Always and Forever

by David Lee

Chapter 15

Another prom season

Harley Forbes was nearly as frustrated sexually as his daughter had been. Ever since the "incident" as Cynthia called their daughter's rape, Cynthia had been about as warm as the North Pole. The times they had made love in the past nine months could be tallied on one hand. She often went to bed ahead of Harley and feigned being asleep, or if he went to bed early, she sat up late. There was no getting into her pants and poor Harley was hurting. So, that Friday night, he sat up until everyone else had gone to bed and surfed the 'net for porn sites. He found a few interesting ones and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He had read a review of a book entitled: "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" and it had a few exercises he wanted to try. One of the suggestions had been to masturbate slowly and deliberately while putting pressure on his perineum. Harley pulled his sleep shorts down and began to do just that.

Courtney was back at school. Cynthia and Cory were long since in bed, so he didn't bother to completely close the door to the bedroom they used as an office. Before long, he was feeling great as he let the sensations originating in the head of his penis wash over his entire body.

In his room down the hall, Cory was having difficulty sleeping. Deciding that a snack might help, he tiptoed quietly from his room. There was a dim light emanating from the computer room, so he crept even more softly so as not to disturb anyone. Getting down low, he peeked into the room and found himself looking head-on (so to speak) into one of the biggest cocks he'd ever seen. He nearly gasped aloud at the sight.

Cory wasn't a sneaky kid and he'd had no intention of watching his father jack off, but he found himself fascinated to the extent that he was rooted to the spot. Harley's eyes were closed, and his head was thrown back. He was getting close. With a moan that he tried to stifle, Harley released the buildup of seed that had been plaguing his body. It was a torrent. He shuddered with the delight of it.

Cory's stiffy dripped with precum as he slipped quietly back to his room where he tore off his boxers and lay back on his bed. About three pumps later, he unleashed a flood nearly the size of his father's. He couldn't remember ever cumming that hard and that much. He wasn't attracted sexually to his dad, but the visual image of that large spewing cock stayed in his mind and his fantasies for a long time. Cory had a new respect for the man who had sired him.

This year, spring arrived in the Midwest in fits and starts as it often did. One day might be chilly and windy and the next could be nearly like summer. Track season was in full swing and Brad, Alan, and Tom were among the guys on the team. The spring musical was in rehearsal, and that meant commitments for Alan, Adam, and Ben. For the seniors, there were college visits and preparations for prom as well. Packed with activities, the spring term was moving rapidly.

The hearing with Ben's parents had been postponed several times, but by early April, it was held, and things were settled. The parents would be responsible for paying $400 per month (retroactive to the month that they had disowned him) for his upkeep until he was 18 years of age - if he didn't go on to college. If he did, the financial responsibility would continue until he reached 21. This was not a fortune, but it would reduce the burden on Don and Travis. However, the two of them decided to put away as much of it as they could spare to help Ben get his education.

When court adjourned, Ben was relieved that he didn't have to see his biological parents again. He didn't hate them; he just had no feelings for them at all.

Adam had decided that since his parents had said nothing negative about Ben and since no one had harassed them at school, their secret was probably safe. He was becoming more outgoing and less afraid of what would happen when (not if) his parents found out. While he hoped it would be later rather than sooner, Adam was inspired by what Ben had been able to do and how Travis had pulled his life together. He was no longer a bundle of nerves when the subject of homosexuality came up. He could even laugh about it on occasion. Though he didn't have a lot of hair on his sac, he was certainly growing balls!

Ben was thrilled to see this new attitude in Adam. Adam was maturing, and Ben felt good knowing that he had something to do with it.

Alan proved to be as good a runner as Brad had predicted. He beat out everyone in the district in the 100 meter-dash. That included Brad himself! Brad couldn't have been prouder of him. He had been Alan's mentor and number-one fan throughout. Alan reveled in his new "jock" status. He had never been that good at organized sports and was pleased to be able to do something physical that gained him the respect of his peers.

