Always and Forever

by David Lee

Chapter 16


On prom weekend, Adam was planning to have Ben sleep over again when his mother put an abrupt end to the plans as he was telling her about them on Friday night.

"Adam, I had an interesting conversation with the cleaning lady today. She goes to that dreadful church where that Parker person is the minister. She says that your friend Ben is gay and that everyone knows it. I don't want you hanging around with him anymore."

"Mother, I am turning 17 this month. I think I have a right to choose my own friends!"

"Well, dear, you're still under my roof and you will do as I say!"

Adam's father, Keith, came into the room when he heard the fussing. This was not characteristic of either Adam or Rita. Adam was usually compliant; Rita always got her way.

Keith asked what the row was about. Adam's mother explained why he should no longer hang around with Ben.

"Besides, he lives with a couple of faggots!" she shouted.

"Mom! Travis and Don are two of the nicest people I know. Don't call them that!"

"Okay, how about ho-mo –SEK-tuals?" She spat out the term exaggeratedly.

"If you keep company with that group, you'll end up just like them. You need to start dating girls, so you can find a suitable wife someday. You have a duty to perform to carry on the family name!"

Adam was getting bolder and angrier by the moment.

"You just see me as a baby-maker. Okay, I'll jack off in a test tube and you can find some girl to take my seed and carry your precious descendants! I'm tired of hiding who I am. I'm gay just like God made me!"

Adam felt the sting of the back of Rita's hand across his face before he could duck.

"Don't talk nasty to me! You are NOT gay! I will NOT have it. It's against natural law. There is no God, so there is nothing that could have made you that way. You have been influenced by those perverts."

Adam's adrenaline level was high and his heart was racing.

"You may not believe in God, but I do. You may not accept that I'm gay, but I AM. I can NOT be what I AM NOT!"

Keith, who had remained silent, decided it was time to intervene.

"Adam, are you sure about what you're saying? Don't you have any interest in being a normal guy with a family and all that?"

"Dad, I am a normal guy. I just happen to like males - one in particular. Girls just don't do anything for me. I've known that for at least three years - long before I met Ben. I'm sorry I can't be the 'normal guy' you have in mind."

"Okay, we'll talk more in the morning. I guess you're old enough to know your own mind and body."

"I WILL NOT HAVE HIM UNDER MY ROOF ACTING LIKE THIS!" Rita screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Son," Keith said, "please call Ben and see if you can spend time with him until your mother calms down. Get your clothes and stuff together."


"Well, Rita, where DO you intend to live then?"

About 11:00 p.m., a shaking Adam pulled his little Corolla into the drive of Ben's foster home. Ben came out to meet him and the two melted together in a long embrace. They didn't care what anyone else saw or thought.

Don made a big bowl of popcorn and they all sat down to talk for a while. Travis started the conversation.

"At least your father seems to be rational about this. Mine never was. If he's in your corner, you have a fighting chance. Your mother could change her mind."

"No, I appreciate what you're saying, but you don't know my mother. She's a control freak. If she can't make things the way she wants them, she just pushes them away. She may not be a religious right-winger like Ben's folks, but to her I'm dead – just like Ben is to them."

Later, Ben and Adam cuddled naked in Tom's bed. Luckily, he had cleaned his room before he'd gone to pick up Amy. The floor had looked like it was carpeted in denim earlier in the day. He had gotten into the habit of having it presentable in case Ben wanted to have Adam over.

In view of what had transpired, the boys didn't feel especially horny. They just needed to hold each other; to feel warm firm flesh against their bodies. For the first time in their relationship, they realized that they were much more than playmates. They were becoming soul-mates.

Thinking that Ben was asleep, Adam whispered: "I love you, Ben."

"I love you, too," Ben murmured in reply.

