by David Lee

Chapter 18

A few of the kids and teachers at Cosgrove High noticed a difference in Rusty. He seemed to have mellowed recently. Maybe it was because graduation was near. Some noticed that Bobby wasn't as aggressive as he had been either. And he was beginning to hang with Rusty, sometimes, which was indeed unusual. The two had been at odds most of the past three years. Perhaps they were finally growing up!

Heather Harkin had a lot more on her mind than school on Tuesday morning. She needed to find a boy to take her to bed. She wanted to get laid soon! She wanted to get Zeke for more than just his body. But first she had to get to the bathroom before she threw up all over the hall.

Heather got together with Melissa to form a plan of action. The two of them waited after school near the locker shared by Bryan and Zeke. Just as the boys rounded the corner, Heather and Melissa bumped into each other spilling their folders sending papers flying in all directions. Being considerate young men, the boys quickly began to gather the scattered homework. The girls admired their firm butts as they bent to retrieve the papers.

"Oh," sighed Heather, "You guys are the kindest kids in the whole freshman class. I'm having such a terrible day. Why don't you walk us home to my place? I can reward you for your help and maybe you can help me with my math. I am a real ditz when it comes to numbers. Daddy will just kill me if I don't get a good grade."

"Well, we kinda promised Gran that we would help paint after school, but I guess we could spare a couple of minutes." Zeke replied.

Bryan wasn't sure this was a good idea, but he kept his mouth shut. He knew Zeke was curious about girls despite what they'd seen surfing the Internet. Knowing Heather's reputation (attested to by the boys in the locker room). Bryan figured Zeke and he might get to view the real thing. He had mixed feelings about it. Could he expect Zeke to pass up getting laid by a girl? Could he trust himself to decline if the invitation were made?

When the foursome got to Heather's house, Heather unlocked the front door to let them in. There were no parents at home. That was a bad sign. Zeke began to perspire.

"It's really hot in here isn't it? Dad is too cheap to turn on the air conditioning until the middle of June no matter how warm it gets. Why don't you guys take off your shirts?"

It was uncomfortably warm in the house, so Zeke and Bryan shed their Ts and found their temperatures rising further under the scrutiny of the girls. When the girls went to the kitchen to get soft drinks, Bryan voiced his discomfort.

"Zeke, I think we should get out of here. I'm not sure I like this."

"Remember, I told you she would probably show us. If we keep our cool, I bet she'll get naked. Maybe Melissa will too. We can't run out without looking like wusses. What would the kids at school say if it got out?"

"Man, I still don't trust her. What if she wants to do it? Even if we wanted to, we aren't prepared. We don't have any 'condos.' We can't afford to screw up."

Just then the girls came back with the sodas. They had been gone a long time and the boys soon found out why. Both girls were dressed in long T-shirts that belonged to Heather's older brother. It was obvious, even to the casual observer, that neither was wearing anything else. Heather plopped herself down by Zeke and spread her legs. The whiff of sweaty crotch that assailed his nostrils made him think that maybe he had just experienced enough about girls.

Heather ran her hand up his leg. Any touch, coming near to a teenager's cock, can set it off. Zeke was beginning to firm up.

Meanwhile, Melissa was sitting very close to Bryan. She was blushing. She had wanted to fool around, but now that it was so close, she wasn't sure she wanted to go through with it. What if he wanted to fuck? She wasn't prepared.

"Let's play 'show and DON'T tell.'" Heather cooed pulling the shirt over her head and throwing it across the room.

Heather did have a good body. Her breasts were ample for a girl her age. She had good legs and great skin. However, her waist seemed to be thicker than the boys expected and her pubes were surprisingly short.

Zeke's curiosity had been satisfied. Now he just wanted out of there.

"Uh, come on, Bryan, we promised Gran we would be home by now. Thanks for the Cokes, girls."

Zeke went for his shirt at the same time that Heather went for his pants.

"Not so fast, little boy. I bared it all; now you are too. I've seen it before, but I want to see it up close."

The top button of Zeke's shorts went flying from the strain. His zipper slid down exposing the bulge in his briefs. The shock of being attacked had caused him to go almost completely soft, but he still filled them out nicely.

Heather was on her knees grabbing at the waistband when she was stopped by the voice of her father.

"Just what the Hell is going on here?" he demanded.

