by David Lee

Chapter 10

The week with the 'rents gone was passing too quickly. Not that Todd and Bryan didn't love their parents, but they also loved the freedom to be on their own, and naked. Zeke was there a lot and all three of the teens were losing their tan lines.

"We'll get some teasing in gym class for sunning bare-ass," Zeke thought aloud.

"Sure, but they'll just be jealous that we could run around like nudists. I'll bet most guys would do it if they could get away with it! Besides, if they ask why our butts aren't white, we can ask why they're checking out our butts! That should shut them up."

The night before Mary and Brad were due back, Todd invited Dave to stay over. They hadn't gotten together much since high school. Dave was happy to come over. Jeri was going to spend the week traveling with her cousin. Lisa was considering transferring to Iowa for college and Jeri was going to show her the campus. (Lisa's dates with Todd had made her more serious about the possible move.) Since Dave was without his girlfriend, he would enjoy the distraction.

The two guys were alone in the house because Bryan was spending the night with Zeke. Dave jumped at the chance to go "native" as the two frolicked about naked in the pool. Todd's cooking skills left a bit to be desired, so he ordered pizza again. The same kid who had delivered a couple of days ago was on duty. He appraised Todd's scantily clad body with a winning smile. Todd was aware of the fact that he was being looked over. He enjoyed it and tipped the kid a little heavier than he usually would.

Todd and Dave ate nude outside by the pool. The next door neighbors were gone, so there was no reason not to. Little did the guys know that Heather and Melissa were peeking through the fence. Heather knew that her sometime employers were on vacation and since their backyard was not visible from the street, it was a great opportunity to sneak a look at male bodies. Melissa was impressed!

When Todd and Dave tired of swimming, they went inside and surfed the net for a while. Finally, they settled down, still naked, on Todd's bed and talked. Dave was frustrated because he wasn't "getting any." Jeri had definite ideas about waiting until she was married. His "need" arose as he talked about making out and having to stop short of his goal. Todd's cock started to firm up just hearing about it. Pretty soon, Dave reached over and put his hand on Todd's abdomen. That made Todd's meat stand up and beg. Before they knew it, they were feeling each other's body. Dave swung around, and they took each other orally like they used to do. Neither guy lasted very long. Loud moans accompanied copious loads of hot cum. Both swallowed just as they did when they were 15.

Dave soon fell asleep while Todd lay awake wondering if he was as sure of where he stood sexually as he'd told himself.

The week Mary and Brad were gone wasn't all play. Bryan and Zeke helped build the addition on the garage. Fortunately, a slab for an extra car had been poured at the same time as the garage floor. Craig assumed the original owners were saving money and hoping to expand later. That would account for the unfinished top floor of the house as well.

Zeke and Bryan were pleased that they could help in the construction. They were fussy about measuring and cutting. Craig was genuinely impressed with their abilities. It didn't hurt their self esteem to receive his praise. They began to think maybe they could get hired for summer construction when they were old enough to drive.

Driving was one of the things they practiced that summer. Craig had Grace and Bryan's parents sign papers which allowed the boys to practice with him. He took them out in the convertible with the top down. That not only gave them good visibility, but made them highly visible to anyone who saw them passing by. Several of their school mates were green with envy.

The day after Craig took residence in his new "apartment." Grace's phone rang with the calls she had expected. The first was from Elder Reynolds. He was saddened that she and Zeke had not been to church for over a month. Grace explained that they had been going elsewhere. That revelation made him angrier than if they'd simply been staying home. He immediately lashed out by questioning her morals.

"Now I hear you're living in sin with a man! You need to come back and repent of your fornication in front of the congregation, so we can pray for your healing. Repent, or you will burn in the eternal flames of Hell!"

Grace, proper young woman that she was, decided for once to say what came to her mind.

"Brother Reynolds, why don't you go to Hell and send me back a report!" she said sweetly.

With that, she slammed down the receiver. Zeke came down the hall applauding.

The other call, from her mother, came about 10 minutes later. News traveled fast in their small circle. After listening to the older lady rant on for a few minutes, Grace told her mother to stuff it. She actually used those words! The woman on the other end of the line was at a loss for words – something never before witnessed by anyone.