A couple of hundred miles away, two other soul-mates were about to consummate their union. Father Jerry and Dennis were "married" a year and a few days after they had moved in together. As he had promised, Fr. McDermott performed the rite. It was a beautiful, but simple ceremony of commitment attended by a number of family members and close friends from the university and Jerry's seminary days. Liz had taken time off from her duties so that she and Derek could attend.

Later, in a well-appointed suite at the Palmer House, Dennis and Jerry were locked in a wet, naked embrace in the shower. Nothing else in the world existed but the two of them.

After drying each other lovingly with the large towels, Jerry carried his smaller mate to the large king-sized bed. He got over-balanced the last minute and the two fell laughing onto the firm mattress.

"Dennis, I have always maintained that it is more blessed to give than to receive, but I want to be on the receiving end tonight."

Dennis knew how to be a loving and gentle "top." He initiated lots of foreplay and used plenty of lube to prepare his spouse. When he at last entered Jerry, there was no pain for the latter, only pleasure.

His strokes began long and slow, but after a bit, he lost control and started to rut like a wild animal. Jerry appreciated the stimulation and enjoyed seeing his lover let go. Dennis tended to very self-disciplined. The experience was so intense that Jerry came just as Dennis did; despite not having touched himself.

After a short nap and another shower, the men reversed roles. Jerry decided it is more blessed to give AND to receive!

For the seniors at Cosgrove High, the last couple of weeks flew by. There were final projects and exams to survive, but these were not that stressful since most of the grades had been determined already.

At the state track meet, Tom was competing in the shot-put, Brad was on a relay team, and Alan was going to run the 100-meter dash. It was a very warm day and the officials had considered postponing the events. But, if they did, it would mess up too many schedules. In the end, they decided to provide plenty of bottled water and go ahead as planned.

The results of the event were mixed. Tom came in third in the state. Brad's team came in a close second. But, Alan won his event hands down. The temperature worked to his advantage. All the running he had done with Brad the summer before, especially in the heat of July, had inured him. His closest competitor had run out of steam about 75 meters into the event and had slowed down. Alan was ecstatic. Brad and the rest of the team were just as excited for him. No one from their school had taken first at state in 10 years.

Brad grabbed Alan in a hug and lifted him off the ground. The boys remained there gazing into each other's eyes for a moment and then drew their faces closer. Like the irresistible force of gravity, their love and desire pulled their lips together for just an instant. Coach Miller came up smiling and gave them both a pat on the butt and sent them off to shower and change.

On the way to the locker room, Brad walked with his arm around Alan's shoulder. It brought back a flood of memories from the past year. Alan felt a lump in his throat and a bit of moisture in his eyes. Life was wonderful!

Alan and Brad were among the last to board the bus after the awards ceremony. They had discussed their brief public kiss and wondered how the other guys would react. To their surprise, they got grins and thumbs-up from several teammates; though some didn't look up as they came down the aisle. Tom had saved them places on the back seat with him, so no one gave them any crap. Once again, Alan reflected on the momentous changes that had occurred since he end of his junior year.

Later that night, Brad gave Alan what he had promised him for coming in first. Then Alan rewarded Brad for being his mentor. Of course, if Alan hadn't won, Brad would have done the same thing as a consolation prize!

Graduation assembly was always scheduled for the last day that the seniors attended school. They all marched into the gym dressed in caps and gowns as they would for the official exercises the following Friday. This event, however, was less formal and allowed recognition of sports achievements as well as academic ones. Brad and Alan were among the salutatorians. Amy was the valedictorian. Tom didn't fall into either category because of his earlier grades. However, he was recognized for winning a full ride scholarship to art school. Alan received a standing ovation for his win at the state track meet. Brad's eyes glistened with pride.

There were also fun awards. Tom and Amy had been voted "best couple." Brad was presented a tube of toothpaste for best smile. Dave got a razor and shaving cream for best male legs. And so, it went.

The next week, school was very different. Monday saw a smaller crowd at Cosgrove High. With the seniors gone, the halls seemed bigger. Ben and Adam wondered what lunch would be like without their upper-class buds.

