Prairie Dogs, Pronghorns & Penis Sheaths

by Biff Spork

Chapter 9


LONDON, 20 May, 2021 - The world could meet a global commitment made six years ago to limit climate heating to no more than 1.5°C by the century's end - but only by taking urgent and challenging action on five separate fronts. In 2015, the world's nations agreed to try to contain the inexorable rise in planetary temperatures by the century's end, to "well below" 2°C above the historic average. But by 2021, the planet was already 1.2°C warmer than the historic levels. Research has repeatedly confirmed that so far all the commitments made will leave the world 3°C or more warmer, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The world will have to drastically reduce fossil fuel use to almost zero. It will have to restore and protect the natural wilderness - forests, wetlands, grasslands, mangrove forests and so on. Researchers will have to find how to draw down carbon from the atmosphere in ever-greater quantities and then identify ways of storing it for aeons. Humankind will have to switch to a sustainable plant-based diet on international scales to help reduce emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and other potent greenhouse gases.


While we spooned our dessert, Marcus said that after we finished eating, we could watch a film in the home theater. He listed a few current blu-rays he had. Or we could spend the evening in the games room with his granddad's pool table or his own gaming computer.

"Marcus," I said, "Let's not fart around. Let go to bed, now."

He jumped up, grabbed my hand and we ran to his bedroom, laughing wildly. Once there we threw the robes off and had a long hug and kiss, holding very still so as not to incite any spurtings.

We stood back from each other and he said, "Oh, I forgot to ask you if you'd like to sleep in my bed tonight or if you'd prefer to retire to the guest room?"

"Idiot!" I said.

There was a large box on Marcus' desk. He laughed when he saw it and walked over, unsealed it and opened it up.

"Bumps, I'm happy you will be sleeping in my bed tonight, but what's in here is going to make it excruciating. Excruciating but safe." Marcus laughed and pulled out a half dozen smaller boxes from the bigger package.

I walked over to his desk to see but he pushed me back. "No, no, Bumper. This is another surprise. Just go lie down on the bed with your eyes closed and wait while I get this stuff ready."

After a few minutes of paper and plastic unboxing noises, he came over to the bed and had me stand up. I felt him attaching something to my scrotum. Then I felt some strings or something around my waist and up my bum crack.

"Is this another koteka ?" I said with my eyes still clenched shut.

"No, it's not a koteka ," he said while adjusting whatever it was. "But it's kinda like a koteka . Okay, you can open your eyes now."

It was like a koteka except it was stainless steel. My penis was contained within a shiny tube of steel a little longer and fatter than my normal boner. It was attached to me by a smooth steel ring that was snugly snapped around my scrotum and let my balls hang free. The tube had a flexible mesh base and was ventilated with little holes, so that my penis could erect inside and 'breathe' even while erect. The whole contraption was held firmly in place by a narrow silky band that went from the ring below my ball bag up my bum crack, to connect to another band around my waist that fastened to the scrotal ring above my penis. I felt my penis swell into an erection. The flexible tube offered little resistance and pointed skyward. I put my hand on it but felt nothing. My penis was perfectly free to do its thing but was absolutely isolated from any outside sensation.

"Dear Bumper," said Marcus. "Would you put mine on me?"

I put his on him and we went over and stood in front of the mirror. "You see," he said. "I suspected that when we ended up in bed together, especially overnight, that we would be unable to resist fondling each other's penises or rubbing together. So I did some research on chastity devices. I didn't like most of them because they stop you from getting a boner and that sounded a little uncomfortable, and maybe even harmful. But with these, we can get boners. We just don't feel anything. So now, my dear Bumper," he said, "we can sleep together. I can hold you tight all night and wake up in the morning with you in my arms, without fearing that I'm going to have a weak moment in the night and rub off on you, like you're a sex doll or something."

"What about if we have a weak moment and just take these things off?"

"It's not something we could do in our sleep. It's a bit complicated to get them off so we just have to exercise a little willpower and we'll be okay."

I could see through the bedroom window that twilight was well advanced. "Okay," I said. "But let's go to bed right now. I really want to kiss and cuddle you for a long time. Please?"

"An excellent idea," he said. "I know Anna has put out a new bamboo toothbrush for you so let's go do that. And we can pee through the hole in the end so we don't have to take these things off."

After lights out, we hugged and kissed and cuddled. It was so beautiful to feel Marcus' legs rubbing against mine, to touch our toes together and all the night to come awake with him inside my arms, and feel his kisses on my face. The night was one long caress, and when I woke in the morning light, we were so wrapped up in each other that I could hardly tell where I ended and he began.

We kissed each other awake and clanked our chastity devices together companionably.

"How do you get this stuff?" I asked, suddenly curious when I realized that there was no way I could ever have ordered and paid for the kotekas and chastity devices.

"I've got a credit card," he said. "And Jason just pays the bills when they come every month.

"Wow! And nobody ever says anything?"


"How much can you spend?"

