Yard Boy

by Backwoods Boy

Chapter 4

The blue house Tiago stopped in front of was small compared to the one Connor lived in. Located at the end of the neighborhood with a vacant lot beside and the railroad right-of-way behind, it had more privacy than the other homes. The swing set and collection of kid's toys in the backyard suggested Tiago might have some younger cousins.

An unpainted tarpaper-roofed shed stood near the alley. A trailer with a permanently-mounted portable toilet was positioned nearby. Across the alley were the railroad tracks.

Tiago opened the back door to chaos. Twin four-year-old boys ran through the house shouting at each other, carrying out a sword fight with the cardboard centers from paper towel rolls.

Tiago gave Juanita a kiss and introduced Connor. The two greeted each other loudly over the din. Then silence reigned temporarily as the twins noticed the new arrivals. They ran directly towards Tiago, both demanding to be picked up and placed on his shoulders.

"Chico, these two young rascals are Miguel and Matias." He picked up the one he'd identified as Miguel. "Matias, Chico will give you a ride."

Matias was instantly in front of Connor, hands raised. Connor swung him up onto his shoulders. Now the sword fight continued, with the combatants mounted on grinning horses. The horses ran through the living room and down the hallway, circling the furniture and avoiding most of the clutter. The fun was interrupted by a loud whistle from Juanita.

"Wash up! Dinner's ready!"

There was a dash for the bathroom. The other three entered together, and Connor followed. There was no privacy for this activity. They all washed their hands and dried them on a community towel.

Connor noticed the toothbrush holder above the sink, a row of six slots, five of which were occupied and permanently labeled for the family members and Tiago. The last one was tagged with a piece of masking tape which said Chico . Connor laughed out loud. Tiago followed his gaze, reached into a drawer, and handed him a toothbrush in its original wrapper.

"Yeah, I put up the label. You're family now."

As an only child, a family consisting of more than parents who were mostly absent was something Connor had always wished for. With tears forming, he unpackaged the toothbrush and put it in the designated location.

"Thanks, Tiago."

His damp eyes met Tiago's, reflected in the mirror above the sink. Tiago squeezed his shoulder.

"No problem, Chico."

Ricardo had entered by the back door. As they were introduced and shook hands, he gave Connor a quick inspection. Then he shared a knowing grin with Tiago, and a comment in Spanish about Tiago's previously-mentioned plan for dessert.

" Una buena opción de postre, Tiago. Viene con una cereza? "

Tiago laughed. " Por supuesto. Mi tipo favorito. "

Juanita turned to Connor. "Do you speak Spanish?"

"I wish I did, but no. I think una cereza is a cherry, though."

"I'll translate the rest for you if you wish."

Tiago quickly replied. "I'll tell him later."

She smiled sweetly. "If you don't, I will. Now, English only, please."

The six of them sat down at the kitchen table to a dinner of salad, enchiladas, and soft drinks. The former horses were seated opposite each other, their former riders by their sides, both vying for attention.

The twins dominated the conversation with tales of the day's neighborhood adventures. Included was a story about an exciting fight between a couple of older kids which resulted in a black eye for one and a bloody nose for the other. By the end of the day, the two were friends again, or so it seemed from the slightly jumbled presentation.

Eventually, the twins turned to eating, and the older boys and adults carried on a conversation. Ricardo and Juanita learned how Tiago and Connor met during a collection event. Connor learned a little more about the landscaping business.

Connor's surroundings were the opposite of what he'd always known. He knew he should be overwhelmed by the contrasts, but he wasn't. The environment exuded so much love and affection that the differences didn't matter. He looked across at Tiago, and they smiled at each other. Two boys from divergent social and economic conditions had connected, and neither felt uncomfortable.

After dinner, the twins dragged Tiago and Connor outside to play. Tiago gathered the kids from the neighborhood into the vacant lot for an impromptu soccer game. To Connor's delight, everyone picked up on his nickname. By the time the game finished at dusk, Chico had become a neighborhood institution and Connor had nearly as many young fans as Tiago.

While Juanita put the twins to bed, Connor and Tiago sat at the kitchen table chatting with Ricardo, who shared stories about some of their more eccentric and demanding clients. Connor wished he could work with these guys. Maybe when he was older.

Juanita returned to the living area with instructions.

"Connor, there's a clean towel for you hanging on the shower curtain rod. The twins are in bed and the bathroom is yours and Tiago's. If you need anything else, let me know."

Connor smiled at her. "Thanks, Juanita. Tiago, do you wanna go first?"

Tiago grinned. "I'll shower while you brush your teeth, then we can swap."

Juanita objected. "Let him have some privacy. You can wait until later to check him out naked."

Tiago laughed. "I stayed overnight at his house. We slept naked. It's not like we're strangers."

Connor's tan was changing to a reddish-brown hue.

Juanita scowled. "You're embarrassing him!"

Tiago smiled innocently. "You know, it was dark in his bedroom. It'd be nice to get a good look at him naked."

Connor looked back and forth between them, surprised at the openness of the exchange. Ricardo watched all three with a broad grin on his face.

Juanita put her hands on her hips and glared at Tiago.

"You're impossible!"

Tiago knew she wasn't really angry. He gave her his best boyish grin.

"I know, but I'm so loveable that everyone forgives me for being impossible." He stood up. "Come on, Chico. Let's take showers."

As Connor brushed his teeth, he wondered where he and Tiago would sleep. The house had two bedrooms, and he'd seen enough to know one was occupied by the twins and the other by the adults. Maybe they'd be on couches in the living room. No fun and games tonight after all.

Tiago came out of the shower. He checked out Connor's naked body and grinned.

