by David Lee

Chapter 21

The alarm on Bryan's clock-radio-CD player went off entirely too early on Monday morning. Actually, it was only 7:00 a.m., but that seems like 5:00 when you are a teenager. However, the kids had to shower, dress, eat breakfast, and be driven to the community college for their Drivers' Ed. class. Just before noon, they would be picked up to eat lunch. Then, they would have the rest of the day to play since the lawns were caught up and the store wasn't busy enough on Mondays to warrant having them come in.

The morning was devoted to class-work, learning the rules of the road. Of course, many of the kids already knew them pretty well, having taken an exam to obtain their permits. It was boring!

Mary had a cold lunch all prepared in the fridge to be eaten as soon as she got them home. She was due at the hospital in about 30 minutes, so she had to be organized. As soon as Mary left, there were two naked boys splashing in the pool. They were unobserved in their semi-hard state.

Heather, who had loved to watch them through the fence, was visiting her grandmother in Wisconsin for a month. She had been shipped off as soon as she had made up the work on her final exams. There were rumors about why she had left so abruptly, but no one knew for sure. No one, that is, except for the three other kids who had been confronted by her father a couple of weeks before.

Bryan pulled Zeke out of the pool and dragged him (willingly) toward one of the big mats. They were trying a couple of sensual wrestling positions on each other when they were interrupted by the doorbell. Quickly, they threw on their flimsy micro-fiber shorts so Bryan could answer the door.

There at the door was a handsome young guy with a faux-leather folder and pen in his hands.

"Hi, my name is Luke Holder. I am selling this terrific learning system for elementary students. Is your mom home?"

"Sorry, we don't have any little kids here. I'm the youngest."

"Oh, okay. It seems like my luck is really lousy today. Thanks anyway."

His shoulders seemed to sag as he walked away.

After Luke left, Zeke grinned and began to tease Bryan.

"That college stud was really checking you out! If his eyes were hands, you would have been felt up good."

Bryan giggled.

"Sure, he was checking me out, but that was before he got a look at your crotch. You were still half hard. If we had invited him in for a Coke, he would have been on his knees in front of you."

The banter continued as they stripped the shorts from their stiffening cocks. Once on the mat again, they wasted no time in assuming the position (which for them was 69). They could feel the sap beginning to rise when once again the doorbell rang.

"Damn!" Bryan swore.

Again, they hastily donned their shorts.

"Maybe Luke came back to visit." Zeke ventured.

This time, it was Zeke's cousin, Hunter. Bryan had completely forgotten that he had invited Hunter to come over any afternoon during the week to use the pool. (His family had come for the wedding and would remain visiting Grandma Zrudsky until the weekend.) Hunter noticed that the guys were sporting semi-hardons and got a big shit-eating grin.

"Looks like I interrupted something. Maybe I should go away and come back after you two get your rocks off."

"Hunter, your mind is always on sex!" Zeke said in an exasperated tone that would have done their grandmother proud.

"Well, Hell, what else is there?" Hunter countered.

All three laughed knowingly.

"I know you guys were skinny dipping. Let's all get naked." Hunter called as he began stripping.

Now there were three naked boys in the Stillwell's pool. They splashed and played in the refreshing water. Hunter dived below the surface and swam between the legs of both the other guys. When he surfaced, he had a cock in each hand; neither of which was his own.

It was sexy, but Zeke didn't know how much of his boyfriend he was willing to share with Hunter. He wasn't sure how he was going to get his cousin to behave when the doorbell rang for the third time. This time, it was Greg and Trey from the spa store. They had the new hot tub, lots of redwood decking, plumbing pipes, and tools. The scantily clad youths spent some of their time that afternoon watching the construction.

The construction wasn't the only thing of interest. The two workers were dressed in cut-off jeans and T-shirts. As the temperature climbed, they shed the shirts. The younger guy, Trey, was a sight to behold. He had great muscles and a ring through his left nipple. He was a head-turner in any crowd – straight or gay.

Zeke and Bryan checked Trey out, but went back to swimming. He was cute, but they had each other. Besides, he had a cocky manner about him which suggested he knew he was cute. Zeke didn't exactly trust him. Hunter, on the other hand, couldn't keep his eyes off the young worker. He was practically drooling.

When Greg had to go back to the shop for a different pipe fitting, Trey took the opportunity to talk to Hunter.

"Hey, dude, could you show me where I can take a leak?"

Hunter was happy to show Trey the urinal in the pool-house. If Hunter had been thinking about it, he would have realized that Trey had to know where the plumbing was in order to be working on the spa; but Hunter wasn't using his head (at least not the one on his shoulders). He stood nearby as Trey emptied his bladder.

