by David Lee

Chapter 16

Sunday morning came more quickly than two growing freshmen would have desired. Their bodies craved more sleep, but their self-discipline won over and they popped out of bed to get ready for church. This morning, they didn't worry if anyone knew that the shower ran only once.

Today it was especially important to be at church since this was the day participants of the catechism class were to be formally welcomed into membership. Pastor Liz had chosen a Sunday which wasn't loaded with the pageantry and details that would detract from this rite of passage. Neither Palm Sunday nor Easter was suitable in her mind. She had worked around the obstacles she had foreseen, but hadn't taken school activities into account, so she had no idea why a number of young people looked especially sleepy.

All of the members of the class, except for Zeke, had been baptized as infants. Zeke's former church didn't believe in doing that, so he knelt by the font while Pastor Liz spoke the words of the sacrament and put the water on his head.

"Zeke Zrudsky Adams, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May the peace of God abide with you now and always. Amen."

It was a moving experience for him. While he had no quarrel with those who baptized babies, he liked the idea of having made a conscious choice.

The youth choir did an excellent job on their anthem despite the fact that several of them were lacking sleep. After church, the kids went to their homes for lunch and much-needed naps.

Heavy snow began falling around 7:00 o'clock Sunday night and there was no sign of its letting up by bedtime. The message running at the bottom of the screen during the 10:00 o'clock newscast listed a host of nearby districts which were already calling off school for Monday. Cosgrove was holding off making a decision until morning since its buses ran only in the city.

The weak pre-dawn light revealed that there was no way school would happen that day. Many kids were not even awakened by their parents, though some were up and showered before the TV stations broke the news.

Zeke was among the lucky ones. Grace Ann had heard an early report on the radio so she let him sleep. Around 9:00 o'clock, he woke with a start when the phone in the kitchen rang. Looking at his clock, he panicked. He should have been at school more than an hour ago. Then he heard Gran talking to someone.

"Just a minute, I'll see if sleepyhead's awake yet."

When she rapped on Zeke's door, he responded immediately. She handed him the cordless phone and he heard Bryan's voice on the other end.

"Isn't it cool to have the whole day off? Do you want to do something? Our streets aren't cleared yet, but Dad's working on the snowmobile to get it running. If he's successful, I can come over and get you."

In the midst of their conversation, the roar of an engine was heard on Bryan's end. In this particular competition between man and machine, Dad had been victorious. Zeke got off the phone to take a quick shower. He had already pissed while talking, and Bryan had giggled at the telltale sounds.

By the time Zeke had wolfed down his breakfast, the sound of the old snowmobile was heard in his drive. The boys still hadn't decided what to do with their day off. The mall would be closed. Theaters were closed. The whole town was virtually shut down.

The course of their day was determined when Craig came up from his apartment saying that he was going to get out the snow blower to do the drive. The boys volunteered to clear it for him if they could use his machine to earn some money cleaning out other driveways. Craig was delighted to let them. He had plenty of work to do for his job at Rockwell. Fortunately, most of it could be done from home on his computer.

As soon as Gran's place was finished, the two guys started around the neighborhood. There were lots of people who were willing to pay to avoid the challenge of moving mountains of snow. By noon they had made a tidy sum, but the reserve gas can was nearly empty.

Grace Ann took time out from studying for her on-line college course to prepare a huge lunch for the laborers. They dug into the food as if it were about to go out of style. She was glad she had made extra.

After lunch, the guys decided to find an open gas station to get more fuel. By phoning around, they avoided going on a wild goose chase. Half an hour later, they had a full can so they could earn more money. Gran came to the door just as they were ready to leave again.

"Bryan, could you do me a very big favor? I need to go in to work for a while and I'll never get there in the car without getting stuck. If you could take me on this wondrous machine, I would be very grateful. I'll gladly pay you taxi fare. Oh, Mrs. Worthington needs a couple of items from the grocery store. If you can wait for me to check them out, you can deliver them. It would be a very good Boy Scout deed. It might rank up there with dragging old ladies across the street!"

