Always and Forever

by David Lee

Chapter 14

Puppy love, and the offspring of a dog

In early January, school took up again. The short, dark, cold days would drag along until spring break. Then, everything would go too fast and the school year would be over once more.

There were several fun things to break up the monotony. There were basketball games with the pep band and cheerleaders in attendance. There were concerts and plays to be in, and to go see.

Adam decided to audition for the part of "Ponyboy" in the winter play, "The Outsiders" and urged Ben to try out for something as well. Ben said that he was too shy to be on stage. He was sure he would wet his pants if he had to speak lines in front of a large audience (anything over five people being large). Adam finally convinced him to work in the scene shop on the props and to help him learn his lines. Ben was glad to do that. He liked working with his hands and he loved being with Adam to assist him in rehearsing.

Since he had kept his job as a sacker at the supermarket, Ben had little free time to think about his parents and the life he used to have. He missed his siblings and the material things he'd had, but in many ways, he was happier than he had ever been now that he was living with Don, Travis, and Tom. And, he had a boyfriend! He realized that they were young and that it might not last forever, but it was great to have someone who thought and felt as he did. It was awesome to feel loved.

Because of a teachers' conference on Presidents' Day, there was a Monday free in mid February. That meant a three-day weekend. The high school students were eagerly looking forward to having a break.

If truth be told, the teachers were just as eager for a little time away from the students. Most would admit it, but not Miss Primrose! She loved being able to control the kids, but she also liked having meetings on Saturday and Monday. She wouldn't mind if they were on Sunday as well. Teachers these days didn't know what work was! She did.

Ben got permission to have Adam stay over for a couple of nights. Since the conference was in the big downtown hotel, Travis and Don wouldn't be away overnight and the boys wouldn't be left unsupervised long. Not that they didn't trust the boys, but they knew from experience that teens could get into trouble when left on their own. Adam's parents were comfortable with that arrangement.

Ben was fretting about where Adam would sleep. He had a small room with a twin bed on the main floor of the house. Tom, of course, had his larger, more private room with adjoining bathroom on the basement level. Ben decided that he and Adam could share the sofa sleeper in the basement family room and have the excuse of watching TV as a reason to sleep together. He asked Tom what he thought of the plan.

Tom's responded by offering to trade rooms with Ben for the weekend. That way, Ben and Adam would have privacy for both sleeping and showering.

"You two can do some fun stuff in that big shower. Our Dads will be gone to teachers' meetings by the time you get up on Saturday, so they won't know what's going on. And you boys may need a couple of cold showers in the night," Tom chuckled.

Ben blushed big time. He hadn't told Tom about his budding relationship with Adam. He couldn't tell him without Adam's permission.


"Hey Li'l Bro, I'm not gonna to tell, but I may tease you a little. I think it's cute to see you guys together. I hope you get some this weekend!"

Ben could only grin and blush. He knew that if he said anything more he would dig himself deeper into a hole. He did manage to recover his voice enough to thank Tom and take him up on the offer.

On Friday morning, Adam brought his gym bag to school filled with the things he would need for the weekend. He was stuffing it into his locker when Ben came up behind him.

"Hey, Stud," he whispered into Adam's ear.

Adam jumped.

"Man, you startled me."

Then, looking up and down the hall, Adam continued: "Better be careful or people are gonna guess about us."

Taking another quick look and finding the hall empty, he planted a kiss firmly on his boyfriend's lips. This time it was Ben's turn to jump.

"Dude! We're gonna get caught for sure. What got into you?"

"Oh, I'm just thinking how lucky I am to have you, and I'm dreaming about what we can do tonight," was Adam's reply.

"I'm up for whatever you want to do tonight but remember; we have to survive this school for a couple of more years. I'd just as soon do that without any broken bones."

"Looks like you're up already, and this bone ain't broken," Adam remarked as he made a playful grab for Ben's crotch.

Just then, Tom rounded the corner in time to see the suggestive gesture. Brad was close behind. The exuberant Adam almost wet his pants realizing that he had been caught grabbing Ben's privates. Damn, why did he have to be so horny and so careless? What would the other guys do? What would happen at lunch? Damn!

Tom grinned broadly.

"Just remember what I said about the cold showers Li'l Bro!"

Ben started to crack up laughing, but then he realized Adam had turned white and looked like he was about to faint.

As the older guys moved out of earshot, Ben tried to calm Adam.