Trey shook off the last drops and turned toward Hunter before stuffing his ample cock back into his shorts. Hunter stared at the disappearing piece. The view caused him to plump up.

"Like what you see?" Trey asked as he again undid the zipper.

He let the shorts fall to the floor along with his boxer briefs revealing his big, cut tool. Hunter was rock-hard by now.

"Hey, kid, do you live here? Could we get together later?"

Hunter shook his head and then nodded. He was speechless for the first time in his life. He found himself drawing nearer to the object of his desire.

"I really live in California, but I'm visiting for the rest of the week. Yeah, we can get together, if you want."

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of Greg calling for Trey. He was back with the part, and needed a hand.

"Look, kid, I'll give you my cell number. I get off in a couple of hours. If you call me, we can meet after supper. I'm living with my parents this summer, so my house is out, but we can find someplace."

Hunter spent the rest of the time at Bryan's house "assisting" the installers. He played host, bringing ice water to assuage their thirst. If they dropped something, he picked it up. He was so helpful that Greg considered offering him a part time job.

Five o'clock came and the men said they would have to finish in the morning. Mary would be home then to give them access to whatever they needed. They would complete the job, add the chemicals, and get the heater going. By afternoon, it should be ready for a test run. The boys could hardly wait.

When the workmen left, Hunter called his father to pick him up. He promised to be back the next day. Bryan and Zeke were less than thrilled at the prospect of having to share the hot tub on its maiden voyage. Oh well, life was like that sometimes. Hunter would be gone next week.

Once Hunter had left, the other two stripped and lay on the mat again. This time, they got to complete what they had been attempting all afternoon. The anticipation made them even hotter than usual. They skipped the foreplay and went for the action. It took just a few minutes of oral stimulation to put them over the edge. They had barely swallowed the evidence of their intimacy when they heard Mary's car pulling into the garage. They scampered to the pool-house where they showered and dressed.

Hunter was basically straight, but he was curious. He loved to jack off; he loved sex. The idea of doing it with another guy was intriguing to him. He'd heard other kids allude to circle jerks, and fooling around, but he hadn't found the opportunity to be included in those things. He had been trying to start something with Bryan and Zeke when he first got there in the afternoon.

As soon as dinner was over, Hunter said he needed to phone Zeke. Of course, it was Trey's cell number that he called. Trey answered immediately. He arranged to pick up Hunter at the park which was a couple of blocks from Grandma's house.

"I'm going to meet Zeke and Bryan at the park. I'll be out for a while." He called to his parents.

"Have fun, but come back when it gets dark, please." His mother responded.

Hunter was off for an adventure. When he got to the park, he found Trey waiting in his old red Geo. It wasn't the hot car Hunter would have expected Trey to be driving, but that was okay. After all, it wasn't like he was dating the guy.

Trey drove around a while trying to find a safe place. The park used to be okay, but police patrols had been beefed up recently. Eventually, they ended up in the back yard of a house where he had helped install a spa last week. He knew the people were on vacation.

Wasting no time, Trey had his shorts around his ankles before Hunter had his zipper down.

"Suck on this, fag boy!"

Hunter was suddenly frightened. He was looking for mutual play. He didn't expect to be treated like a queer! Shit! This wasn't going well at all.

Trey put his hands on the teen's shoulders forcing him on his knees.

"Lick my big dick, cocksucker! You know you want it! Come on you little pussy. Give me good head. Suck it deep and be careful with your teeth."

By now, Hunter was crying. He didn't want to cry, but he was. He didn't want this to happen. Hunter was preparing to bolt when a bright yard light came on.

"What's going on out here!" a voice cried.

Trey pulled up his shorts and sprinted to his car. He actually squealed the tires leaving the scene.

Hunter found himself face to face with an old lady.

"Son, I am not sure if I saw what I think I saw. Was that young man trying to force you to do something dirty?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, I'll call the police."

"No, please don't! I am okay. I just want to forget about it and go home."

Hunter ran off before the lady could find out who he was or where he lived. He ran and ran. He wasn't sure where he was going. Eventually, he found a street whose name he recognized. He had another 20 blocks to walk/run before he got to his Grandmother's house. When he did, he was hot and tired. It was getting dark. He slipped into the house to the bathroom before anyone could intercept him. He had a good cry in the shower while he scrubbed the sweat and the scent of fear from his body. He crept down to the basement couch where he was sleeping. Sleep did not come for a long time and when it did, it wasn't restful.

