by David Lee

Chapter 8

Tuesday was one of the longest days in Zeke's short life. His anticipation for dinner with his uncle kept him in a state of perpetual motion. Even Bryan was getting a bit stressed by it. Swimming, which usually took the edge off of Zeke's energy, was not doing it today.

Finally, Bryan grabbed an old blanket and took Zeke to their favorite place in the woods. The two had left on the boxer-style trunks that they were wearing that day and those had dried by the time they got to the small clearing.

Bryan got Zeke to lie face down on the blanket and began to massage his back like Todd sometimes did for him. It wasn't long before Zeke was soundly sleeping. Bryan lay back and joined him in dreamland.

Sometime later, Bryan felt himself rousing from a pleasant dream. In it, Zeke was kissing him gently on the lips. As he came to, he realized it wasn't all a dream. His buddy's warm, soft lips were fused to his. He was going to respond in kind when Zeke, driven by desire and instinct, moved to Bryan's bare chest. He stuck out his tongue and tentatively flicked it across Bryan's left nipple. Bryan could no longer feign sleep as he let out a deep moan of appreciation. Seeing his best friend's reaction, Zeke moved to the right one and then ran a tickling trail down to his belly button. By this time, Bryan was writhing in ecstasy.

It didn't take long for the boys to shed their trunks and go for each other's throbbing flesh. Zeke swung around so that he was face to cock with Bryan and Bryan face to cock with him. In this position, they enjoyed the scent and sight of each other in a more intimate way than ever before as they stroked each other toward climax. The effect of sight, sound, and scent was a powerful aphrodisiac. They came in record time and with unusually large loads that splashed on each other's necks and chins.

Zeke was proud of himself for taking the initiative. He had been so sheltered and so innocent for so long, that he was pleased to be this open in sexual matters. He had come (and cum!) a long way in the past few weeks. Best of all, he no longer felt guilty about sharing his body with Bryan.

He stuck out his tongue and tentatively tasted the goo Bryan had deposited on his face. Bryan did the same thing with the load Zeke had squirted on him. They both grinned. The taste was both sweet and tart; all-in-all, not bad. While they weren't ready to lick each other clean, they were aware that another boundary had been crossed together.

After washing off the rest of the cum in the creek, they boys donned their swim suits and folded up the blanket. They walked hand in hand until they came to the edge of the woods. There, they stopped a moment and looked into each other's eyes.

Zeke voiced what both of them felt.

"I wish things were different. If one of us were a girl, we could hold hands in public and even kiss. People would say how cute we looked. But since we're both boys, people would have a cow. It isn't fair that we care for each other and can't show it! We need to find a way to change that!"

"You mean like not care for each other?"

"No, silly, I wish we could show it! I know this probably sounds dumb to you, but I would like to be like this with you for the rest of my life."

"It isn't dumb, Zeke. I feel the same way."

The two young studs slipped back behind a tree and held each other tightly and kissed for several minutes. Then with big smiles, they ambled back to Bryan's house to rinse off in the pool-house shower before getting dressed; their hands brushing occasionally as they walked.

As promised, Craig arrived at Grace's house at exactly 1800 hours. He was driving a late model white Sebring with the top down. He had purchased it that afternoon. The boys gave him a thumbs-up as they clambered into the back seat. Craig held the door for Grace to enter. She was as impressed with his manners as she had been with his punctuality.

When they arrived at the Red Lobster, Grace was quick to get out of the car and flip the seat forward to let the boys out of the back. She was sure Craig would have opened her door had she hesitated. It would have been nice, but this was not, after all, a date.

The items on the menu all looked pricey to someone watching her pennies. Grace was wondering what she should order. She had already warned Zeke not to overdo it. The problem evaporated when Craig announced that he was buying lobster for everyone unless someone objected strenuously. The menu listed it as "market price" so Grace knew it would be expensive. No one objected. Bryan and Gran both loved lobster. Zeke had never tasted it, but was an adventurous eater who would try anything once.

Zeke found it to his liking. Boy, it must be nice to have money. He had never missed some of these things because he had never known about them, but now he vowed to himself that he would work hard to have the kind of lifestyle that included unusual foods.

During the meal, Craig regaled his guests with tales of his childhood. His stories were about Zach more than about himself. Zeke learned many things about his father. It sounded like they were a lot alike.

