by David Lee

Chapter 11

John Parker, the former pastor of the Independent Church of the Bible was facing an ever growing list of charges. Not only was he cited for two counts of lascivious acts with a minor, but child pornography as well.

When the authorities checked his computer, they found it filled with photos of naked boys doing things with adults that should only be done between consenting people of the same age group.

Then the elders of the church started looking into the financial records. His fancy car and expensive suits had all been bought with the hard earned money he had conned out of simple people in the name of God. The evidence kept mounting.

Brad and Mary got home after their wonderful vacation looking rested and fit. They had enjoyed the time away immensely and were pleased to find their house in one piece. The boys had even cleaned before their parents' arrival. That made Mary more than a little suspicious!

Mary noticed that Bryan was his usual self, but Todd seemed more pensive. Perhaps he was maturing and she hadn't noticed it before. She hoped he was feeling okay. Maybe he had taken on too much this summer. He had just finished finals, and that coaching job did eat into his time.

It was only a short while before public school would start again. Zeke very much wanted to begin high school as "Zeke Adams." With the name change, he would be one of the first in his class to graduate someday, rather than dead last. He decided to bring up the subject with Gran. Grace Ann was not unhappy at his request. To the contrary, she had been waiting for him to broach the subject of taking his father's surname. She felt it would complete the healing that had begun with Craig's arrival. They talked to Craig, who was delighted, and they contacted an attorney to see how quickly it could be done.

There was good news and bad news. The change would be easy to make, but it would take a few months of the old bureaucratic shuffle (BS) to get it accomplished. Sometimes, the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow.

Armed with the marriage license and a letter from the lawyer, Grace Ann took Zeke to school to meet with Roy Carlson, the principal. On the basis of the documents, he okayed a change in all of Zeke's records. It was a little irregular, but Carlson could see how much it meant to the boy. This man really loved his students and wanted them to have the best chance possible.

When they got home, Zeke shared some other thoughts that were buzzing around in his head.

"How much do gravestones cost?"

"Well, Hon, it depends a lot on the size and the type of materials. Why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking that Mom has such a little one and Dad doesn't have one at all. Since Craig bought me the bike, I could use my money to get one with both their names on it. Maybe they would let us bury Dad's ashes there too. What do you think?"

"We need to talk to your uncle before we make any plans. He is the one with the urn and it is his brother, after all."

"Yeah, but it's MY DAD!"

Grace Ann invited Craig to come up to dinner when he returned from work that evening. She cooked some of what she had learned were his favorite foods, and he was delighted.

"Okay, I think I am being softened up for something. This meal is what I would ask for it I knew it was my last day on earth!"

Grace Ann let Zeke explain what he would like to do. Craig was very touched. He knew that the tombstone Zeke had in mind would cost way more than Zeke could afford. He suggested that he could buy the monument and Zeke could pay for the inscription. Though Craig could easily fund the whole project, he knew that Zeke needed to feel he was instrumental in providing a memorial for his parents.

Zeke's plan was even more elaborate than he had originally told Gran.

"I talked to Bryan and he thinks that Pastor Liz would be willing to do a little grave-side service for them. I would like that."

Craig got up and hugged his nephew.

"I would very much like that too! Let's call her and see if she would do it."

"Todd, the phone is for you," Mary called up the stairs.

Todd answered it to find Dave on the other end.

"Can you come over to my house? My parents are gone and I really need to talk with you. You can stay over if you want to."

Todd replied that he would be over as soon as he could throw his things together and let his mom know where he would be.

"Now, don't you boys do any partying! I'll hear about it if you do. No booze and no girls overnight!"

"Okay, Mom, you know I have to coach tomorrow even though I'm done with classes. I 'll be a good little boy" he said in a high-pitched voice.

He had to jump out of the way to avoid a smack on the butt. He giggled as he ran out to the car.

When he got to Dave's place, Todd was greeted by a serious looking young man.

"I was afraid you might not want to come. Ever since I stayed over at your place, I haven't been able to get it off of my mind."

