by David Lee

Chapter 19

Bryan and Zeke pedaled their bikes furiously toward Zeke's house. Craig was going to be working late and Gran was too, therefore, they could have some time to themselves. Both were certain their balls were turning a bright shade of blue!

As they tumbled through the back door, playing grab-ass, they were brought up short by the sight of Gran sitting at the kitchen table.

"Just the guys I was looking for! You can help me hang the blinds upstairs. The varnish is dry and I'd like to have them up to surprise Craig. After all, the wedding is only a couple of weeks away."

"I thought you were working late tonight," Zeke said trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"The girl I was supposed to train called in sick, so the manager let me stay home. I could always use the overtime money, but we don't need it as much as we used to before Craig came into our lives. He's working very hard on his current project so it'll be done before our honeymoon. I figured I could take care of some of the details here and he could kick back a little when he gets home."

Soon Grace Ann was supervising the hanging of the blinds. In truth, the boys needed little supervision other than that of keeping them on task. Left alone, they would have been making out on the floor! While they drilled pilot holes and put the screws in to hold the hardware, she installed switch plates and outlet covers.

By the time the job was finished, it was nearing the dinner hour, and Bryan was expected to be home soon. Since finals were close, there was no use even asking to sleep over at either house. Once again their hopes for sharing their love had been dashed.

After Bryan left, Zeke helped Gran set the table and generally get ready whatever could be done ahead of time for dinner. They would eat late so Craig could join them. Gran made a snack for Zeke; knowing that his stomach wouldn't hold out until 7:30.

"Gran, do you think I could live downstairs in the apartment when you guys get hitched?"

"I don't see why not, Zeke. It would give you a chance to have your own space. I guess most teenagers would appreciate that.

I know this might sound strange, but with getting married and all, I feel like a different person. I would like to be called 'Grace' or 'Grace Ann' from now on instead of 'Gran.'"

"That's cool. But is it okay if I call you 'Mom' sometimes?"

Grace grabbed Zeke in a big hug. Her tears told him he had said the right thing.

"Zeke, nothing would make me happier!"

"I know something that will make you a lot happier. Just wait for your wedding day when Craig gives you something round and hard."

"Zeke Zrudsky Adams you naughty little pervert!" Grace gasped.

"I'm talking about the wedding band. What did you think I meant?"

Zeke's angelic look would have been convincing had it not been accompanied by a slight smirk. That little grin netted him a big swat on the butt.

"Hey," he yelped. "I thought you were never gonna lay a hand on me, Mom."

Grace looked on her nephew/son with tenderness in her eyes.

"You certainly know how to get to a woman. I pity your wife. . . Zeke, I'm sorry, sometimes I forget."

"It's okay, Mom. I guess it must be hard to accept me as gay."

"No, Hon, it's not that. I suppose have a stereotype in my head as to what gay guys are supposed to look like. Neither you nor Bryan fits."

"That's kinda what Shrek said to us." Zeke blurted out.

"You mean that huge wrestler knows about you and Bryan and you're still alive? How did he find out? Won't it be all around school?"

"We told him to make him feel better. I can't break his trust, but believe me, he needed to know."

Grace's forehead creased in thought.

"Are you sure he didn't concoct a story just to get you to come out to him so he could use it against you?"

"No, Gran – um Mom, if you had seen his tears, you would've done the same thing."

Their discussion was interrupted by the phone. It was Craig saying he was leaving work. So, Grace began the final preparations for dinner.

Around 9:00, the phone rang again. This time it was Bryan wanting to talk to Zeke.

"Hey, Stud, I'm done with homework for the rest of the year! And I am feeling lonely. Are you as horny as I am?" Bryan continued as soon as he knew no one else was listening.

"You know it! What are we going to do? We can't sleep together until Friday. That's a whole two days away!"

"How 'bout we try some phone sex?" Bryan suggested.


"I'm in my room with the cordless; how about you?" Bryan continued.

"Yeah," came Zeke's breathy reply.

"Okay. Stand in front of the mirror and pretend you're looking at me. I'll do the same. Can you see the lust in those eyes looking back at you?"

"Oh, yeah." Zeke moaned.

"I'm gonna give you a play by play description of what I am doing. You can follow. Whenever you get an inspiration, feel free to jump in and take the lead."

Bryan continued his narration, "I'm running my right hand up under my shirt. I'm feeling my nipples ever so lightly. Don't they feel nice and hard? Graze the left one with your fingernails…. Carry that feeling down to your belly button…. Feel your chest all over…. Close your eyes and pretend I am the one feeling you up…. Stick your middle finger in your mouth and wet it. Run in over your nipples…. Can you feel my tongue flicking across them? Pinch them a little - like I'm nipping them….

"Pull your shirt off. Kick off your shoes. Do a slow motion rendition of the dance we did for West Side Story. Grind your hips…. Thrust your hard cock forward…. Feel the lust building in your body…."

Zeke's body was responding to Bryan's voice. His cock was straining against his shorts. He started to unzip them. Then he got an inspiration.

"Listen carefully to the phone, Bryan."