While Bryan went on his mission, Zeke worked on Mr. Johansson's drive. He completed it just before Bryan returned from Mrs. Worthington's. Both kids were paid handsomely by the two elderly people. Zeke, of course, got more because of the amount of physical labor he had done. But Bryan received a healthy tip which the elderly lady insisted on giving him despite his protests that it was excessive.

Around 5:00, most of the drives within the area were cleared either by kids or homeowners. It was getting dark and it was time to go home and count the cash.

"Wow!" Zeke exclaimed. "Look at all the dough we made, and nothing is taken out for taxes, social security, and the rest of that stuff."

Bryan was pleased too. It was a lot more take-home pay than they would have made bagging groceries in a month of Saturdays.

Zeke wanted to take Bryan up on his invitation for dinner, but Uncle Craig was already cooking and had invited Zeke to eat with him. Bryan understood. He bundled up again and carefully made his way home.

Craig loved the times he could spend alone with Zeke in his snug apartment. It wasn't that he didn't want Grace or Bryan around, but it was good to spend time one on one with his nephew. He felt himself bonding with Zeke. It was a little like having his younger brother around again; like the chance to do and say the things he hadn't done or said in the past.

As Craig was offering Zeke a third helping of chicken Marsala, he felt nostalgic.

"Zeke, you're so much like your father it makes me feel like a kid again. He would be proud of you. I'm guessing that he is."

"Do you think the people who are gone can see what we do?" Zeke asked.

"Well, I am not sure about that; but I think they might be aware of us."

"Then maybe my dad wouldn't be so proud." Zeke said lowering his eyes.

"Zeke, you are the son any man would dream of having for his own."

Zeke stopped eating. He slid his chair back and stood up. Big tears began to run down his handsome young face.

"Uncle Craig, I'm not what you think I am. I'm a fag!"

He turned to flee upstairs, but found himself trapped in a bear hug. Uncle Craig kissed the boy's damp cheek and tousled his hair. There was no sign of anger or rejection.

Zeke couldn't believe it.

"Man, aren't you going to slap me or tell me I'm disgusting, and throw me out?"

"No, Son, I love you like you were my own boy. Nothing you could ever do or say would change that."

Craig went on to tell Zeke that Zach had had a special guy-friend when he was growing up. Craig was pretty sure Zach would understand Zeke's love for Bryan.

"Are Bryan and I that obvious?"

"To me you are, but that may be because I know what love between two men looks like. I suspect some other people would spot it too, but probably not many."

After more conversation over washing the dishes together, Zeke went upstairs to his house to call Bryan and tell him the good news.

The extra day off was good for lots of reasons. Kids got caught up on rest. Teachers got caught up on rest. And the rumor mill had been on idle. Zeke and Bryan didn't pick up any vibes that would indicate Heather had been telling tales. Both had worried about it at first, but had stopped obsessing over it after a short while. They were becoming more fatalistic and less anxious. What would come; would come. The recent experiences with Gran and Craig had been very encouraging.

Ben noticed the absence of Heather and Melissa at the lunch table on Tuesday. Rachel, however, was there monopolizing Sam's attention; much to the latter's delight. He was positively giddy from the thrill of having his first girlfriend.

Ben suspected the other couples hadn't hit it off so well. That was okay. They were too young to get serious about anyone. He smiled inwardly realizing he had not been much older when he had fallen for Adam, and their love showed no signs of diminishing with maturing.

Adam picked up on his half grin.

"What're you thinking about, stud?"

"Oh, I was pondering the mysteries of young love," He replied.

Adam snickered as he watched Sam and Rachel with their heads together sharing some secret or other.

Heather was still pissed that she had failed in her attempt to get into Zeke's pants. However, at the moment she could think of no way to spread gossip about him without making her look bad. If she complained that he resisted her advances, she would come off as a slut. If she tried to convince anyone that he'd gotten fresh with her, she was pretty sure they wouldn't believe it. Hmm, what could she do? Why had he stopped her from playing with his cock? Wasn't he a red-blooded American boy? Uncle Bill loved what she did with her hands (and mouth). Maybe she should set her sights on an older guy.

Bryan celebrated his 15th birthday in the cold of winter with his best friend and lover to keep him warm. He didn't want a big party, but chose to mark the occasion much like Zeke had, with just the two of them having dinner and a sleepover on the weekend.

