Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 14 "Cherry Coke"

Two hours later someone knocked at our door. We were sleeping really tight and none of us heard it. The knocking got louder and harder. Neither of us woke up.

Suddenly the door opened and my dad came in to wake us up. He looked as tired as we both felt when we opened our eyes from the sound of his deep voice.

"Hey you two. It's time to get up!"

"What time is it?" I asked.

"A quarter past two."

"What day?"

"Same day."

"Oh dad please, can't we sleep for some more hours?"

"No, we have to get used to the time shift and if you sleep too much now, you wouldn't be able to do in the night. Come on get up!"

With that he pulled on the blanket that covered us up, but didn't expect to find us naked.

"DAADDDD!" I yelled.

"Hoooollyyy shit....I'm sorry and...."

"Give it back!"

"Uhm'll wait outside. Please get up and let me know when you're ready. We want to go to the restaurant!"

"Ok ok," I said being a little bit bugged "Give us some time!"

"Alright, see you in some minutes and please put something on when you sleep together."

"Dad, that's our privacy or do we check if you wear anything when you're in bed with mom?"

"That's different."

"No it's not. How come you have a key to our room?"

"I haven't, but you weren't answering so I asked one of the hotel staff to open the room."

I waved at him to leave the room and looked over to Josh who hid his face below the pillow.

"Oh my god, that was embarrassing." He said when I lifted the pillow.

"Yeah it was. See what trouble we can get in, if we aren't careful?"

"Nobody could expect him to just come into our room."

"No, not really. Shit, I feel like I haven't slept for days."

"Me too."

"Let's go anyway!"

"You won't imagine what I just saw in the boy's room." My dad said to his wife as he entered their room.

"Let me guess, you found them naked?"

"What the fuck. How did you know?"

"I'm sorry, I should have told you."

"Told me what? That my 13 year old son is having sex with his 12 year old boy-friend?"

"How did you find them? I mean, naked?"

"I asked one of the staff members to open their room after they didn't respond to my knocking. When I got in, I pulled on the blanket to wake them up."

"So they were sleeping?"


"Then how do you know that there was any sex going on if they were sleeping?"

"I assumed there was."

"You never slept naked with me and we didn't have sex?"


"So why do you assume they always have, when they sleep together naked?"

"Hmm, I don't know, but then we're not 13." He thought about it and continued. "Yeah okay, I might have been wrong about this, sorry."

"Don't tell me, tell the boys!"

"I will. Anyway, what didn't you tell me?"

"Well, Marie told me that they are experimenting, but I didn't want to stress you out on this topic."

"You mean experimenting like all boys do in puberty?"

"Well, since I'm not a man I don't know if that's usual boy's business."

"It mostly is."

"However, please be patient! We have two options here. First is to freak out on it and they would do it without letting us know anyway - probably in an unsafe environment. Second is, we stand by the boys and their love and don't taboo the issue. If we try to understand them and answer their questions without reacting like a headless chicken, we'll earn their respect and trust."

"That makes sense. I choose option two!"

"Wise choice you made." My mother said.

"Well, you always surprise me, you know that?!"

"I try to but I had help from Marie. You should talk to her about it someday. She can make things really easier."

"Sorry Babe, you're absolutely right. As I said, I try my best, which doesn't mean it'll work right from the first step."

"I know you are trying and I'm proud of you but you have to be cool around them."

We four met in the hallway and went down into the restaurant to enjoy a wonderful Italian pizza. I was really hungry though also very tired. But we made the best of it. And if you ever had a real Italian pizza, you know what I am talking about - just gobble it up.

After the late lunch we went for a walk. The street in front of the hotel wasn't so busy and inside of our rooms you didn't hear anything of the traffic. On the other side of the street there was a tiny gas station. It looked as if they just built it on the pavement. A man was waiting for cars to stop by at the little parking area. Funny to see how the Italians handle it so easily.

