Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 15 "La nonna"

The first week of our vacation was over. Yesterday, we took a ferry to Isola di Capri. The little isle of Capri, which is part of the province of Naples and 20 miles southerly from it, is one of the most beautiful isles all over the world. Its population is about 7000. The countryside with all the colorful flowers and little harbors was neat and romantic; just perfect for two little love birds like we were. We wandered around on our own, relaxed here and there, enjoyed the loneliness and talked about our parents, feelings, love and how we expect our future to be. All in all it was a fulfilling day.

Now that it was Saturday after breakfast, Josh and I decided to ask my parents, if we could go out alone and explore the close surroundings some more. They allowed us to go, but we should check for the envelopes my dad gave us and always stay together.

At 10:30am we left the hotel, wearing only shirts, shorts and white socks to our sneakers. Josh was an eye candy with his tanned skin, the muscular legs and the sun bleached golden hair. It was a little longer than usual now, but I thought it fit him perfectly and made him look a little older.

Both of us wore sun glasses and we were the coolest guys on earth as we happily danced along the streets. It can be difficult if you just go out without orientation, not knowing where to go and where you were. Well just like the two of us did; we walked along one street until the end, and then decided to go left or right without hesitation.

Sometimes we used the rock-paper-scissors game as decision help, while Josh would be left and I was right. For whatever reason, he always walked on my left side; only in the hotel bed he would lay on my right side - somehow mysterious how we get used to certain habits.

An hour or so later, we met some kids on the side roads that were playing football and even if we didn't understand them properly, we joined in for a little kick. As you probably know, kids don't really need much language to communicate - and when it comes to football, nobody needs it; as long as you know the rules.

Their names were Pietro, Gianni and Stefano. Pietro was the eldest with 13 and really gorgeous; dark brown hair, brown hazelnut eyes, tanned skin with the body of a professional football player. He also wore a bright blue and white football shirt from the SSC Naples, which was a local club. Gianni and Stefano were 10 year old twins and obviously Pietro's brothers. They were really funny and we laughed a lot, though I couldn't understand their Italian very much - they spoke to fast, but we understood each other somehow.

Kicking the ball around was exhausting. We all had a short break and sat down on the edge of the pavement. Gianni was sitting on the football, sometimes slipping off it which would make us laugh even more.

Suddenly we heard a voice calling their names from the house opposite to where we were. An old lady, which we got to know as their granny, or nonna how they call her in Italy, was standing on a tiny veranda and shouted "Il pranzo è pronto!" (Lunch is ready!)

We didn't understand what she said when Gianni and Stefano jumped up and ran over to the house. Pietro turned towards us.

"Come, mangiare!" (Come eat!)

Ok, I understood that. He asked us to come with them for lunch.


"Si!" (Yes) He said and waved at us to follow him.

"Your dad told us to never follow anyone, remember?" Josh said.

"Come on, these are kids as we are, are you afraid?"

"No, not at all, I'm hungry!"

So we jumped up and followed Pietro who was waiting at the entrance to their house. You have to know, that it's normal in Italy to have lots of kids around and feed them; it was just usual business. The real nonnas always prepared lots to eat, not just like we did in the US. One day the kids would eat here, and the next day they would eat somewhere else - but everywhere they went, there was enough for all of them.

"Ciao nonna, questi sono Joshua ed i Samuel." (Hi granny, these are Joshua and Samuel) Pietro introduced us to his grandmother.

"Ah i ragazzi benvenuti dolci. Sedersi e mangiare!" (Ah, welcome sweet boys. Sit down and eat!)

Josh and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders since we didn't understand her. But Pietro tried his best to let us know what she said.

"Nonna benvenuto" (Granny welcome) He said pointing to his granny with a huge smile "You seat, eat!"

We were surprised about the offer to eat with them; I mean we were total strangers. But the sweet and spicy smell that filled the kitchen was so tempting; of course it was spaghetti Napoli.

Pietro patted a place next to him on the bench; so did Gianni. Josh and I were sitting on opposite sides and la nonna served us a huge portion of the dish with one of the most delicious sauces I ever ate. She put some basil on top of it and started singing while we boys satisfied the hunger we felt. What a wonderful family feeling that came up. Josh couldn't sit still and gobbled down the spaghetti. It was excellent; we smiled at each other and the boys did as well.

During the meal, all of them chattered wildly. We felt like as if we were home.

La nonna came back and stroked through both of our hairs with a "Lei è dolce." (You are sweet) Which meant something like that she thought we were sweet.

"Dove la sono da?" (You're not from here?)

"What did she say?" Josh asked Pietro.

"You, no italiano." Pietro answered.

"No, we are from Portland...America."

"Ahhh Americano, fegato. Consumare in modo che lei diventa forte!" (Ah, Americans good. Eat up so you get strong!)

Now, that was too much, but you wouldn't imagine how good the taste of real Italian food was, cooked by a native grandmother. We didn't stop to eat unless we finished our plates.