"It's okay, Adam. Tom knows about me and he's guessed about us. I wouldn't confirm his suspicions because I didn't have your permission. But, he offered his big bed and bathroom for us. He told me this morning that he hoped I'd 'get some' this weekend."

"Yeah, but what about Brad?"

The color was beginning to come back to his face, but Adam was still a little shaky when he got to band practice. Alan noticed and asked him if he were sick. Adam insisted that he was not and then promptly ran to the restroom and heaved up his breakfast.

At lunch, Adam knew he had better tough it out and sit with the usual crowd. He could have gone home "sick," but then he would have to give up his weekend with Ben. What could he do? He had little appetite for lunch. Getting his tray of cafeteria gruel de jour, he sat down without looking up at anyone.

Brad and Alan stood up immediately.

"Come with us for a minute," said Alan gently. "We have something to tell you that will make you feel better quickly. Ben, you come along too."

Both younger boys were apprehensive. Alan and Brad had seemed friendly, but why were they heading for a deserted area?

When they arrived at a remote restroom, Brad took over.

"Okay, you have to swear a solemn oath that what you are about to see and hear will never be repeated by you without our permission."

The younger boys nodded.

Seeing their agreement, he grabbed Alan and they locked lips in a long, passionate kiss. When they pulled back, the bulges in their pants made it evident that they had both enjoyed it very, very, much.

Adam was still in shock as Ben took him into his arms and gently kissed his lips as well. Midway into the kiss, Adam relaxed and responded in kind. When he and Ben broke off for air, all four boys stood there grinning at each other.

Adam spoke first, "Thanks, guys. I do feel better. But why are you outing yourselves?"

"We don't want you guys to go around being afraid of your shadows. What Tom and I saw this morning showed us that you two were probably more than just buds. You see, we started around that corner a couple of seconds earlier when you were kissing, and we didn't want to startle you. So, we backed up and tried again. But you, Mr. Horny, had to grab Ben's goodies just as we got there. Seriously, guys, I would cool it a little around school. We're pretty careful ever though we'll be gone in a few months." Brad responded.

"Hey," said Alan, "if you're cured, let's get back and eat something before we have to go to class. I, for one, am starved!"

Tom had made some flimsy excuse about the guys needing to straighten something out about the upcoming play as the reason for the other guys' sudden departure. The rest of the people at the table bought it. They really didn't care, and they knew better than to question Tom's word.

Adam's appetite had returned, and the guys did manage to wolf down enough to keep their stomachs from rubbing against their backbones during the afternoon.

The school day finally ended. Ben and Adam rode home with Tom and were especially quiet. When they entered the house, Tom put an arm on the shoulders of both younger boys and pulled them into an embrace. He didn't say anything. He just hugged them for a moment. Looking at his smiling face, they knew that he understood and that they were safe. Not for the first time, Ben thanked God for his Big Bro.

Tom grabbed a bite to eat and rushed off to his job. Ben had opted to take the weekend off and Tom was covering his hours for him, though Ben didn't know it. Tom knew that the money was important, and he could put his social life on hold for Ben just this once. Besides, Amy was off on a college inquiry trip and wouldn't be back until Sunday, so he wasn't unhappy to be occupied.

Travis cooked a gourmet meal that evening, and Don cleaned up after. They insisted that Ben and his guest go watch a video or play on the computer instead of helping.

The boys hurried down to the basement and got on the 'net to download the latest chapter of "Magic Mountain." Their love for Sequoyah's stories on Nifty was one more thing they had in common. They were nearly in tears when they read the part in which Doug's face got slashed. They realized that they could have been in some kind of confrontation at school that day if circumstances had been different and the wrong people had caught them.

Later, Ben put in a video and the two boys cuddled under a blanket on the old sleeper sofa. Being close was awesome. They were enjoying each other even though they weren't doing any making out. No one came down to disturb them. Don and Travis were not aware that the young ones had developed a relationship, but they did realize that teens liked their privacy.

About 9:30, Tom came noisily down the basement stairs to let the boys know he was there. He was surprised and pleased that they were still close together under the blanket. After getting his toiletries and a change of clothes, he bade them goodnight assuring them that they would not be disturbed before breakfast.

"Think about having a nice warm shower together," he grinned.

"We just might. Do you want to join us? There's probably room if we all squeeze in tight together." Ben was getting absolutely sassy, and Tom loved it.

"EEW! No thank you," was his laughing reply.

After Tom went upstairs, Ben drew Adam closer and kissed him with passion. Adam responded by kissing back just as forcefully. Soon they were hard and hot. Ben led the way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Then he began stripping Adam's clothes off and dropping them on the floor. Adam followed suit, and in a flash both teens were naked.