"Oh, Daddy, thank God you are home! These boys were going to force us to have sex with them." Heather cried. "Zeke thinks he owns me since he did it to me over spring break."

"My God, Heather, are you pregnant? You look pregnant. Put some clothes on!"

"Yes, Daddy, I think I might be. It's all Zeke's fault!"

"NO!" Bryan yelled. "Zeke was with me over spring break. We went to Grandma's."

"I remember it very well. It happened on that Friday night and you didn't go until the middle of the next week." Heather responded.

"Zeke and I worked at the store until 9:30 that Friday. Gran picked us up and took us to her house. I stayed over. You're lying!"

"I'm not lying. He did it to me! Maybe I got the date wrong. Besides, Daddy, I told you how he tried to get my pants off when I took him to the Sadie Hawkins dance."

"Melissa's father told me something about the incident." Dale said with a frown. "I'm calling him to come over right now so we can get to the bottom of this. If you got my daughter pregnant, Zeke, you're going to pay big-time."

"No, Daddy, don't bother Mr. Ackley. Melissa knows what I'm saying is true, don't you Melissa?"

Melissa hung her head and said nothing. Heather's father told them all to sit down and shut up as he dialed Jim's number.

About fifteen minutes later, a distraught Jim Ackley was standing in the Harkins' family room looking at his daughter in dismay.

"Melissa, I want the truth."

Heather interrupted at that moment.

"Mr. Ackley, you know how Zeke got fresh with me on the way home from the dance that night!"

"I know you TOLD me he got fresh with you, but I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now." Jim responded.

"Are you calling my daughter a liar?"

"Yes, I think maybe I am. I know what really happened that night. It wasn't anything like she told it. I'm sorry I let Melissa continue to hang around with her. I told you the next day, Dale, what my suspicions were."

Jim continued, "Now, Melissa, I want to know what really happened here today."

Big tears formed in Melissa's eyes. She wanted to support Heather, but she wasn't a pathological liar. After a few minutes of trying to agree with Heather's story, she looked at Bryan and Zeke. She saw the anguish and fear in their eyes. They were decent boys. She couldn't go through with it. She told everything; including the fact that Heather had confided in her about sneaking off to be with her Uncle Bill.

After Melissa had told the whole story, there was an uneasy silence in the room. Dale Harkin kept pacing the floor and shaking his head. His daughter was pregnant by his brother-in-law. He should have known. He would turn the bastard in to the cops this time. He should have done it years ago. He could never forgive himself. He had always opposed abortion, but at this moment he was glad it was legal, and he hoped she wasn't too far along to get one..

Zeke turned to Jim.

"Well, I guess you won't want us at the store anymore. I'm sorry about all this. I really liked the job. I hope you won't tell my aunt."

"Son, I have no intention of firing my best young employees. In fact, I think you're both over-due for a raise. I hope whatever happened here stays in this room. We don't want this going around school. Grace Ann doesn't need to hear about it, and Melissa's mother doesn't need to know either."

"You can count on us!" Bryan piped up.

Bryan and Zeke accepted Jim's offer of a ride to Zeke's house. At least that would keep them from being quite as late. When they climbed up to the second floor, they found Craig busily painting alone since Grace had to work the later shift that week.

"Well, guys, you stalled long enough. I am nearly finished. There's no sense getting any more brushes or rollers dirty.

What's wrong, you both look like you've been through the wringer."

Much as they really didn't want to tell Craig, the boys found themselves spilling their guts. Craig had a way about him that instilled confidence. They trusted that their confession would go no further. When they finished he shook his head and smiled slightly.

"Guys, it is only natural to be curious. What you did was not unusual for kids your age. Most of us have experienced something like it growing up. We never told our mothers and you don't need to either. Let's get a little paint on your hands so no one knows you were anywhere but here. Now that "we" are done painting, I think we need a break. Can you stay for dinner, Bryan? You guys can help me make it."

After dinner, as they were cleaning up Craig's little kitchen, Zeke apologized to Bryan for getting them into the situation in the first place.

"I was dumb to think we could get to see it without getting into trouble. You tried to tell me we should get out of there. I wasn't smart enough to listen."

"Don't beat yourself up! You were just thinking with this head and not the one on your shoulders." Bryan snickered as he grabbed Zeke's crotch.

"But can you forgive me?"