He placed the receiver close to his groin so that Bryan could hear the sound of the zipper being lowered. Bryan loved it!

"That was way cool, Zeke. Now you listen to mine."

It wasn't long before the two were naked and describing every detail of their horny feelings.

Bryan took the lead again as he asked Zeke to lie on the bed and switch on the speaker function so they could hear each other without having to put it up to their ears. He further instructed Zeke to lie on his shoulders with his feet over his head. This put Zeke's throbbing hard-on in an interesting location pointed toward his face. Bryan was doing the same thing.

"I'm feeling myself all over. I am running my hand over my ass to that good spot behind my balls." Bryan continued. "Now I am putting my feet under the headboard on my bed and pushing my cock closer to my mouth. My tongue is about to touch the head of my dick. I'm jacking slowly. The pre-cum is dripping into my mouth."

Talking ceased as the only sounds on the phone were moaning, grunting, and panting. This didn't last long before there was a loud "Uhhnnnnnnn" from Bryan's end of the line. That was enough to push Zeke over the edge. Hot cum flooded over their faces and tongues. Zeke spoke first.

"Are you swallowing it?"


"Does it taste anything like mine?"

"Yeah, but yours is a little saltier. I like yours the best!"

The two satiated studs whispered loving things to each other for several minutes while they came down from their high. Finally they made kissing sounds and got off the phone. Scant minutes later the two fell asleep, savoring the aroma and the taste of their shared experience.

Thursday was uneventful at school. Everyone had spring fever including most of the teachers. No one gave any new homework with finals so close. Most class periods were spent in reviewing for the tests next week.

Heather was still not in school. It was rumored that she had the flu and would not be back to school until fall. Melissa was fairly tightlipped about Heather's illness, because she was still not a very good liar!

Friday passed much like Thursday had. The best part of the day for Zeke and Bryan would be 9:00 p.m. when their shift at Fareway ended. Then, they were allowed to spend that night and all of the next day together. The Saturday thing was allowed after they promised to use part of it studying.

At 9:00 o'clock, just before Grace picked them up, Jim handed the pay checks out personally to Bryan and Zeke. He reminded them that the checks were always a week behind and told them the promised pay raise would be coming in the next one. He took care to praise them for their fine work. They knew the message was meant to be understood on more than one level.

That night, they would sleep at Zeke's house. Craig was going to be gone on business for the weekend and had offered his apartment. He sensed that the boys would appreciate the privacy. He figured they would be making love, but he didn't want to know the details. Some things are better left alone.

"Just make sure you change the bed on Sunday. I don't like sleeping on starched sheets." he had quipped.

His comment had made Zeke blush.

The moment Grace's car pulled into the garage; the guys headed down to Craig's place. Once inside, Zeke locked the door to the stairs so there wouldn't be any surprise guests. Then he busied himself getting out the snacks he had prepared the night before. He dimmed the light, put on some soft music, and pulled his lover into his arms.

The boys just stood there drinking each other in. They had not had the chance for this much intimacy since the fateful day when they discovered Shrek and Bobby in the restroom.

"We both could use a shower," Bryan commented, sniffing his own pits.

"Yeah, but let's eat something first."

They enjoyed their food and beverages while pausing to give each other little kisses along the way. Those lead to more serious kisses and soon the living room floor was littered with their clothes.

"This is almost like having a place of our own." Zeke breathed.

"Yeah, like being a real, married couple." Bryan responded.

The shower stall in the small bathroom was not very large, but the two managed to occupy it together. They didn't mind the closeness with the frequent brushing of their flesh together. They could even wash each other's back at the same time. That was really cool, or should one say -"hot?" The contact of slippery skin coupled with deep kissing left them breathless. Their cocks resembled light sabers from an outer-space movie. For a few minutes, they played sword fight with them; though there was barely room to do so.

After drying each other off, Zeke led Bryan by the hand to the queen-sized bed. Once there, he spread his body over his lover's. They had both grown a lot in the past year. Now at 5 foot 9, they were no longer the smallest guys in the class. They had filled out some too; but due to wrestling, their increase in size was mostly muscle.

Bryan reached up to grab Zeke's muscular ass. It felt hard and sculptured in his grip. He began to slide Zeke's body back and forth across his own. Zeke used his toes to help push. Pretty soon they had established a satisfying rhythm. Zeke sensed the tingly feeling radiating from his groin and spreading clear down to his toes. His moans told Bryan that he was getting close.

Bryan also felt his own desire swelling. That special place under his balls started to feel like it was on fire. Both guys were now humming into each other's mouth as they sucked each other's tongue.

At the last minute, Zeke spun around placing his aching meat next to Bryan's mouth while he engulfed the latter's throbbing phallus. A little licking and sucking was all it took to send them to heaven. Their bodies were so in tune with each other that they came almost simultaneously.

Later, as they basked in the afterglow, they giggled and kissed. They were almost drunk on each other's nectar. Their bodies were both relaxed and spent. Sleep overtook them quickly. Their dreams were pleasant; their rest refreshing.

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