Prom was the big thing on the minds of many of the seniors since it happened the second weekend in May. If you wanted a date, it was getting close to the unwritten deadline to ask someone. Brad and Alan were in a quandary. What should they do?

"Hey Babe, I think I'll ask you to be my date," Alan said to Brad in the morning on their drive to school. "I really don't want to be a hypocrite and I'm past caring about what the other people in this town think. We'll be gone in the fall, and those people who really are our friends won't care anyway."

Brad was hesitant.

"I don't know. I'd like to shout to the world how I feel about you, but we would still have a few weeks of school left. You know how some of our team members talk about gays. I don't want to have anything happen to you to throw you off your stride before the state meet. I know you can kick a lot of butt in track, but I also know you're not a fighter in the physical sense. What if someone attacked you when I wasn't around? How could I live with that?"

Both boys were silent for a while. Finally, Alan spoke up.

"I know a bunch of girls will go stag. A few boys will too. We could do that and dance with a number of girls and have the fun of going. We can be a date without anyone knowing it officially. It will be our little secret if you're afraid to come out."

"Hey, I'm not afraid for me, but I'm worried about you. I do think that going stag might be the best alternative."

At lunch that day, Jennifer Hampton found Brad in the cafeteria and asked him to be her prom date. Brad was a little flustered and said that he already had a date for prom. Jennifer's eyes narrowed as she spat the words out.

"I suppose you're going to take Alan. You and he seem to be closer than Amy and Tom! I'll bet you two fuck each other every night."

At that moment, when the whole room seemed to have suddenly hushed; Adam jumped up, grabbed Brad's hand, and delivered the best unrehearsed lines of his budding acting career in an exaggerated falsetto voice.

"Oh Brad, say it isn't so! I thought we were going steady. Are you two-timing me?"

His clowning around put the kids at nearby tables into hysterics and thus broke the tension of the moment. Soon, most of the kids went back to eating and conversing with their friends while a few still giggled.

Jennifer, having lost the crowd's attention, stomped out the door. Two girls sitting together at a table across the room looked up and passed an unspoken communication.

Brad sat down feeling a little shaky inside, but for appearances continued to banter with Adam. When lunch ended, he quietly thanked Adam for saving his butt. Adam was very pleased with himself


"You and Alan helped Ben and me at lunch not so long ago. This is payback time."

Ben was the proudest one at the table. His boyfriend had done something that he never would have had the nerve to do. And in so doing, had defused what might have become an ugly situation.

Heading to Alan's home after track practice in Brad's Camry, Alan and Brad discussed the midday events.

"I really blew that one. What am I going to do? I didn't want to ask anyone but you. Now, if I don't go to prom with a girl on my arm, people will know what she said is true."

"Look, Brad, if it is that important to you to avoid the talk, ask some girl to the prom. Forget what I said earlier. I think Adam has a cousin about our age who lives in Iowa City. She might be happy to be your date. Or, maybe you should tell Jennifer that your date broke up with you and then ask her to go with you to keep her off your case. I can just stay home. I promise that I won't be jealous."

"NO!" Brad insisted. "I am not asking anyone but you. We'll go stag together and that is that. I don't give a rat's ass what that slut Jennifer thinks or says. If I did take her to prom, she'd be after just one thing. And I have already given that to you."

Alan sat back and closed his eyes. A big grin spread over his face. He couldn't resist using a line he had heard in an old black and white movie.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful when you're angry?"

Brad laughed long and hard. The release of tension that laughter brought was the best therapy for the stress of the day - well, maybe second best. When the boys got to Alan's empty house, they found an even better one which took about 20 minutes.

Spent, but satisfied, they napped for half an hour before the timer on Brad's phone announced that he needed to get dressed and go home. After a quick rinse in the shower, they dressed each other with almost as much sensuality as they had undressed each other about an hour before – kissing favorite parts before covering them.

There was no doubt about whom Tom was taking to the prom. He had ordered a cummerbund for his rented tux in a color that coordinated with Amy's dress. He worked all the extra hours that he could finance a fairytale evening. Amy insisted on helping to keep costs down. Her mother, Anna, decided to get together with a couple of other mothers and plan a candle light dinner for some of the prom goers. It would save the money usually spent at a restaurant and would give the mothers a chance to watch their kids all decked out enjoying a formal banquet.