When Friday night rolled around, Mary Stillwell fixed his favorite spaghetti dinner with Italian sausage in the sauce. It was followed by a big chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. As far as Bryan was concerned, chocolate was one of the essential food groups.

He received the usual gifts of clothes and CDs. Zeke bought him the "West Side Story" disc so that he could immerse himself in the music they would be doing in April. Bryan copied the it on his parents' CD burner so Zeke could enjoy it on his stereo too.

Bryan was content. He didn't need anything more than what he had at the moment. The best part of his birthday was having Zeke stay over sharing his bed. Bryan's parents didn't seem to find it strange that two teens would want to go to bed at 9:00 on Friday night. The week had been filled with activities and the boys needed to catch up on their sleep.

Of course, what the boys really needed to catch up on was a little quality time together. They began it in the dim light of the tiny lamp beside Bryan's bed. Zeke had Bryan lie back while he performed a strip show. He used the Jets' song, but kept to volume low enough to keep it from being heard downstairs. He moved his lithe body in time with the music thrusting his hips to accent certain beats. Part of what he did was the choreography they had been learning. The effect was erotic, especially with his hardon bouncing.

After his routine, he switched the disc to play: "One Hand, One Heart." As this tender love song progressed, Zeke removed Bryan's clothing. Toward the end of the song, he ran his hands sensuously over Bryan's naked body. He finished by running his tongue inside of Bryan's legs from knee to crotch. Then he engulfed the hot phallus in his warm, moist mouth. Bryan shuddered with delight.

It wasn't long before Bryan maneuvered around in order to suck on Zeke's tasty meat. The sounds of slurping and moaning were barely dampened by the soft music still playing in the background.

With an involuntary thrust, Bryan began to blow his load. As he did, he ran his fingers across Zeke's rosebud. The extra stimulation left Zeke nearly breathless as he too unloaded his aching balls.

The deep kissing which followed eventually cooled down to gentle kisses. At the end of the "Finale," Bryan punched the remote to turn off the stereo as the two satisfied teenagers cuddled together. Soon they drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Wrestling season had wound down about the time rehearsals for the musical were gearing up. Kids who were involved in both felt that they didn't draw a breath between. Many of the students who were going out for spring sports felt they couldn't take on the musical in addition. It was a busy time.

Ben was beginning to feel better about the upcoming show. Two things made a difference. Adam was making it a habit to stand in the wings where Ben could see him when he sang his more important numbers. The other thing that helped was not wearing his glasses or contacts. Since he was somewhat nearsighted, the audience was a blur while people on stage were not too much out of focus. Adam had come up with that idea as well. He would do whatever it took to put his guy at ease.

Zeke and Bryan were in their element as singer/dancers. They loved to perform and it showed. Their enthusiasm was infectious. The director was happy that he'd chosen them to be in the troupe.

Spring break caused a lull in all school activities. After the heavy snows of January and February, everyone was ready to take time off. Even Miss Primrose, the fussy language arts teacher, was happy to be away from the grind. She felt a twinge of guilt for feeling that way. Hmm, maybe she could live without teaching. Retirement was beginning to look good.

This year the public schools had their vacation at the same time as some of the universities. Uncle Bill was going to be in town. It was his last year in college, but he wanted to see his sister and her family more than he wanted to go to Florida. Mostly, he wanted to see Heather. At 15, she was getting a little old for his taste, but it could be a fun time.

Neither Zeke nor Bryan had any big plans for the break. Todd was coming home for most of the time. The Stillwell family would go to Missouri to see Grandma Stillwell for a couple of days in the middle of the week. Zeke was invited to come along too since Clara Stillwell had always thought of him as her own grandson. She remembered him fondly as Frack (of Frick and Frack).

With the unusually warm spring weather, the boys had quite a bit driving practice in the convertible with Craig. Their skills were improving because of the amount of experience they were acquiring. This summer, they planned to take driver's ed. at the community college so they could get licensed the day they turned 16 the following year.

Cars and insurance would be expensive. They were saving all they could and considering buying one car between them. It made sense, but they wondered what other people would think, particularly Bryan's parents.