After crossing Via Christoforo Colombo we explored Molo Angioino and the large ferries on the other side of the street. The harbor and the ships looked huge compared to the tiny fishing boats next to them. Among others, the ferries connected Naples with Palermo and Capri if you know that. Just to give you a little hint where we were.

We continued our journey to Castel Nuovo, which was only two streets away and looked like as if it was from the age of chivalry. It was an impressive and large building that seemed to be untouchable by any army that would try to fight it down. The blue sky and the green grass in front of it harmonized with the old gray stones it was built from.

Josh always walked very close to me. Our arms, hands and shoulders touched now and then. We have still been unaware if my dad would make a big deal of seeing us naked in one bed, but to me it doesn't matter. For some reason I felt self confident enough to speak up to him.

My father turned around towards us while mom went for a souvenir shop.

"Sam, Josh, could you come here for a moment, please?"

"Yes dad?!"

"Here, I want you two to take these envelopes, fold it and always, and I mean always, carry it with you when we leave the premises of the hotel. In case you get lost you search for a police officer or a taxi driver and you give it to them."

"What's in there?"

"Inside you find some instructions in Italian, which hotel we live in, the telephone number and some money so you can always call the hotel or hand the note to anyone who might help you."

"K dad."

"Roger that." Josh added.

"Another thing. You don't go with anybody that asks you to follow them, right?"

"Dad, we aren't little kids anymore!"

"I know, but you always have to stick together and watch out for each other, promise me that!"

"I Promise." We both answered.

"Great, one last thing.....I'm sorry that I came into your room without asking. I should have used the phone. And as you said Sam, it was your privacy. I will take care of that in the future, ok?"

"Okay....well..." I said shaking my head "That was unexpected, dad."

Josh only smiled at me and all our fears were blown away. He seemed to be so shy and reluctant in public, but when we two were together on our own, he changed to extroverted and easy about anything.

"Thanks, I don't want you two love birds feeling embarrassed in front of us."

"Daaad, we got it!"

"Oh yeah, cool." My dad stammered.

The day went by while all of us were exploring the surroundings of the hotel to learn where to buy this or that or to find some places we could have dinner at.

We weren't as tired as before we left, because of all the wonderful new things the day had shown us, but that only lasted for as long as we were underway; for hours.

The final place we visited today was the Castel dell'Ovo before we had dinner at a famous place as my dad told us; Trattoria Zia Teresa which was built in 1890 and offered local sea food as well as traditional Mediterranean dishes. I didn't know why, but we boys couldn't eat very much, though the little we ate was fabulous and everybody has been very friendly to us kids. The Italians are crazy about children - I guess they love them in a different way, than other people; they see their future in those kids.

The clock read 7pm when we arrived back at the hotel as exhausted as can be. We immediately took the lift upstairs and jumped into our bed sleeping tight and full of dreams. We behaved that night.

The next days were filled with visits to places my parents wanted to see and always took us with them. Some were really cool and had a strange atmosphere as if there had been a war some hours ago; mystical in so many ways. But at some point Josh and I became bored.

This changed when we took the car to the Amalfi Coast and searched for a special bay at the Gulf of Salerno my dad read about; Marina di Ieranto. God it was amazing. The water was as blue as Josh's eyes; you could always see the bottom no matter how deep you were. It was only about a hundred feet wide and surrounded by coastal cliffs. On the left side there were some remains of a historical building with large pillars at the front.

It was such a romantic place. Nobody was there besides us. Mom and dad relaxed on the beach while we both went skinny dipping, splashed around and dived with the newly bought goggles and breathers. We felt so free and unstressed as if only the two of us were there. Thank god Josh kept his hands to himself, even if I secretly wanted him to surprise me another time.

But this was going to happen some hours later when we got back to the hotel and just finished dinner. We didn't have any further problems with the time shift but both pretended to be tired from our today's trip. Josh and I just needed some time on our own.