Anna Kearns was an organized lady, and soon she had several of the mothers from Amy's home room involved in the project. This included Fran and Susan, of course. When Brad heard of the plans, he was a little worried at what kind of talk there would be when he and Alan were dinner dates. Alan reminded him that they were out to the people who mattered, so nothing else was of any real consequence. Besides, their dinner was in a private home and the kids who were attending weren't the kind to gossip. This calmed Brad to a great extent. He was beginning to realize that soon they'd have to let the world know how they felt about each other anyway. He loved Alan too much to deny it.

Miles away at college on Saturday morning, Courtney was taking a break from working on a term paper. She was a capable, responsible student and was trying to get it out of the way before the big pre-finals study sessions. She had just saved what she hoped was the final draft and was removing the flash drive from her laptop when the phone rang.


"Hi, is this Courtney?"


"This is Tim Urdahl from French class. I was wondering if you'd like to take a break and have a Coke with me at the student union. I want to bounce some ideas off of someone, and you seem like the kind of person who wouldn't shoot me down."

Courtney stiffened for a moment. This wasn't Larry with whom she had had the disastrous date, but she had seen Tim and Larry talking before class not long after that. Her first impulse was to turn him down. Then she decided that she needed to get out socially even if it was a somewhat painful reminder.

"Okay, I'll meet you there in a few minutes, Tim."

When Courtney arrived at the union, Tim was sitting in a corner booth waiting.

"I would have ordered, but I wasn't sure what you wanted and I didn't want you to worry that I had doctored your drink or something."

Courtney frowned at that statement. Was he taunting her?" She hadn't even considered the idea of someone's slipping drugs into her drink, though she had heard on the TV that such things happened. She'd have to be more careful. Life was scarier than it used to be. This looked like another fiasco in the making.

Tim insisted on paying for the drinks and bought an order of nacho chips to share. After a few minutes of general conversation about classes and teachers, Tim sat back and began to look serious. Oh, oh, thought Courtney, here it comes!

"I'm afraid I got you here on false pretenses. Please hear me out before you get angry and leave. I hope when I've finished that you won't want to leave. First, I want you to know that I find you attractive for your personality as well as your looks.

"Second, let me say that I know what happened with Larry. He's a jerk and only wants one thing from any girl he dates. I'm not like that. One of the things that I like about you is that you're not like most of the girls he dates. When he told me that you wouldn't play his game, I knew that I wanted to know you better. I'm not saying that I've fallen deeply in love with you at first sight. I don't know if you'll even care for me at all. All I would like to do is to date some and see if we like each other well enough to date some more. Am I making any sense here? I feel kind of stupid all of a sudden."

Courtney looked at Tim through tear-clouded eyes. For a moment, she couldn't speak. Finally, seeing the insecurity in his eyes, she knew that she had to say something.

"Tim, that's very sweet of you. I would love to go with someone who seems to be kind and sensitive as you do. But, before you ask me out, there're things you need to know about me. I'm carrying baggage and I don't want it to mess you up. When I'm done, you may walk away with no hard feelings."

For the next several minutes, Courtney proceeded to tell Tim about her unsuccessful seduction of Brad and her subsequent assault and rape by the guy (and his buddy) that she had phoned. She told everything. She didn't varnish the truth. Tim sat quietly biting his lower lip trying to quell the tears welling up in his eyes. At the end, he told her how sorry he was and quickly slipped away.

Courtney sat there a few minutes longer to compose herself. She felt sad that Tim had left, but she felt relieved that she had been able to tell him without breaking down. She felt lighter somehow. She knew that she could face life again. Someday, the right guy would come along.

As Courtney was leaving the union, Tim came running from the men's room and put his hands on her shoulders. Courtney didn't flinch at his gentle touch.