The funniest story was about what happened when the brothers were helping an uncle with roofing. Zach had lost his balance and fallen off the roof of a one-story house. Evidently, he had landed in some bushes and rolled off of them onto the lawn. When Craig and his uncle came rushing down the ladder fearing that he was injured or worse, Zach had lain on the ground very still pretending to be dead. Craig laughed in remembrance.

"He scared the crap out of us. After we found out he wasn't dead, we both wanted to kill him!"

Everyone at the table was amused over that.

Later, Zeke got a little solemn when he heard that his dad had always talked about having a son of his own. He was going to name the boy: Zeke; not Ezekiel, but Zeke – Zeke Adams. Like "Zach", it would begin with "Z". The boy's name would have the same amount of letters as his father's, but not present the identity problems associated with being a "junior." Evidently Faith had known her late husband's wishes and honored them – at least in part. Grace remembered how adamant Faith had been about the name "Zeke," despite being incoherent much of her last hours on earth. In light of that, it seemed strange Faith didn't have the presence of mind to supply her husband's name for the birth certificate. It was one of those mysteries that would never be solved.

Since Zeke's father's name had never been on the birth certificate, Zeke did not bear the Adams surname. In his mind, he was wondering if he could change that. He didn't want to upset Gran. He would wait to see how things went.

Craig talked some about himself. From what he said, Grace picked up on several things. Craig's military pension was fairly good and he had an inheritance of sorts, but he planned to start a new career. Health insurance and other benefits were expensive and necessary in this economy. He was young enough to be able to put in 20 or more years with a company and have another pension.

Since finding his nephew, Craig was interested in settling in the area. He was planning to apply for a job at several area companies including Rockwell. He had finished his college in the military and had become a computer whiz, so he had a good chance of being hired. He was also looking for someplace to rent a room until he could decide exactly where to settle. Grace wished she could offer him one. Of course it was ridiculous to even entertain in her mind. She hardly knew the man. She couldn't have a male stranger under her roof. What would people say? Besides, where would he sleep? She couldn't put him in the basement like she did the rare overnight company they had. No, she had better put the idea out of her head immediately. Aloud, she mentioned an elderly neighbor who was known to rent rooms on occasion. Craig wrote down the lady's name and address. He wanted to locate close to his nephew. Actually being close to Grace wasn't an unpleasant thought either.

Craig picked up on some things that Bryan and Zeke were discussing. As they were leaving, he pulled Bryan aside to ask a question.

"What do you think Zeke is saving his money for? Is there anything he really wants?"

"Well, I know he was saving to buy a new bike before he bought the computer from my folks. Gran doesn't know what he gave up for her to have it."

"Hmm, then he is as unselfish and caring as he seems," Craig mused.

"Yes," Bryan agreed.

The weather in July was hot and dry. City dwellers as well as farmers were beginning to worry about the lack of moisture. Pastor Parker attributed the drought conditions to God's retribution for the moral decay of the country. He preached that God was shutting up the heavens like He did in the days of the prophets. In Parker's mind, anything that went wrong was the fault of liberals.

Zeke's lawn mowing business fell off sharply with the lack of rain. Only those who watered regularly needed his services. Mr. Johansson fell into the latter category. The elderly gentleman kept his lawn watered partly because he liked Zeke and wanted to give him some business. He also appreciated seeing Zeke's fine young body in shorts. Johansson was not a boy-lover, but Zeke made him think of his own childhood and it brought back pleasant memories.

His aging dog's weak bladder wasn't the only reason for the frequent walks past Zeke's house when he was out doing the lawn.

Heather Harkin's family also kept their lawn watered. Sam Harkin liked to keep his lawn looking good, but it needed mowing and he was getting ready to go on vacation. He was wondering how to juggle all of his obligations when his daughter, Heather, suggested that they call Zeke and have him do the mowing. Sam welcomed the solution.

Zeke was wearing his second favorite shorts (the micro-fiber ones without a liner) when he did the Harkin's lawn. Heather's mom had gone to the store for some hamburger to grill for dinner. Heather decided to offer Zeke a soda when he finished since it was a hot day. Her motives were not completely altruistic.

As Zeke sat on the back steps sipping his pop, Heather put her hand on his upper leg. She was wondering if he had something as big as her uncle Bill had in his pants. As Zeke's boy part began to respond to her touch, Heather was convinced that Zeke was nearly as well hung.