Grace hung up the phone with a big smile on her face. She was free of her old life. She was going to make the most of that liberty.

Sergeant Perkins was hot and sweaty. He couldn't wait to get home to his little apartment. A warm shower and a cold beer sounded especially good at the moment. The heat/humidity index of early August was oppressive. In addition, the small bugs flying around his face weren't helping his humor in the least. Once again, he was on "perv" duty at Sandler Park. He wondered why it was important for him to be out looking for guys having sex with each other.

He knew the answer, of course. It was election year again. The local politicians always promised to clean up the city when they were running for office. Then they sat back and did little until it was election time again. Now, there would be a crackdown on all sorts of activities. Perkins could see why drugs, and possibly prostitution needed to be curbed, but he couldn't see the reason for harassing guys whose only sin was getting it on with other guys. Who cared? Sometimes a quick blow job sounded rather hot to him!

It was only a few minutes until he was off duty. He was about to report in and to leave his post when he saw a big Lincoln slowly cruising into the park. Perkins crouched behind some bushes to remain unobserved.

A man and two boys, possibly age 12 or 13 emerged from the auto. They were too far away to identify, but the car looked familiar. They were headed down a path to a more secluded area. The man had both boys by the arm. This looked suspicious. Sergeant Perkins decided to follow and investigate. He crept along silently watching his step so as not to make much noise.

When he had gone about 10 yards, he knew he was close because he heard voices.

"We're going to find out here and now! Before we leave, I'll know for sure if you're faggots! Drop your pants and underwear, Brendan. Do it now if you know what's good for you!"

The voice continued as Perkins crept closer. He was glad for once that he had taken the digital camera the department had purchased for this duty.

"Now, Joey. You get on your knees in front of Brendan. DO it!!!"

Perkins thought he heard a muffled reply followed by the sound of someone getting slapped. While he wanted to stop the abuse quickly, he also wanted evidence to put this person away, if he was a child molester like it appeared.

"Start petting his little dick. Good. See how hard it's getting. He likes it. He is a fag. Now, lick it."

This time there was a distinct "NO" and the sound of feet retreating toward the policeman. When Joey came into view, Perkins held a finger up to his lips to caution the boy. Joey caught on and dived behind the big man. He was shaking, but remained silent.

The voice rose in anger: "Joseph, if you run away, I'll tell your parents that you need to go to that place to be straightened out. You know what they do to you there? They shock your penis until you learn not to be a homo. It hurts really bad. I know. Do you want that to happen to you?"

There was no response, of course. The owner of the voice turned his attention to the sobbing Brendan.

"Okay, boy. I guess I'll have to finish this myself. Do you like this, boy?" he said as he took the softening cock into his big mouth.

The boy shook with fear as he tried to defend his heterosexual position.

"No sir!"

The man removed his mouth long enough to launch into a tirade.

"Don't lie to me, boy. You remember what happened to Ananias and Sapphira don't you?"

Brendan knew that those people had been struck down by God. The story was dusted off and repeated every time the church wanted money for something.

He wondered if God really would strike him dead. While he hated having this old fart sucking on his dick, it certainly felt good. His rising erection was belying his answer.

The man engulfed Brendan's hard cock and took it all. Brendan closed his eyes and tried to pretend it was a girl from his school.

It was multiple flashes from a camera that made Brendan open his eyes a split second later. John Parker was so startled that he fell over backwards. He tried to recover enough to wrestle the camera away from the sergeant, but Perkins was too quick. With a fleetness that seemed impossible for a man of his size, Perkins had subdued and cuffed his prisoner.

Brendan stood there in shock crying; his pants still around his ankles.

Joey, who was recovering from his own trauma, came over and gently dressed Brendan. Then, he held the latter in his arms. If caring for your best bud was gay, then so be it! He still liked girls, but his buddy, Brendan, needed comforting.

Perkins called for the police counselor to come and care for the boys. He had assured them that their names would not be in the paper. He impressed upon them that they needed to be brave and make a statement to put this evil man away. He even showed Brendan the photos to prove that Brendan's face wasn't in the pictures. His youthful body was clearly visible with Parker's face buried in his crotch.

