Yard Boy

by Backwoods Boy

Chapter 3

The letter came in the Tuesday morning mail. It was marked personal and private , so Nick hadn't opened it. When Arthur did, he nearly had a heart attack. In his hand, in living color, was a photo of him having sex with his administrative assistant in a motel room.

There was no return address on the envelope, and nothing in it but the photo. That seemed strange - things like this were usually accompanied by a blackmail note of some kind. He found himself wishing for the note. The ambiguity of a silent threat was more ominous than a well-defined one.

The affair had been unwise, and he knew it. It had seemed so innocent at first - the occasional business dinner together, a birthday gift, and so forth - but it had quickly progressed to more. At the moment, he couldn't remember whether it was Nick or himself who first initiated sexual advances. However, he was enjoying his frolics with his young stud, and even with the threat, he was loath to make any changes.

Now he began to wonder about the source of the photo. The motel owner? A private detective? If so, at whose instigation? A business rival? A political opponent? His wife? The field of candidates was large, but his wife would be his first guess - it was her style.

His lawyer mind went to work. He had his own private detective, one he could trust completely, who might be able to identify the source of the photo. Handling the envelope and photo more carefully now, he put them in a document mailer and then into his private office safe.

Nick enjoyed having a daddy - more correctly, a sugar daddy. He liked his job, and the fringe benefits were getting better all the time - dinner, gifts, and some really great horizontal refreshments. For an older guy, Arthur was good in bed both ways, which pleased Nick's inherent versatility.

The relationship also had no strings attached, which left him free to pursue other interests, one of which was his growing collection of boys of other races. Right now, he had his eye on the stud he'd seen mowing his employer's lawn earlier in June. A roll in the hay with that Mexican kid would be much to his liking.

The morning sun beat down on Tiago as he carefully trimmed the grass along the fence. An occasional breeze briefly cooled his sweating back. Working outdoors was a sensual experience for Tiago - the caress of nature gave him wood as quickly as the touch of a lover.

Ricardo whistled to get Tiago's attention. " Hora de almorzar. "

As they gathered together for lunch, his uncle Diego had an assignment for him.

"That place where we worked last Wednesday - the Thomson place. Did you know Mrs. Thomson is a landscape architect? She runs her own business."

Tiago was surprised. "She didn't mention that when I signed her up."

"Well, she called Juanita. She's working on some landscape changes for a client, replacing a few trees and shrubs. She's happy with the work we're doing for her, and she'd like an estimate for the landscaping for her client. It's a little more complicated than what you've done, but get the plans from her and take good notes. You and Juanita can finish it up at home."

Tiago grinned. "It sounds like fun."

"I told her you'd be there at one o'clock. Take a clipboard, a writing tablet, and a couple of pencils."

"Okay. It's only a few blocks away. I can walk."

"Call me when you're done and I'll pick you up. And ring at the back door - we're tradesmen, not guests. And wear a shirt. You need to look professional."

"I left my shirt at home. I can look professional without a shirt."

Diego walked away shaking his head and muttering in Spanish. " Jesús, María y José! The kid is hopeless."

Tiago rang the doorbell in back as instructed. Carolyn answered the door.

"Hi, Tiago. Thanks for helping me out with this. Your uncle said you're the company contract specialist. You could have come to the front door."

Tiago smiled back. "Hi, Mrs. Thomson. I'm still learning the business, but Diego and Juanita will help me when I have the information. And Diego told me tradesmen should use the back door."

Carolyn laughed. "Your uncle is a traditionalist, but I suppose some of his clients are too. And please call me Carolyn."

Tiago gave her his most winning smile. "Okay, Carolyn. How can I help you?"

Carolyn led him through the house to her office. He took in the spacious and luxurious surroundings as they went, and wondered if Connor realized how different their lives were.

"Here's a drawing of their current landscaping, and this is how I want it to look when we're done. And this is a list of the trees and shrubs we'll need for the job."

Tiago looked the plans over. "Thank you. This will all be helpful. I suppose you want me to look at the site too."

Carolyn smiled. "You're a smart kid. Sorry, a smart contract specialist." She grabbed her keys. "Let's go."

As Carolyn backed out of the garage, Tiago casually looked at the car's interior, hoping he didn't appear too awestruck. He'd never been in a Mercedes before, and suddenly he felt completely out of place. But Carolyn was treating him like a professional, and he would play the part. Carolyn must have been thinking along the same lines.

"You know, it seems a little strange. A couple of days ago, you were my son's friend staying overnight, and today you're my landscaping assistant." She smiled. "But you switch roles very well."

Tiago smiled back. "Thanks for the compliment. And I really like Connor. We have several common interests, especially soccer. I think we'll have fun together."

"I'm glad you're his friend. He has friends his own age, but he needs a more mature influence, in my opinion."

Tiago looked out the window. That was a nice way to acknowledge their age difference, and he felt she was being sincere.

They turned into a tree-lined driveway and drove another quarter-mile to a mansion that made the Thomson residence look small. If Tiago had felt out of place before, now he felt overwhelmed. He shook it off. He was a professional, and he refused to be intimidated by wealth.

