by David Lee

Chapter 22

Since Hunter had been "sick," Bryan and Zeke got to christen the hot tub without any company. Though they normally hung around the pool naked when the 'rents were gone, they still boned up as they stripped to enter the warm, churning water. It didn't take them long to find jets that were the right height to be stimulating. By twisting around, it was possible to do some tongue wrestling while being massaged by the water. The inevitable was about to happen when Bryan pulled them back from the brink.

"Whoa, why did you do that when I was so close?" moaned Zeke.

"I'm hungry," grinned Bryan.

With Zeke seated on the side of the spa, his feet in the water, Bryan got between his legs and swallowed his "sausage." Working slowly, Bryan pushed Zeke toward the edge once more. This time, he didn't hold back. Zeke unloaded big-time.

When Zeke recovered enough to move again, he returned the favor. He got Bryan to back up to one of the higher jets. While the water vibrated around Bryan's rosebud, Zeke grabbed a quick breath and went for Bryan's submerged cock. Bryan was on fire from this assault to both ends. At the last minute, he stood up bringing Zeke's head out of the water while he proceeded to fill his lover's mouth with hot, sticky fluid.

After resting a couple of minutes, the boys got dressed enough to mow the lawn.

For the rest of the week, Luke Holder did well in making sales. The list of potential customers Doug had given him proved to be a godsend. Some of those buyers even gave him names of other friends who might want to purchase books for their kids. Luke was walking with more spring in his step.

Every afternoon, he and Doug worked out in Doug's basement. And, as often as he was half naked with the well built, well hung, wrestling coach; he would feel his cock becoming hard. He had tried to tame it by jacking it off every morning and by forcing it into a new, smaller jockstrap, but it still threatened to embarrass him.

Doug began to realize the effect he was having on Luke. It didn't offend him. In fact, he rather liked the hero worship he saw in Luke's eyes; it was a kind of ego boost. And the younger man was great company. So what if he looked at Doug's muscles a lot. Many people, men and women, did.

Usually the two men cooked a healthy dinner together. Luke insisted on contributing money toward the groceries, but Doug didn't allow him to spend too much. He knew the kid would need it for school.

When Hunter showed up the next afternoon to play in the pool and spa, he was unusually quiet. The other boys thought it must be from his recent illness. He didn't even play grab-ass in the water like he normally did. Zeke was of two minds. He was relieved that his boyfriend wasn't being mauled by Hunter, but he worried that his cousin might be seriously ill or maybe depressed.

That night, Grandma Zrudsky insisted on having Zeke eat dinner at her house and spend the night with Hunter. She thought it rude for Zeke to be with Bryan so much when his cousin from California was here for so short a time. Of course, she conveniently forgot how Hunter had messed with Zeke's emotions the year before. The boys might have made up, but they still treated each other more like casual friends than like relatives.

Bryan suggested to his mother that they go out to dinner that night. Since Mary had spent a long afternoon at the hospital, she thought it was a great idea. When Brad got home, she and Bryan were ready to go. It was nice eating out as a family despite having to wait for 20 minutes to be seated. Bryan had a Coke while his parents sipped a glass of wine in the bar.

The Ackley's had chosen the same place to eat that evening. As they greeted each other in the lounge, Melissa avoided talking to Bryan. She couldn't meet his eyes because the events of recent weeks were fresh on her mind.

Jim, on the other hand, squeezed Bryan's shoulder while telling his parents how great a worker he was.

"I'll see you tomorrow after lunch. You know how busy Fridays are! It'll be great when Drivers' Ed. is over so that you can work all day on Fridays."

The Stillwell's table was called at that moment, bringing the conversation to a close.

"What's up with Melissa?" Mary wondered aloud. "Did you and she have a fight? She seemed very interested in you last winter."

"We didn't fight," Bryan shrugged. "We just don't seem to have that much in common."

Mary frowned thoughtfully. There was something going on that she had missed, but she didn't know if it was worth pursuing. As she often thought, it was probably some teen thing. Kids' emotions went up and down like barometric pressure.