When noon came, the boys were surprised and pleased to find that several new kids joined them at their usual table. Lisa Franz, a perky sophomore sat on the other side of Adam. Trevor Gregory, who played trombone in band, sat on the other side of Ben. For whatever reason, they were a couple of the "popular" kids that others wanted to hang with despite the rumors about them. They smiled through the rest of the afternoon.

The last day of school finally arrived and classes would be dismissed for the summer. As Dr. Carlson made the end of the year announcements, he reminded the staff of the teachers' meeting after lunch and the rehearsal for graduation. Most of the teachers groaned (inwardly, at least): Miss Primrose smiled.

Graduation was a blur, and kind of anticlimactic. The auditorium at the civic center was too warm and the speeches were too long. Everyone was ready for it to be over long before it ground to a halt. Once the building cleared, the seemingly endless round of parties began.

Alan and Brad attended a number of them that weekend but had to miss some because of their own celebration. They chose to have a joint party since it was pretty obvious to most of their friends that they (Brad and Alan) were very close. Tom and Amy did the same with their festivities at Amy's house. Of course, Don and Travis contributed to the food and beverages.

Graduation meant that lots of the kids would rarely see each other again as a group. The old gang from homeroom would be split up forever. They could keep up on social media, but some would drift off the radar in coming years.

Dave and Jeri were going to the Iowa State University. Amy had been accepted to a well-known private college within easy commuting distance from the art school where Tom would go. Alan and Brad were going to be rooming together at Iowa State. Before the weekend was over, Amy arranged for all the homeroom kids to be together at her house for one last group picture. Everyone showed up and enjoyed pizza and the swimming pool before going their separate ways.

With summer came employment opportunities. Brad and Alan worked for the city parks department again and got Tom hired on too. Tom was pleased since it would be better pay than his job at the supermarket and he loved being out of doors. Ben remained at the store and moved up from sacker to stock boy which gave him a slight raise. Adam took his spot as a bag boy mainly so that they could be together more. Besides, he wanted to feel more independent and have money that he'd made rather than depending completely on his allowance from his dad.

Tom started to rearrange Ben's old room for himself. It was his idea that he should move upstairs so that Ben and Adam could have his room with the big bed. He said that since he would be going off to art school in a couple of months, he could put up with the sounds of love coming from the master bedroom. That comment earned him a grin and a swat on the butt from Travis.

Don and Travis figured that for appearances' sake, they would move Tom's big bed upstairs and put twin beds in Tom's old room. That way, if the social worker came to pay an unannounced call, there would be no flak about their sleeping together. The boys didn't like the idea, but they could understand the reason for it. They knew that they could push the beds together and cuddle when they wanted to. As soon as they turned 18, they would swap these beds for the big one

Adam's father had decided that it was less expensive and less trouble to give his son a generous allowance to live on than to give Rita a divorce. It was more than enough to adequately pay Don and Travis for Adam's room and board. The two men loved having another "son" in their house. Of course, they were even happier that Keith wanted to remain an important part of Adam's life and planned to include him activities with them whenever his schedule permitted.

Meanwhile, Keith moved his things into Adam's old room. While he was not leaving the house physically, he was moving out emotionally. He could not bear to make love to, or even sleep with, the woman who had thrown away his only son.

In June, several items of interest appeared in the local paper. Derek and Liz announced plans to be married in early August. Tony and Susan were going to be married in July. Harley and Cynthia Forbes's names appeared in the dissolution of marriage column.

Susan Jenkins found that she was as excited as a school girl about her upcoming wedding. Tony was her knight in shining armor and she was about to be swept off to Niagara Falls. Tony knew just how to please her with an old fashioned, romantic honeymoon.