Greg was unhappy that Trey called in sick the next day. He was hard-pressed to finish the job alone, but managed to do it by the time Mary came back with the boys. Mary insisted that Greg stay for lunch. He was thankful, since he had another job to get to and wouldn't have had enough time to get anything decent, plus Mary was a great cook.

Bryan and Zeke were stripping in preparation for trying out the hot tub when the phone rang. It was Hunter. He wouldn't be coming over because he didn't feel well. Bryan began to wonder if there was a virus going around. Well, he wasn't all that sad to have an uninterrupted afternoon in the new spa with the guy who was his lover and best friend.

Doug Newman was lazing around his little starter home in nothing but a pair of old coach's shorts. He liked to free-ball. The stretchy material showed off his package quite nicely. It clung to his ass; almost crawling up into his crack. The effect was like having a coat of gray paint covering a part of his naked body.

He had just finished mowing the lawn, and the muscles of his well-developed physique glistened under a light coating of sweat. He thought about not answering the bell, but it kept ringing persistently.

"Hi, I'm Luke Holder and I am here to offer you an exciting education program for your elementary-age child. Oh, I bet you're too young to have a school kid."

"Yes, I am. I'm single and glad of it!"

"Shit! People either have no kids or no money. I'm having no luck."

The kid at the door looked so down, that Doug invited him in to have a cold soda. As they talked, Luke poured out his troubles. He was far from home, lonely, not making the easy sales the company promised, and living in a fleabag motel. All the time he was talking, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Doug's body.

"Man, you're built," he blurted out.

Doug smiled. He was used to the hero worship by now. His underdeveloped middle school wrestlers always treated him like a Greek god.

"You're not in bad shape yourself, dude," he replied.

Luke sat up a little straighter as he told Doug about his workout program for the college swimming team. Doug nodded appreciatively at various points in the narrative. Luke ended by decrying the fact that he was wasting his summer and also not getting to work out at all.

"Well, Luke, I think I might be able to help you out with part of your problem. Come see my exercise setup."

After Luke had a chance to admire Doug's equipment, they sat on the deck while Doug looked at Luke's catalog and made some plans.

"Luke, I worked my way through school just like you're doing. I know a few people with money who might be interested in buying some of the books your company sells. I'm going to buy this one with the fuzzy lamb on the cover for my niece's birthday."

"Kewl! At least I won't get yelled at today for not making any sales. You're the best!" Luke exclaimed as he impulsively squeezed Doug's shoulder.

Doug continued, "I'd be happy to set up some workout times with you. Can you come back here after you get off? We can grill some burgers after we finish. It'll be my treat."

"Uh, that depends on what time you want me to come. We get dropped in a neighborhood before lunch and picked up around 4:00. After we turn in our sales slips for the day, they take us to the motel. It will take me awhile to walk back here."

"You don't have a car?"

"No, maybe there's a bus that would get me here faster."

"Just tell me the name of the motel and I'll be that at 4:30. If your sales meeting takes longer, I can wait."

Later, when Doug pulled up to the motel, he was appalled at the appearance of it. Nobody but a bum would feel at home in this dump!

Luke came out of one of the rooms a few minutes later giving Doug a cheery wave. He was carrying a small gym bag and wearing a big smile.

"Thanks for springing me from this hole. When I get back, I'll probably be tired enough to fall asleep without thinking about where I am."

The workout went well. Both guys changed into jock straps and loose fitting shorts. Neither tried to hide what he was packing and both got a quick look at each other's equipment.

Doug was surprised at how much strength the slim blond had. He was in great shape. Since he was a swimmer, his body had developed differently than Doug's had, but that didn't make him a wimp in any way.

At one point, Luke was worried he might mess up everything. Doug was spotting for him while he was bench pressing. When Luke looked up, he was staring right up the legs of Doug's shorts to the packed pouch of his jock. It was enough to cause him to lose concentration. He nearly dropped the barbells. The exertion of controlling the weights helped him control his cock which was beginning to fill with blood.

The fact that he felt panicked, and that Doug didn't seem to notice his condition, made Luke's "problem" go away, and he began to breathe easier as they finished.

The supper the two men prepared together was devoured hungrily by guys who had pushed their upper body muscles nearly to the limit. When the kitchen was cleaned up, the men watched a sports special on TV for a bit. Around 8:30, Luke stretched and yawned saying that he needed to get to bed soon. Doug got his keys to drive Luke back.

In his motel room, Luke stripped quickly, lay on the bed, and began to fondle his dick. It took about six strokes to trip his trigger. The first shot hit him in the face; with successive ones falling on his taut abdomen. He barely had smeared the jizz around before sleep overtook him. For the first time since coming to Cosgrove, he slept with a smile on his face.

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