy named Aaron who was Lonny's best friend. The younger boys were planning a sleepover as were the older ones. Of course, Ben had Adam in his bed every night.

Bryan and Zeke had chosen to sit in the back seat of the minivan so it would be easier for the freshmen to climb aboard. That wasn't their only motive. Back in the dark, they could hold hands with no one being the wiser. In front, Adam boldly held Ben's hand, when he could drive safely without it on the steering wheel. The new boys didn't notice at first. When they did, they were surprised. They had heard that a few kids in high school were gay, but they never expected to be in close contact with any.

Everyone had fun at the dance. Zeke felt like he had danced with half the girls in his class and a few freshmen ones to boot. Bryan had a similar experience, though neither was keeping count. Notably absent from their list were Heather and Melissa.

Heather wore her escort like a coat of paint during the slow dances. He must have stayed hard the whole time. She was certainly massaging his crotch with hers. Some of the staff chaperones were shocked, but they weren't sure how to handle the situation. Heather knew how to handle things and, no doubt, would be before the night was through.

When Miss Croy cautioned the couple about keeping it clean, Heather mouthed off telling her to "stick it."

Doug Newman came over just in time to hear Heather's remark. Her date, Jimmy, was one of Doug's wrestlers and he was embarrassed by the scene. Jimmy made up his mind that he was going to drop her - right after he got laid.

Doug pressured Heather into making at least a half-hearted apology to Carol before letting the couple go on their way. Carol was pleased that he had been there. It was difficult for her as a new staff member at school to immediately establish her authority and get respect.

When he invited her out for a drink after they got off duty, she was pleased to accept.

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