by David Lee

Chapter 20

The last final was over at 12:30 on Wednesday. As always, no one paid much attention to the announcements before classes were dismissed. Then the flood of bodies was like a massive tidal wave. Pity the fainthearted who got in the way of it.

Bryan and Zeke were about to unlock their bikes when Rusty called out from his car. They took him up on his invitation to go to McDonald's. Bobby got out of the passenger seat in order to move the back of it up so they could scramble into the rear of Rusty's Mustang. The first one to speak was Bobby.

"Hey guys, thanks for not telling on us. I'm sorry I was such a shit to you this year. Shrek has taught me a lot of things about being nice to people. It actually seems to work!" he grinned.

"Bobby's been teaching me some good stuff too," Rusty replied (also with a grin). "I'm learning to give as well as to receive pleasure. I'm still not sure I'm gay, but I know I love sex with this guy!"

"He gives great head and he doesn't even call me "stubby!" Bobby smirked.

The pair in the back seat went into a laughing fit. They couldn't believe how open these two had become since their embarrassing encounter less than two weeks ago. The change in Bobby's attitude was hard to fathom as well.

"And," Rusty continued, "when he's in the right mood, it ain't stubby at all! He's a grower fer sure."

This revelation set off another round of chuckles.

After their artery-clogging lunch, the young men were casting about for ideas of how to waste their first afternoon of freedom. They were feeling too lazy to shoot hoops. No one wanted to go for a long bike ride. Finally, Bryan came up with a good idea that pleased everyone.

"Hey, Shrek, drop us off at school to get our bikes and then come over to my house. We can swim all afternoon. No one will be home for hours so we can go skinny if we want."


A scant half hour later, four naked boys were diving and splashing in the Stillwell's pool. Brad had prepped it early and the heater had been on for several days, so the temperature was fine.

One by one, they pulled themselves out of the water to sun their winter-white bodies on the deck lounges. Bryan took drink orders. Soon he and Zeke came bearing cans of soda and bags of chips. As Zeke bent to put a tray on a table, Rusty reached out and grabbed a handful of his ass.

"This looks good enough to eat!" he approved.

"You'd better be talking about the chips." Bryan growled.

"Hey, easy li'l bud, I'm not gonna move in on your territory, but I wouldn't mind playing with either one of you."

"Boy, when you loosen up, you really loosen up!"

"Nah, I'm not really promiscuous, and I won't try to come on to either of you. Bobby is my only fuck-buddy at the moment and he'll beat me if I did."

"Yeah, beat you off, maybe." Bobby giggled.

The talk got more suggestive as the afternoon wore one. Pretty soon Bobby was straddling his stud's legs so that their rising cocks were touching. He ran his fingers over Shrek's hairy chest, and his engorged cock proved he really was a grower!

Their sex play made Zeke and Bryan sit up and take notice. Soon they were lying side by side on a mat by the pool. Bobby got up and pulled another mat next to theirs.

"Teach me some new wrestling moves, you big stud," he cooed to Rusty.

Bobby and Shrek were soon demonstrating that they did indeed know how to give and receive (head at least). The air was filled with the sounds of teen lust.

Zeke and Bryan were thoroughly turned on by the sight. Other than teaching Sam to jack off, they had never done it around anyone else. In their hearts, they felt their love for each other was a private matter, but the stimulation of hot, raw sex going on beside them was more than they could ignore. Soon, they were sucking each other with abandon.

Shrek came first with a high pitched squeal that belied his bear-like body. Bobby followed almost immediately with a low growl that one might have expected from Rusty.

Zeke was trying to hold back for a few seconds longer when Bryan ran his middle finger over his rosebud. That was all she wrote! Zeke flooded his lover's mouth. Then he ran his finger over Bryan's rectum producing the same reaction from his buddy. They turned around and kissed for several long minutes.

Watching them kiss caused Rusty and Bobby to go back to kissing as well. It was all very hot.

