Prairie Dogs, Pronghorns & Penis Sheaths

by Biff Spork

Chapter 8

Veronica's Debut

Global CO2 emissions declined by 5.8% in 2020, or almost 2 Gt CO2 – the largest ever decline and almost five times greater than the 2009 decline that followed the global financial crisis. CO2 emissions fell further than energy demand in 2020 owing to the pandemic hitting demand for oil and coal harder than other energy sources while renewables increased. Despite the decline in 2020, global energy-related CO2 emissions remained at 31.5 Gt, which contributed to CO2 reaching its highest ever average annual concentration in the atmosphere of 412.5 parts per million in 2020 – around 50% higher than when the industrial revolution began.


While we swam, the rain lessened and by the time we were strolling back to the workshop, it had stopped. The clouds drifted apart and the sun was a welcome warmth on our backs. The path was mucky underfoot but I enjoyed the feeling of mud splurting up between my toes.

"You know," said Marcus as we snacked on bowls of instant ramen in the workshop. "There's a demonstration this afternoon against the logging of old-growth forest just north of here. Are you up for that?"

"Yeah," I said. "What do we do?"

"It's easy, we just have to show up. It's supposed to start at City Hall and then march down Main Street to the legislature. Then there's some speeches and stuff. I think it's important to put our bodies out there. The more people who protest, the better. Make the politicians think. There's not much old-growth forest left and it's stupid to keep cutting it down."

"Yeah, especially now when everybody is starting to realize how important forests are to the environment."

Marcus edged along the sofa and pressed himself against me. "It will also give us a chance to experiment with a disguise for you." He cackled. "You can go as Veronica."

"What? Like out in public?" It didn't appeal to me.

"Just think, Bumper. If you're dressed as a girl and I'm a boy then we can hold hands in public, while we march and demonstrate, and if I steal a kiss from time to time, people will just think it's cute, instead of revolutionary or disgusting."

It began to sound more appealing but I was not convinced. "Yeah, but what if someone I know sees me?"

"No problem. When I'm finished dressing you up, even your own mother won't recognize you."

I remembered how Marcus had appeared when we first met in the mall. "I get to wear underpants? I'm not doing this without underpants."

"Yes, yes. I have a bunch of girls' undies and we can tuck your huge dick into some tight little panties so that you won't appear to have an unusually protruding crotch for a girl."

"Okay," I said. I looked down into my lap where my boner was indicating its approval. "But I don't have a huge dick."

"No," he said. "I was just joking. I think your dick is exactly the right size and it's beautiful."

I glanced at Marcus' lap. He was similarly aroused. "I like your dick too. I can't wait to get my hands on it," I said.

"I wonder why the thought of you in a dress gives both of us a hard-on?" mused Marcus.

"Marcus," I said, "it's because everything gives us a hard-on!"

He pulled me to my feet. "C'mon let's pick out your outfit."

We spent the rest of the morning creating Veronica. Once I let myself get into it, I was surprised how sexy it was to dress in girl's clothing. We were nude when we began and Marcus insisted the first item had to be my 'training' brassiere. It was edged in pink lace and had tiny soft pads in the cups to mimic budding breasts. Marcus fastened it at my back and we went and stood in front of the mirror. We both sprang ferocious erections.

"God, Bumper! I don't know why that is so sexy but if I stand here much longer I'm going to cum," groaned Marcus.

When I finally posed in front of the mirror again, I hardly recognized myself. The flowered summer dress and sandals with white ankle socks were convincing, but the real disguise lay in the auburn wig, braided into two pigtails beneath a wide-brimmed straw hat. I looked like a cute young girl, and I felt like a cute young girl. I walked across the workshop and found myself relaxing into a different kind of movement.

"Yes! Yes!" cried Marcus. "Oh, Ronnie! That's it! Let your inner girl come out." He was dressed in black and white high-top running shoes, a pair of faded blue jeans, a striped T-shirt and a baseball cap slightly askew, a classic boy costume.

I sashayed back towards him and he rushed up and kissed me on both cheeks.

I pushed him away with both hands. "Hold on, there, Mayberry Billy. This here filly is a-savin' it for the wedding night!"

"You're perfect, Bumper! I mean Veronica. Let's go have some lunch."

Jason was waiting outside the workshop in the Tesla. His eyes widened when he saw me.

"Jason," said Marcus, "I am pleased to introduce you to my girlfriend, Veronica."

Jason bowed. "It's a pleasure, Miss Veronica. The house, Marcus?"

"Yes, please. We'll have lunch and then we want to go downtown to City Hall."

When Anna brought lunch out to us on the terrace she exclaimed, "Oh, Marcus, isn't she cute! Bumper, can I kiss you?"

