Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 16 "Erotic Excavations"

The Sunday morning welcomed us with a clear blue sky and rays of sunshine that warmed up our bed. I looked to my right. Josh was lying on his belly. His upper body and his left leg was exposed; both highlighted by the sun.

Supporting my head with a bent arm I watched him sleeping. His head was turned away from me. As I did once before, I let my fingers softly stroke along his back up to his neck. I tried to be as sensitive as possible.

It was just to spend some time in touching the softest and most erotic body that I have ever touched; now please don't laugh at me - I know there wasn't any other body that I had touched this way before in my 13 years of age. But even until today, no skin that I ever touched was as soft as Josh's.

However, I laid my head sideways on his warm back and closed my eyes because of the dazzling sun, while my fingers were still on their exploration. We both enjoyed those moments very much. They were intimate, full of trust, love and respect.

You have to know that by now, I lost any kind of shyness around Josh. He could do with me, whatever he wanted. There was no place on my body that I wouldn't allow him to see, touch or kiss. It was the same with him; the absolute fulfillment and a hundred percent faith between the two of us. Not many kids our age are lucky enough to enjoy such a relationship accompanied by total freedom; well at least in our privacy.

Time passed by and we didn't recognize, that breakfast time was nearly over, so I woke him up with a gentle kiss on his sweet back.

An hour later we were dressed and standing in front of the breakfast buffet downstairs, picking the things we both wanted. It was really loaded; there was everything you could have asked for. Josh came closer and whispered to me while I put some scrambled eggs with bacon on my plate.

"You know that I love your stroke in the morning?!"

"Yeah, and I loved what we did in the pool."

"Me too..." Josh coughed slightly, because my dad appeared and joined us "Yeah Sam, definitely...uhm can you give me some eggs too?!"

"Hey boys, how did you sleep?"

"Morning dad, excellent."

"Yeah fantastic." My boyfriend added and asked how their night was.

"Oh it was wonderful, we got a little busy."

My dad tried to be cool when he was alone with us, but sometimes he tried a little too hard and I had to show him the stop sign.

"DAAAD! Too much detail! We are not interested in your love life. God damn it, why can't you just be normal."

He turned his head slightly and whispered to himself. "Yeah I could ask you the same."

"Say that again?!" I asked in disbelief.

"What? I didn't say anything."

"Thanks dad, what a great way to start the day."

That really hit me, because it showed what he really thinks about me. At least that was what I thought.

I dropped the plate, which smashed to pieces on the wooden floor, and furiously made my way upstairs. Josh looked at my dad with a reproachful expression on his face before he put his plate on the next available table and went after me.

My mom entered the breakfast room and walked over to my dad, who was still standing at the buffet.

"Hey, where're the boys?"

"Don't ask, I messed up big time."

"What did you do?"

"It's not what I did, it's what I said....but I didn't think about it. It just came out of my mouth."

"Brad? What did you say?" She asked worried.

"I tried to be cool but he complained and asked why I couldn't be normal....and then....I whispered to myself that I could ask him the same. But Sam heard it." He said rubbing his forehead with a strained expression on his face.

"Well, great way to start a day."

"I KNOW, he already said that to me...FUCK....I'm so useless in this kind of a situation."

"Now what are you waiting for? Follow them and apologize! These things happen, but you have to talk about it. They don't know how hard you try."

My mom gave him a kiss while some waiters were cleaning up the mess in front of them.


And so he went after us but didn't find us in our room or at least nobody answered. And he wouldn't make the same mistake twice to ask somebody to open the door for him. So he went further upstairs to the roof where the pool was located and searched for us.

I was sitting on one of the reclining seats; Josh talked to me with his left hand on my shoulder. My dad slowly approached us.

"Sam, I'm so sorry. I'd like to explain. Can I, please?!" He asked pointing to a place next to me.

"If you have to?"

"Josh, can I talk to Sam alone?"

"No dad, he's not going anywhere. I don't want to keep any secrets from him!"

"Okay. Sam listen, what I said was the dumbest thing I have ever said and believe me, I didn't mean it. It's just, that I try so hard to be a cool dad for you and a good friend for Josh, that sometimes I don't know what's right or wrong. And when I said that, I didn't mean it. It just came out of my head. But I love you and would never want you to change for me, even if it sounded like that. It's me who did the wrong thing."

"You're right Dad, I can't believe you said that after all...and...why do you try to be different than before? I just want the same father that I had before. You don't need to change in any way. Be the same person you have been weeks ago. What I am with Josh has nothing to do with you. It could also be a girl, but it's him, and I love him. And you hurt us when you say such things."

"I know."

"Dad please, don't make me feel like I'm unwanted."

"Don't even think that - you are the best that has ever happened to us, and we love you more than words can say. Forgive me my mistake, cos I'm only trying to be there for you and respect your decision. It can happen sometimes, that people say what they don't mean to say, but believe me please....not with any ill intentions."

"Yeah we know that, Sam also talks without thinking about it now and then." Josh threw in.

"Thanks Josh." I answered.

A moment of silence, while the breeze from the sea refreshed us from the burning sun.

