by David Lee

Chapter 17

Spring break was over in the blink of an eye. The rest of the school year would pass nearly as fast. Despite the restlessness that invaded classrooms toward the end of the year, some education actually did take place.

The last months of school were packed with things like spring concerts, golf meets, track meets, tennis meets, the musical, prom, and graduation. Many of these did not affect Zeke and Bryan directly, but the musical certainly did.

The first performance was a free matinee for senior citizens. It was like a dress rehearsal in most respects, but there would be no break in the continuity. It would be impossible to start a scene or a song over. All of the sound effects and scenery changes would happen just as they would for later performances. The cast and crew were pumped up with nerves and adrenalin.

Among the sea of gray hair and slightly out-of-fashion clothing were Mr. Johansson and Mrs. Worthington. He had called her to see if she would like to go. She was quite happy to have a change of scenery. After the matinee, he was treating her to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. This was indeed a fine occasion!

The performance went smoothly. When Emma Mason's voice cracked just the right amount at the appropriate moment in singing the reprise of "Somewhere," the audience could feel the emotion. As the body of Tony (Ben) was being borne by the members of both the rival gangs, one could see a lot of Kleenex being pulled from pockets and purses. The standing ovation the kids received proved how much the senior citizens appreciated the talent they had witnessed.

The musical ran Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The last day had a matinee as well as an evening show. Bryan, Zeke, and a host of other cast members had to get released from their jobs in order to perform. With the number of working kids that were in the show, it was a wonder the shops and restaurants in Cosgrove could operate that Saturday.

Quite a few parents and guardians came to both the Friday night and Saturday night shows. There was great support among faculty members too. Everyone in Cosgrove seemed to love the spring musical.

Perhaps the final performance was the best. By then, the kids had really "become" their characters. The gay kids in the show had genuine empathy for Tony and Maria. Here were two star-crossed lovers who were kept apart because of their cultural and racial backgrounds. Society didn't give them a chance. Today, those things wouldn't hold them back so much. But, today if it were Tony and Mario or Toni and Maria, they wouldn't have much chance either. Yet, one had to hope that things would change. In Vermont and Massachusetts, there were signs it might.

When Ben (as Tony) began to sing the words: "Hold my hand and I'll take you there..." (His part of the "Somewhere" number), the spotlight made obvious the tears running down his cheeks. They were real, not stage tears. He was singing it to Adam who was off stage just behind where Emma was standing. The audience was truly touched. Ben's parents were a part of that crowd. If one could have looked closely at his father's eyes, one might have seen the evidence of moisture forming. Joey, Esther, and their mother did not even try to hide how moved they were.

As the curtain closed after the final scene, the applause was thunderous. It went on and on. Students had to take several bows before the standing audience was satisfied. When the house lights gradually came back up, there were few dry eyes to be seen.

Still in costume and makeup, the excited cast received praise from friends and family. It was a great night to be alive!

Ben's family waited in a long line to get near Ben and Adam. Joey led the way; hugging both Ben and Adam. Esther shook hands with both. Ben's mother embraced her son momentarily and smiled at Adam. Ben's father, Dan, came up to his son and stood there for a moment as if he didn't know how to proceed. Then, he pulled his son into a tight hug.

"Excellent job, son!" he managed to choke out.

He stepped back with tears running down his face. Then he embraced Adam as well. The two boys were too emotional to speak. They just reached out to grab each other's hand as they stood there with joy lighting their faces.

Pastor Liz who happened to be standing behind the Aldrich family turned her eyes upward and whispered: "Thank you!"

The cast party at Emma's house lasted until after midnight. Her father kindly chauffeured some of the kids who were too young to drive. Craig came at the appointed hour to get Zeke and Bryan. They were spending the night at Zeke's house.

Grace Ann had not waited up with snacks since she was sure there was plenty of food at the party. She was so sound asleep that she didn't even hear the boys come in. It was evidence of how much more laidback she was now than she had been in the past.

To rid themselves of the residual makeup and performance sweat that clung to their young bodies, the guys took a long hot shower together. They rationalized that the amount of water expended was less than if they had taken separate showers. And, it was a lot more fun!

Zeke had Bryan get down on his knees while Zeke shampooed his hair. Bryan took the opportunity to bury his face in Zeke's crotch bringing about the desired erection.

A few minutes later, they switched positions so that Zeke was bringing Bryan to full mast while enjoying the sensations of having his own head washed. There was lots more soaping and playing, but it all stopped short of climax. That was being saved for bed.

