by David Lee

Chapter 9

The call that Ben Aldrich received from his younger brother, Joey, had him more upset than the one he had gotten from him over a year ago. Joey sounded panicked and wanted to meet at the mall theater.

Normally, Joey would not have been allowed to go to movies, but the "Passion of the Christ" was one that even the far right-wingers were praising. It had been showing for some time now, and the place wouldn't be crowded.

Since Joey wasn't permitted to have any contact with his older brother, he figured this was a place where they could meet without his parents finding out.

What Ben heard in their meeting roused his anger even more. Joey told him that Pastor Parker was certain he needed extra counseling since his older brother was a "faggot." He would be taking Joey under his wing and testing him to see if he were gay too. If Joey proved to be like Ben, then he would be sent to a place where he could be "fixed" before it was too late.

"I'm not into guys and I don't want to be sent off anywhere! Parker creeps me out! When he puts his arm on my shoulder, it doesn't feel good." Joey was whispering. "And you know what he did at camp? He made all of us guys line up after our showers to check us for ticks. We couldn't check each other; he had to do it. He said ticks can get under your balls and burrow in when you don't realize it. So, he HANDLED all of us. Some of us got hard, so now he says we must be gay."

"I don't know what to do, Joey. I'll ask Don and Travis what they think. They'll know how to handle it. You can always come there for a while at least if you need to run away. Please keep in touch and tell me what is going on."

Joey settled back to watch the movie feeling relieved, knowing that he could count on his brother to help him if it came to that.

Craig had a load of two by fours and sheet rock delivered to Grace's garage the next week. From dinner until dark, the sounds of the hammer, saw, and power screwdriver resonated throughout the house. Weekends, other than for a couple of hours for church, were the same. When they weren't at work, Zeke and Bryan were Craig's faithful companions in his endeavors. In a couple of weeks, the basement was beginning to look like an apartment. Of course, the drywall mudding had yet to be done. Then there was priming and painting to do, followed by carpeting. But all the new outlets were in and both the small kitchen and bathroom were built. It would be finished well before school started. Craig thought it would be nice to add on to the garage before winter, but he would wait until later to bring it up.

Ever mindful of propriety, Craig installed a deadbolt lock that Grace could use to prevent his entering the main floor uninvited. He had no way of knowing that she would never used it.

Brad and Mary were getting ready to go on a five day cruise. Todd was still in summer school and Bryan, when given the option, hadn't wanted to go. He had been to the Caribbean before and loved sailing, but he really wanted to stay near Zeke; and he had his job. So the boys were to be on their own for nearly a week. Mary made sure Todd knew the house would be watched by neighbors. If there happened to be a party while the boys were alone, there would be Hell to pay. Todd knew she meant it.

Todd was allowed to have a guy friend stay over if he wanted and Bryan could have Zeke stay. Bryan thought the time without parents might be an opportunity for Zeke and him to surf the web to see some naked people. Zeke didn't have Internet access, but Bryan would have for his computer because in a couple days because they were finally going wireless.

Since his computer had previously belonged to Todd, Bryan was sure there would be some places "bookmarked" from Todd's exploring. Todd was savvy enough to have disabled any parental controls that might have been on it.

With the parental units gone, the boys lived like primitives while at home alone. They went skinny dipping daily and often didn't dress at all. When they did, it was only underwear unless someone was coming over who would be shocked. Zeke wasn't shocked, of course. He loved being free!

The pool fence provided complete privacy unless someone was close to it looking through a knot hole. Heather had discovered that vantage point when she was babysitting for the neighbor kids.

This evening, her services were requested by the young parents who needed a night out. She had put the kids to bed early and was peering through the hole to see if Bryan happened to be out swimming. He was not as hot as Zeke, but was still hunky in a Speedo.

The sight she saw was one which would fill her dreams for months to come. Bryan and Zeke both emerged from the pool-house with their ample young phalluses at half mast. Bryan shoved Zeke into the water and soon they were horsing around. When they emerged a few minutes later, their cocks were less impressive, but still looked yummy.

Just when she thought the show was over, Todd came out of the house stark naked too. He wasn't pumped up at all, but his uncut, swinging dick was really fine. She wondered what it would look like hard. Maybe she should try to find out.

Unfortunately, the pizza delivery car pulled up sounding its horn and the boys all scrambled to put on their shorts. Well, the show was over. She might as well go watch TV. She got up from her crouching position realizing her panties were damp. She slid her fingers down her shorts and began to pleasure herself as she walked back to the house.

Heather had given up too soon. Once the pizza and pop were on the picnic table, the boys shucked their shorts and went naked again. It was great to feel the breeze blowing over their balls. Bryan and Zeke sat side by side and touched each other under the table from time to time. Todd was pretty sure what was going on, but didn't let on. He wondered if people had caught Dave and him when they thought they were getting away with playing grab-ass in public.

As soon as they'd eaten, Todd went in to take a quick shower. He was double dating with Dave and Jeri and her cousin, Lisa, who was visiting from Texas. They were eager to see Shrek 2. His departure left the boys to their own devices.

As soon as Todd's car backed out of the drive, Bryan fired up his computer.

Clicking to the "favorite sites" spot, he quickly found what he was after.

"See, I told you there would be some good stuff!"