Carolyn stopped in a circular drive in front of the house. "I'll tell Helen we're here. She may wish to join us."

Obviously not a tradesman, Carolyn walked up a flight of stairs and across a veranda to the front door. Standing by the car, Tiago watched her speak to a butler. A real butler. Then a middle-aged, well-dressed lady came to the door. She and Carolyn came down the steps.

"Tiago, this is my client, Mrs. Lockerbie. She would prefer that you call her Helen. Tiago is the contract specialist for Hernandez Landscaping, and my assistant in that capacity."

Helen offered her hand and Tiago took it. "I'm pleased to meet you, ma'am."

If Helen was put off by his lack of a shirt, she didn't show it.

"And I you, Tiago. I'm looking forward to working with you and your company." She smiled at Carolyn. "You come highly recommended."

Carolyn took charge, leading the two of them around the several-acre yard, discussing her plans. Tiago referred to the drawings from time to time, took notes, and asked astute questions. He was surprised at his self-confidence and the knowledge he'd acquired working for his uncle. When they were finished, Helen politely offered them refreshments. Carolyn equally politely declined.

"Thank you, Helen, but we need to get going. Thanks for your input today. We'll modify the plans accordingly."

Helen turned to Tiago and offered her hand again. As Tiago took it she grasped his hand in both of hers.

"Tiago, it's been a pleasure working with you today. You should be proud of your expertise. I'll look forward to seeing you again when you do the work."

Tiago didn't miss the twinkle in her eyes, the slight emphasis on the word pleasure , or the deliberate double meaning of seeing you again . He gave her his most charming smile.

"Thank you, Helen. I'll be looking forward to it too."

As they got out of the car at Carolyn's home, Tiago pulled out his phone.

"I'll call my uncle for a ride, or walk if they're close enough."

Carolyn smiled at him. "If you have a few minutes to spare, I'd like to offer you a drink. It's been a warm afternoon, and I know I could use one."

"Thanks. I'll take you up on that."

"How about a glass of lemonade by the pool. Why don't you go around there while I change into something more comfortable and fetch the drinks."

Tiago walked to the pool, set down the clipboard, pulled off his footwear, and sat down on a chaise lounge. He was perspiring from the heat, and probably from nervousness too, and became aware he needed a shower.

Carolyn showed up quickly with the drinks. Dressed in a very revealing bikini, she was a knockout. One would never have guessed her age. She set the lemonade on the table next to Tiago. He took a sip, and realized there was more than lemonade in the glass. Looking up, he caught her quick smile.

"You deserve it. You were a class act today."

"Even without a shirt? Diego told me to wear one, but I'd left it at home."

She chuckled. "Especially without a shirt. Helen just called me, and observed that you have a way of being professional, sexy, and a teenager all at the same time. You have the contract even though it's not yet written."

She leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek, and then sat beside him.

"Would you like to take a swim?"

Tiago took another sip of his drink and laughed. "Having worked all morning, I'd have to shower first or the pool would be polluted. And all I have to swim in is my cargo shorts, which also wouldn't do."

"You can use the pool shower if you like. And I can get you a pair of Connor's swim trunks." She smiled encouragingly. "Or you can swim naked if you wish. Connor and his friends do that all the time, so I bet you've already done it once."

He smiled reminiscently. "You're right, I've already skinny-dipped in your pool. I'll do it again."

"I thought you might. Do you mind if I join you?"

The vodka in the drink was having an effect. He grinned mischievously.

"Does that include the naked part?"

"Of course."

The grin broadened. "Works for me."

Naked and showered, Tiago quickly dove into the pool. Carolyn was already there, lying on a pool float. He surfaced and smiled at her.

"This was a great idea."

"I think so too. I haven't been swimming naked with a hot teenager since I was a teenager myself."

Tiago swam over and rested his crossed arms on the float. "I bet you were as hot as a teenager as you are now."

She laughed. "Flattery won't get you anywhere."

He smiled mischievously. "What will?"

"That's for you to figure out."

Tiago pushed the float to the shallow end. Standing beside it, he gently put his right hand on her thigh, moving his fingers slowly against the sensitive inner side. Her body quivered slightly as he tentatively moved his hand up between her legs. She smiled encouragingly.

"That's a good start. Don't be bashful."

She gasped as he boldly wrapped his strong hand around her crotch, and then squirmed with pleasure as his middle finger found its way inside. Tiago smiled down at her.

"Is this better?"

"Oh, yes!"

Leaning over, his lips locked onto hers. She grasped his head with her hands, holding it in place as their tongues played hide and seek.

Putting his arm around her shoulders he pulled her off the float to stand beside him, and then gently pushed her against the wall. As his lips again locked onto hers, his hand returned to its place between her legs, methodically massaging her, now with two fingers inside and his thumb on her happy button. As she squirmed with excitement, her hand found his pole and stroked it gently. She broke off the kiss and reached for the ladder.

"Come with me."

Standing in the street in front of the Thomson residence, Tiago pulled out his phone and discovered it was four o'clock already. He smiled. Time flies when you're having fun. He texted Diego. When he got no response, he called Ricardo.