When Doug went to the motel to pick up his young buddy on Friday, Luke was not out front waiting, so Doug went to the door and knocked. Luke opened the door, but was hesitant to let him in. Doug came in regardless. The condition of the room appalled him. Luke's possessions were all neatly put away, but the room, itself, was a disaster area. It looked like no maintenance had been done in years. The carpet was worn and filthy. There were cracks in the wall. The SPCA would not have allowed pets to be housed in conditions like these.

Doug's temper flared.

"Luke, I had no idea you were living like this! Pack your stuff. You're not spending another night in this pit!"

"But, this is the only place I can afford. The book company has a deal with them so we get our rooms cheaper."

"Look, kid, I have three bedrooms. One is an office, but the other's a spare room that we can reorganize for you. I like having you around. You're a nice guy. You've become like a brother. I can't let a friend live like this!"

Luke was deeply touched. He could barely control his emotions. This hero/hunk had called him a friend. When Doug wrapped Luke in a bear hug, the tears let loose.

"Doug, you don't know me. I might be an evil person who would kill you in your sleep. How can you open your home to me? You don't know what I might be like."

Doug held Luke at arm's length and looked him in the eyes.

"I am a pretty good judge of character. I know you better than you think. If I have misjudged you, I deserve to end up dead."

"Don't say that, you deserve nothing but the best!"

"See, I know what you're like inside. In the short time we have been together; I've come to like you a lot. You remind me of my younger brother. I want to protect you."

Doug let go of Luke's shoulders and dropped his gaze.

"I don't entirely understand why I have to do this, but I am going to go with my gut feelings. You need a decent place to stay. We're quite compatible. We enjoy many of the same things. We've bonded like brothers. So, you'll be my guest for the rest of your stay in Iowa."

The two men made short work of packing Luke's meager possessions and went to the office to turn in the key.

The guy behind the desk frowned as he pulled out the paper work.

"You know you have to pay through the end of the month. You have a contract with us."

"Your sign says: weekly rates and it is the end of the week," Doug pointed out. "I'm surprised you don't rent this dump by the hour."

"We have a special deal with the book sellers. Besides this is none of your business. Who the Hell are you, his boyfriend?"

Now Doug was really getting pissed.

"Look, moron, you'd better settle for the week's rent. This place should be demolished! You'd better hope I don't call the city inspector on Monday and have it condemned."

The manager settled.

Doug pulled out of the drive while Luke looked back at the sleazy motel for the last time.

"Wow, Doug, you were awesome back there – like a knight on a crusade."

"Well, he pushed my buttons."

"Yeah, I suppose the crack about being my boyfriend really made your blood boil."

"No, at one time it would have, but it was the attitude that made me see red. His kind is always trying to squeeze money out of people who can least afford it. He is a cockroach! He is lower than scum. On Monday, I AM going on a crusade. I'll see that place shut down."

Luke pondered what was being said and what was not. Doug had been furious that Luke was being shafted, but was not upset about being called his boyfriend. No, he had better not get his hopes up. This guy had to be straight. Shit! How come all the nice ones were either in relationships or straight!

Doug's voice startled him out of his musing.

"After we work out, I'm going to grill a couple of big T-bones to celebrate your exodus from that pit. We might have a glass of decent red wine to wash them down. Let's stop at Fareway. They have the best meat in town."

Luke was thinking about some other prime meat close by that he was sure would be equally beautiful. But, he had to stop thinking like that!

At Fareway, Zeke bagged Doug's groceries.

"Hey Mr. Newman, it's cool to see you again."

"Hey, Zeke, it's cool to see you too. This is Luke, he's my new housemate."

"Kewl, nice to see you again, Luke. Are you selling a lot of books?"

"Yeah, I'm doing pretty well, thanks to Doug," Luke responded.

"Mr. Newman, here, was my wrestling coach in middle school. He's the best. You are gonna love being with him."

Doug laughed at Zeke's praise.

"Guess what, Zeke? I'm going to be your coach again this coming year. Coach Carney had a difference of opinion with the administration about starving you guys to stay in your weight class. I heard that he got really hot, and told the athletic director to 'eff off.' The principal threatened him with an insubordination action and he quit on the spot. I'll be teaching his sophomore social studies sections, so I might have you and Bryan in class as well. There's a new guy who will take over my middle school team. I hate to leave them, but I'll enjoy working with you guys again."