Later that day, after the three boys showed us their rooms, we thanked for the enjoyable meal with a "Grazie mille!" (Thanks very much) and wandered off to continue our journey. All of them waved us goodbye as if we have been there for weeks. Pietro seemed a bit sad, that we were going to leave, but we had to find our way back to the hotel, otherwise my parents would freak out. What a wonderful experience.

"Wasn't that cool?" Josh asked.

"Wow, super cool if you ask me. Where shall we go now?"

"No idea. I don't even know where we are."

"Me too, but we're going to find a way. Parents are waiting I guess."

"Let me see....this way!"

"Whatever you say."

Of course we didn't take the correct way and got lost more and more in between the thousands of streets in Naples. Josh was becoming a bit scared that we wouldn't find a way back to the hotel for what I could see, but I have always been good in navigation. Unfortunately there were no charts anywhere. For sure he was thinking of finding a police officer to give him the envelope, but I was convinced, that we would arrive back in the hotel in time.

And again, how wrong I was.

The next sign we saw had 'Villa Floridiana' written on it and it was a wonderful green open park area. The only thing we didn't know was, that we were about 4 miles away from the hotel and we should have been back in 10 minutes. No way to make that. At least there was a chart of the city at the park entrance, so we could find a way.

"Shouldn't we call your parents and at least tell them where we are?" Josh asked.

"No way, or we would never be allowed to go out on our own. We have to find the way back, even if we are late. We can always say that we forgot about the time, got it?"

"Yeah, calm down, I'm cool!"

"I am calm."

"Ok, so where do we go now?"

Looking at the chart I told the way. "We walk down Corso Vittorio Emanuele this way, turn right into Via Santa Caterina da Siena and again to the right in Via Nadones to Via San Carlo. Next to the right and we are on the street to the hotel."

"You don't expect me to remember that, do you?"

"You have to!"

"But I'm not good in remembering things."

"Ok, you wait here I go to the other side of the street and get something to write. What is paper in Italian?"


"Ahh yeah thanks, will be back in a minute."

"K Sam!"

I crossed the street and entered a restaurant asking for a piece of paper and a pen that I promised to bring back in a minute. When I came back, Josh wasn't there anymore.

I looked around, but didn't find him.


And again "JOOOOSH?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Sorry I needed a pee."

"GOD DAMNIT! What were you thinking? You scared me."

"I'm sorry, but I really needed to pee."

"My god I thought I had lost you." I said full of relief hugging him with a firm grip.

"You didn't lose me. I would never leave you alone here, you know that."

"But somebody could have taken you with them."

"Yeah, I already wondered why I should wait here."

"Right, sorry, that was my fault, we should always stick together."

"Yeah, we should. You got something to write?"

"Yes, here."

I told Josh what he needed to write down before we returned the pen back to the restaurant. An hour of fast walking later, we arrived at the hotel. My parents were standing at the reception and seemed a little excited.

"SAM, JOSH!" Mom yelled and ran over to us as we have been away for days.

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"I told you, they would just be late." Dad stated.

"What was wrong, did you forget about the time?"

"Oh sh....sorry mom, it was my fault. We have been playing football with some local boys and I didn't watch for the time."

"Why didn't you call us that you would be late."

"I forgot that it was already that late, sorry mom, this will never happen again."

"Ok ok, as long as you are back and healthy."

Josh watched the drama with a grin on his face. I softly kicked his left shoe to make him look sorry.

"You must be hungry?!"

"Nope, we already had a wonderful meal."


"At the nonna's of Pietro, Gianni and Stefano, the boys we got to know and played football with."

My parents laughed and immediately forgave us. Josh looked into my eyes, leaned in and whispered into my ear.

"You are one hell of a storyteller."

Winking at him with one eye we both followed my parents to the lounge to get us some drinks.

Later that day, mom and dad wanted to go out and look for a good restaurant. We boys didn't feel like it and asked if we could stay at the hotel.

"Ok, but you two don't leave the hotel, right?!"

"We won't dad, promise. But we can use the pool can't we?"

"Sure you can, use anything inside the hotel. Have you seen the pool billiard table in the lounge?"

"No, we didn't. Ever played pool Josh?"


"There also is a sauna and an indoor golf center that you can try."

"Great thanks, dad."

"Enjoy your evening! You can call us via the mobile whenever you want to."

"We know." I said kissing them both before we turned around and took the lift upstairs.

"So, what are we going to do?" Joshua asked.

"What about a dip in the pool? I hope it's not that overcrowded."

"I'd like that."

"You'd like an overcrowded pool?"

"No, I'd like a dip."

"Cool, have you ever been to a sauna?"

"No, I don't like that, I always get a stiffy with other people around."

"(Laughing) Yeah me too."

"Let's get changed and.....OH oh."


"There's a note on your side of the bed."