"I haven't either," Todd responded.

Dave continued, "I thought we had left all that behind when we were in high school. I started dating Jeri and truly fell in love with her. I put all the past things out of my mind. But now I'm confused. I love her and I want her and I want kids, but I have deep feelings for you and I want you as well. What's wrong with me?"

Todd shook his head slowly while forming his reply.

"Dave, I feel the same way about you. What we did really shook me. I thought I knew where I stood sexually. Now, I am not sure at all. I want a wife and kids too. I want a normal life. But, I want you as well. All the stuff I have read about sexual "preference" leads me to believe that I'm bisexual. But, I don't feel desire for any guy but you. Sure, I get a kick seeing my bro and his bud naked. They're cute. Yeah, it gives me horny thoughts, but it's you that I want to share my body with."

Dave smiled as he took Todd into his arms. He met no resistance; only a warm hug in response. Their kisses began as a gentle nuzzling at the neck. Then their lips met. It wasn't long before tenderness gave way to passionate tongue wrestling. They were sharing their hot mouths with more abandon than either had shared with females.

Dave stepped back and smiled again as he took Todd's hand and led him toward the bedroom.

"Uh, could I shower first? I rushed home to eat after the game today and was going to shower before I went to bed." Todd said.

"Stud, I love your scent whether sweaty or clean, but I would also love to share a shower with you."

The first climax came as the two young men rubbed their soapy bodies together. It happened so quickly that it took them by surprise. They were both riding the wave of lust and expectation; savoring the feelings stirring in their loins when Todd went over the edge and blew his load. Feeling the hot, sticky discharge made Dave cum too. They spent a couple of minutes holding and kissing each other before they washed each other clean and toweled off.

"You want a snack? I think there's some cold pizza in the fridge." Dave offered.


Presently, two naked guys went to the kitchen to replace the calories they had just expended. Dave pulled out a couple of lite beers to wash down the leftover pizza. After a few minutes, the young men were feeling pretty relaxed.

"Todd, what are we going to do? I know I love Jeri and will probably marry her, but I still need you in my life. Is there a solution?"

"I don't know. I need you too. Do you think we can get married but always live near each other and always get together for special, guy times?"

"Yeah, that just might work. We have to try."

As they stood, Todd pulled Dave into a warm, naked embrace. Finding that their interests were rising again, the guys went back upstairs to share their love in Dave's big bed. This time it was slower and gentler. They fell asleep in each other's arms knowing that they would need and love each other for the rest of their lives.

The fallout at Parker's former church was extensive. Since it was a church that had no affiliation with any major denomination, there was no one to step in and help hold it together. Elder Reynolds saw himself as a kind of Moses and strove to tell everyone how things should operate. Not everyone agreed. Numerous struggles for power erupted. Eventually, many broke ranks and joined other churches. Some were soured enough by the experience that they quit going to church at all. Others sat in front of their TVs on Sunday morning and began to send their hard-earned money to the televangelists. Reynolds became a chief with no Indians.

In late August, school started up for another year. Kids with new clothes and well scrubbed faces gathered at the various learning institutions throughout town excited to see their friends and to get started with activities again.

Bryan rode his bike over to Zeke's house so that the two could make the trip together. It was promising to be a very hot day and, like many of their peers, they were clad in shorts, thin shirts, and sandals.

At Cosgrove High, they locked their sleek-looking bicycles together in the racks near the entrance. They put one lock through both back wheels and the other through the front wheels. Zeke was especially protective of his treasured new vehicle.

Homeroom met first. Unfortunately, they did not have that in common. However, several of their classes were shared during the rest of the day.

Since this first day was a run-through, school would be dismissed at noon. It was just as well seeing how quickly the temperature was climbing.

After homeroom, Bryan and Zeke met up in math class. Bryan tested high enough to be in the advanced section, but he knew that he was going to have to work hard to keep up. Zeke promised to help him.

