by David Lee

Chapter 6

Grace Ann's work schedule the next day ran from 11:00 until 8:00, giving her time to make breakfast and see Zeke off to his job in the morning. It also allowed her to receive some unwelcome phone calls. The first was from Elder Reynolds about Zeke. One of the youths of the church had heard that Zeke had attended a liberal church with his friend. Frank Reynolds worried that Zeke was being led astray and Grace was exacerbating the problem by her example of working on the Sabbath. His promise to pray for their souls was more of a threat than a comfort.

The second call was from her mother berating her for the way she had treated her brother, Abraham, and his son. Zeke's attack on Hunter proved she was being too lax in the raising of her nephew. Poor Hunter! Not only was he injured, but his expensive shirt was ruined.

"Mother, Hunter brought it on himself."

"Well, everything he said was true! That child is a bastard. He will turn out just like his mother. Mark my words!"

"There are no illegitimate children; only illegitimate parents!" Grace responded vehemently.

"Zeke is heading for Hell in a handcar and he'll get there if you don't keep a tight rein on him. If I had him, he would toe the line. I would have him tested for drugs and I would keep him from seeing that Stillwell boy. That kid may seem nice, but he'll be the ruin of Zeke. Elder Reynolds called earlier and told me everything. You should be ashamed for letting him be exposed to those liberal ideas. Everyone at church is upset!"

Gran took a deep breath and counted to 10 before answering her mother.

"Bryan and his family are wonderful people. They act like TRUE Christians. They took care of Zeke and comforted him after what Hunter did to him!"

Her voice was rising with each word.

"Frankly, Mother, if you were raising him, you would drive him off just like you did Faith. He would probably end up dead or worse. I don't want any parenting advice from you, thank you very much!"

"I'll pray for you, dear," replied her mother smugly as she hung up the receiver.

"Damn! That woman knows how to piss me off!" exclaimed Gran before she realized she had said it aloud and that Zeke was still in the room.

"Oh, Zeke, I am so sorry. You know I don't talk like that."

Zeke giggled before he thought better of it. Then he put on a more sober face.

"I've heard worse at school. Besides, you have a right to vent too."

Yes, Grace thought. She did have a right to be angry. She had a right to think for herself! She went to the old tattered dictionary and looked up the word: liberal. As an adjective it said: of or pertaining to a freeman. Under noun, it said: one who advocates greater freedom of thought or action; one who has liberal principles. Into her mind popped a verse she had learned as a child. "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Zeke and Bryan were also slated to work all day Saturday. Before going there, Zeke got the bag with his money from the dresser and headed over to his grandmother's house on his aging bike. He didn't tell Gran why he was leaving early.

Hunter was alone in the backyard when he arrived.

"Hunter, I'm sorry I hurt you."

Thrusting the bag into Hunter's hand, he continued, "This is all I have right now, if it's not enough, I'll send more when I get paid. I heard your expensive shirt was messed up."

Hunter pushed the bag away.

"I can't take your money. Mom says I'm the one who should apologize. She actually called me a little shit." He grinned as he remembered his mother's wrath.

Zeke smiled tentatively too.

"But what you said was true."

"Maybe some of it was, but I shouldn't have used it to hurt you. Mom has me grounded for a month, but I think Dad will talk her out of most of it. We're leaving in the morning. We can't stand it in this house. Grandma really is a bitch, isn't she?"

Zeke had to snicker at that. Though he had been taught not to use the word, it certainly fit their grandmother.

At work, Zeke was not his usual bantering self. At one point, the manager asked him if he was feeling okay. Zeke assured everyone he was fine and forced himself to lighten up on the outside at least.

Bryan knew, of course, what burdens had been dropped on those strong young shoulders. He vowed to do everything in his power to ease the load. He asked Zeke to stay overnight with him. The two boys biked to the Hy-Vee to beg permission.

When, Zeke asked Gran to let him stay at Bryan's, he was surprised at how easily she gave her consent.

"Be sure to go home and find something appropriate for church."

"You don't mind if I go to his church with him again?"

"No, I think it might be the best thing you could do. From what I hear, that lady preaches a good sermon. I might go hear her myself."

Now Zeke really was shocked. Grace Ann Zrudsky who had always belonged to a church which prided itself of being independent and fundamentalist was considering attending a mainline Protestant church. Where was this coming from?

When the boys got to Bryan's house, the talk was all about the new computers his dad could buy through his company. If he bought one at list price, the second one was nearly free. They could use one for the family and Todd could have the other. Bryan could have Todd's old one in his own room for his homework in high school next fall. They would see about disposing of their old family one.

"The schools don't want used computers anymore. We used to be able to donate them and get a tax write-off. Now even Goodwill won't take them," Mary complained.