Originally, they had planned a simple ceremony with just a few friends and family, but as the list grew, they realized that they would need the church to hold all the people. Liz was pleased that they wanted her to do the honors. She spent a number of sessions with them in counseling before she agreed to preside. Liz took her job seriously and wanted to give couples the best possible chance to stay together once the knot had been tied.

It was decided that Alan would escort his mother down the aisle. Brad would be seated in the family section with him where the bride's mother would normally sit. Tony's college roommate, Sean Carver, would be best man and a female cousin would be his other attendant.

For her part, Susan asked Fran to be her matron of honor. She chose Travis Naughton as her other attendant. It wasn't exactly traditional, but it was what both Tony and she wanted. Liz was pleased that they were willing to break with convention.

After the reception, Tony's best man drove the newlyweds to the airport where they boarded a plane for Eire, PA. There, they picked up a rental car and drove to the nearest motel.

Back home, Alan and Brad drove to the little rental house on Washington Street where he'd lived the past two years. It would be their home for the rest of the summer. When Tony and Susan returned, Alan felt that they should have their privacy in their new home. He would pay the rent on this place until the lease expired about a week after he left for college. When he had told Tony about the plan, Tony had hugged him in appreciation. Tony knew that he was going to get along well with his stepson.

It was cool to feel like they had a place of their own. Once inside on that Saturday evening, Brad began to slowly undress his handsome lover.

"Man, I just can't get over how good you look in a tux! It makes me think of prom night."

"Hey, it can be like prom night. I have a bottle of champagne that mom let me smuggle from the reception. I only had to promise that I wouldn't drink any of it before I drove somewhere. Do you think it will help us get into the mood?"

Brad was already in the mood as witnessed by the growing mound in his suit pants. It wasn't long before the two lovers were stripped and locked in a tight embrace.

Alan opened the champagne and poured a healthy amount into their plastic flutes from prom night. They had agreed that it would be fun to keep them for the rest of their lives together.

"Hey, Brad, I think I need a shower. Care to join me?"

"I love the taste of this, but wouldn't miss that opportunity for all the bubbly in France!"

They began by washing each other's backs at the same time. Neither stud wanted to stop holding the other, or to stop grinding their hot cocks together. But eventually they broke the embrace and began to thoroughly clean the other's most important parts.

Once in bed, they continued making out and sipping their wine. Both were getting pretty mellow as well as very horny. Alan spread a large beach towel in the center of the bed and lay on his back.

Brad climbed on top of his boyfriend and began to give him an all-over tongue bath. He started with Alan's ears and moved to his neck. While he did this, he positioned himself so that Alan's cock was nestled in the crack of his ass. He wondered what it would be like to be impaled on that hard shaft. As he worked his way down Alan's chest, he managed to give both nipples equal treatment.

When Brad began bathing Alan's armpits with his tongue, Alan thought he would come unglued. Then Brad nibbled down around Alan's belly button and all around where his love handles would be, if he had any. Unfortunately, the move meant he couldn't feel Alan against his sphincter.

Avoiding the "monster" for the moment, Brad started on Alan's left foot and worked up just shy of his balls. Then he gave the right side the same pleasure.

Zeroing in on Alan's perineum, Brad began to make Alan moan even louder as he pulled his legs up toward his chest to give his lover better access. Since they were alone, there was no need to hold back on the noise. Whether it was the champagne or the appreciative sounds from his partner, or both, something made Brad lose all inhibitions. He dived in and flicked his hot, moist tongue over Alan's rosebud. He found that it wasn't nasty at all. Alan nearly shot off then and there. His whimpering noises let Brad know how close he really was.

Since he wanted to extend their pleasure, Brad pulled back and held Alan while the latter cooled off a bit. They spent a few minutes just giving each other gentle kisses. When enough time elapsed, Brad turned around into their favorite position. Very quickly, both guys were heading for nirvana. With well lubed fingers, they were stimulating each other's prostate while sucking. Neither could last long under these conditions. After a few minutes, the room was filled with the sounds of pleasant moans and the aroma of male sex.