"Will you forgive me? Sam?"

"I already did when you came up here. But please Dad, promise me to just be YOU around us. We are normal. And there's nothing bad about it. I just can't bear it when you and mom act as if you won't stand by me."

"I'll always stand by you - you two, I promise. Nothing's gonna get between us." He reached for me with his arms. "Come here, let me give you a hug, if I may!"


"I love you son."

"Love you dad."

Josh watched the play and got up from his seat. "Can we now have breakfast, please? I'm hungry."

"Yes we can silly, me too!" Was my answer.

We returned to the breakfast room and felt relieved from the talk. Josh immediately grabbed a new plate and started his new selection. Dad went to his wife first.

"Every thing's fine, you were right."

"I'm really glad you went after them and that they returned with you. It's a good sign."

"We have two wonderful boys here. They don't want any special treatment, just the father, mother and friend like before. I'll try my best and forget about the special super-cool Dad."

"I'm proud of you. You did the right thing!"

"Hope so. I'll get something to eat. You need anything hoeny?"

"No thanks. But there is to be one ground rule here. My mom said to my dad.

Whats that love? He asked.

What happens in their bedroom is none of our business. And that goes for off handed comments like you made this morning. Would you like it if Sam made a comment to you?

He shook his head. Id probably let him have it.

Exactly, My mom said looking sternly at my dad. The same goes for us. Respect is a two way street. Its something that is earned.

Dad looked down and thought. I guess I really stepped in it, didnt I?

Yeah you did but not too deep. She replied back to him smiling.

In the meantime I apologized to the waiters for the mess I made. They already forgot about it; no worries. After picking a fresh plate and again putting some scrambled eggs on them with cheese and fresh sandwiches, we all enjoyed the time in peace and harmony.

After our late breakfast I jumped up from the seat and asked my parents if we could go out and look for new adventures. Unfortunately my Dad had other ideas.

"I thought we wanted to visit the National Archeology Museum today. It's one of the most important and largest archeology museums in Europe and has lots of excavation finds from Pompeii and..."

"Oh Dad, come on....a museum? You can't be serious?"

"I am son, just a little education. It's not that bad."

"But we have been to all the castles and places....Josh, do you want to see the museum?"

"Well, actually" He looked into my dad's eyes which were filled with hope and continued "I want to."

"Yeah for can fool my parents, but not me. Josh, be honest!"

"Uhm...sorry he's right, I will come with you if we all go, but it's not really my first choice."

"See dad?!"

My mother listened to the discussion and intervened.

"Let them go, we both can have some time together and experience the erotic excavation finds ourselves!"

"Erotic what?" I asked.

"Excavation finds. It's what they found long time ago while digging in the sand or diving in the ocean...that's called archeology and some of it is erotic art, paintings and statues; you didn't know that?"

Josh and I looked at each other, thought about it for some seconds and both decided to go with them. We agreed that we could leave, if it was too boring. But the erotic bit sounded interesting for the puberty in our heads and the museum wasn't that far from the hotel.

Mom and dad wanted to put some other clothes on while we boys played some pool in the lounge. As usual, Josh was all about the erotic stuff in the museum when he had the queue and two pool balls in his hand, mimicking that it was his dick and balls. He was so weird sometimes; but also lots of fun.

Fifteen minutes later the four of us were on our way. We took the car, opened the back windows, stuck our heads out and drove off arriving at the museum only half an hour later - not due to the distance but due to the road in front of the hotel which was closed on Sundays for a large market all along the harbor. It was called 'Lungomare'; 'A walk at the seaside' and took only place in summer.

We were sure to explore it later on that day and to look for little presents we could take home for Marie. Josh began to miss her, but I always tried to cheer him up when I noticed a little sadness in his eyes. And in all honesty, that was quite an easy job, since Josh and I turned into little horn dogs these past few days. But you probably already figured that out when my mom said something about erotic things in the museum.

What we saw at the beginning was mostly boring for us, even if my dad tried to explain this or that and for sure all the things had their reason to exist - but we were just boys - so where was the hot stuff!

"Oh my god." Left my mouth as we entered a large hall with tons of paintings of naked people, adults and children, sometimes together - it looked like as if group sex was usual in Pompeii - of course the paintings were from all around the world and from all kinds of ages - but Josh and I couldn't get our mouths shut.

The hall was bright and also dark if that makes any sense to you. The ceiling was dark, the tiled floor was bright from the sun. It was a little colder as you would have expected it to be in there. We recognized the smell of old wood and dry cement; it was built in such a pure and somehow naked way. The statues felt as if they consisted of metal, cold and plain with structural reliefs - it was a room you can experience with nearly all your senses.

We walked from painting to painting and enjoyed the stylish and time-related view with lots of mystical creatures in them; heaven's doors and devil's stairs seemed to melt together.

Josh laughed at the physiques and facial expressions of the painted persons and pointed at them. "Look how tiny their dicks were - even mine is bigger than most of the men's."

"Yeah, that's what I call evolution."