"That is way cool," Zeke enthused. "Hey Bryan, guess what?" he called to his buddy three lanes over.

"Those kids worship you," Luke ventured.

"Yeah, I guess they do. I hope I never let them down."

After an abbreviated workout, Doug and Luke prepared dinner. Doug grilled fresh vegetables along with the steaks. Luke busied himself setting the table on the deck and pouring the wine. When all was ready, they dug into the feast with gusto.

Luke was not used to drinking, so the wine was going quickly to his head. He felt a little giddy. This was like heaven. He was pleasantly tired from his workout. His stomach was full. He was in a nice clean home with a guy who was his friend as well as a hunk, and he didn't have to leave at the end of the evening. This was the kind of scene that wet dreams are made of!

The two men sat in conversation as the sun began to fall lower in the west. After a while, they got up to clear the table and put the leftovers away. Then they went to the guest room.

"Damn!" Doug exclaimed. "I didn't realize what a mess it was in here. it'll take half a day to get this room ready. If I'd had any idea how you were living, I would've tackled this earlier in the day. How about you bunk with me tonight? We can deal with it in the Morning."

Luke wasn't sure how to feel. The thought of sharing a bed with this stud nearly made him cream his shorts. But, the fear that he might give himself away made him cringe.

"If you don't want to sleep with me, I can sack out on the couch," Doug offered.

"No, that's okay. I don't want to put you out. If you don't mind sharing your bed, I'll be happy to sleep with you."

Boy, thought Luke, that didn't come out exactly like I meant it to. It must be the wine.

Despite his initial fears, Luke fell asleep quickly. He felt happy and safe. He would be okay. Sometime toward morning, he awakened with a start not knowing for a moment where he was. He became aware of a big arm across his chest and a huge rod poking against his butt. He could feel the heat of it through the thin fabric of his briefs. Reaching back, he was aware that Doug's pride and joy had slipped through the fly of his sleep shorts. He couldn't resist copping a feel.

Doug moaned in his sleep and cuddled closer to Luke. Luke lost all control over his throbbing tool; he filled the pouch of his underwear with the evidence of his pent up lust. Relaxed, he fell back into a sleep that was punctuated with pleasant dreams.

Jeri and Lisa decided to spend the weekend with their guys in the apartment at school. As they drove to their destination, they discussed their relationships.

"I think I'm ready to take things a step further," Jeri began. "Since I've been on the pill for a month and since I'm sure I want to marry Dave, I don't see any reason to hold back anymore. I think maybe I know what guys mean when they say they're horny! But, I got my period this morning, so this isn't a good time."

"Hey, I did too. I guess we're on the same cycle. Of course, I started on the pill a couple of months ahead of you. You know I'm planning to go to bed with Todd before the summer is over. He said something about using the new hot tub at his parent's house next weekend when they're out of town. Bryan and his bud will be working, so we could have the house to ourselves. Maybe we can give our guys the time of their lives!"

As always, the young men were happy to have their girls to make out with even if they couldn't sleep with them. Todd and Dave had no problem with sharing one bed while the girls shared the other. It was like having your cake and eating it too. (They planned on eating each other after the lights were out.)

After dinner and a movie, the couples went back to the apartment. They all sat crowded together on the sofa sipping lite beers with soft music playing and the lights dimmed. It didn't take long for inhibitions to break down.

The guy's shirts were off and the girls had lost tops and their bras. French kissing with bare breasts hot against their chests sent the guys into the stratosphere. Their cocks were so hard they hurt. Eventually, they kissed goodnight and went to their respective rooms.

Dave stripped Todd of the rest of his clothes as Todd fumbled with the buttons on Dave's Levis. They were naked and on each other in a flash. It took practically no time at all for them to fill each other's mouth with their love-offering. Then they cuddled together, falling into a deep sleep.

Morning came almost as quickly as the guys had the night before. They were still sleeping soundly when Jeri knocked on the door to awaken them for breakfast. She turned the knob and was surprised by the scene inside. Her boyfriend and his best buddy were wrapped around each other - obviously naked! Her gasp wasn't loud enough to rouse them.

Jeri went back to the kitchen to find Lisa. Quietly, they approached the open bedroom door. By this time, the guys had kicked the sheet further down exposing their morning wood. They were still somewhat intertwined.