In August, two ceremonies united young lovers. Derek and Liz were married in her church by Father Jerry Martin. His spouse, Dennis, sang a solo. The whole congregation was informally invited, and many came. The reception was at the country club and both sets of parents split the considerable tab.

The couple flew south to catch a Caribbean cruise for a week. All the pent-up tension of waiting heightened the consummation of their union. Derek proved to be the man that he hoped to be. Liz loved surrendering herself to his power. They made love three times that first night. Neither could get too enough of the other. But, the second night, she decided to take charge.

"Okay, Derek, I'm going to prove that missionaries didn't know everything about positions."

Having said that, Liz proceeded to undress Derek and ease him back on the bed. Then she did a slow strip in the dimly lighted cabin. Derek's expanding meat made it obvious that he was impressed by the show. Liz was impressed by the magnitude of his response.

She asked him to lie still with his arms at his side while she began to run her tongue up the inside of his legs. She kissed the end of his drooling shaft and then got brave and took it into her mouth. While she wasn't skilled at giving head, she was still giving Derek a thrill. She greased him up with some KY jelly, but with the pre-come he was producing, she might as well have saved her efforts. Pretty soon, she straddled his legs and lowered herself. Her hot, moist vagina swallowed up Derek's manhood. Then she began rocking herself to stimulate them both.

Derek's system went into overload and he began to thrust upward to meet her. With a gasp, he began to unleash the torrent of his love offering. He managed to stay hard a few more minutes until Liz also reached her climax too.

"Wow! You know a lot more than those old missionaries!"

Derek found that he liked submitting to her as well as taking her. He was sure that he would never tire of their games together.

Two weeks later, in a gazebo in the park, Brad and Alan had their union blessed by Father Jerry. Ben and Adam acted as their attendants. Pastor Liz was there with Derek, but she could not take part in the ceremony without endangering her ordination. This made her very sad. She was outspoken but did not dare cross the church authorities in this way just yet. When she had a few more years in, she would.

The boys had decided that they didn't want to wait for this any longer. They were already out to most of their friends and relatives. So, surrounded by family and a few chosen friends, Alan and Brad pledged their love and faithfulness to each other for the rest of their lives. They again placed the rings on each other's fingers. What they had done privately on the camping trip was now official – as official as it could be for two people of the same sex in the state of Iowa at that point in history.

The reception was at Susan and Tony's new home. Don and Travis were there, of course, as were many of recent graduates who had been in homeroom with the guys – Tom and Amy among them.

The buffet style meal was the combined efforts of Susan, Tony, Fran, and Travis. All were good cooks and made sure that their dishes complemented each other's. Garret and Lindsay made themselves surprisingly useful by making sure that the buffet dishes were kept filled. After the sumptuous meal was eaten and a few toasts were made, Brad and Alan announced that they were leaving for their honeymoon. Friends and relatives lined up to shake hands with them or give them hugs. After Tony started it, most of the other males hugged them as well. Travis had to bite his lip to keep his emotions in check as he realized how completely Tony accepted his gay stepson. If only life had been like this 19 years ago.

That night, Brad and Alan stayed at the same motel they had used on prom night. This time, they both went in to register. At long last, they were going to give themselves totally to each other. They were ready. Both had worked on stretching themselves and Alan had even gotten up the courage to buy condoms. (Since the guys were fastidious, the thought of having their dicks come in contact with fecal matter concerned them, at least at that point in time.)

When they got to the room, they opened champagne again and started out much like they had in May. First, the guys sat in the whirlpool tub and got really relaxed. Then they spread a large towel in the middle of the big bed. Alan lay on his back and pulled his legs up to show that he wanted to be the receiver. Brad began to lick Alan's body all over like he had the night of Susan and Tony's wedding, ending up with his tongue massaging Alan's perineum. Like before, he made a dive for the rosebud eliciting the same kind of whimpering noises from Alan. After a few minutes of this, Brad slipped on a rubber, got the KY jelly, and began to open Alan up. Soon, Alan declared that he was ready.