There was only enough time to have their books issued and to hear about the class rules before the bell announced the end of the period. Next, they went to language arts. That was halfway across the building and they had to rush to get there on time. Fortunately, the two remaining seats were side by side.

Their next period was boys' chorus. Since they both had decent tenor voices, they had had no problem with auditions. In fact, the director hinted that he would like to have them try out for the mixed choir next year. It was usually limited to upper classmen, but sophomores with high quality voices were sometimes included. This gave them something to strive for.

They were split up for science classes, but met again in theater construction. This promised to be a fun class because they would help build sets and props for the plays. When they got there, they found that the class had students ranging from freshmen to seniors. They were the only freshmen and were a little concerned. But the moment they walked in the theater, they were greeted by Ben and Adam. The older guys asked the younger ones to sit with them for roll call. Being already acquainted with someone in class alleviated much of their apprehension.

In this class was one of the biggest young men in the whole school. His name was Rusty Draper. Zeke recognized him since he had been the wrestling heavy-weight champion of the whole conference last year. He looked intimidating. His thighs were about as big around as Zeke's waist. Some of the kids said that he liked to eat freshmen for lunch. Rusty was known to pick on kids he considered to be "fairies." He was someone to be careful around.

Gym class was last. Bryan and Zeke would not have to take gym second semester because of wrestling, but needed to in the fall. They had chosen a class that had a combination of sports including archery, weight training, and volley ball. Like the theater construction class, it had a mixture of age groups. The young instructor was enthusiastic and made it all sound like fun.

There were quite a number of freshmen there, but the fact that Rusty was also in the class made the boys uneasy.

When the final bell sounded, Bryan and Zeke headed for the door in a stream of kids that flowed like a tidal wave. They were glad that they could go out a side door and walk around to get to their bikes rather than have to go down the long crowded hall to the front.

Gran's shift that Monday allowed her to be home for lunch. When the boys arrived, she had soup and sandwiches ready as well as tall glasses of cold milk. The food was appreciated and soon consumed.

The afternoon would be spent in Bryan's pool. Since no one but Todd was likely to be around, the boys chose to go skinny dipping.

"We have pretty much of an all-over tan," Bryan announce proudly.

"Yeah, we're going to be in for some teasing for sure, but you'll look great for swimming at the Y."

"I've been thinking about that. I have decided not to do that this year. If we're in chorus, theater tech, and wrestling, I think that will be enough activities. I want to keep working at the store when I can. And, we have to do well in our studies too. I know I have to get serious if I want to go to college."

Putting school out of their minds for the moment, the boys made the most of their last afternoon of freedom. After a couple of hours of frolicking, they showered in the pool-house and walked naked up to Bryan's room. There they lay on the bed and begin to feel each other's body. There wasn't much foreplay before they cut to the chase. Bryan took the lead and nibbled and kissed Zeke's body. Zeke found that he had tingly places he never knew existed. Bryan nibbled his way up Zeke's left leg from his knee to just below his ball-sac. Then he switched to the right. Zeke was writhing on the bed clenching handfuls of sheet.

The next tactic Bryan used was to lick Zeke's hairless balls. This drove Zeke even closer to the edge. Bryan then ran his tongue from the base of Zeke's cock to the tip. Pulling back the foreskin, he ran his tongue under the sensitive head and pulled the foreskin back up trying to keep the tip of his tongue inside. It didn't work exactly as planned, but it felt great to Zeke.

A few times of bobbing up and down on the hot, hard tool produced the desired results. Zeke spewed a sizeable load into Bryan's mouth. Bryan swallowed most of it, but kept a little in his mouth which he fed to Zeke in a French kiss.

Zeke was wiped out, but he was so totally turned on that he found the strength to give Bryan the same treatment. It was awesome to feel his best bud explode in his mouth. Hearing Bryan' moans of appreciation and knowing that he had brought his lover to this height of pleasure was almost as satisfying for Zeke as his own orgasm had been.

Still tasting the cocktail of their combined juices in their mouths, the boys drifted into a short but strength-restoring nap.

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