"I don't know," he said. "As much as I want, I guess."

Marcus looked across the pillow at me and asked, "What should we do today?"

"Can we go see the buffalo?" I said.

"Yup," said Marcus, "if we can find them."

In the bathroom, we released each other from our steel cages and did our morning ablutions. Marcus suggested we just go nude around the house like he often did.

"I like being nude too," I said, "but you know that when we're together, it's just a boner party. I don't think I can be naked with you for more than fifteen minutes without getting a hard-on, and I'll be embarrassed around Anna and Jason or anyone else if I'm naked with a boner. How about if we wear kotekas when we're around other people? That way we're as naked as can be, but we don't have to worry about boners. I really like wearing a koteka . It just goes to show that there's things we can learn from other cultures. Even if they're not so technologically developed as us, they've got a handle on some important stuff."

Marcus agreed and we donned two smaller, more discreet kotekas from those in the eBay package. Anna didn't look twice when we sat down on the terrace with some glasses of orange juice. Five minutes later we were tucking into plates of tofu scramble, veggie sausages and hash browns. Marcus called Jason on his phone while we ate.

After a few minutes, he laid the phone down and said, "Jason says the buffalo were last seen in the back forty about fifteen miles down the river. He says if we drive carefully and quietly we might see some antelope on the way, but it would be good to take a drone in case the buffalo have moved."

"The back forty? Acres? Is that a lot of land?"

Marcus laughed. "No, granddad used to call everything outside the wall 'the back forty', but it's not acres, it's more like forty square miles or more. I don't know. Granddad called it all, 'the property', but the wall just goes around the house a mile or two on each side of the house. The rest of the property, outside the wall is 'the back forty', but that's not how big it is, that's just what we call it."

"Are we gonna drive the carts?"

"No, roaming around the back forty is all off-road, too rough for the carts in places. They're too close to the ground. Jason said he'll bring one of the All-Terrain-Vehicles up to the house for us."

Jason was waiting beside the ATV when we went out the front entrance. He belted me in and handed us each a crash helmet. "I don't care if you guys run around naked, but I don't want to be picking pieces of your skulls, so, please, wear these, and if you're moving, always wear your seat belts, so you'll be protected by the roll-bar. The drone and controller are in the carry box and so is a phone and a walkie-talkie in case you run into trouble or have a breakdown." While we put the helmets on he continued. "Be a little careful around the buffalo. They're pretty tame and used to people because we feed them in the winter. But remember, they're wild, and the bulls can be moody and unpredictable. Finally, don't stay out late. It can be hard to find your way back in the dark and if you're not back by ten, I have to turn out a search party. Marcus," he said with a serious expression, "you know that makes everyone unhappy."

Marcus assured him we would be back for lunch. While he drove, Marcus started explaining how to drive the electric ATV.

"Tell me about the search party," I said.

Marcus groaned.

"Oh," I said. "Now I really want to hear about the search party. C'mon! Out with it, all the gory details."


"Now, I want it now!"

"Okay, okay. I begin to see you're not a very nice person. Excellent, world-class freckles, yes. Good taste in kotekas , yes. But a disgusting tendency to dig into unpleasant, unnecessary details and ancient history."

"The search party?"

"Two or three years ago I went out in one of the ATVs without telling anyone where I was going, and I didn't take a phone or a walkie-talkie. I stayed out after dark and got kinda lost. I drove around trying to find the way back to the house until the battery on the ATV went dead, so I was stuck out in the back forty. I wasn't in any danger, but when I was missing after dark, everyone started to get worried. Then they discovered an ATV was gone, and they realized I was out in the back forty somewhere. We had a lot more staff those days, when granddad was alive, so about twenty people set out in different vehicles searching different areas. Granddad sent up the helicopters."

"The helicopters! You have helicopters?"

"Just two…."

"Just two!"

"Yeah, but we don't even keep them on the property anymore since I never use them."

"Two helicopters! And where is your private jet?" I asked facetiously.

"Oh, not here. It's at the airport, in a hangar."

It was my turn to groan. "Aarrgghh!"

"C'mon Bumpkins, gimme a break. I never ride in the jet anymore. In fact, I asked the trustees to get rid of it. It may even be sold for all I know."

I grabbed him and kissed him. "Marcus, if I didn't love you, I would hate you," I said.

He blushed. I made him blush. I kissed his cheek again and again and kissed his shoulder and his arm and his knee. I kissed his elbow. I wormed my way up under his arm and kissed and tongued his armpit until he screamed. A few minutes later we came to a gate in the wall. He got out and palmed the gate.

"You drive now," he said. "It'll give you something useful to do besides torture me." I moved over to the driver's seat and pulled slowly through the gate. He closed it and belted himself into my seat.

"Just drive slowly," he said. "You never can tell what we might see out here. This is a rare piece of land, virgin grassland. Never been plowed, never been grazed except by the buffalo and the antelope, and there's deer out here too. This is what it was like before Europeans ever came to this continent. I love it out here and so did granddad."