"I'm so sorry to have left you like that, but I was afraid of causing a scene in there. I had to pull myself together before I could face you or anyone else. That was a lot of heavy stuff you laid on me. I want you to know that it doesn't change how I feel about you. If anything, it makes me feel closer to you. You're honest and you did a brave thing by telling me everything. I'm not going to sit in judgment on you. I have baggage too. Now I feel safe enough to share it with you. Please go to dinner with me tonight. I know you're busy with homework, but we both have to eat, and I'm not such bad company when you get to know me."

"I will on one condition. We go Dutch treat."

"Okay, I guess my macho, masculine pride can handle that." Tim quipped.

Tim and Courtney had a pleasant meal in a little Italian restaurant which was frequented more by townspeople than students. They were seated in a private booth and were waited on hand and foot. There were several little extras like an appetizer and dessert with their meal, compliments of the chef. Courtney was impressed. (Tim didn't tell her that his sister and brother-in-law owned the place.)

At the end of their short evening, when Tim brought Courtney back to her dorm, he put his hand on hers and said that he had had a good time and hoped that she did too. She found herself rising on her toes and giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Yes, I had a great time!"

Tim left with his spirits high. He bounded to his car saying: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"No! No! No!" Tom awoke to the sounds of screams. As his brain became more focused, he realized they were his own. He had had a nightmare. He couldn't remember what it was about, but there was lots of blood and he felt responsible.

Oh, God, when it this going to stop, he wondered.

All at once, he realized that he was not alone. Ben who had been wrapped up in a blanket watching a late movie on the TV in the nearby family room, was now beside him.

"It's okay, Big Bro." whispered Ben.

Ben proceeded to speak softly while stroking Tom's hair and neck. Dressed only in boxers, he shivered from the chill in Tom's basement bedroom. Tom held up the covers for him to climb into his bed. Ben obliged and soon Tom was drifting back to sleep cuddling Ben like a Teddy bear. Both boys slept soundly until the early rays of dawn.

Ben reached back and tugged on the big hot thing that was poking him in the small of his back. Adam was cuddling him in his dreams as he slowly woke up. Suddenly, Ben remembered where he was and knew what he had in his hand. Tom awoke at his touch.

"Easy there, Li'l Bro, that thing is loaded and I gotta piss somethin' fierce."

With those words, Tom jumped out of bed and ran to his bathroom. From the sound of the stream, Ben knew that Tom had not exaggerated. Ben was worried about what Tom would do when he came back. Tears filled his eyes. He had not meant to do anything sexual with his foster brother. He knew Tom was straight.

When Tom saw the look on Ben's face, he was filled with concern.

"Hey, what's the matter, Bud?"

Sobbing, Ben said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything. I didn't remember where I was."

"No problem, Bro. I knew you were probably dreaming of Adam. Does he have a snake like mine?"

Ben laughed through his tears. "Not quite, but he and I are still growing, you know."

"Hey Ben, what you did for me in the night was really awesome. I love you like a brother and I know you love me. I've read that brothers sometimes help each other out with some of their 'hard' problems. I don't know if I want to do that with you, but I'm not offended that you grabbed my dick. It was actually kinda sexy. Anyway, it's my own fault for sleeping bare-ass. Maybe I should wear boxers like you do."

"I sleep naked too. I just slip them on when I get out of bed."

"Kewl! You ARE one hot little stud!"

Ben grinned as he padded back to his own room upstairs in his tented boxers to catch a few more winks before he had to work. Don and Travis who were enjoying an early cup of coffee on that Saturday morning wondered why Ben was coming from the basement at "half mast", but neither asked. They assumed that someone would tell them if there was something they needed to know.

Tom threw on a pair of sweats and hurried to the little basement studio room to record on canvas the images from his dream before those bits of horror faded. He knew that they would probably be good material for his portfolio if he could bring himself to share them with the rest of the world. The result of his efforts was a visceral painting that resembled work by Francis Bacon.

