by David Lee

Chapter 7

Bryan and Zeke did indeed sleep soundly; so soundly in fact that they didn't wake up as early as usual. Todd had been sent to rouse them. He grinned at the two bare butts that greeted him when he opened the tent flap. He couldn't resist giving them an affectionate pinch.

Both boys gave a start and turned over exposing their morning erections.

"Todd, didn't Mom give you any home training?"

"Get up you two, we have to hurry to make church."

Then he sniffed the air.

"It smells like a cum factory in here! And what's the stuff in these briefs?"

"Are you going to tell on us?" Zeke asked nervously.

Bryan was pretty sure of the gist of his brother's answer before it was given.

"Everybody does it, who would care? My textbook says that most guys even jerk off with friends sometimes."

"Have you?" Bryan asked.

"Yeah. I'll bet Dad did it when he was young too. He was real close to his friend, Terry when they were growing up. I heard that Terry is living with another guy now."

The younger boys grabbed their stiff underwear, but were hesitant to put them on. So, they ran bare-assed to the pool room shower. Mary happened to glance out the window in time to see two white butts disappear through the door. She laughed heartily, but decided not to let them know what she had seen.

While showering, Zeke and Bryan let their briefs soak by the drain to soften the dried cum. They squeezed the water out and put them on the drying rack that had been installed for swim trunks. Then wrapping towels around their waists, they hurried to Bryan's room to get dressed.

After a hasty breakfast, they jumped in the back seat of the car and the family got to church just in time. Zeke was again impressed with the atmosphere. He was happy to see that his aunt had made good on her statement and was in the congregation. After the service, Mary invited Grace to have lunch with them. She accepted and spent a pleasant afternoon with the Stillwell family. Once again, she was cognizant of her nephew's good judgment in his choice friends.

Grace had a split shift on Monday and was home in the middle of the day when the doorbell rang. On the steps was a nice looking man with brown hair, graying slightly at the temples. From that, Gran guessed he might be in his 40s, but his boyish face led her to believe he was younger. Because of his bearing, Gran judged that he could be a government agent. What could he want?

"Good afternoon, Ma'am. Are you Grace Zrudsky?"

"Yes. Who are you and what is this about?"

It was the standard terse reply she gave to salesmen and other strangers.

"Sorry, I should have introduced myself," he replied as he pulled his wallet from his back pocket to show his military identification.

"I'm Craig Adams. My brother was Zack Adams. Does that mean anything to you?"

"No, I can't say that it does. Should it?"

"Well, I have reason to believe you're my sister-in-law. Your sister was named Faith, wasn't she?"

"Yes, Faith was my sister," her tone warming.

"Maybe we could sit down here on your steps and I could tell you what I've discovered. That is, if you have time."

"I have a couple of hours free. Please come around to the deck. It's cooler there. May I get you some iced tea or lemonade?"

"Tea sounds great. It isn't sweetened is it?"

"Heavens no!"

Grace brought out a pitcher of each and three glasses. She expected Zeke home soon.

A few minutes later, Craig was telling his story as she listened intently.

"This goes back a few years, about 17, I guess. Well, it started earlier when our mother died. She suffered a slow, painful death from cancer. The medical bills took about everything we had. Dad drank the rest."

Grace gave an understanding nod. Here was someone who knew the toll that alcoholism could take.

"Zach was always a wild kid, but Mom could keep him in line. After she was gone, he got worse. Dad didn't have a clue about raising kids. Our family was about as dysfunctional as they come, only the term wasn't popular back then."

Again Grace nodded in agreement.

"Finally, about 16 years ago, Dad threw Zach out for reasons I won't go into, but let's just say he was alienated from our father right up to the time he was killed in the car accident. It's ironic that after Zack died, Dad vowed he would never drink another drop; and to my knowledge, he never did. He straightened his life out and earned enough money to retire in comfort.

"Before all the problems with Zach, I had already dropped out of college and joined the army. I had screwed around in school and wasn't sure what I wanted in life, much less what I wanted to major in.

"I was overseas when I learned of Zach's death. Your sister sent our dad the few things he'd left and those were put in a cupboard in Dad's house and forgotten. I am embarrassed to say that Zach's ashes were among them.

"When Dad died this past winter, I came home to take care of things. Since I had made the rank of major and had my 20 years in, I decided to retire rather than to be stationed in the Middle East again.

"Well, when I was clearing out the house, I found a bundle of Zack's things that was left for me. There was a kind of diary, the urn, and there were several pictures of him with a pretty girl as well as several promo photos of him looking very, shall we say, sexy. He had made his way doing modeling and such.