Knowing that Bryan's mother would be home before long, the boys decided to take a shower and get dressed. They had all showered together countless times after gym class and wrestling, but at this moment it seemed more intimate. Lovers made no bones (well, they might have boned up) about soaping each other. It was quite sensual.

Bobby got down on his knees wanting to fulfill a fantasy he'd had for some time. He begged Shrek to give him a "golden" shower. Rusty, who had consumed three Cokes over the afternoon, complied without hesitation. After emptying his bladder on Bobby, Rusty carefully soaped Bobby's body and rinsed him off.

"Now that I've marked you, you're my plaything for the rest of the summer," Rusty laughed.

"Yes, master, I am yours to command!"

Bobby was rock hard and ready. He and Rusty ended up jacking each other off sending cum flying everywhere. Zeke and Bryan were turned on to the point of aching, but neither wanted to share their intimacy with anyone else right then.

After the older boys left, the younger ones grabbed their clothes and ran up to Bryan's room. Once there, they locked the door and dived into bed. Assuming the 69-position on their sides, they quickly devoured each other. Neither lasted five minutes!

"The scene out there really turned me on." Bryan exclaimed once his breathing settled down. "But I am not sure how I feel about doing it around others."

"I know what you mean, Bry. I really liked watching them do it, but I feel like what we have is kinda private. I don't think there's anything wrong with jacking off in front of other guys like we did with Sam, but I don't want to share you with anyone else."

"Yeah, you know how I felt when Shrek grabbed your ass. I was ready to hurt him; like I could," Bryan snickered.

"Wow, we've both come a long way since last year. I was feeling guilty about masturbating then. Today I sucked my boyfriend off with two guys watching."

Bryan agreed. And he loved the idea of being called Zeke's boyfriend.

Zeke celebrated his 15th birthday, like his previous ones, with little fanfare. Mary insisted on having the party at her house since Grace would be busy preparing for her upcoming wedding. The dinner was a simple affair. Brad grilled steaks to go with the salads that Mary had made ahead. Grace had baked a huge chocolate cake and iced it with more chocolate.

Bryan loved it almost as much as Zeke did.

The guests were mostly immediate family members, though Zeke invited Rusty and Bobby this year. All had a great time and most spent a good while in the pool. The kids were nearly wrinkled like prunes when they finally got out. Rusty was on his best behavior and used no foul language around the adults.

Drivers' education classes began only a week after school was out. Though they were only 15, the boys decided to take the class this summer so they could be driving on their 16th birthdays. Besides, their school schedules were so filled that it would be difficult to add one more thing during the year. Craig, as well as Mary and Grace, continued to give the boys quite a bit of road time outside of class.

Work was the other thing that occupied the boys this summer. They had so many hours at the store that they had to give up most of their mowing jobs. The store paid better, except that a lot was taken out for taxes and social security. But given their relatively small income, most of the tax money would be refunded after they filed next spring.

Mary was going to do volunteer work at the hospital during her time off from school. She apologized to her family that she wouldn't be home until nearly dinner time most days. Brad and Bryan told her not to worry; they could eat at a later hour in the summer. Brad could use the extra time at work covering for people who were on vacation. Bryan thought that having extra time without parents wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He and Zeke could work on their all-over tans.

Brad was intent on adding a hot tub to the family's backyard. At first Mary wanted it located on the side of the house near their bedroom so they could have some romantic soaks at night. But, the cost of extending the utilities to reach that location would be prohibitive considering that it could be placed near the pool a lot cheaper. After all, Brad reasoned, Todd was pretty much out of the nest and Bryan would be in a few more years. Then, he and Mary could be naked as jay birds whenever they wished to be.

Todd was pretty much absent from home this summer. He and Dave had good jobs in the maintenance department of the university and had taken an apartment not far from campus. If they had waited until fall to rent the place, it would likely not have been available. Many landlords rented for less if the kids would take a year-round lease.

The arrangement worked just fine for the young college studs. Their girlfriends would have a place to stay for an occasional visit, and the boys could enjoy each other in the meantime. It promised to be a fulfilling summer.