The following morning, Harvey Forbes awoke in the guest room where he had moved his clothes Saturday night. He was tired of the situation with Cynthia. She refused to face reality. She refused to go to a marriage counselor and she had a "headache" every night. He couldn't take much more. His only release continued to be videos that he found on the internet; accompanied by his right hand.

Cory had figured out what was going on. He didn't attempt to catch his father in an embarrassing situation, but the thought of what his father was probably doing in the computer room late at night heightened the intensity of Cory's jack-off sessions more than once. The frequent release of semen helped relieve the stress that both Forbes males felt in the house. But for Harvey, something had to give soon.

Fr. Jerry was up bright and early on Sunday morning. He had an early Eucharist service to conduct as well as an eleven o'clock one. He sprang out of bed smiling at the man still sleeping there. They had enjoyed an evening at the theater and a wonderful night of kissing and cuddling ending in terrific orgasms. Dennis had nearly sucked him dry and he had returned the favor. Life was great! Jerry, looking forward to their commitment ceremony, was the happiest he had ever been.

After the service, several people commented on how great he looked. Someone wondered if he had a new haircut. Someone else thought he had lost weight. He felt like the man in the Viagra commercial. Maybe it did show when you were getting great sex! Actually, it was much more than that; it was great love!

Returning to the manse, Jerry found Dennis busy preparing breakfast for them. He would have just enough time to eat before returning to do the other service.

"Hey, I could get used to having a wife to cook for me." Jerry teased.

"Don't be a smart-ass or I will feed your breakfast to the cat."

"We don't have a cat."

"Remind me to get one first thing tomorrow."

Dennis said Grace and the two dug in with gusto.

Pastor Liz also woke up tired, but happy on that Sunday morning. She and Derek had not enjoyed the sexual pleasures that Jerry and Dennis had, but there had been some pretty heavy petting. She turned her eyes heavenward.

"God, if Derek weren't a gentleman, I would not be a virgin this morning," She half prayed.

They had planned to marry the following year, but she knew they couldn't wait that long. At least, she knew that she couldn't. She would like to rip his clothes off and lick his hard body all over! She was going to have to stop thinking like that or she would never get through the service. She would talk to him today. Maybe they could get married yet in the coming summer. Yes, an August wedding would be nice; better yet, maybe July. Would June be too soon? She was ready to elope tomorrow.

Prom night finally arrived. Dinner at Amy's house was spectacular. Amy's father had been enlisted to complete the plans. With the help of some of the homeroom fathers, he had moved most of the furniture from the great room into the garage. The men had picked up four round tables, just large enough to accommodate four diners each, from a rental place to temporarily replace the furnishings.

The lights had been dimmed. A small fire in the stone fireplace along with numerous candles provided the main illumination in the room. Each table was set with linens, china, silver, and crystal. The effect was stunning.

With Fran and Anna heading up the menu and food preparation, the meal was to die for. Lots of little hors de oeuvres were served with sparking grape juice (to substitute for wine). Anna was responsible for those.

Crisp salads, Chicken Marsala with linguini were provided by Fran, and Tiara Mi Su for dessert was made by Susan and Tony from an old recipe that had been handed down from his grandmother.

Several of the students from homeroom were there with their dates. These included: Dave and Jeri, Amy and Tom (and Brad and Alan, if truth be told), and two of the girls, Morgan and Samantha, who were going stag.

The crowd of 16 was easily accommodated in the Kearns' large room.

Fran had drafted Garret, Cory, Ben, Adam, and Garret's friend, Terry, to be the servers. The young boys were dressed in black pants and stiff white dress shirts. They took their assignments seriously and served as nicely as many of the staffs of finer restaurants.

Susan and Fran had been in charge of seating. They had placed Brad and Alan with Morgan and Samantha (Sam, as she preferred to be called).

It was natural that the boys would escort them to the dance. They took Alan's car since it was deemed to be the coolest. Sam sat in front with Alan. On the way, they talked about how pleasant the evening had been so far.

"I am so glad that Amy's mom got this thing going," said Morgan. "We wanted to go, but not with some sex fiend who would expect us to spend the night 'repaying' him for taking us out. This way, no one owes anyone anything. If people end up together, it will be because they want to be, not because it is expected."