Seconds later, two wide-eyed youths were viewing lots of big breasted women with their legs wide apart showing off everything – some shaved and some with full pubic hair. Some were fingering themselves. Others pulled the lips of their vaginas wide to show everything. For two inexperienced teens, it was a graduate course in female anatomy.

As they moved from site to site, they found more things of interest. There were places that gave instructions on various masturbation techniques as well as other kinky suggestions.

One site had pictures of men fucking women or eating them out. Another had mostly men getting sucked. There were high quality photos of just about everything.

Finally, they used a link that took them to an all male site. Here were guys kissing, petting, fucking, and doing 69. The latter action fascinated them as they realized how close they'd been to doing that very thing in the woods not long ago.

"WOW!" They both exclaimed.

Though neither boy voiced it, it was beginning to dawn of them that what they liked best of all were the images of guys together. They were gay whether or not it was registering with them consciously.

An hour after they'd started, their lust was about as high as it could get. They got into the shower together and begin to soap each other's body. Then they embraced, trapping their hot lathered-up pieces of meat between them. A little squirming around, and both came hard. This time, they remained in a clench (partly to hold each other up) and kissed with abandon.

A bit later, they washed the cum off of each other and the bottom of the tub. Getting out, they tenderly dried each other's body and went down, still naked, to raid the fridge. After satisfying their stomachs, they climbed the stairs hand in hand and crawled into bed.

They had been lying awake in the dark for 20 minutes reviewing the Internet images in their minds, when Zeke reached over to feel Bryan's boner.

"You're hard too," he said stating the obvious.

"Yeah, wanna do something else?"

"Like maybe lick 'em." Zeke offered.

"You mean like suck each other like those guys did?"

"Yeah," came Zeke's whispered response. "Only if you want to…"


Bryan turned on a tiny light by his bed. He wanted all of his senses involved. Soon the boys had their faces buried in each other's crotches. The aroma of boy scent and Ivory soap was intoxicating. Bryan held Zeke's cock and pulled back the foreskin looking at it lovingly. He gently ran his tongue over the sensitive head. Zeke shuddered and tried to mimic Bryan's actions. It didn't take them long to figure out what pleased each other. (Guys know what feels good to them and have empathy for other males. That's why they give great head.) Despite having cum about an hour before, each produced a healthy load. This time, it was pumped directly into their mouths. Without really thinking about the implications of their actions, they swallowed. Then Bryan turned around to face Zeke and they kissed deeply for a long time. They were one step closer to accepting themselves for what they were.

By the time Todd came home from his date, it was fairly late. He was surprised to see a little light coming from Bryan's room. He stepped through the open doorway and saw that the boys were asleep. That isn't all he observed. Both were cuddled naked in each other's arms. Todd was a step closer in knowing about them, too.

He went to his room feeling very horny. The short make-out session with Jeri's cousin had left him needing more. He didn't even bother to lock his door as he got out his mask and thong to perform one of his favorite rituals.

Joey Aldrich was out riding his bike early the next morning. It was one of the fun things his parents actually encouraged. Some people believed a lot of exercise kept boys from "playing with themselves." People in Joey's church had an almost Victorian attitude toward masturbation; therefore, biking was a good thing to do. Joey had talked to Brendan Barns at Sunday School last week and they had agreed to meet at the park near the bike trail. Brendan was one of the other boys who had boned up while being checked for ticks at camp. They needed someplace to talk and compare notes without their parents knowing.

Brendan was sitting on top of a picnic table with his feet on the seat when Joey came wheeling up. His loose shorts nearly allowed a full view of his balls. Joey sat down beside him and the two talked. Brendan confided that Pastor Parker was going to give him some special counseling. After what had happened at camp, Parker was sure Brendan needed his help.

"But, I get that way if anyone even looks at it! Sometime it just gets hard for no reason at all." Brendan was close to tears.

"I know," said Joey. "I'm the same way. I like girls. I sometimes look to see what other guys have; you know, to see if I'm, like normal."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"Ben's going to help me if I need him. I know he'd help you too. I'll give you his number, but you'd better memorize it so your parents don't find out. It isn't a hard one."

After talking for a while longer, Joey and Brendan rode the trail together for a couple of miles. When they parted, they squeezed each other's hand and promised to stay in touch.

With the basement finished, Craig turned his attention to the garage. He had more lumber and shingles delivered. Grace had wondered why the garage roof had not been replaced when the house roof was done. Now she became aware of what his plan had been from the start.

Since Zeke was staying with Bryan again, Craig seized the opportunity to take just Grace to dinner. She was pleased to be going out. It felt almost like a date. They had a pleasant meal at a little, local restaurant known for its steaks. The food was delicious. During dinner, they made small talk about Zeke and parents.

"You know, Craig, I can't get over how much your brother and my sister resembled each other. They looked almost like siblings."

"Yes, that's why they met."


"I wasn't going to bring this up, but you already know how they made their living."

"Yes." said Grace sadly.

"Well, someone wanted to do an incest movie and they were cast for it since they looked so much alike. That is evidently what started their romance."

"Oh, it is so sad that they couldn't have met under other circumstances."

"Yes, some of us are luckier, I guess."

Grace wondered what Craig meant by "us," but didn't feel comfortable about asking. Just as she had worked up the nerve, the waiter brought their check. The moment was lost.

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