Bryan answered by giving Zeke a deep kiss which left them hard and breathless.

Both boys were happier by the time Craig dropped Bryan at his house later. Bryan really wanted to stay with Zeke for some serious cuddling, but since it was a school night so close to finals time, the adults thought it better for each boy to sleep at his own place.

On Wednesday, Mary swung by Zeke's house to take him along with Bryan to school since they had left their bikes there all night. She wasn't quite sure why they hadn't ridden them home; but knowing kids there was probably no logical explanation. She did caution them about vandalism and theft of unattended belongings. The boys were relieved to find their bicycles untouched.

Given the schedule of the last several days, there had been no chance to get together for any loving at all – not even a quickie. Since it was early, Zeke had a plan to use the restroom near the theater. It was rarely frequented even during the day. They hurried to their destination.

The boys were hardly inside the door, when Bryan grabbed Zeke in a hard embrace. Soon their mouth met and their tongues wrestled together. Unexpectedly, there was a noise from the end stall. The boys broke apart prepared to run, but Bryan signaled Zeke to go to the urinals. They unzipped and pulled out their half-hard cocks to pretend they were in taking a leak.

Rusty came out of the stall and fled the room hardly looking at his two "li'l buds." That was indeed odd.

Then Zeke noticed that the door to the last stall was tightly closed. He went over to give it a slight push. It was locked. Someone was in there. Looking through the gap between the door and the frame, Zeke saw Bobby sitting on the toilet with his legs pulled up so they wouldn't show under the stall. Bobby turned white when he realized he'd been discovered.

The morning went by fairly quickly. Immersed in their studies, the boys had little time to think about yesterday's close call. They were reminded from time to time when Heather's name was called for roll. She didn't make it to any classes that day.

Melissa was in the lunch room, but didn't seem to notice Bryan or Zeke. Bobby and Rusty were also conspicuous by their absence. Probably they went off campus for lunch since the day was too beautiful to want to be inside. Zeke wondered if Bobby and Rusty were getting it on at the park. When he shared the thought with Bryan, they both had a good laugh.

In the theater tech class that afternoon, Shrek was very quiet. He wouldn't even look at Zeke or Bryan. Bryan sidled up to him near the end of class and he nearly jumped out of his skin. "Hey Shrek, how's it hanging?"

"Okay," was Rusty's mumbled reply.

"Rusty, it's okay. We aren't going to tell anyone. You're our friend. Lighten up man!"

Shrek relaxed considerably even to the point of smiling slightly.

After school, Rusty found the boys at their locker and told them he wanted to go somewhere to talk. He drove them to a small, quiet park not far from school. Once there, they sat at a picnic table. For a while, no one spoke. Finally, Rusty found his voice.

"I guess you guys have figured out I wasn't in there to take a shit this morning."

They both nodded.

"I used to bash guys who were queer. I looked down on anyone who wasn't one hundred percent straight. Now, I'm not even sure what I am. If my dad found out, he'd kill me! I don't have anyone I can talk to about it. You guys are my only true friends and now you'll probably hate me. Oh well, there's only another week of school for me. I guess I'll survive even if you tell."

"Rusty," Zeke said as he put a hand on the big boy's shoulder, "we won't judge you if you won't judge us."

Rusty looked up quizzically.

Bryan turned to Zeke.

"I think we can trust him with our secret. He has certainly saved our butts more than once this year."

Both younger boys stood up putting their arms around each other. Rusty looked on in amazement as they kissed gently on the lips. Then, smiling, they sat down on either side of him; each putting an arm around his waist.

As Rusty began to sob, they both squeezed closer to him. He reached out and laid his massive arms on the shoulders of his "li'l buds."

When the waterworks dried up, Rusty's smile came out like the sun.

"You guys are the best! I can't believe you're fags! You seem so normal. You're jocks like me."

"Uh, Rusty, the term is 'gay'. Saying 'fag' is like saying the 'N' word to a black dude. And who said that a guy's sex had anything to do with throwing a ball or pinning another wrestler? Unless he's your lover, of course!"

"I guess I have a lot to learn. Maybe you two can teach me how to be a good gay if that's what I am. Shit, I'm so messed up!"

After the guys got Shrek calmed down, they had him drive them back to school to retrieve their bikes. No sense in tempting fate by leaving them another night.

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