"It's not Bumper," said Marcus. "It's Veronica."

"Veronica?" asked Anna.

I aimed a cheek up at her and she planted a big kiss on it. Then she went to stand behind Marcus. She put her arms around his shoulders, bent forward, kissed Marcus' cheek and said, "Veronica's perfect. Bumper is completely gone, but she needs just a touch of pink lip gloss."

"You're right," said Marcus. "I have some in my room but I didn't want to put it on her until we've eaten, so it doesn't get messed up."

When Anna later came out with some fruit and nuts, she told us that the lip gloss was not necessary because we would be wearing covid masks at the demonstration. It was phrased as a gentle reminder, but her tone left no doubt that it was not a matter for discussion.

It was a strange protest, hardly any participants, perhaps a hundred. Those who did attend were careful to mask and social-distance. Marcus and I walked around and marched to the legislature hand-in-hand, but our masks prevented any kissing. I initially felt fearful about my disguise, that any minute someone was going to run up, pull my wig off and expose me. But after an hour, I saw that nobody looked at me suspiciously and I relaxed into being a young girl. I enjoyed leaning my head on Marcus' shoulder when he put an arm around my waist and other innocent boy-girl intimacies.

After the last speech and chant at the legislature, we were joined by Jason, who led us to where he had parked the car. It was late in the afternoon and I realized that by the time I had changed back into my own personality, I would be late for supper at home. Marcus immediately suggested I have supper with him and then Jason could take me home afterward. Then his eyes lit up and he suggested I should stay overnight, have a sleep-over. But when we arrived at his house, all our plans were amplified.

Anna met us wearing a mask. She informed us that one of the household staff had tested positive for covid after he took a day's sick leave. As a result, those of us who had been in the house any time during the last couple of days were required to self-isolate. That included Marcus and me. Anna had contacted my parents and suggested that I self-isolate with the Mason household since Marcus and I would be company for each other and it would save my parents a lot of work.

Marcus and I tried to look serious and concerned but as soon as we got to his room we jumped on each other and danced around giggling. Instead of a one-night sleep-over, we now had two weeks of each other's uninterrupted company. Then we stood in his room and kissed, a long boy-girl kiss. I let him man it up, and suggested he undress me. He laid me down on his bed and ran his hand over my chest and my tiny foam breastlets, then fondled me while he removed my clothing.

It had been fun to be a girl for the afternoon, but it was a great relief to get naked. When Marcus freed my penis from its tight bindings, it sprang up with all the vigor of a prisoner released from a tiny cell after many years.

"Oh," cooed Marcus, "that's what I like to see in a girlfriend." He reached out and wrapped his hand around my boner. It felt so good I almost passed out.

"Marcus, I'm warning you, I won't be responsible for what happens if you keep holding on to my boner like that."

He let me go and sat back. "Yes, I'm sorry. It just looked so hold-able my hand had to reach for it. But yes, clothes! I don't know how we should dress now that we're in isolation. Probably for now we should wear clothes, or…." He stopped talking and ran over into his bathroom. He returned with two fluffy, white bathrobes. "It's not yet six o'clock. Let's go for a swim in the pool before supper. We can wear these robes to the pool and swim naked. I always do. Then we can put the robes on to have supper on the terrace. You think that's okay?"

I agreed but pushed him down on the bed and said, "You got to undress me and now I get to undress you." I took my time and denuded him as seductively as possible. It was like unwrapping a present. I took his shoes and socks off first and had a good sniff of his pretty feet, vintage rubbery running shoe mixed with Marcus' own sweet smell. I knew I'd not forget that mixture of scents as long as I lived. Then I eased off his skinny jeans. The baseball cap and his T-shirt were next. All that remained were his underpants, snow-white briefs. I pulled the elastic waistband up above his waist so as not to snag his erection. Then I peeled them off and laid them aside. I grinned then and said, "Okay, now, you got to cop a feel. So do I!" And I gently but firmly gripped his boner and held it. I just about fainted again and I think he did too. Then I let it go, stood up, donned one of the robes and threw the other on top of him. "Let's go swimming!"

While we were playing in the pool, Jason came down with a phone and handed it to me. My mother and father, having had time to absorb my impending absence, were full of advice about how I must behave. It was all irrelevant, but I appreciated their concern and allowed them to go on until they had exhausted the topic to their satisfaction.

Marcus and I swam until Anna called us to the terrace for supper. I was looking forward to the night. Marcus had a king-size bed and the thought of sleeping in it with him kept me erect during our meal. Thankfully, the fluffy robes we were wrapped in hid my boner from Anna as she served us.

When she brought a chocolate dessert out to us she said, "Marcus, a package you ordered came just now and I put it in your room."

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