We nearly fell over laughing out loud. People were looking at us with harsh looks; remember, it was a museum - a place of silence and admiration.

My parents were still looking at all the art that was presented with interest and satisfaction while we entered the next hall, where lots of statues were presented. Josh walked around some of them, read a sign and waved at me to join him.

"Who the fuck is Adonis?" Josh asked.

"Jesus, don't you know anything?"

"I know a lot more than you think."

"Like what?"

"For example, that Adonis here, will get a kick in the ass in ten seconds."

"I dare you!"

Nothing else needed for my little maniac. He climbed up the small base and gave the statue of Adonis a soft kick where no one has ever kicked him before.

"You're so fucking nuts - I can't believe it, come down! You'll get us in trouble."

"You started with that 'don't you know anything' and by the way, I have an Adonis in my pants." He said in a funny voice.

"You have what?"

Josh looked around to see if anyone was watching him, put his hands on either side of the fly of his pants and gave the bulge he had a good squeeze.

"No way!" I said shaking my head in disbelief. How could he have a boner here and especially after kicking Adonis' butt.

"Yeah, I don't know why, it just happens. I need a pee." Josh whispered.

"There's a toilet sign. Go and handle that before mom or dad sees it!"

"Only if you come with me!"

"No!" I said, knowing what he was up to something - I was able to smell it.

"Your dad said, we should stick together, always!"

"Okay okay, come on!"

I waved at my mom and signaled her that we will be off for the toilet. They were busy enough anyway and didn't notice anything of what had just happened. Hopefully no one from the museum staff did either.

The bath room was large and cold. It smelled like a usual public toilet; the walls and floor were covered with cyan colored tiles. Josh walked to one of the urinals; I took the next one to his left.

He looked at me while he opened his pants and pulled out his hard penis - I wondered how long he had a boner as I cared for myself. Josh on the other side was still looking at me and turned a little to me as if he wanted me to do something.

Of course I enjoyed our sensational experience in the pool and definitely felt double aroused by doing it in public if that was possible. But this time my parents were around and I didn't want to do anything here. However, my thing down there had a mind of its own and began to rise as Josh was staring at it slowly jerking his own.

Our eyes met and I could easily read in his eyes, that he was ready for anything.

"Afraid?" He asked.

"Of what?"


"No I'm not, take a piss now!"

"I don't need to pee."

"So why are we here then?"

"For fun?!"

"I knew it." I said shaking my head with a grin on my face. You have to understand, that I was sometimes afraid of what he might come up with, but then I liked the new challenges his mind made up every day. They were not all about pure sex, but about experiences that a relationship comes with - the unknown, the risk to be caught, the sore temptation as a proof of an unbreakable love. And somehow he knew, that I couldn't resist.

We entered one of the stalls and locked the door behind us; unlike me Josh didn't even bother to zip his pants. I pushed him against the wooden wall on the left side and backed up, looking at him up and down and up until our eyes met. He was wearing an orange shirt, black boxers with gray stripes and white shorts that were pulled down some inches. His hard penis was pointing at me.

While I melted because of this perfect view, he bent his head a little to the side and smiled at me as if he wanted to say 'Come and take whatever you want, I'm yours'. Yeah, that was what I could read in his face. He wanted me to take him and do whatever I liked - Josh's love was mine.

I took one step towards him and slowly came closer. His dick was poking my balls through my pants. There was no chance that our eyes would part. My lips were less than an inch away from his. Feeling his breath in my face I shoved my hands under his shirt and pushed myself into him. My fingers traveled along his ribs to his back; Josh closed his eyes. I did the same as my lips touched his and we embraced each other in a wonderful slow and sensual kiss. On my way down to the curves of his firm bubble butt my hands would heat up the lower I got and seemed to explode as I squeezed the cheeks of his firm mounds.

The kiss lasted for a minute or so and we both needed to breathe in between but tried our best to not let the other go. The playful moves of our wet and warm tongues made me as aroused as him.

I let go of his butt, pulled up his pants, closed the button and zipped the fly, which was difficult because of his boner. But I finally managed to be successful.

"What are you doing?" Josh asked after we broke the kiss.

"You love me right?"

"Yes, why?"

"I love you too and I could do that all the time."


"Will you trust me Josh?"

"Sure I will."

"Then let's save that for later, I don't like it here, it's dirty and a little bit too public for me with my parents outside, ok?!"

"Ok Sam." He said with a sad look.

"You know, it's not that I don't want to, but this place is nasty and..."

"I understand and it's ok, really - but I'll have to do something about my boner after that kiss."

"You'll find a way."

"For sure. I love you Sam."

"I love you too, let's get ready and back to my parents."

"Well, in this case I'll have to think of a new experience for us." He said with a grin on his face.

One last kiss sealed the pact the we both liked sex in so many ways and didn't want to carry our love into a yucky place, though the museum was cool with all its erotic things in it.

I wondered what Josh would come up with next and how we would be enjoying the afternoon, not to mention the night.

This day I learned that anticipation for the upcoming can be a tempting thing, because it leaves so much space for your own lust and creativity.

I tried to enjoy it with Josh at my side....

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