Lisa raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"I think they might be as close as you and I are!" she whispered excitedly. "Maybe we were all meant to be together. I was dreading having to give up the fun we've had for so long."

The meaning of Lisa's words did not register with the guys, but the sound did wake them up. Startled, they moved apart as Todd grabbed the sheet to cover their hardons.

"Don't be so modest," Jeri chided. "You guys don't have anything to be ashamed of. You both have a bigger 'tool department' than Home Depot!"

Dave and Todd laughed nervously. They weren't sure if they had been in a compromising position, or what the girls might be thinking if they had been.

"Come on, guys, drain those things quickly and throw on shorts; or, just come as you are. Breakfast is getting cold," Lisa laughed.

Dressed in sleep shorts, the guys ate in relative quiet. It was more than their usual Sunday morning stupor. They were waiting for the other shoe to fall. When all had eaten, Jeri took up the subject the guys were dreading.

"It looks like you two are VERY close. From the smell of your room, I would bet you got off together last night. Am I right?"

The young men hung their heads; not being able to find words to say, or to look the girls in the eyes.

"Don't panic," she went on. "Do you think you're the only people in the world who enjoy the love of your best friend as well as the love of person you're dating? Lisa is my favorite cousin. She and I lived right next door from kindergarten through middle school, when her father got transferred. During the time we were living close, we did everything together, and I mean EVERYTHING! We have no problem with you enjoying each other sometimes as long as you don't have any problem if we do."

The two guys looked dumfounded for a minute while Jeri's works sank in. Then their guilty expressions turned to grins as each grabbed his girlfriend and kissed deeply. This was a bi-guy's dream come true!

As the time approached for Hunter's family to fly back to the coast, he begged to stay longer. Al was able to turn in his ticket for a flight which would leave several days later. Hunter was excited about being with Zeke and Bryan for an extended period. He could stay with them at Zeke's when Grace and Craig got back from their honeymoon. He would avoid Grandma as much as possible. She doted on him while saying disparaging things about Zeke. He should have been pleased to be favored, but he knew that she could turn on him in a second if the mood hit her. If she wasn't fair to Zeke, she might just as easily be unfair to Hunter.

The next week marked the first week of Brad and Mary's two week vacation. They were flying to Canada in the middle of the week. That way, they could enjoy two weekends away. It was a way to extend their time together. Bryan would be staying at Grace's house, but would be expected to keep up the yard. Of course the boys would have access to the pool.

Zeke wasn't thrilled to have Hunter living with him for a week, but he didn't say anything. He would give Hunter his old room on the main floor and he would sleep in his new digs in the basement. When Bryan came over, they would sleep together down there. If they locked the door, they could still be naked together part of the time at least.

Mary chauffeured both boys to their driving class on Monday. Since Grace or Craig would have to do it for a couple of weeks, she wanted to spare them the trouble while she could.

Hunter, who was left alone, hung around with Grace until she went to work. He was actually helpful in picking up the breakfast dishes and making his own bed. Grace was impressed. She had probably judged him too harshly last summer. It still galled her to think of how he'd hurt her kid. Zeke may have been her nephew by accident of birth, but he was her son by choice. She loved him as if she had borne him herself.

Once Grace was out of the house, Hunter went up to the new master bathroom. It had a full-length mirror on the back of the door. He stood in front of it admiring his reflection. He began to run his hand under his shirt across his nipples. Pretty soon, he pulled his shirt off to view his developing chest. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, he pushed them lower on his hips. The top of his pubes was now visible. It was time for some rubbing and pinching of his tits.

Hunter smiled as he watched the bulge forming in his shorts. His restricted cock demanded to be free. With the pop of a snap and the sound of his zipper, the shorts fell to his ankles. His boxers followed quickly. His stiffy bounced back toward his abs as the elastic passed over it.

He tried to go slowly as he stroked with the boy in the mirror. He stepped forward so his hardon pressed against its reflected twin. He humped against it as if it were another boy. The sensation began to rise from his groin. It seemed to permeate his whole being. He and his reflection creamed all over the glass. After he recovered, it took a full five minutes, several paper towels, and nearly a quarter of a bottle of Windex to restore things to normal.

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