The biggest event in Zeke's life that summer was the marriage of his aunt and uncle. It was a small wedding since Grace did not invite many people from her former church, and Craig had few friends in Cosgrove. Some of his former military buddies did fly in to attend.

Everyone looked great. Mary Stillwell had treated Grace to having her hair styled and makeup done at a good salon so she would look her best. She was truly beautiful as she came down the aisle on the arm of her brother.

Zeke and Bryan looked more like men than boys in their rented tuxes. They felt very grownup in their roles as attendants. Todd took several photos of them together during the reception. He knew this might be as close as they would ever get to having wedding pictures of their own. In his heart, he believed they would always be together.

After the reception, Todd drove the guys back to Bryan and his house. Zeke was to be a part of the Stillwell household for the week Craig and Grace were on their honeymoon cruise. That was fine with him. He felt very much like a part of Bryan's family already. He was happy that he didn't have to stay with his grandmother and cousin Hunter during that time – especially his grandmother!

Brad and Mary arrived a few minutes later. Everyone sat down for a little conversation before turning in. Bryan faked a yawn to have a reason to get upstairs and out of his clothes. The only thing he liked more than being dressed up with Zeke was getting undressed with him.

When the boys got upstairs, Bryan tried to carry Zeke over the threshold into his room. They both ended up with a bang on the floor. Mary called up to see if they were okay. Over their giggling reply, she warned them that they would pay for any damages to the rented formal wear. Of course, she was laughing too.

Once in the room with the door locked, the young men began to undress each other carefully. Each item of clothing was place on a different chair so they wouldn't become mixed up when it came time to return them on Monday. Finally they got down to the basics. Both were wearing nothing but little black thongs and big smiles. Todd had found the thongs in a shop near the campus. He wasn't embarrassed to buy them, but he knew the younger guys would be. This was his little gift for spicing up their love life. It worked; not that two teens needed anything more than a little privacy to rise to the occasion!

Zeke got down on his knees in front of Bryan and began to suck the bulge in the skimpy piece of cloth before him. Bryan's moans of appreciation served as his immediate reward.

After a few minutes, they changed positions to let Bryan perform the same sensuous action on his lover.

The thongs were soon discarded as the two dived for Bryan's bed. It didn't take very much more sucking to complete their mission. Both kids were thoroughly turned on and produced a good volume of cum which they consumed before it had a chance to cool off.

In the afterglow, they cuddled discussing what they would like in a ceremony someday. The wedding made them both happy and sad. They were happy for Grace and Craig, but disappointed that they probably wouldn't be able to have anything like it when they grew up. Still holding each other, they drifted off to sleep.

Craig Adams found it hard waking up on Sunday morning. Not only was it hard, but was being held in a very soft, feminine hand! In addition, he felt a patch of pubic hair pressed tightly against the left cheek of his butt. The awesome feeling of waking up naked in bed with his new bride gave him a warm glow.

He thought back to the night before. Knowing that she was inexperienced, he had taken her gently. He had spent 20 minutes making out with her before he even began to undress her. His fingers had explored almost every square inch of her receptive body. His tongue had bathed her ears, her nipples, and her abdomen. He had shied away from doing anything oral below the waist. He didn't want to spook her. He wasn't sure whether she would like it or if she would consider it dirty. But, his fingers had explored her vagina until she was moaning and juicy.

By the time he had entered her with his thoroughly greased rod, she had taken it with little pain. What momentary discomfort there was, had soon been replaced by immense pleasure as Grace experienced pure lust for the first time in her life. She loved it so much that she found herself bucking off the mattress to meet his thrusts.

Craig's over-charged system didn't allow him the pleasure of lasting as long as he would have liked. However, he had much better luck the second time.

Grace was HOT! She could hardly wait for him to rest long enough to please her again. Craig decided that his old man had been right about one thing. His dad had once told him that a man's sex drive was like a sports car. It was always raring to go. A woman's desire was more like an old Model T Ford. It took some time to start it, but once it was running there was no stopping it!

