by David Lee

Chapter 23

Hunter tagged along with Zeke and Bryan when they went on their mowing jobs in the afternoon. It was either that or else he had to stay home alone. Hunter'd had enough time alone in the morning. Again, he made himself useful. With his help, they were able to do three lawns and still have plenty of time in the pool before Mary got home from her volunteering.

The yards were owned by people who weren't home because of work or vacations. Therefore, Bryan and Zeke wore their favorite shorts without liners since no one would be around. Whenever they had to get down on their knees, their long dicks peeked out by their left legs. Hunter was fascinated. He had seen them naked plenty of times, but the casual display while working was making him chub up. He tried in vain to get his growing equipment to show beyond the leg of his shorts. But he was wearing fashionably long shorts and his dick was no match for the ones his companions were sporting. It was another reason to envy his cousin.

As soon as the mower was put away, they all biked to Bryan's house. Zeke let Hunter ride his bike while he rode Craig's. They made good time and were soon naked as jay birds splashing around. Hunter was back to playing grab-ass again. He seemed to be like his old self. Zeke decided it was all done in fun and didn't get upset with Hunter's antics.

Hunter steered the conversation to the subject of circle jerks hoping to get some reaction from the other guys. They decided to acquaint him with the jets in the hot tub. Soon, he was half kneeling in front of one with his eyes glazing over.

"Hey," he said, "how 'bout we jack off together."

"I have a better idea, boy," Zeke grinned. "How 'bout you get on your knees and suck my big cock?"

Zeke was only joking, but Hunter freaked out. He began crying. He ran to the pool-house, barely making it before he threw up in the toilet. It took both guys several minutes to calm him down. At last, Bryan massaged his back until he was again quiet.

"Hunter, I was just teasing. Why did you get so upset?" Zeke asked.

At first Hunter wouldn't say, but eventually he told the whole story about his experience with Trey. Zeke was the one who was upset now. He had nothing against any teen guys having sex with each other, but he had definite opinions about someone being forced to do it.

"I think I know someone who could teach Trey a lesson. He needs to learn not to mess with kids who can't defend themselves."

On Tuesday night, Bryan packed up a few clothes, CD's, and other necessities for his stay with Zeke. Since his parents were leaving early in the morning, it made sense for him to get a head start on his sojourn with Zeke. Hunter was miffed that he had to sleep alone in Zeke's old room while the other two slept in the queen sized bed downstairs. Of course, he had known ahead of time about the arrangement, but he still didn't like it.

The three guys played video games until around 10:00 when Grace sent them off to get ready for bed. Two of them had to arise early to have breakfast before driving class. Hunter could sleep in if he wanted to.

Wednesday was marked by the usual routine. The early afternoon was spent mowing a couple of lawns and the boys cycled to Bryan's house to frolic in the pool when they had finished. With Hunter around, they couldn't play with each other in the spa without outing themselves, but they did manage to have fun. Hunter didn't suggest any sex play that day. The feelings of his recent flashback kept him subdued.

On Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, Zeke and Bryan worked at the grocery. Hunter was forced to spend "quality time" with his grandmother. It was Hell, and he could hardly wait for Sunday when the other two would be off work.

Todd had invited Dave and the girls to try the new spa. He got hard every time he thought about how good this Saturday could be. Dave arrived about 9:00 to help prepare food for lunch and snacks for the afternoon. The guys didn't want to have to do any domestic duties once the girls were there. Since Todd was all thumbs in the kitchen, Dave was there to make sure things went well.

When Jeri and Lisa arrived around 10:00, Todd ushered them back to the pool area where Dave was lying face down, naked as the day he was born. Todd boldly stripped off his shorts revealing a semi hard prick in the process.

"Okay, girls, it's house rules: no clothes until someone else comes to the door!"

The girls giggled while shedding their attire. Then they joined their boyfriends by the hot tub. Soon they were all relaxing in the bubbling water. Todd stood up and took Lisa's hand pulling her up with him. He turned her around so that his stiffy was nestled in the crack of her butt. Then he guided her toward one of the higher jets, gently pushing her down until her moan let him know that she was at the right height. He nibbled on her neck and fondled her breasts until she gasped with her first orgasm of the day.

Meanwhile, Dave and Jeri were exploring each other's body. Dave was feeling very hot, but wanted to hold off cumming so that he could plant his seed later. He didn't want to waste it in the water.

Dave jumped out and dived into the swimming pool in order to cool off his feelings for the moment. The rest followed his example. Soon, the guys were swimming between the girl's legs and vise versa.

Next, they lay out on the mats where the making out started all over again. The girls spread their legs in an obvious invitation. They didn't have to ask. The boys shared a tube of KY jelly greasing each other's hard cock in preparation. At the exact same moment, they gently entered their girlfriends for the first time. The excitement of all sharing this special event caused the guys to lose control. They came bucket-loads, long before they had intended to.

It was too quick for the girls to have a chance to get off. Realizing this, the guys asked what they should do to satisfy them.