Once in the shower, the fun began in earnest. Slippery with soap, the boys rubbed their bodies together. Before long, Adam was moaning in ecstasy. Ben was doing the same. Adam shot first, but only by a couple of seconds. The shower floor was slippery with teen cum. The boys held on to each other to keep their knees from buckling.

As the water started to cool, they regained their strength enough to get out and towel each other off gently. They walked hand in hand, nude, into the bedroom where they crawled into bed and began making out again.

Despite their recent climaxes, both guys were stiffening up again. Ben got some lotion and a dry towel from the bathroom and they began to jack each other slowly while kissing and fondling. Pretty soon, they were rewarded with another eruption. This one was less intense than the first, but no less satisfying. After cleaning up a bit, they fell asleep spooned together.

Saturday was a day of relaxing for the younger boys. Don and Travis were at their educational workshop and Tom had gone to the grocery store to work. Ben and Adam didn't wake up until 10:00. They both looked cute with sleep still in their eyes, and their hair tousled. As they slipped out of bed still naked, they both giggled at the morning wood they were sporting. Since no one else was going to be home all day, the boys thought that it would be fun to spend it without getting dressed – at all!

First, they brushed their teeth and then climbed into the shower together. As closely as they clung to each other, you could have packed another couple of boys their size in with them and had space left over. It didn't take long to repeat the pleasures of the night before. This time, however, Adam got behind Ben and made humping motions between Ben's legs while slowly, but surely jacking his boyfriend to a climax. Ben's vocal reaction to the impending orgasm helped Adam to cum shortly after he did. Again, it was the cooling of the water that signaled the end of their activities – temporarily at least!

Breakfast consisted of underdone bacon, hard fried eggs, and slightly charred toast. It might have been more edible if the boys had paid attention to their cooking instead of playing grab-ass most of the time. Despite their shower fun, Ben and Adam were not satiated. Either way, playing house and cooking for themselves was satisfying enough that they didn't mind how the food turned out.

After the kitchen was cleaned up and the dishes were in the dishwasher, Ben and Adam cuddled under a blanket in the basement family room and watched cartoons. Ben was fascinated by them. His parents had strictly limited TV viewing, and cartoons were not on the approved list of programming. Little was.

Lunch was made up of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and milk. None of it had to be cooked, so there was no problem with messing it up.

In the afternoon, Adam offered to teach Ben how to play poker. Card playing was another thing that had been forbidden in Ben's house and Adam thought he could take advantage of the situation.

"What kind of stakes do you want to play for?" Adam had asked after allowing Ben to win a couple of hands.

They laughed about not being able to play strip poker since there wasn't anything to take off. Adam proposed that the loser had to lick the cock of the winner. They would play three hands, so whoever won two, would be the recipient of the oral reward.

Confident that he could whip Ben, Adam let Ben win the first hand.

Unfortunately for Adam, he was dealt a very poor hand the second time. Ben had a straight flush. He loved double entendre and thought it was amusing that a gay guy could have a hand that had the word "straight" in it. Adam had only a pair and was afraid that his plan had backfired. (Ben made a grab for Adam's jewels and exclaimed that he had a very NICE PAIR!)

The third hand was the deciding one. Both boys were playing competitively, but neither would be devastated if he lost. Adam had a full house which beat Ben's flush.

"Okay, Ben, get down on your knees and give me my reward."

Ben looked apprehensive. His cock had been hard to the point of hurting in anticipation, but now he felt vulnerable. He swallowed the lump in his throat, got on his knees, and moved toward Adam. Did he have the nerve to lick Adam's hard cock?

Adam looked down at the shy, beautiful boy in front of him and his heart melted. He put his hands on each side of Ben's shoulders and gently lifted him to a standing position. They held each other close.

"Ben, I kinda set this up knowing I could beat you. You don't have to do it if it's disgusting to you. I'm sorry."

Ben leaned back to look Adam in the face but didn't move his crotch away from his boyfriend's. It felt too good!

"No, Adam, a deal is a deal. You would do it to me if you lost."

"Yeah, but I suckered you in. How about we lie on the floor and do each other at the same time. Then neither of us will be taken advantage of."

Ben beamed. The idea of mutual giving and receiving sounded great to him. This way they were both doing a naughty thing to each other. Neither guy would feel like he was in a humiliating position.