Craig had complained about being too tired after their first tumble. However, his barely suppressed grin gave him away. He told Grace that she needed to do some of the "work."

"You said that you wanted equality in a marriage. So, this time, you have to be on top and get the exercise."

Grace happily complied. She nibbled his ears and sucked his nipples like he had hers. She stroked his cock and caressed his balls. Finally, she straddled him so that her canal was aligned with is throbbing tool. He held her hips to steady her as she slowly impaled herself. With a little practice, she got into a rhythm which was pleasing to both of them. Her orgasm came first this time. It was intense and accompanied by moans and whimpers of pleasure. That, of course, drove Craig toward his. At the end, he thrust upward, freezing in place. He couldn't remember pumping such a huge quantity of cum before; even his first time with a girl.

In the morning, there was no time for sex. They had to hurry to shower and dress in order to catch their plane. Fortunately, the Holiday Inn Express was within viewing distance of the airport and the shuttle bus was available on a moment's notice.

In the shower, Grace got down on her knees and kissed her new plaything. That, of course, made it even harder to keep on schedule. Craig caressed her wet head. His cock wanted to bury itself in her hot mouth, but he knew there wasn't time.

"I've read on the Internet that guys really like oral stimulation," she said. "I want to learn to please you. I love you, and this (she said while planting another kiss on his dick), more than I can express."

"And," Craig responded, "I understand guys could use some lessons in pleasing their women in that way too. Maybe tonight we could further our education together!"

Craig could barely stuff his sizeable cock into his underwear, and get his pants zipped. He was still at half-mast when they went through security. The guard passed the wand in front of him to make sure there wasn't some explosive devise being hidden in there.

After church, Todd drove back to the university so he'd be ready for his job on Monday. He grabbed lunch from the McDonald's drive-through on his way. He wouldn't have needed to rush off, but he had plans for being with Dave in the afternoon. They were going to a secluded place near the river where they could frolic naked and do whatever they wanted. There was little doubt how it would end!

Todd bounded up the stairs to the apartment he shared with Dave. There he found his housemate napping on the sofa in boxers with a gaping fly. He quietly entered the room so as not to wake Dave. Getting down on his knees by the couch, Todd lovingly engulfed Dave's soft, neatly cut penis in his warm, moist mouth. Using his tongue to gently stimulate the spot just behind the head, he slowly brought it toward its full size. He loved the feeling of Dave's tool expanding in his mouth. This was an experience he rarely had, since Dave tended to get steely hard at just the thought of having sex.

Dave awoke with a moan and a smile on his face. His hands in Todd's hair let the latter know that he was now conscious.

"Oh, Baby, I wish I could always wake up like this! You know just how to please me. I wonder if I will ever feel this hot with Jeri."

Todd backed off of the hot meat in his mouth long enough to respond.

"I suppose a woman could be taught to please a guy if she'd be willing to learn. I've seen some videos that look pretty convincing."

Then he went back to his mission. His gentle sucking turned into bobbing. Dave began to thrust his hips upward to meet Todd's mouth. With one final thrust, he stiffened and began pumping his juice.

"Thanks for the snack," Todd said with a grin. "After you catch your breath, let's pack a few more snacks and head to this place I heard about."

Dave offered to return the favor, but Todd said he was eager to get naked in the woods and there would be plenty of time for Dave to take care of him there.

Unfortunately, the place that was called "secret" on the Internet seemed to be known by half the guys in central Iowa. There were lots of naked males parading around. Body types ran the gamut from buff studs to guys who needed to spend the rest of their lives on a diet and exercise program.

Todd noticed several men who were probably old enough to be his father. One, in particular had a well-kept body and a nice dangling cock to match. Todd hoped he would look that good when he reached middle age.

Several older men regarded the newcomers with undisguised lust. Todd and Dave began to wonder if coming here was a good idea.