Jeri said that a tongue buried in her crotch would be quite welcome. She suggested that guys needed instruction in how to please a woman. She proceeded to demonstrate on Lisa. Pulling the lips of Lisa's vagina apart, Jeri delicately flicked her tongue. She explained that men associated hard pressure with pleasure; whereas, women liked a lighter touch. She then had Todd take her place to work on Lisa. Todd couldn't believe that Jeri had her tongue where his dick had just been!

Todd did his best to be gentle. Soon Lisa was moaning as she stroked his hair and guided him to where she most wanted the stimulation. He loved the taste of his own cum mixed with her secretions.

After Lisa achieved another earthshaking orgasm, she demonstrated on Jeri. When Dave took her place, she stayed close guiding and encouraging him. Jeri soon found herself floating on cloud nine. Dave was gratified by her praise.

After lunch, the girls wanted to learn to suck cock. So, the boys demonstrated on each other to show what each of them liked best. There were a few scrapes of teeth before the girls got the hang of it, but both guys agreed that they did well for first-timers. It still wasn't quite like the feelings they got from doing each other. The girls became tired of working so hard without results and suggested that the guys show them what they did together. Sucking each other off while their girlfriends felt their bodies all over was very hot. They didn't hold out long.

Zeke and Bryan had planned to have some recreation of their own on Saturday night, but Hunter kept them up late playing video games. By the time they chased him off to his own bed, they were too tired to do more than play around in the shower a little. It was a quickie, but better than nothing.

Hunter would be flying back home in a few more days and there would be time for leisurely loving. Bryan fell asleep wondering if Todd got any that afternoon. Todd had asked Bryan not come over after work. He also asked for privacy on Sunday. After all, Bryan would have access to the pool all week when Todd and Dave were back at the university.

Sunday, Zeke and Bryan pushed Hunter to go to church with them. He was not very happy at the prospect, but found there were other kids his age in attendance as well. They were friendly, making Hunter feel at home.

At the social hour, Hunter met Adam and Ben. He liked them a lot and was surprised to find out they were boyfriends. As much as he liked the idea of sex with other guys, he had no interest in dating them. He had his eye on a girl back home. He hoped to be going steady with her by fall. With any luck, he could lose his virginity in his freshman year.

Monday brought the same old schedule. The guys would be glad when Drivers' Ed. was over. They had only this week left. Then, they could get in more playtime and possibly have a chance to go camping.

In the afternoon, Zeke called Shrek to make some important plans. After a bit of phoning back and forth, things fell into place. Then, the trio of Bryan, Zeke, and Hunter went off to mow a few more yards. They were getting through the work quickly enough to have the next afternoon free. Hunter was thrilled when the other two guys paid him for his work. They felt he deserved it for all the time he had put in. It made him feel good to have earned something on his own. He had always been given everything. He had new respect for his cousin, and felt less jealous.

Luke helped Doug clear out the guest room to make it livable for him. He had mixed emotions about speeding up the process. It would mean he wouldn't share Doug's bed. This was both good and bad. Sleeping alone would keep him from losing control and outing himself. There was only so much temptation a guy could be expected to resist! But he would miss being close to the hunky wrestling coach.

Their lives began to fall into a routine. Luke would often ride the bike, he had recently purchased at the Goodwill store, to get to his selling site. In case of rainy weather, Doug would drive him. When Luke got home, the men would spend time working out. Afterwards, they would take turns in the shower and then make dinner together. Sometimes they would have a glass of wine or split a lite beer while dinner was cooking. Doug was very careful about not consuming too many empty calories.

Luke felt blessed that this man had taken him in. Luke profited a lot by living with Doug. There was no rent to pay, and he lived in a nice clean room in a good middleclass neighborhood filled with young families and retired couples. His body was responding well to regular exercise and good food. Luke could live like this forever. But, he couldn't understand what Doug got out of the deal. Doug had once alluded to his younger brother, but had quickly dropped the subject. Luke wondered why.

Trey was surprised to get a call from Rusty. They were never buddies; in fact, they hadn't known each other well in high school. Though he was older, Trey had always been intimidated by the hulking wrestler.

"Trey, I have the use of this great new spa at the Stillwell's house. I think it's one you helped install. Anyway, they're off on vacation. So, plan to come over on Wednesday around 3:00."

"Sorry, man, I have to work until 5:00. Maybe we could make it some other time."

"Tell your boss you have an important medical appointment."


"Like this is a preventive thing so you'll STAY well." Rusty laughed, but there was no humor in his tone.

"Okay, I'll be there."

Trey spent a restless night wondering what was in store for him on Wednesday.

At the appointed time, Trey pulled into the drive at the Stillwell's house. He was hardly out of the car when Rusty opened the gate to the high board fence. Rusty was clad is a pair of boxer briefs that left little to the imagination. Trey couldn't help but notice the size of the package.

"Come on, let's get wet and talk a bit." Rusty called as he shucked his underwear and descended into the spa.