"You're so hot, Chico. I can't wait to get you in bed again."

Well, maybe they were going to have sex after all. Connor grinned back.

"So, where are we gonna have enough privacy to screw?"

Tiago smiled knowingly. "You'll find out. And be sure to wash your backside very well."

Connor frowned slightly. "I always do. But why?"

"You'll find that out too."

When Connor came out of the bathroom, Tiago stood by the back door holding a flashlight.

"This way."

Puzzled, Connor followed. Tiago led him to the shed at the back of the lot. He unlocked the door, flipped on the light switch, and guided Connor inside. Connor looked around, taking it in.

"So, this is your room?"

Tiago grinned. "Yeah. Like it?"

The shed, with unfinished interior walls, had one small window at each end, open to let the air flow through. A bed with an old-fashioned wrought-iron frame stood along the back wall, a nightstand beside it. An old dresser with chipped white paint stood next to a small refrigerator against the front wall on one side of the door.

On the other side of the door was a small table on which sat a laptop computer. Two chairs, one holding a soccer ball, and a clothing rack made of pipe completed the furnishings. The room was primitive - and perfect.

Connor grinned back. "I love it!"

"It's great, except for when a train goes by." He locked the deadbolt. "I'll leave the key in the lock. If you gotta use the restroom, it's the porta-potty on the trailer. When we do landscaping jobs, it goes to the job site."

He smiled at Connor as he closed the windows.

"We gotta keep you from disturbing the neighborhood with your screams."

"I won't scream."

"You will. Wait and see."

As Tiago switched off the light, Connor stripped off his shorts and tossed them onto a chair. The boys became two shadows in the darkness. They stood in silence for a few moments. Then the shadows merged. Tiago spoke in a whisper.

"I've been waiting all day for this, Chico."

Dropping his shorts to the floor, he pulled Connor close and kissed him gently. As the kissing intensified, their hands explored each other, blindly touching what was invisible in the darkness.

Connor noticed a subtle difference from their experience in his bedroom. On his own turf, Tiago was bolder and more assertive - primitive, like the shed they were locked into. His kisses were more passionate, almost aggressive. Tiago steered the younger boy towards the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees."

It was an order. Tiago was in charge. Connor complied quickly, kneeling on the towel he found placed there. Tiago snagged his lube from the nightstand and greased his pole before climbing onto the bed behind Connor. He leaned over, kissing Connor on the back and running his fingers lightly along his sides and stomach. Connor shivered with excitement. Tiago spoke quietly.

"I love your smooth, warm body, Chico. You turn me on like nobody else ever has."

Connor laughed softly. "I bet you say that to all the boys you have sex with."

"No, I don't, Chico. And I don't give them nicknames either."

Tiago's kisses moved down Connor's spine. Connor leaned down on his forearms, relaxed, enjoying the attention.

Tiago spread Connor's ass cheeks and ran his tongue downward to tease Connor's pucker. Connor sucked in his breath as a chill like an electrical current ran through his body. Now he knew why he'd been instructed to clean himself well. He groaned with pleasure as Tiago's tongue teased his pucker open and circled the edges.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good!"

As Tiago continued, Connor became more and more charged with excitement. He felt like he was going to cum, but he was never going to get there. He wanted more.

"Please fuck me, Tiago. Please?"

Tiago ignored him, teasing his pucker further open. Connor's moans grew louder.

"Oh, Jesus, please fuck me! I want you inside me."

This time Tiago complied. Leaning up, he positioned himself.

"It's gonna hurt. A lot."

"No me importa. Simplemente hazlo ."

Tiago paused. "You remembered that? From the video I showed you?"

"Uh-huh. Now are you gonna fuck me?"

"Yeah, but don't say I didn't warn you."

Spreading lube in Connor's ass crack, Tiago pressed his pole into the entrance. Then, holding Connor down by his neck, he slowly slid all the way in, smiling at Connor's howls of pain.

"I told you it was gonna hurt, Chico."

Connor gasped for air. "I don't care. Is it all the way in yet."

"Yeah. Why? Do you want more?"

"Fuck no! That's more than enough."

Tiago slid his pole out a couple inches, and then pushed it back in. Connor gasped and bit his lip to keep from screaming again.

"The hardest part is over, Chico. It'll get better."

"I hope so."

Slowly, Tiago began to slide his pole in and out, using more of it with each thrust. Soon Connor found the pain merging with pleasure. He clutched at the bedding as his screams faded into moans. Tiago hit his pleasure spot with every thrust, and his arousal was rapidly increasing. He tried to reach for his boner, but Tiago pushed down harder on his neck.

"Just let it happen, Chico. Don't be in such a hurry. The journey is as much fun as the destination."

Several minutes passed. Connor's moans grew louder, his hands gripped the bedding even more tightly. Suddenly, he was at the end.

"Oh fuck!"

It seemed to Connor that the whole world was shaking and vibrating around them. His moans rose to a high pitched howl as he unloaded every drop of cum in his body. His muscles squeezed tight with each round he fired, putting Tiago over the edge. Tiago grunted with pleasure as his body took over and filled Connor with warm sperm.

The world was still shaking. Connor laughed.

"It's a train going by. I thought you were doing that."

Tiago pulled out. He rolled Connor over onto his back and dropped on top of him.

"I'm good, but I'm not that good." He showered Connor with loving kisses. "That was awesome, Chico. You're the best fuck ever."

Connor grinned and put his fingers in his ears. "Jizz isn't coming out yet. Can you do it again?"

Tiago laughed. "Yeah, give me about ten minutes, and I'll do it again. And a lot of other things you never imagined possible."

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