After walking down the back trails, the guys found a fairly well-screened spot where they could lie together. Dave used some bug spray to ward off unwelcome pests before Todd spread the blanket. Soon, they were naked, hard, and producing loads of precum.

The very idea of having sex out in the open was a turn-on. Once comfortably positioned with their faces buried in each other's crotches, things were definitely looking up again (in more ways than one!).

Todd closed his eyes to concentrate on the rest of his senses. He heard the water, the birds, the rustling of the leaves. He smelled the aroma of fresh sweat and sun on a clean body. He felt the hot flesh of his best bud; especially the part throbbing in his mouth. He sensed Dave's hands in his hair guiding his movements. He felt hands running up his legs; playing with his asshole. He was ready to explode.

Shit! He suddenly realized there were too many hands. He opened his eyes to see one of the older men pawing at his body. Dave's cock nearly flew out of his mouth in his haste to move.

"Get your hands off me, you dirty old pervert!"

The man jumped back, startled.

"No offense, son." He exclaimed. "I was just trying to help you out."

"Go away!" Dave yelled. "If I catch you so much as looking at my boyfriend, I will bust your face!"

After the old man beat a hasty retreat, Todd kissed Dave lovingly on the lips.

"Hey, Boyfriend, I love it when you stand up for me."

Dave grinned. He fell to his knees and sucked in Todd's wilted dick. Soon it was growing in his mouth. Todd sighed. He stayed standing to keep watch while Dave sucked him to a mind-blowing climax. As he bucked and moaned, he heard the sound of applause behind him. There stood a young stud obviously aroused. When the guy stopped clapping, he went back to pumping. Seconds later, he was creating a sizeable white puddle on the ground.

While all this was stimulating, Dave and Todd were becoming skittish about staying there any longer. They slipped on their clothes, folded the blanket, and headed for the car. The young stud caught their eye as they were on the way out and gave them a thumbs-up sign. They had to grin as they signed back.

Sunday evening as the rest of the Stillwell family, and Zeke sat around the patio table eating grilled steak and various goodies, Mary commented on how nice the boys had looked at the wedding.

"You two are bound to have plenty of girls after you now. The ones at the wedding couldn't keep their eyes off of you. When some of the pictures get around town, you guys will be fighting them off with sticks!"

Bryan nearly choked on his food. Zeke slapped him on the back in case there was any food lodged in his windpipe.

Mary looked quite concerned.

'What's the matter, Bryan? Did I say something wrong?"

"I'm okay, Mom, I just got something down the wrong throat."

Mary accepted his explanation, but felt that there was something else going on. Oh well, teens were a different breed. Who could really pretend to understand what went on in their minds?

After dinner had settled and the table was cleaned up, Bryan and Zeke spent some time in the pool. As darkness settled in, they showered in the pool-house before going up to the bedroom clad only in towels.

Tonight they had agreed to forgo sex and cuddle together. Zeke thought it was just nice simply to feel the warm, clean skin of his lover. He breathed in Bryan's scent. It was much more satisfying to him than that of a girl. He sniffed Bryan's armpits and then his crotch. This was the aroma that he loved. Once again it validated his orientation.

As Robert Burns noted, the best laid plans of mice and men (or boys for that matter) do not always stay on track. Bryan, in turn, inhaled the scent of his lover's clean body. It wasn't long before the boys wanted to do more than satisfy their olfactory senses. Licking and caressing followed by petting and nibbling soon led to serious arousal. With all the practice they'd had, the young guys could nearly deep throat each other. At one point, Zeke felt Bryan's nose briefly nuzzled against his pubes. He also tried, successfully, to open his throat enough to do the same to his lover for a second or so. Then, he wet his middle finger with spit. Gently, he probed Bryan's hole. He soon gained entrance and found the magic spot that he would later find out was the prostate. Bryan loved it so much that he had to try the same thing on Zeke. Before they knew what hit them, they were spewing a torrent hotter, and more massive, than the night before. Sated and spent, they settled into cuddling at last. Sleep hit them like a ton of bricks.

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