Brad cringed a little. He wondered if Morgan thought he might be ending up with her. His fears were allayed when Sam and Morgan continued their conversation.

"Do you think we can trust these two, Morgan?"

"I'd bet the farm on it. I think they'll empathize with us because I think they have the same secret."

Alan and Brad both froze for a heartbeat at this latest remark.

"Okay," Morgan began," will you guys promise on you honor not to tell anyone what we are going to tell you? If you break your promise, Sam will get her older brother to remove your gonads the way they do steers'."

"We promise," both boys giggled – partly because of how deadpan the delivery was and partly because they were nervous that Sam's brother might actually be capable of making good on the threat!

"Okay," Morgan continued. "Sam and I care for each other more than most girls do. Uh, what I'm trying to say is that I love her with all my heart the way I suspect that you two care for each other."

A couple of months earlier, Alan would have been shaken by this conversation. Now, he was just curious to see where it was going.

"Um, what made you think that Brad and I feel that way?"

He was not denying it. He could not. He was just curious as to what she'd say.

Sam turned toward him and took up where Morgan had left off. "It's nothing big or noticeable to most people. We see it because we're in love. It's the little looks you give each other when you think no one else is watching. It's the way you come to each other's defense if someone acts menacing. It's how you can finish each other's sentences. Then there was that scene with Jennifer in the cafeteria. But that doesn't count as much as the other things."

"Wow," Brad sighed. "It looks like they've got us, Alan. My dad noticed. Tom saw the looks we give each other. We must be lighting up gaydar screens all over town!"

"Don't worry; we won't blow your cover. But, it would be cool if the four of us could BE each other's cover tonight," suggested Sam.

And so, the young men showed up at prom with girls on their arms without feeling like hypocrites. They danced most of the dances with their "dates" and had a great time. Jennifer Hampton was angry that Brad really was with a girl and that she couldn't make a scene. Inside her head, she was still sure that Brad and Alan were more than friends.

After the prom, many of the kids would go to all night parties. Others headed for motel rooms to drink and get laid. Brad and Alan dropped the girls at Sam's house and then drove to Iowa City. They had booked a room in a motel just off the interstate. Brad went into the office alone to check them in. The twenty-year-old clerk at the desk smirked assuming that there was a girl waiting in the car.

"I don't care what you do in that room, but there had better not be any complaints from anyone or your ass is out of here."

Brad nodded, picked up the two key cards, and went back to the car. The clerk noticed that it was another guy in the passenger seat and shook his head. He suspected that they would be smuggling the girls in later. Oh well, the company was getting an adequate amount of rent out of the room. What were a couple more towels?

Alan surveyed the big room with the king-sized bed and large TV. It had a bar fridge, a microwave, and a coffee pot. The bath was fully appointed with a whirlpool tub and separate two-person shower. There were various soaps, shampoos, and lotions. There was a heat lamp in the ceiling of the bath and a dimmer switch for the incandescent lights in the room.

"Wow, you went all out. This is like a honeymoon suite."

"Well, this is sort of like a honeymoon. We have pledged ourselves to each other. Do you want to consummate it tonight?"

Brad felt nervous as he asked. They had talked about doing the "anal thing," but both had been hesitant.

"I think that I want to wait. How about you?"

"Yeah, I think it would be nice to save it for our wedding night," Brad said with relief in his voice.

After they dimmed the lights, the boys undressed each other slowly. As each article of clothing was removed, they kissed the part of anatomy that had just been bared. When they were naked, hard, and oozing, Brad filled the tub and started the whirlpool. They made out in the swirling water. Alan was sitting in a position that put a water jet massaging his rectum. When Brad began to assault his nipples, the stimulation became too much. Nggggggggg! He moaned and shot a load on Brad and in the water. Brad was very turned on by the scene.