"I saw one like ours going begging on E-bay. They couldn't get more than a $50 bid. It seems a shame to throw it away." Bryan's father added.

Bryan came up with the perfect solution.

"Let's give it to Zeke and Gran. I know they could use it."

Zeke spoke up.

"You know Gran, she'll never take charity."

"Zeke, you're welcome to anything I have," Bryan spoke up.

Zeke had an idea.

"I have just enough saved up. I'll give you $50 for the computer and then she can't say no!"

Though he said this excitedly, he felt a pang in his heart. The new bike would have to wait a little longer. There was a nice 21 speed at Target for just over $100 and he had planned to buy it after he got paid again next week. Oh well, it could wait. Gran needed the computer for her school work and he would too.

The deal was struck, although Brad felt bad about taking the boy's money. Zeke asked to use the phone to tell Gran.

When she put down the phone, she thanked God for the computer and the loving boy who had been instrumental in getting it. She didn't know the sacrifice he had made.

Bryan again asked Todd for the loan of his sleeping bag since the two younger teens wanted to sleep out that night. Todd made a smart-ass remark about airing out the bag to get rid of the smell of cum. Bryan blushed thinking Todd must know about the activities that went on the last time he and Zeke used it. Todd was merely guessing, but Bryan's embarrassment confirmed his suspicions.

Finding that they too tired after their long stint at work on Saturday to hike to the woods to camp, Bryan and Zeke set up the small tent in the back yard near the pool. This way they could sleep in the fresh air without having to cook. The pool house was close by for peeing and showering in the morning.

After darkness fell, they stripped and climbed into the sleeping bag. They didn't pull the top one up because it was still quite warm outside.

They'd no sooner gotten comfortable when Bryan asked, "Hey Zeke, wanna go skinny dipping?"

Zeke giggled. "Do we dare?"

"Todd and I do it all the time. Mom and Dad's bedroom is on the other side of the house and the fence keeps the neighbors from seeing. Dad even does it sometimes."

"Okay, it sounds like fun!"

Soon, the young males were splashing and playing around like a couple of seal pups. Their earlier fatigue had vanished with the stimulation of the cool water. They stopped their play to catch their breath close to the middle of the pool where they could touch the bottom.

Bryan reached over and took Zeke's equipment in his hand. Zeke shuddered with delight and caressed Bryan's jewels in return.

"What do you think my brother would say about the size of our cocks now?"

"He'd probably tell us we're hung like girls," Zeke laughed.

"Yeah, but he wouldn't be surprised, I guess. His shrinks up a lot in the cold water too. So does my dad."

"Wow, I've never seen a man naked, except Coach Newman."

"Gee, when was that?"

"Last winter after practice when he thought no one was there."

"Was it as big as it looks in his shorts?"

"Bigger! He really cums a lot too."


"Shh! No, he was in the shower and he didn't know anyone was watching."

"Did he catch you?"



"Bry, have you ever seen a girl naked?"

"I saw my Mom once, but that doesn't count, I guess."

"I've never seen one except a little baby."

"Hey, I'm pretty sure Todd knows some sites on the internet. We could look on his computer sometime. When I get his old one, we can do it for sure"

"We better not let him know."

"Oh, Todd's cool. He would probably give me the links for places to look if I asked him. He even gave me some condoms that he gets free from the health center at college"

Zeke changed the subject just a little.

"You want to do what we did last time when we camped."

"Okay, but let's be careful. Todd said something about the smell of cum on his sleeping bag.

Zeke snickered. "Guess we'll have to put our briefs back on."

They did. This time Zeke played "pin" and got on top of Bryan. He nuzzled Bryan's neck and kissed his face. Bryan was instantly hard. He nibbled on Zeke's earlobe and kissed Zeke's neck. Suddenly Zeke had an inspiration. He pulled his throbbing cock through the fly of his briefs and slipped it into the fly of Bryan's briefs. Bryan caught on and helped adjust things until Zeke's bare, hairless balls were nestled against his. Their now-slippery hardons were lying side by side trapped between Bryan's abdomen and his underwear. Zeke slowly began the instinctive thrusting of his hips.

He wanted to savor each tingling feeling. But lust overcame his good intentions as his urgency mounted. Soon he was making fucking motions to rival a porn star. Bryan's increasing whimpers let him know he was doing it well. When the inevitable climax came, the young lovers felt like they had unloaded more juice than either had ever produced before. As they came down from the high, Zeke kissed Bryan gently on the lips. Bryan responded with more passion as he pulled Zeke's face to his. The two remained locked in a tight embrace for several minutes before Bryan spoke.

"We better shuck these briefs and sleep naked so we don't make a mess. At least my bag is on the bottom in case we drip."

After using Zeke's drier underwear to clean up, the boys lay on their backs holding hands until a deep, sound sleep overtook them.

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