It was Thursday evening. We were able to talk a little Italian by now. Our skin got tanned from the sun we enjoyed along the days. We didn't like the sun blocker my mom always carried with her and applied it on our skin at any possible situation; just like good old mother hen.

Anyway, after Josh called his mom and told her what we did that day, we got back to our room, opened the window to let in some fresh air and lay down on the bed.

"That was a cool day....god I am so pigged out." Josh stated."

"Really? But you didn't even ate up?!"

"I know, but it was enough and I wanted some time with you.....I mean alone with you. Was that okay?"

"Sure, you read my mind."

Thoughts like 'What are we going to do now?', 'Is he planning to do anything' or 'Should I make the first step?' went through our minds. We both wanted to feel the other but were a little to shy about it. Well at least I thought I was.

"Can I get a Coke from the mini bar?" Josh asked.

"If there is one - guess so, nobody forbade it." I said with a grin on my face.

Jumping up from the bed we clung to the door of our 'heaven in a box'. Josh picked a Cherry Coke while I looked for the other stuff that was in there and picked a Sanbittér, which I didn't know but it looked tasty. How wrong I was by choosing only what looked fancy.

"YUK, that's bitter."

"The Cherry Coke is perfect, just like at home." Josh said with a laugh.

"Oh my god, how can somebody like taste it!"

"It's....lemon like....but really bitter. Here, you can have it back!"

"No thanks, I want a Coke also."

Jumping up from the bed I opened the fridge but there had only been one bottle of it. And I didn't like the DAI juices that were in there at the moment.

"Will you let me take a sip of your Coke?"

"It's Cherry Coke and that bottle is mine." Josh said with the mischievous grin on his face, that I saw once before.

"Oh come on! I can call the room service; dad would kill me, but I'd do it anyway if you don't let me!"

"Do whatever you need to do!"

We both sat on the bed cross-legged and opposite to each other. I thought about the situation for a moment.

"I can fight you down, you know that."

"You might. I don't care, but this is my Coke....."

"Okay, I'll call the room service."


"Unless what?" I asked.

"Naaa, you wouldn't do it anyway, call the room service!"

"Unless WHAT? Now tell me!"

Josh looked at me with a straight expression on his face. A minute passed without him answering. His lips formed a huge grin and his eyes seemed to absorb me.

"You can have some of it, but you have to do it in a special way."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm gonna show you. You'll have to decide in advance. And whether you like it or not, you'll have to do it!"

I knew Josh for some time now, and didn't underestimate his thoughts, but whenever he talked to me like that, it would end up in a wonderful feeling; well, it mostly did. Not that I tried to avoid the challenge. I mean, I really loved him more than ever, but he always found a new way to surprise me.

"I'll do it!"

The tension was building. Having no clue what he was up to and being sure that I was going to like it, I nodded towards him. In those kind of moments Josh was like a mystery box to me. Whatever he would come up with, it would be an unexpected extra-ordinary thing. With his 12 years of age he could fascinate me by the creativity of his mind in building a sensual moment between the two of us.

Josh got up from the bed, slowly walked towards the room door and locked it. While he was coming back to the bed he also closed the window, dropped his shirt and lay back down on the soft white blanket in front of me.

The sun was highlighting his smooth tanned skin and the little hairs on his belly sparkled in a golden color. While it was rising and falling from his breathing he poured some of the Coca Cola from the bottle into his belly button, shivering a bit from the coldness of it.

"Here, you can drink from me." Josh said with a breathy voice.

I wasn't sure if he was serious. Looking into his eyes I saw approval and encouragement.

Thinking about it for a moment, I was sure to give him a good show this time and not to play the reluctant little boy. So I overcame myself, got up from the bed, took his legs and spread them wide before I crawled up with a lowered head intentionally missing his covered crotch area only by half an inch. I looked into his face that was so full of passion, hope and expectation, stuck out my tongue and began to lick up the dark and sweet fluid from my lover's body.