"Anyway, to get to the point, among the papers was a marriage license issued to a Faith Zrudsky and him, dated a couple of months before his death. They were married by a judge in Los Angeles. There is even a picture of them on their wedding day."

Opening a manila envelope, Craig produced the photo and Gran nearly shrieked.

"Oh my gosh! That looks just like him!"

"Like who?"


"Who is Zeke?"

Just then Zeke came bounding out of the back door looking for Gran. He had spent the morning biking with Bryan.

Now it was Craig's turn to catch his breath. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn that Zach had been reincarnated. Zeke looked almost exactly like his father had at that age; down to the crooked smile.

Gran got up and poured a glass of lemonade for Zeke as she was making introductions.

"Zeke, I have some great news for you. This is your uncle Craig Adams. He's your father's brother and he's come to pay us a visit."

"Wow!" was all Zeke could manage at the moment.

The sight of the wedding picture brought tears to his eyes. Here were his Mom and Dad. He had seen few photos of his mother and none of his father.

That guy looked a lot like he did! Since Zeke had never known his parents, he had never really grieved their deaths. Today, to some extent, he began the process. Some would say that you can't miss what you have never had, but Zeke missed the love and companionship of a father.

"Wow, I'm not a bastard after all! I've gotta call Bryan," Zeke exclaimed as he ran in to use the phone. "And I want to call Hunter tonight when the rates are lower."

In his absence, Grace explained to Craig about the recent dramatic episode that had turned Zeke's world up-side down. She left out the part about his drinking. The seasoned military man found himself biting his lip to maintain his composure when he heard how this nice-appearing kid had been hurt that deeply.

When he came out to the deck again, Zeke said that Bryan was on his way and wanted to hear everything too.

Grace told Craig that Bryan was Zeke's best friend and could be trusted with any family secrets that might be revealed. Craig smiled as he remembered a childhood friend who was like that.

As Craig was retelling his story to the attentive lads, Grace glanced at her watch and realized it was getting close to the time she had to leave for work. Craig was sorry to hear she needed to leave. He felt he should go too, if she wasn't going to be there.

"Gran, can't you call in sick just this once?" Zeke wondered.

"No, that wouldn't be honest."

"You could tell them you have a family emergency. That would be true."

"Yes, but it won't pay the bills."

Craig was tempted to offer to make up the difference in her pay, but knew instinctively she wouldn't hear of it. Over his years of commanding men, he had become a pretty good judge of them – and women too. This was a proud and good woman. Zeke was lucky.

"Well, Grace, do you work tomorrow night?"

"No, I'm off at 5:00."

"Good. I'll be here at 6:00 o'clock to pick you and these two fine young men up for dinner. We're going to Red Lobster and I am treating – uh, that is if everyone likes seafood."

Gran smiled and graciously accepted. She knew enough about men to sense that he wanted to take charge and do this, and he could no doubt afford it.

Zeke was so excited that he couldn't sit still. Gran decided it would be okay for him to go to Bryan's house although she felt bad about his eating there so much. Craig offered to drive the boys over, and Gran was certain she could trust him to do so despite the fact that they'd just met.

Bryan prevailed upon Craig to come in and meet his family and tell the highlights of his story again. Brad and Mary were pleased to hear the good news.

Mary invited Craig to join them for dinner. It was a simple cookout in the backyard consisting of bratwurst and cold salads. There would be plenty for everyone if she could head off Todd and remind him to eat only two sausages.

Sensing that the invitation was genuine and not merely extended out of politeness, Craig accepted. He was given a cold beer and made to feel at home. He was pleased to see that the family said grace with no seeming embarrassment at doing to in the presence of stranger.

After their dinner had settled, Brad suggested a swim in the pool. He said there were lots of extra suits in the pool house and there was bound to be one to fit Craig. Brad would help Mary clear the table and join them soon.

As the guys were stripping, Zeke asked Craig:

"Was Dad really built just like me?"

Glancing at his naked nephew, Craig could see that he looked even more like Zack without his clothes.

"Yes, he was hung too, if that's what you mean." Craig said with a smile. "The genes have been passed on!"

A furtive check of his uncle's equipment confirmed that some things tend to run in families.

After a great time in the pool, Craig left in his rental car about 8:30. Todd and Bryan drove Zeke home later.

Zeke wanted Bryan to stay over. He was too wound up to be alone. Grace called Mary and got the okay. She didn't even say anything about their sleeping together in the small bed.

It was because Bryan was gently holding him that Zeke managed to calm down enough to go to sleep. When Gran peeked in on them in the morning, she smiled wistfully at the two nearly naked kids cuddled together. They looked so cute that she wished they could stay young and innocent forever. At the same time, she wondered how innocent they really were.

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