Heather was more aggressive than most girls her age. She had been exposed to sex too early at the hands of her uncle who had been her baby sitter on numerous occasions. He was her hero. Bill was eight years older and she had always looked up to him. When she was seven and he 15, he had introduced her to carnal pleasures – pleasures for him at least. Playing on her hero worship, he conned her into petting his cock. She was delighted to please him and fascinated when it jerked, spraying creamy liquid. Toward the end of their "relationship," he had succeeded in teaching her to suck on it. It made her feel dirty, but she did it for him. It all came to an abrupt end one night when her parents came home early and found them naked in the family room with his cock in her mouth. Uncle Bill was sent to a military school and Heather was warned never to tell anyone what had happened.

Heather recalled those times with Bill as she began to move her hand up Zeke's leg. He was definitely aware of her attention! The thin, liner-less shorts were no match for his growing erection. Just as Heather was getting close to her goal, her mother's car came wheeling into the drive. An embarrassed Zeke got up quickly and turned away to deal with his mower while his raging hard-on subsided.

Zeke was home before Gran and used some of the time to call Bryan. Bryan felt himself sprouting wood as Zeke's description of what had happened with Heather.

"I think she would let us see it," Zeke exclaimed.

"You mean she would let YOU see it, Bryan countered.

"No, I think I could get her to show both of us. She seems like she would."

The boys discussed some scenarios in which they might both get to view that mysterious part of a girl's anatomy. Finally Zeke asked: "Do you think you could stay over tonight? You could bring your special running shorts and I could wear the ones I had on today. We could pull out the sofa bed out in the basement and sleep in down there. I could show you what Heather did to me!"

There was no problem in getting permission. Gran was eager to host Bryan. She felt that Bryan's family kept her kid more than she kept theirs. She was happy to try to even the score.

In the pale illumination of the old TV screen, two boys began to run their hands up each other's legs. That it was a turn-on was obvious by the tent-like appearance of their shorts. They were to the point of finding each other's jewels when a message came across the screen. Severe thunderstorms were predicted for the area until 10:00 p.m. Already the thunder was beginning to rumble.

A few minutes later, the city's sirens went off indicating the sighting of a tornado. The guys quickly moved their hands and pulled up a sheet to hide their boners when they heard Grace coming down the steps.

"Boys, we need to stay down here until the storm passes. Keep away from the windows and pull up a blanket in case the glass shatters and flies all over."

Zeke and Bryan did as they were told. Suddenly, the power went off and the only illumination was that of the lightning strikes. The pair tried to cuddle together for comfort without appearing too obvious. They held hands under the covers.

The rains came. The wind blew fiercely; then it began to hail. Golf ball sized projectiles of ice pounded everything in sight. Soon the ground was covered. Gran wasn't worried about her old car since it was in the garage, but she feared for the windows.

The severe part of the storm was over about 15 minutes after it started. The three went upstairs to view the neighborhood. One tree was down across the street and there were lots of hailstones on the ground. It was now raining steadily, but more gently.

"Well, I hope it makes the grass grow," Zeke observed, trying to look on the bright side.

The boys had forgotten about their attire in the excitement of the storm. Grace noticed that they were close to naked and completely unaware of it. She smiled inwardly at their lack of self-consciousness.

If she had followed them downstairs again, she would have seen that they were not so naïve as she sometimes assumed. When the boys got to the basement, they took up where they had left off. Pretty soon, they were trying to stifle their moans as they brought each other closer to climax.

Having not planned ahead, the guys had not made provisions for disposing of their jizz. It was now leaking between their fingers. Zeke licked up some of Bryan's gift that was threatening to drip on the sheet. Bryan did the same with Zeke's offering. It tasted pretty good, but they were still not ready to chow down on cum. Instead, Zeke scrambled to find facial tissues to finish their cleanup. So, the rest of their seed would eventually get flushed.

Pulling their shorts back up, the boys snuggled under the sheet and fell asleep. About midnight, the power came back on and with it the old TV. Zeke awoke enough to stumble over and shut it off. He spooned behind Bryan and promptly returned to unconsciousness.

Daylight brought both good and bad news. The drought had ended, but there was a lot of damage. Grace surveyed the roof of her house and rightly assumed that the shingles would need to be replaced. She called the insurance agent and was informed that an adjuster would be out within the next few days. Given the amount of claims, no one could come immediately.

Bryan went home shortly after breakfast. He was going to help his mom clean up their yard since Todd had other obligations and their dad had to work.