For the first time in Gran's house, the boys walked out of the bathroom naked for the short trip to Zeke's room. It seemed to them like a brave move, and the effect of doing it was stimulating.

Once in the room, the sex play began in earnest. Bryan had Zeke lie down on his back while he began to stimulate him. He started by covering Zeke's whole body with his own. He nuzzled Zeke's ears and neck while planting little kisses on them. Then he moved down and went for the nipples. Zeke had very sensitive nipples. He squirmed and moaned as Bryan alternated between gentle licks and tiny nips with his teeth. Zeke wondered how long he could hold back his orgasm.

After working his way down Zeke's abdomen, Bryan stopped short of the main pleasure zone. He went to the foot of the bed where he began to nibble and suck on Zeke's toes. This was hot, but destined to get hotter as Bryan worked his way up the inside of Zeke's thighs. Zeke desperately wanted to cum, but at the same time was enjoying the sexual high he was on. Soon, Bryan was giving Zeke's balls a gentle tongue bath. When Bryan was about to move in for the kill, Zeke stopped him. He wanted to return the pleasure before he got too wiped out to do so.

Zeke asked Bryan to lie down while he proceeded to imitate what Bryan had done to him. Several minutes later, when he got to the point where he was going to take Bryan's dripping phallus into his mouth, Bryan asked him to turn around so that he could suck Zeke's cock too. They tried to go slowly and make it last a little longer, but without much success. It was only moments before torrents of hot jizz were being shot into warm, moist mouths. The volume and intensity were incredible.

Neither swallowed the whole load. Both saved some to share in the French kisses that followed in the afterglow. They were still partially erect when sleep overtook them.

Bryan and Zeke weren't the only guys celebrating by sharing their bodies and their love. Ben felt like he had been on an emotional rollercoaster. The longing and anguish of Tony had permeated his soul. It struck a chord with his own feelings about his sexuality, his family, and his lover. When his father had made a first step toward acceptance, the shock was almost too much. Ben couldn't unwind.

Adam empathized with Ben's situation. Though he still had the love of his father, his mother would probably never accept Adam's orientation. Adam grieved, but was able to compartmentalize the hurt and build a callus around it.

At the moment, Adam was in the process of bringing calm and pleasure to the guy he loved. By the time he finished massaging Ben's back, the latter was relaxed to the point of drifting off. However, when Adam turned him over, he found that not all of Ben's muscles were at ease. His love muscle felt like foam-covered steel.

Gently, Adam licked Ben's balls and perineum. His hands were busy brushing over Ben's nipples at the same time. Then Adam took Ben's juicy cock into his mouth. He began to suck it gently. Pretty soon, he was taking more and more of it in. By relaxing his throat, he could swallow it until his nose was buried in Ben's pubes. Adam's actions were having the desired effect. Ben could no longer ride the crest of the wave of desire. His hips began to move to meet Adam's bobbing head. With one last thrust, Ben's body went momentarily rigid as his balls emptied their bounty. Adam nearly choked on the flood.

Ben fully intended to return the favor, but his body had other ideas. Having been drained of adrenalin, stress, and sperm, Ben slipped into dreamland almost immediately.

Spooned behind him, Adam smiled in the darkness of their shared room. He had brought pleasure to the guy he love most in the world. His own needs could wait. Or could they? What he had done for Ben had turned him on greatly as well. He turned over on his back and grasped his aching stiffy. He wasn't counting, but it couldn't have taken more than five or six strokes to detonate the explosion. The first volley hit his neck. The successive ones landed on his chest and abdomen. Too lethargic to hunt for tissues, Adam smeared his cum into a thin coating and cuddled up to his lover again.

The sheets would get changed in the morning anyway.

Sunday morning found few teens in attendance at any church in Cosgrove. Liz had known this would happen. She understood that physical needs had priority over spiritual ones at times. Liz was thankful that the majority of the parents and guardians were present.

Most of the cast members from the musical were up and doing by 11:00. Many didn't move very fast, but were showered and dressed by the time the adults came home from church.

Craig insisted on treating Grace, Zeke, and Bryan to brunch at one of the hotel restaurants. The flat rate price per person was not inexpensive, but two teenagers could easily eat their money's worth in roast beef, lox, and waffles not to mention fruits, and other items. By the time brunch was over, all were sated and satisfied.