They started timidly; just touching the end of each other's rock-hard member with the tips of their tongues. Then, Adam licked from the base of Ben's balls to the end of his dripping phallus. Ben imitated the move. Soon, the two young lovers were discovering the wet, warm, wonderful pleasures of oral sex. It wasn't long before they exploded in each other's mouth. This was followed by deep kissing with lots of slippery tongue wrestling.

Don, Travis, and Tom came home to prepare dinner for themselves and a happy, but rather subdued couple of boys. Before Travis began sautéing the garlic, Tom thought he could detect the aroma of boy-cum, and it brought a smile to his face too.

Cuddling naked in bed on Saturday night, Ben and Adam fell asleep before they could get it on again. The activities of the day had emptied the boys as well as fulfilled them.

Sunday, Adam went to church with Ben's foster family. He participated in the singing and everything. Pastor Liz spoke as if she really believed what she was saying. Adam's parents weren't "into church." Both had been raised in fundamentalist-type traditions and both had rejected any notion of a god when they were in college. So, this was a new experience for him. He liked it.

After the service, Tom went to Amy's house for dinner and Travis and Don took the two boys to the IHOP for lunch. It was filling and not too expensive. Travis was still moonlighting at Penney's part-time and Don had sold several Raku pots through a local gallery. The extra income meant that they could afford these outings if they didn't overdo it.

The sermon was the topic of their noon-time discussion. Adam said that he was beginning to think that his parents might be wrong about God. He was curious to learn more. Ben offered to teach him everything he knew. Travis and Don exchanged glances wondering what Ben would tell Adam about religion considering his fundamentalist background.

When they arrived home, the phone was ringing. Travis picked it up. There was silence on the other end, and he wondered if it were a prank call or if he had answered too late. A cracking adolescent voice finally asked to speak with Ben.

Ben took the phone. A number of emotions played across his face as he listened. He went from quizzical to frowning to anger to passiveness.

Since he didn't put the phone on "speaker," the rest could only hear Ben's side of the conversation.

"How come you're calling? Where are you? … Oh. Be careful, I don't want you hurt. He did what? … The bastard! … No, I'll be okay. You keep safe. … Yeah, I love you too, Joey."

Hanging up, he filled his foster dads and his boyfriend in on the reason for the call.

"Joey's been worried about me since I left, and he wanted to talk to me. He's never alone to use the phone. He had to tell me about what that so-called minister did in front of the whole church last month. He same as outed me to the whole congregation! He preached about sexual deviates and then gave sympathy to my family since their 'former son' was bound for Hell - that rotten son-of-a-bitch!"

Adam looked as white as he had in the hall at school on Friday. He sank down in the big living room arm chair. What had been a fantastic weekend was beginning to look bleak.

Don and Travis were a bit taken aback by Ben's language, but they knew they would likely have reacted in a similar way if they were he. Actually, they too were damning Parker in their minds at that moment.

Travis spoke first, "Well, Ben, how are you going to handle it? You know that someone from school is likely to know and tell - if they haven't already."

Ben stood in quiet thoughtfulness for a few moments. Then, he brightened a bit. If he didn't look elated, he did not look hopeless either.

"I have had one Hell of a year! My biological parents threw me out, but 'Someone' was watching over me. I have a great new family. I can face whatever comes. Tom's verse keeps coming back to me. It's been as true for me as for him. I'll be okay."

Adam who had been looking like he might hurl at any moment finally joined the conversation.

"Ben, you're a lot braver than me. I'm really scared. What if my folks find out about us?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Adam realized he had come out to Don and Travis.

"Uh, I mean if they hear about you they will suspect that I'm queer."

"We know what you mean, Adam. In this house it's difficult to hide your feelings about another guy."

Adam put his head in his hands and cried.

"You don't know what it means to be the only son and be expected to carry on the family name. My parents won't ever let me be gay!"

Putting a hand on Adam's back, Travis spoke to him.

"Son, I know exactly what it means. I went through the same thing. I was forced to play a role for which I was not suited. It brought me years of grief and pain. I tried to dull it with alcohol and pot. I know the toll it takes when you think you can't be true to yourself!"

Monday dawned bleak and cold. But the temperature outside was no worse than the mood of two young guys in Tom's bed. They were naked, but not hard. Neither had slept well and both were on the verge of tears. After emptying their bladders, they cuddled and fell back into a fitful sleep.

When Tom drove them to Adam's house to drop him off later, the boys said a subdued goodbye swallowing hard not to break into tears.

Tom looked at them sympathetically.

"I got your backs, Li'l Bros."

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