"I'm done. Where are you guys?"

Ricardo told him.

"That's close. I'll walk over."

"You took a long time."

Tiago paused briefly. "She had something else for me to do too."

Ricardo chuckled. "I thought that might happen. Did she like it?"

Tiago pulled out the cash she'd put in his pocket as he left. There were five twenties.

"Yeah, she liked it a lot. But don't tell Uncle Diego. He wouldn't consider it professional."

Ricardo laughed. "Of course not."

Tiago wondered if he was Carolyn's landscaping assistant or boy-toy. Or would that be yard-boy-toy? He recalled reading a book along those lines - Lady Somebody's Yard Boy . He couldn't quite remember the title.

In order to accommodate the increase in business, Hernandez Landscaping was working Saturday mornings. Tiago was trimming the edge of a perfectly manicured lawn when his phone vibrated. He stopped briefly to read the message.

**Are we still on for 2**

He smiled. Connor was anxious. That was a good sign.

**See you at the park**


The crew was finished. They stowed the equipment on the trailer and headed for Diego's home and the traditional Saturday after-work beer.

Diego and Ricardo lived in the same neighborhood in the older part of town, literally on the other side of the tracks. The homes were clean and well cared for, but small, and definitely an economic step down from the places where they worked during the day.

"What are you doing this afternoon?"

The question was directed towards Tiago by Ricardo.

"Playing soccer with a friend. Juanita said I could bring him home for dinner."

Ricardo chuckled. "Is he going to eat with us or be the main course for you?"

Tiago's eyes twinkled. "He can eat with us first. Then I'll have him for dessert."

That drew a laugh from the others. There were no secrets about Tiago's sexual preferences. Tiago checked the time on his phone.

"I gotta run now or I'll be late."

He grabbed a bundle of stakes from his uncle's shop and headed up the alley to Ricardo's place. Quickly changing into his soccer shorts, he jumped on his bicycle and headed for the park, the stakes tied to the rack.

Wearing white soccer shorts, Connor sat on the grass next to the beach waiting for Tiago. He didn't have to wait long. Tiago rode up at full speed, skidded to a stop, and jumped off his bicycle.

"Sorry I'm late, Chico."

Connor smiled. "No problem. I'm glad you're here."

Tiago grabbed the stakes and Connor grabbed his ball. Tiago led the way to an open area on the beach near the swimming area, where he set four stakes into the soft sand to represent the goal area.

"Okay, let's do some two-person drills. You defend the goal."

Laughing and having a good time, they practiced for about ten minutes. That Connor was an excellent goalie quickly became obvious to Tiago. He became very interested in watching one of Connor's games.

Then a group of young swimmers gathered around to watch. Tiago grinned at them.

"Wanna play?"

The smiles and nodding heads made their wishes clear. Tiago marked off a field with more stakes and set a second goal at the other end.

"Okay, Chico and I will pick teams."

The result was two teams of five mostly-inexperienced players. Tiago and Connor provided instruction, and soon a real game was taking place. From time to time, more kids wandered over to join the game. Soon there were more boys playing soccer than swimming.

Tiago walked to the sidelines and watched the game proceed on its own. Connor joined him. After a while, Tiago led Connor to the edge of the beach. Dropping onto the grass, he pulled Connor down to sit between his legs.

Connor was tense. Two friends would be sitting side by side. This was what boyfriends would do, and they were doing it in plain view. It took him two seconds to decide. If Tiago wanted this, he did too. With a sigh of happiness, he leaned back. Tiago's warm muscular chest felt good against his bare back. The older boy wrapped his arms tightly around the younger.

"This is what I like to do. Get some fun started and then sit back and watch it happen."

Connor smiled. "You're right. We had fun practicing, but this is even more fun."

Tiago nuzzled Connor's neck and gently rubbed between his legs. Connor's boner came to life immediately. Tiago chuckled.

"Besides, this gives me a chance to do things that are more fun than soccer."

Connor put his hand over Tiago's. "If you do that I'm gonna make a mess in my shorts."

Tiago kissed him on the neck. "We'll save that kind of fun for after dinner."

"After dinner?"

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you. You're coming home with me for dinner."

"I better check with Mom. And I don't have a shirt."

Tiago rubbed Connor's boner again. "I like you the way you are. A shirt isn't required. I never wear one. And my cousin's wife already checked with your mom."

"How did she get Mom's number?"

"Company records. And by the way, you're staying overnight. Juanita cleared that with your mom too."

Connor grinned. "Are you gonna fuck me?"

Tiago kissed him on the back of the head. "You bet your sweet ass I am. I'm gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop."

"That'll never happen. The only thing I'm gonna beg for is more."

Tiago laughed. "That's easy to say now. When my jizz is leaking out of your ears, you may change your mind."

After another fifteen minutes, the energy of the game began to fade, and the players drifted back to the swimming beach. Tiago was hungry. He'd missed lunch, and dinnertime was approaching.

"Time to go, Chico. Grab your ball and help me gather the stakes."

In a few minutes, they were on their bicycles, with Connor following Tiago home.

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