The arrest of the local clergyman made the headlines of the area papers. There were enough charges to put him on ice for a long time. A number of people in the community couldn't help but feel some elation over the fall of this bigot.

Pastor Liz was feeling a little uneasy about feeling happy that Parker had been arrested. She and her husband, Derek, were poring over the story in the Gazette.

"I must ask God to forgive me, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I want to gloat awhile today! He did refer to me as Liberal Lesbian Liz, you know."

"If he'd ever been in bed with you, he would know how false part of that statement is!" replied Derek.

That earned him a smack on the arm.

"But seriously, I must pray for those poor boys whom he victimized. I hope they'll be able to have good, heallthy sex lives despite his molesting them. God knows some kids carry enough baggage these days."

The people of Parker's congregation were devastated to say the least. Some wanted to claim that he was only doing God's will by testing the boys, but it was a flimsy argument at best. Other's claimed it was entrapment, but that didn't ring true either. There was photographic evidence and the witness of two reliable kids.

The Aldrich family was more shaken than any others. They had bought into Parker's authority completely. He had practically hypnotized them. They had given the church more money than they could afford. They had thrown out their own flesh and blood at his insistence. Now, he had tried to sexually assault their younger son and his friend, Mrs. Aldrich thought about her older son, Ben, and was sad. She supposed he could never forgive them, but she began to feel that she would like to see him again. She could try to mend the relationship. Her resolve began to take form when she handed the phone to Joey and told him to call his brother. Then, both parents left the house so the two boys could talk without fear of being overheard. Joey talked and cried with Ben for more than an hour. It was probably the best therapy he could have received.

Sergeant Perkins was pleased for several reasons. He had nabbed an evil man and gotten irrefutable evidence that would put him away. Also, he wouldn't have to work particularly hard on "perv" duty for a long time. Not only would the politicians be off the police department's back, since they would keep their jobs, but the local men would be more cautious and find their release at the adult book store or some other place. If any did come out to play, he would pretend they weren't there.

Grace also rejoiced at Parker's fall. She'd had occasional moments of doubt about leaving that church. Now, she knew for certain her decision had been the right one. Zeke was already saying he wanted to take catechism with Bryan this winter and join Bryan's church. She decided to attend the inquiry classes for adults. She was moving on too.

Zeke was especially pleased to find that they were free of Parker. He and Bryan giggled for nearly an hour that day in the woods. They tried to outdo each other in alliteration.

"Pastor Parker's pecker's in a peck of problems," Zeke chanted.

"Pastor Parker packs a pickled pecker," Bryan replied.

"Pastor Parker's purple pecker packs a pint of pickled piss!" Zeke countered.

It went downhill from there.

When the silliness wore down, the two boys got very quiet and looked into each other's eyes. Then they moved toward each other and embraced. Despite the mugginess of the day, they loved the warmth of each other's body. They began with soft tender kisses that evolved into hot passionate ones. Soon their flimsy shorts were on the ground and they were humping against each other. The sheen of perspiration acted as a great lubricant. They reached an explosive climax at nearly the same moment and lay back on the ground. It was then that they realized they were not alone.

"Um, Zeke, Gran called and wants you home soon. Craig is taking you guys out to eat." Todd announced.

"Shit!" Bryan swore.

"It's okay, little bro. I know you guys are close. I understand how you feel more than you realize. I suppose I should have let you know sooner that I was here, but I didn't want to spoil the moment for you. And it was really hot to watch!"

The younger boys managed a small smile at Todd's last statement as they jumped up to put on their shorts.

"Don't worry; I'm not going to tell anyone. You don't need to tell anyone either. You may change your mind about guy-sex as you get older, but I'm guessing you won't. Anyway, there is no sense in crossing that bridge before you come to it. I love you both. Your secret is safe with me."

As he said this, Todd stood between the younger boys and gave their shoulders a firm squeeze. In the moment, Bryan knew for sure Zeke and he had an ally they could count on if he were ever needed. He turned, and the guys blended into a three-way hug.

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