'Out here' was rolling grassland dotted with the occasional small tree. A faint breeze drew patterns in the short green grass like wind riffles on a pond. I guessed that a line of deeper green winding away on our left was probably the tree-lined river bank. It twisted and curved its way towards low rounded hills on the horizon.

"But you never finished your story," I persisted. "Did they find you?"

"Of course," said Marcus. "The helicopters, and then the ATVs and the ambulance, our doctor and two nurses. It was quite a crowd but I was happy to be found. I was only ten and kinda scared to be out there alone in the dark. I was coddled and taken home and put to bed gently. But in the morning I was put under strict house arrest for days. Everybody looked at me very grimly. Believe me, it was not nice."

We came to the fringe of trees that edged the river and drove parallel to it for about twenty minutes. When we reached some low hills, Marcus signaled me to stop. I pulled over into the shade of an oak. Marcus got out and put his crash helmet on the seat.

"Let's take a little walk," he said.

We were close to the base of a hill, the first of a line of them stretching west. Marcus marched up the side of the hill. The grassy slope was green and lush after the previous day's cloudburst. When we reached the top of the hill Marcus sat down cross-legged and surveyed the gentle, peaceful landscape before us. I sat down beside him.

"Granddad and I used to come out here," he said. "Sometimes we'd sit here for a couple of hours, sometimes talking and sometimes just sitting."

We sat quietly for about fifteen minutes. Then Marcus spoke again. "After he died, I came out here early one morning with his ashes, and scattered them on this hill, up here. He's here. He's part of this hill."

I looked over and saw a couple of tears roll down Marcus' cheeks. I put my arm around his shoulder and he leaned his head on mine.

"Nobody else knows where I put the ashes," said Marcus. "I brought you here because I know granddad would have liked you. And you would have liked him. If he saw us sitting here naked with our kotekas sticking up, he'd laugh and laugh. Then he'd give us both a hug and a kiss."

We sat there leaning against each other, immersed in the ancient landscape. A while later Marcus stretched and stood up. "C'mon," he said. "Let's go find those buffalo."

We continued to follow the winding course of the river for another half-hour. Marcus signaled a halt where he knew there was a good swimmin' hole. It was hot and we had not seen a sign of the buffalo, so we decided to have a swim and then drive back to the house for lunch. It was a beautiful swimmin' hole with a grassy riverbank and open woods separating it from the prairie. We took off our kotekas , swam in the clear waters of the pool and then lay down in the sun to dry.

Once the sun had warmed me, I sat up on my elbows and looked down at the immense, urgent boner that had sprouted from my groin. "Marcus, are we going to have to get separate rooms or something when we need to jerk off or can we jerk off in the same room, or…."

Marcus got up on his elbows, looked over at me then down at his own boner sticking up and straining towards the sun. "Yeah," he said. "I've been thinking about that. I don't want to make any rules for you, but here is what I'm going to try. Mostly, I like being drenched in this total horniness. It's almost like a cum that just goes on and on and on. So I think what I am going to try, for a change, is to not jerk off at all."

"Not at all?"

"Yeah, not at all. I can get as horny as I want but I have to keep my hands off the equipment."

"Won't we go crazy or something?"

"What I'm hoping is that from time to time, I'll just spill over somehow. Like when there's too much juice built up, it'll just come spurting out. I hope so. It should be fun. Imagine you're just standing around and suddenly, whammo! You're in the midst of an orgasm. Like yesterday morning when we were running in the rain. We didn't do anything to bring it on. It was just our bodies and our hearts that made it happen."


"But look," said Marcus. "That's just me. If you have to do it and wanna just go off by yourself and rub one out, that's fine. Or even if you wanna do it in front of me, that's fine too. I just wanna try this other thing. I'm really getting off on lusting after you at maximum volume. I love being in love with you. I could hardly go to sleep last night, because I just wanted to keep looking at you."

I scooched over to lie beside him, then turned and wrapped my arms around him. I pressed tightly up against him. "Marcus, I want you so much," I said.

"No moving, now," he said. "I'm on a hair-trigger. I love you Bumper, and if you move a muscle I'm going to lose it completely."

We lay perfectly still for long minutes. It was wonderful to be lost in an intense yearning, like balancing on one toe on the very brink of the Grand Canyon.



"Did you ever go camping?"


"It would be nice to come out here and camp for a few days, just you and me. I know how to camp. My dad and I did it a couple of times when I was younger. It's great to just get away from civilization and other people for a while."

Marcus pulled back a bit and said, "You mean like with sleeping bags and a tent, like boy scouts?"


"That's a great idea, Bumper. What do we need?"

I began to describe what we needed for camping and we got so carried away I jumped up to go make a list. Marcus laughed and pointed at my limp, dangling penis. "No more boner," he said. "Oh Bumper, this is gonna be so much fun!"

We donned our kotekas and raced through the trees to the ATV.

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