I was unable to get it all in at once so I had to lean in further, encompassed his belly button with my lips and sucked it all up making slurping sounds.

Josh breathed in deeply and seemingly enjoyed the experience. For me it was a wonderful thing to do, too. His soft skin and my wet tongue getting in contact with the sweetness of his body which provided the black element that came from a simple glass bottle. If there was any more anywhere on him I would have continued for his entire body. Again he was reading my mind.

"You can have more, if you like!"

He took a sip from the bottle, opened his mouth a little and indicated that he wanted to share what was already his.

My heart was beating fast and I literally lost control. Heat came up my body and I got rid of my shirt. After tossing it away I started my journey up to his waiting lips and let my upper body stroke his hardening penis through his pants. Once more I was entranced by Josh's challenge.

After breathing in, I got a grip on his shoulders and covered his lips with mine. I felt him pushing his tongue next to all he had ready for me into my mouth. The liquid with its tingly carbon dioxide flooded my facial cave and nearly made me faint. I swallowed all the wonderful essences of my lover and pushed myself in on him to feel the warmth he had inside. By this time I was fully erect and our boners fought through the fabrics we wore; I have to admit that I rubbed myself on him.

My grip on his shoulders got firmer and our tongues played a mysterious game with each other, while Josh's hands uncontrollably moved on my back.

After a minute or so, while we could hear the other breathing loudly through the nose, Josh broke the kiss.

"Did you like it?"

"I love Cherry Coke, especially from you!"

"Want some more?"

"Yeesss!" I whispered nodding.

He tried to open the button on his pants with only his left hand, but I stopped him.

"Let me do this!"

My lover leaned back, still holding the bottle of Coke while I opened the fly of his pants and removed them. When I touched his skin down there, I was able to feel the same arousal that was going on in my body - pure excitement

Lying naked in front of me the smell of him combined with Coca Cola crept up to my nostrils. He poured some of it on his hard penis which I took as an invitation to use my mouth. Without hesitation I again stuck out my tongue and let it wander up and down on his love thing.

"Do it!" Was all I heard within his hard breathing before I engulfed his boner with my mouth; up and down as if it was the most natural thing.

Josh moaned in pleasure like never before, dropped the Coke bottle on the floor, which ran out onto the carpet and got a grip on my head showing me the rhythm he liked.

At some point he broke the situation, pulled my face toward his and tenderly kissed me.

"I want to do yours too!" Joshua said while he started to undo my pants. I helped him and got rid of what hid my boner from his touches.

Turning myself around we both lay down on our side. His touches were more confident than before. I could feel his fingers on my penis, my balls and even my butt. This was the first time I would call it sex, because there was more to it like experimenting. He sucked me and I sucked him in a furious manner, trying to give the other the most incredible feeling ever.

His boner in my mouth, his lips and tongue on my penis; god it was so amazing. Being unable to tell you exactly what was going on, we just followed the natural act of love. When I would speed up, Josh would speed up, when I got slower, he would go slower and other way around. It was like talking without using words; only feelings that guided us.

There were numerous situations when we had to slow down otherwise I or he would burst right away, but both of us wanted it to last as long as possible.

His soft skin in my mouth, the sweet and silky taste and the bit of Coke that was left on his rod never disappeared. I felt the heat building up as if he was getting bigger and bigger. Both of us were breathing harder and harder, faster and faster before we reached our climax.

With our penises in the other's mouth we both came at the same time. The sweet, sour and salty taste I got from my Josh was delicious. Of course I already liked it the first time, but now it was more than before. I could feel the liquid in my mouth and happily swallowed it wanting more while my head was still going up and down on his dick.

Several waves of an intense orgasm later, we both were even more exhausted than before and fell asleep arm in arm.

This was the first time we both gave each other a real blow job and I could tell, that there was nothing better in life than this. Even if we still thought of it like French kissing a dick.

I wondered what would happen next.

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