The boys got out and dried each other gently with an oversized bath towel. Brad pulled down the covers and placed a dry towel in the center of the large bed. Next, he opened his bag and pulled out a small bottle of champagne and two plastic stemmed glasses. After struggling with the plastic stopper, he poured both glasses half full. They drank a toast to their life together. Brad got a grin on his face and said that he needed a swizzle stick to take out some of the bubbles. He asked Alan to get down on all fours and proceeded to dip Alan's hard cock in his champagne. Then he sipped it and pronounced it to be much better. Alan did the same with Brad's hot poker and agreed that it was an improvement. Both giggled.

A little oiled from the alcohol, the boys took turns massaging each other. They were getting pretty slippery, and very relaxed. They eventually ended up lying side by side in a 69-position and began to work a lubricated finger into each other while licking the hard, dripping cock that each faced. The stimulation on his virgin prostate was too much for Brad who had not cum yet that evening. He nearly drowned Alan with his liquid expression of love. Being ever mindful of waste, Alan had engulfed Brad's throbbing cock in time to save most of the offering. He then shared it with his love in a long sensuous kiss.

"Sorry, I really didn't want to cum so fast."

"Hey, neither did I in the tub."

"Well, that was at least half an hour ago. "

Alan went back to massaging Brad. They took turns bringing each other to the brink and then backing off. Finally, they got into the 69-position once again and worked each other's prostates. Neither could believe that they could come that forcefully again in so short a period of time.

The aroma of sex was heavy in the air. And, although both guys just wanted to cuddle and sleep, they got up, opened a window and showered together. After spraying a little air freshener, they closed the window and cuddled under the covers. In a flash, they were asleep.

They didn't awake until 11:00. There was only time for a bit of fooling around in the shower before they had to check out. Despite the fact that it had been a relatively short stay, it had been a great time together.

Tom had also booked a motel room for Amy and him, but had called to cancel it before they headed to an all-night party sponsored by SADD. They had changed into shorts so they would feel comfortable going to the bowling alley later. A number of parents and teachers were hosting the activities there to give kids a fun, alcohol-free evening.

"Tom, thanks for not putting pressure on me tonight. I know how much you want to make love to me and you know how much I want you too. I remember that I said something about buying condoms, but I just don't want to give myself to someone I'm not married to. I want that part of me to be a gift to my husband. Does that make any sense?"

"Hey Amy, it's okay. I knew from our conversations how you really felt. I want you something awful, but I don't want to spoil things between us. I can wait, but maybe we should think about getting married before we're through college. I'm not sure I can wait that long.

"Well," said Amy, "let's go see how the bowling party is going. I think we might make a little stop along the way and I can relieve some of that pressure in your shorts."

Tom nearly creamed at those words. He knew that Amy wasn't teasing and that he would be rewarded for his sensitivity to her feelings.

A few minutes later, Tom was steering Don's sedan to the secluded spot that he and Amy favored. As soon as the car was stopped, Amy threw herself into his strong arms and began to kiss him passionately. Before long, their tongues were pleasantly and sensuously wrestling. She then chewed on his earlobes as she unbuttoned his shirt. This gave her access to his sensitive nipples. Amy knew just how to please them.

Just when Tom thought he was about to pop, Amy reached for his belt and undid it. She unsnapped his shorts and slowly lowered the zipper. Soon his oozing cock was freed from the confinements of his underwear.

What happened next nearly gave Tom a stroke. Amy engulfed about half of his hot manhood in her hot, wet mouth and began to bob her head slowly. Then she let up on the pressure a little and moved her head in small circles swirling her tongue around the sensitive head of his cock. Reaching up with one hand, Amy began to pinch Tom's left nipple. She removed her other hand from his rampant tool and used it to caress his balls. Tom was gasping and nearly crying when he blew (and blew, and blew). When the after-shocks began to subside, Amy kissed him deeply. Tom was again surprised that he was not repulsed by the taste of his own cum. Maybe those gay guys were onto something.

After Tom came down from his mountaintop experience, he gently proceeded to take Amy up to one of her own using his gifted tongue. The lovers spent another half hour cuddling and resting so that they would have the strength to go bowling followed by breakfast in the morning.

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