Craig came over around 10:00 to see if everyone was okay. He was wheeling a shiny new 21 speed bicycle.

"Nice wheels, but where's your car?" Zeke inquired.

"It's in the shop. The dealer promised to replace the brake pads. I was very unhappy when they had to keep it overnight. Now I am glad. If they hadn't needed to wait on a part, it would have been out in the storm and been ruined."

Craig continued: "Do you really think this is a nice bike?"

"It's awesome!"

"Well then, happy belated birthday, nephew!"

Zeke was overwhelmed. He didn't think it would be cool to cry, but he felt tears forming. He hugged his uncle fiercely and received a bear hug in return. Both of them were misty-eyed and neither tried to hid it. Craig released Zeke, gave him a pat on the butt, and told him to try out his new wheels.

He immediately rode over to Bryan's house. Later that day, Bryan and Zeke rode all over town assessing the damage from last night's storm.

In a few days, the insurance adjuster came to the Zrudsky house and pronounced the roof a total loss. This might have been okay if Grace had had full coverage. As it was, the payment wouldn't cover much more than materials. This meant she would either have to dip into the meager college fund or take a second mortgage. There seemed to be no alternative.

Actually there was. Craig came around to see what the settlement was going to be and offered another plan.

"We can get new shingles from Menard's and do it ourselves. The boys can do most of the tear-off and I can teach them to shingle. Zach and I did it at their age. The tools won't be very expensive to buy or possibly rent."

"What makes you think Bryan will want to help?" Grace wondered aloud.

"If Zeke is there, Bryan will be there too. I would bet serious money there isn't a crowbar in the state of Iowa with enough leverage to separate that pair!" Craig laughed.

And so the project began early on a Saturday morning. (Bryan and Zeke had made arrangements to get the day off from the store.) Craig made the boys wear ropes around their waists that were anchored to the chimney. That way, if they lost their footing, they wouldn't fall to the ground like Zach had.

While the roof was bare, Craig built a long dormer on the back which would provide more ceiling space and give the upstairs more light in case it ever got finished inside. Grace was at work and didn't know about it until it was done. He paid for the extra materials, so she couldn't do much more than thank him for his kindness.

By Saturday evening, the building was covered with tar paper to prevent leaks if it rained before the shingles got put on. Sunday, Craig and the boys attacked the project early. Brad and Todd skipped church to help. By late afternoon, the new roof was complete. They finished just in time. As they were putting the ladders away and picking up the last of the scraps from the lawn, the sky opened up and poured. They ran to the open garage for shelter.

The rain brought a decided chill to the air. Gran's offering of hot chocolate and snacks was eagerly accepted. Once the rain had eased, Bryan, Todd, and Brad drove home.

Grace asked Craig to stay for supper. It wasn't going to be fancy, but she suspected he might appreciate a home cooked meal for a change. He did.

Old Mrs. Worthington, from whom he rented, didn't like him to use the kitchen. He had been eating out a lot or snacking from the dorm sized fridge in his room. He was elated to sit down to a real meal with the only family he had left in the world.

"Grace, you don't know how much this means to me. I haven't eaten like this since I can't remember when. I'm not allowed to cook where I am staying."

"Do you have ANY idea what your kindness means to Zeke and me? I had no clue how I was going to cope with this!" Grace said with tears of gratitude forming in her eyes.

"Hey," Zeke spoke up, "you should move in with us and we could do this all the time!"

Grace blushed at Zeke's suggestion.

Craig responded: "Zeke, I don't think your aunt would like what people would say if I lived with you guys."

"Well, I didn't mean that you'd sleep together!"

Grace turned a deeper shade of red at Zeke's comments.

"We could fix up the basement and you could have an apartment down there and have your own door and everything. You could give Gran what you pay old Worthington. We would all like it better."

Both adults were beginning to see that Zeke's idea had merit.

"Zeke, you can't invite me to live here. This is Grace's house. She doesn't want the hassle of another man under her roof."

"But you're not another man, you're my uncle. We're family!"

Gran frowned in thought for a moment and then smiled.

"It just might work. You could use the money you'd pay in rent and apply it to materials to finish the basement. With your private entrance in back, you could invite people over without worrying about us."

"And just whom would I invite?"

"Well, I'm guessing you might want some female companionship."

Craig smiled as he thought to himself that the woman he would most like to be with was sitting across the table from him at that very moment.

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