For the boys, the afternoon was spent playing video games, listening to CDs, and generally loafing. Most of the teachers had been easy on homework assignments because of the musical, the tennis meet, and the track meet. Many of the faculty had worked the kids harder in the beginning of the term so they could coast a bit when activities were abundant.

For Craig and Grace, the afternoon was spent working on the upstairs project. A lot of progress had been made already, but they were eager to finish. This would be their space after the wedding.

They had decided to get married in June. Doubtless, some in the community would think that they were hasty, but they didn't care about public opinion on that issue. Neither was getting any younger, and both wanted to start a family. Grace Ann had been sure she could live with this man from the second day she knew him. He was strong, kind, and loving. She couldn't have done better if she had ordered him custom-made.

Last month, they had consulted Zeke about their plans and he was very much in favor of them. He was excited to be a part of the wedding party. Craig had asked him to be best man! That was cool. Craig had asked Bryan and a young man from his work to be his other attendants. Grace would have her young cousin as her maid of honor and two young ladies from work as her other bridesmaids. Her brother would escort her down the aisle. Pastor Liz was doing the ceremony. She would start premarital counseling with them beginning next week.

Today, the main task was to prime the walls. The boys had promised to do some of the painting next week. Then there was trim and carpeting, but it should all be done well before they moved into it as a couple. That would allow time for furnishings and window treatments to be completed.

Monday was a day of celebration at school. The athletes had done well on the field and court. The musical had received high praise from the Gazette's critic. And prom was happening within a couple of weeks. It wouldn't be long before graduation and then another school year would be over.

In one of the restrooms near the theater, Bobby was harassing Sam. Bobby figured that he could get away with it this close to the end of the year. Besides, Mrs. Walton couldn't see or hear what was going on in the boys' room.

Bobby had finished at the urinal when Sam came in. But instead of zipping up, he went over to Sam and forced the younger boy on his knees in front of his stiffening cock. It was in the middle of the period, so it was unlikely that anyone would come in.

"No," Sam cried. "I am not going to do that! I'm not queer."

"Suck my cock, or I will bust your face!" Bobby commanded.

As the two were struggling, Shrek came through the door. He could see that Sam was being forced to do something he didn't want to do.

Shrek (Rusty) pushed Bobby back against the wall.

"Sam, get out of here, I'll take care of this fucker!"

Bobby was shaking but was excited at the same time. He loved the feeling of strength in Rusty's arms. He was nearly intoxicated by the aroma of Rusty's cologne. Instead of a desire to fight back, Bobby felt like he wanted to stay in Shrek's arms.

Before he knew what hit him, Bobby was sitting on the toilet in the back stall. Shrek was in there with him and the door was fastened behind him.

"If you want cock play, try sucking on this." Shrek commanded as he unzipped his shorts.

Bobby was fascinated by the large phallus which jutted menacingly just inches from his lips. Without any hesitation, Bobby swallowed it about half way and began to bob up and down on it.

Rusty pulled back in shock. He had meant the gesture as a threat, not an offer.

"Shit, what are you doing, Bobby."

"I'm sucking your cock like you told me to."

"Just forget it, I ain't no fag!" Shrek remonstrated.

"Please, Rusty, let me do this for you. I promise I'll leave Sam alone."

It is said that a stiff cock has no conscience. A battle raged inside of Rusty's head. He didn't want to have anyone think he was gay, but despite himself, he loved the feelings Bobby was giving him. He let his shorts fall to the floor and thrust his thick meat toward Bobby's eager face. Bobby opened his mouth wide and sucked in what he could. He wrapped his right hand around the rest, using his left hand to fondle Shrek's heavy balls.

Rusty was like putty in his hands. He began to caress the back of Bobby's head while moaning his approval. It didn't take long. Bobby thought he would drown when the first volley hit. By the time it was over, Bobby was sure he would. He figured the undertaker would never be able to wipe the smile off of his face.

When it was over, Shrek spoke first.

"Bobby, I didn't mean for you to do anything you didn't want to do. Really, I was just trying to scare some sense into you."

"Don't worry, Rusty, I wanted to do it with you. You won't tell, will you?"

"No, I ain't gonna tell ANYONE!"

"Good. Do you think we could do it again sometime?"

"Maybe, but don't assume I would do you in return."

"That's okay. I enjoy making you happy. You're a big handsome hunk!"

"Gee, thanks," Rusty replied. "Maybe you're okay after all. Just don't fuck with my little buddies!"

"I won't. Can I call you Shrek?"

Rusty nodded.

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