The visit to Missouri was enjoyable though shorter than anyone would have wished. But even a little time with Grandma was better than none. She made sure the boys got to see some of the local sights. She also stuffed them with her excellent home cooking. Zeke was glad wrestling was over because he was sure he'd gained five pounds. He knew he would probably have to move up another weight class or two by next year. If the coach made him stay too thin, he was sure Craig would pull him from the program.

Grandma's home was only about five hours south of Bryan's, but it made a lot of difference in the spring temperature. It was warm enough in the daytime to run around in nothing but shorts. The two teens and Todd took every opportunity to bare as much skin as possible to start on their tans.

One afternoon turned rainy as the two younger guys were outside enjoying the weather. They sought shelter in the little old barn-like outbuilding at the back of the property. The place was used for storage nowadays, but Grandma kept it very clean. In a trunk, they found an old comforter which they spread on the floor. There they snuggled; hugging and kissing as the rain beat a pleasant rhythm on the roof.

As the petting got heavier, the guys slipped their hands down the front of each other's shorts. They were going to strip them off and do some serious lovemaking, when Todd, came flying through the door.

Seeing them with their clothes nearly off, Todd laughed.

"Don't you guys think of anything but sex?"

"What else is there?" Zeke responded.

"You're right! What else is there?" Todd replied. "Seriously, you guys are gonna get caught one of these days. What would happen if Gran finds out?"

"She already knows and she's cool with it." Zeke informed him.

"Wow, who woulda thunk it?"

Zeke and Bryan shared some of the clues that led them to believe Grace Ann suspected their relationship. In the conversation, they told Todd they were boyfriends. He showed no surprise, nor did they expect him to.

"Hey Bro, do you think Mom and Dad will be as laid back as Gran was?" Bryan asked.

"I don't know. They talk a pretty liberal game. It'll be interesting to see if they feel that way inside."

Todd's observations didn't do much to encourage Bryan. He had never seriously thought that his parents might not be open to his being gay. Now he was having reservations about coming out to them. He would have to wait and watch to see when, and if, the time was right.

Heather had a memorable spring break. Her parents were determined not to let her spend any unsupervised time with Bill. They didn't trust him one bit. Military school and college might have cured his molesting tendencies, but they doubted it. He'd never had any real counseling.

Bill anticipated their reaction; which is why he came to town a few days before he told his sister he'd be there. He had emailed Heather of his plans to get a room at a motel. She concocted a story about spending time with Melissa. That way, she was free to be with him.

Heather was getting more mature than the age of girls that fascinated Bill, but he had a plan to change part of that – temporarily at least. After he got Heather naked in his room, he shaved her pubic hair. She loved the attention he was bestowing on her crotch. It nearly brought her to orgasm as Bill carefully removed her outward signs of sexual maturity. When he finished, she was ready for whatever else he had in mind.

Bill had a gifted tongue. He used it to bring Heather to orgasm several times in the first half hour they were together. Then he greased up his throbbing cock and plunged it home. He wasn't gentle, and it hurt, but Heather was so enamored of her uncle that she didn't complain. Soon the pain went away and she found herself moving up to meet his thrusts. She loved the flood which filled her body as he let loose volley after volley of hot cum. It was even hotter when he replaced his dick with his tongue and caused her to reach another climax.

The two managed to get in several sessions before Bill made his official visit. Each time, he began by removing any stubble Heather had grown since their last meeting. Heather was now sure she preferred real men to freshman boys.

Frick and Frack were two Swiss skaters who came to the U.S. and joined the original Ice Follies show as comedy ice skaters.Frick" was Werner Groebli, born April 21, 1915, in Basel, Switzerland. "Frack" was Hansreudi (Hans) R. Mauch, May 4, 1919, in Basel, Switzerland. Frick and Frack were known for skating in Alpine Lederhosen and performing eccentric tricks on ice.Frick and Frack" has become an English slang term used to refer to two people so closely associated as to be indistinguishable. The term has become sufficiently generic that people unrelated to the original pair have begun using it themselves.

Frick and Frack remains fairly common one in North America for any two people who are closely linked in some way, especially through a work partnership.

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