Josh took it and read it out loud "Dear honorable guests, we cleaned the carpet and if anyhow suitable would like to ask you to inform us directly if anything like this happens again. It would make cleaning easier and helps us to provide you with the usual comfort we proudly offer. Sorry for any inconvenience the cleaning put on you. Your executive housekeeper."

"Damn it, we forgot about the spot from the coke."

"Yeah, sorry that I dropped it. You think they would tell on us?"

"No, otherwise they'd have already done."

"But look, they brought some extra Cherry Coke for us....and there's a sign on it too 'For your pleasure! The house keeping'."

We both fell on the bed laughing. How wonderful such a super luxurious hotel was, they said sorry to us for the mess we made. God, life was beautiful.

I threw one of the bath robes to Josh while he undressed. Putting them on wearing only our swimming trunks we felt like heroes when we entered the lift to get upstairs to the Spa.

The blue water was lit up by the pool lamps. It was getting darker outside. The sound of the city dimmed and a fresh breeze from the sea was taking over. Dropping the bath robes we both jumped into the pool; no one else was there. Of course we expected one of the waiters to watch us and offer a towel after we left it, but that didn't matter at the time.

What a wonderful day we had. Making some friends, eating real Italian food cooked by a nonna was the best we have ever had here in Italy. My parents weren't angry at us and the two of us were still together in harmony and freedom.

We splashed around in the warm water, dived, jumped into it making funny moves and spent the rest of the energy we had inside of us. I asked myself if Josh was to contrive something. But this time, it was me who was about to surprise him.

We again clung to the edge of the pool where it was a little darker and nobody could see us, hopefully.

"What a day." I said.

"Thanks Sam, that was awesome. You think Pietro liked you?"

"What gave you that impression?"

"I don't know, the way he looked at you."

"You were jealous?"

"NO I wasn't"

"Yes you were." I said laughing at him in pride.

"Perhaps a little bit."

"I would never swap you with some Italian guy."

"But he was gorgeous."

"Yeah he was, but I love you."

"I know."

"What does that mean, YOU KNOW?"

"It means, what it means." He said in a funny voice.

"Oh come here you little..."

I dived and pulled on his leg to dunk him, intentionally letting my hand softly stroke along his crotch area. Josh yelled and bubbled over since he didn't expect that from me.

Being one step ahead of him, I looked around if nobody would see us, put the trunks below my ball sack and rubbed myself on his body as if I was only fighting him for fun.

How thrilled I felt by playing the unexpected and dangerous game. Now I slowly understood, why Josh did those kinds of things - it was agitating.

My boy-friend didn't notice what I had been doing and I asked myself how often he had done something like this before with me, without letting me know. But I wasn't finished and got one step farther.

Grabbing him from behind I pulled him in one me and shoved both hands in his trunks, feeling for his still soft penis which immediately started to rise.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, just fighting you."

"You said we have to be careful!"

"I know what I said."

"But that's not being careful."

"Shut up and enjoy!"

Finally Josh got me out of my shell. I was intrigued by the love for him and the sensual moment of us being together in public having some kind of sex with others being able to see it indirectly.

I moved my hands, felt for his balls, massaged them and started a slow rhythm on his dick. From the outside of the pool it looked as if we were fighting with each other, I hoped.

Taking his left hand I guided it to my bare hard penis, which was jammed between us and the elastic waistband of my trunks.

Josh turned around, which gave me more access to him in first place but made it also more difficult to hide our actions. Without a warning he looked around and kissed me on my lips for only a second; an intense second. Our first kiss in public. By now we both were aroused as hell, not just from what we were doing, but from the pure moment of lust out in the pool, even if nobody else was there.

I was scared as hell but also excited, like feeling warm and cold in one moment. Unable to explain that to you in detail, it was such a moment when you forget about all the things around you; the possible viewers, the public pool, the trunks we still wore. There was only me and Josh. God how much I loved him, his body, the heat and the incredible feelings he would cause inside of me. Being unsure if that wasn't only a dream I let go and felt an orgasm coming up.

Josh put his left hand on my butt and supported me staying above the water when I leaned in and whispered "I'm gonna cum."

With that we both held our breath and let us submerge immediately starting to kiss under water while we had a shockingly intense orgasm on top of our hotel.

Our tongues played with each other withheld by the warm water that flooded our mouths during that sensitive moment. Unfortunately only a little air was left after the high we experienced before we needed to emerge.

Water was dropping from Josh's hair. Drops of the wet element left trails on his beautiful cheeks while they found their way back into the pool. His wet face sparkled from the outer lights like a gleaming mirror. With eyes wide open we both tried to catch our breath being lost in each other's arms.

I never thought about doing something like this, but I loved every second if it.

Thank god, none of the waiters offered us a towel after we put on our trunks properly and left the pool. Returning to our room we used the shower once again to warm us up and embraced each other during the rain that came from the ceiling.

What a day that was. Even if we wanted to, we left the Cherry Coke closed that night and drifted away as soon as we touched the soft fabric of the bed.

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