"Please fuck me."

"I will never 'fuck' you, but I will make love to you."

"Sorry, I know the difference. It's just that I'm so fuckin' horny, I want to talk dirty!"

"I know the feeling, Alan. I want to unload my hot cum deep in your virgin ass!"

"Okay, stick that big cock in me, you macho stud!"

Despite the sexy talk, Brad entered Alan gently and slowly. After he popped through the muscle ring, he waited until Alan relaxed and then moved forward. Alan tried to push against the invader like he had read about on the Internet. Soon Brad was resting his pubes against his lover's cheeks. Alan was aware that Brad was all the way home. He had never felt so full before. It hurt a little at first, but the feeling of being connected was worth the slight discomfort.

Brad watched Alan's face as the signs of distress faded. He was very gentle and loving. He fused his lips to Alan's as he gradually increased the length and speed of his strokes. Alan's prostate was being stimulated over and over again. He was ecstatic. Little time elapsed before both felt that familiar sensation building up in their cocks. They were aware of little else. Amidst the whimpering and moaning, the building could have fallen down around them and they wouldn't have noticed.

When Brad emptied his copious load, the throbbing sensation against Alan's prostate pushed him over the edge making him cum with only the stimulation of Brad's abs against his quivering phallus.

The boys cuddled and drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour. Then Alan began to massage his lover's body gently and deliberately. Brad moaned in anticipation. They stopped and drank another toast to each other. Next, Alan tried to pretty much duplicate what Brad had done to him. When he got to the love canal, he licked it without hesitation. He nearly got his tongue into the tight organ. Alan found that nothing about Brad was repulsive to him.

Opening Brad up took a little longer than with Alan. Finally, when Alan got the third finger moving around freely, Brad invited him in.

"Take me, my lover and husband. Shove that big missile up to my belly button!"

That kind of talk made Alan even hornier and he entered with more force than he had intended. Brad winced in discomfort for a second. This was no green banana! Alan froze in place and felt his eyes getting moist. He hoped that he hadn't spoiled the moment for Brad. He very much wanted this to be great for him.

Brad accommodated the invading weapon after few minutes and was soon smiling from the pleasure it brought him.

"I'm okay. Just start slowly. I knew you were bigger than anything I've been practicing with, but I didn't know how MUCH bigger."

Alan wanted to rut like a stallion in heat, but he held back so as not to hurt his mate. Since he had come a little over an hour earlier, Alan was able to prolong the sensation. Brad was enjoying it but figured he might be sore in the morning.

As Alan's whimpers signaled that he was getting close, Brad began to stroke himself so they could experience their orgasms close together. He shot the first volley up to his shoulder. The clamping of his anal muscles had their effect on Alan who unloaded into the condom deep inside his partner for the first time in his young life.

The lovers, still connected, locked themselves in a tight embrace for several minutes kissing and nibbling on each other. Finally, they decided to get up, clean up, and air out the room.

Since both were a little sore, they relaxed in the whirlpool with a bit more champagne.

"Alan, I love you even more than I did that first time we kissed."

"I know how you feel, Babe. I can't imagine ever caring for anyone as much as I do you."

After all the exertion, the warm water and the wine made them drowsy again. They got out of the tub, dried each other off, and cuddled under the sheet. Soon they were sleeping intertwined; each dreaming of the other knowing that they were soul-mates bound together – always and forever.


Author's note: If you have enjoyed this tale, please send an email to tell me so. My address is: If you put the title in the subject line, I'll discover it if it goes into the spam folder.

This was originally written in 2004. At that time, the state of Iowa didn't allow same-sex marriages. Also, the Presbyterian Church didn't allow their clergy to perform them. As you may know, things are quite different today!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story,

David Lee

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