Trey peeled off his shirt and shorts to reveal a dark blue swimsuit. He started to get into the tub, but Rusty demanded that he strip.

"Don't be a wuss, Trey, it's only us guys. Get comfortable."

Trey did as he was told. Rusty started the conversation.

"There's a rumor going around that you like to force boys to suck your cock."

"Who told you shit like that?" Trey demanded.

"Oh, one of the boys that you tried it on."

Trey was beginning to feel uneasy. He tried to play it cool to find out what Rusty knew, but Trey would never make a good poker player. Rusty saw the fear in his eyes and smiled menacingly.

"Come on out guys, the surprise for Hunter's going-away party is here."

Hunter came out of the pool-house clad in Speedos followed by Bryan, Zeke, and Bobby in similar attire.

Rusty continued, "Hunter, here, would like to have his first blowjob. He wants to get sucked off by an expert and we promised him we'd get one for him."

Trey blanched.

"There's no way you can force me to give head to any guy, Rusty. You may be big and tough, but I simply won't do it."

"No one's gonna force you to do anything, Trey. You're gonna do it of your own free will. Let me tell you a little story that will make you see it my way. Once there was this hot stud who was helping to install a hot tub. He lured this younger kid to meet him for sex. The kid thought they would just jack off together, but this older guy (who, by the way was legally an adult) tried to force the boy into performing oral sex on him. He took the kid to a place where the people would be gone on vacation. The older guy didn't know the people had a house-sitter who's a very sharp old lady."

Up to this point in the narrative, Rusty was stating facts. From then on, he began to embellish. People who knew Rusty well would have been able to pick up on the deception by the tone of his voice. Trey, however, didn't know him that well, and also had the weight of his guilt affecting his thinking.

"Now, few people know that this old woman was in the military, and that she has a pair of night-vision binoculars. When she called the police, she gave them a pretty good description of the guy's car. It seems she used to own a Geo herself. She got a good enough look at the guy to identify him if she saw him again.

"My uncle's on the police force. You probably read about him taking down the creepy minister who was perving on the kids. If he makes another arrest like that, he'll be in for a nice promotion. All I have to do is call him with the name of a suspect and he can take it from there."

Trey looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Hunter almost felt sorry for him. He seemed to shrink before their very eyes.

"You can't blackmail me into this, Draper. I won't do it!"

Rusty didn't respond. He simply turned to Bryan.

"Could you get me the cordless phone?"

"Okay, okay, I'll do it," Trey sputtered. "But you have to give me your word that you won't call your uncle and you won't tell anyone else. You all have to swear to it!"

The guys all held up their right hands and swore to keep secret whatever went on by the pool that day, and not to tell about the previous foiled encounter.

Trey got out of the spa and reached for his clothes. He was going to be ready for a hasty departure.

"Not so fast, Trey, you have to stay naked. Hunter just had a nice warm shower. He's all squeaky clean and ready to be loved. You're gonna to lick his legs and balls and show him how sorry you are for what you tried to do to him. Don't forget to spread his cheeks and lick in there too. He'll love that. When you get his sweet young cock in your mouth, be sure you don't scratch it with your teeth. Be loving and gentle. This has to be a memorable experience for Hunter."

Trey knelt before the 14 year old. He pulled the Speedo down carefully. Starting at just above Hunter's knees, he began to run his tongue up toward Hunter's balls. Within seconds, he kid was steely hard and obviously excited.

Hunter put his hands on Trey's head. He ran his fingers through the full, soft hair. Now his hatred and fear of Trey were melting. He wanted to let this guy know how much he was enjoying the experience.

"Oh Trey, you are s-o-o-o good!" he murmured.

Trey was thoroughly humiliated by the act of sucking another guy's cock with an audience. He was trying to hate Rusty and, especially Hunter, but he found he couldn't. He began to be lost in the scent of the kid's crotch. His tongue thrilled at the texture of the slick, cut cock.

The sight and sound of Hunter's first sexual experience was too much for the rest of the guys to handle without handling themselves. They all stripped off their trunks and formed a circle around the main pair. In his peripheral vision, Trey could see other dicks being stroked. Despite his intentions to remain stoic, his own cock was fully hard and dripping. When Hunter's low whine turned into a cry of ecstasy heralding his eruption, the other guys began to spew as well. Trey was aware of spurts of hot cum hitting him from more than one direction.

He stood up to bring relief to his aching balls, but Hunter pushed his hand out of the way, and replaced it with his own hand. In a couple of minutes, he brought Trey to an awesome climax. Trey was shaking so hard he had to sit down. Trey's attitude about sucking cock was forever altered.

Most of the guys jumped into the pool to wash off while Bryan grabbed the hose to clean away the evidence. When he turned the hose on Trey, the older guy laughed. Since the hose had been stretched out on the concrete, the water was pleasantly warm.

Trey found that he didn't need to make a run for his car. Once his "debt" to Hunter was paid, the guys all treated him like a friend. He joined them in the hot tub for 10 minutes and then splashed with them in the pool until it was nearing dinnertime.

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