Yard Boy

by Backwoods Boy

Chapter 2

Though most of Diego's customers paid promptly, there were always a few procrastinators. Tiago was as good at collections as he was with new-customer solicitation. Clients in arrears could no more resist the smiling face than could Diego.

Shirtless as always, Tiago dropped his bicycle on the grass, stepped onto the porch, and rang the doorbell. As he waited, he evaluated the house once again. It was large and modern on a five-acre lot, typical of the company's clients. Surrounded by woodland, it was even more secluded than most. It was quite different from the modest home where he was staying with his cousin for the summer.

The boy who answered the door wearing a wet Speedo appeared to be about fourteen. Four inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter than Tiago, he was a cute kid with a smooth, hard, lightly-muscled body. His white swimwear and light-blond hair contrasted sharply with his dark tan. Tiago smiled at him.

"Hi, Connor. I'm Tiago, with Hernandez Landscaping." He handed Connor the overdue bill. "Could I collect for last month's yard care service, please?"

Tiago knew his name! Connor hid his excitement. "Sure. Just a minute."

He returned with a credit card. While Tiago processed the payment with his phone card reader, Connor checked him out. Close up, he was even hotter than across the yard. Finished, Tiago looked up into a pair of eagerly-watching eyes, and smiled knowingly.

"Should I send the receipt to the email on file?"

Caught staring, Connor blushed. "Sure."

Finished, Tiago flashed one of his trademark smiles, observing the boner now showing in bold relief through the thin fabric of Connor's swimwear.

"Thanks, Chico. Sorry to interrupt your swim. Have a good evening."

Tiago returned to his bicycle and rode down the driveway. As he turned into the street, a quick glance revealed Connor watching from the porch. Tiago smiled to himself. It seemed Connor wanted to get better acquainted too.

Mentally kicking himself, Connor went inside and slowly closed the door. He'd blown what was probably his only opportunity. He should have thought of something to keep Tiago there longer. Sighing with resignation, he turned to go back to the pool.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Connor quickly opened it. Tiago stood there with a sheepish grin - and a credit card in his hand.

"Sorry, I forgot to give this back to you."

"No problem. Thanks for returning it."

Connor paused. The fates had given him a second chance and expected him to take advantage of it. It was now or never. Connor swallowed hard.

"If you have the time, do you wanna hang out and swim with me for a while?"

"This is my last stop, so I've got lots of time. And I like that idea, Chico. Except I don't have anything to swim in. Would it be okay if I swim naked?"

Connor's boner got harder. It would be more than okay. He smiled happily.

"No problem. Bring your bicycle around back where it'll be more secure. I'll walk around there with you."

In the backyard, Tiago leaned his bicycle against the fence and kicked off his shoes. Connor took his eyes off his companion's hard body long enough to be a good host.

"Want something to drink?"

"A glass of water would be great."

Connor headed for the kitchen. "You can sit in a lounge chair if you want to."

Tiago sat down with a satisfied smile. So far, things were working the way he'd planned.

Connor returned with two plastic glasses of water. Handing one to Tiago, he sat down next to the older boy.

"Do you live here in town? I don't think I've seen you around except when you're working here."

Tiago took a drink. "Right now, I live with my cousin and his wife, and work for my uncle. I'll go back to Ensenada at the end of the summer. That's where my parents live."

"I've never met anyone from another country. And your English is really good." Connor blushed. "That probably sounded rude. I didn't mean it that way."

Tiago laughed. "No problem, Chico. I've spent a lot of time in the United States. Most of my relatives live here. I've had a lot of practice."

Connor was relieved his comment had been taken well. "I wish I could learn Spanish. Maybe when I get to high school."

Tiago finished his water. Connor noticed.

"You must be thirsty. Do you want another glass of water?"

Tiago set his glass down. "I didn't realize how thirsty I was, but that's enough, thanks." He stood up. "I'm ready for that swim now. You're sure you're okay with me skinny-dipping?"

"Yeah, it's no problem."

Tiago took off his shorts, placing them on the lounge chair. Connor's eyes grew wide. He'd never seen an uncircumcised cock before. Not to mention that the hooded cobra which uncoiled from its confines in Tiago's shorts was twice as long as his own.

Tiago dove into the pool. Surfacing and turning around, he wiped his eyes and grinned at Connor.

"Take off your Speedo. If I'm gonna swim naked, you oughta do it too."

Connor hesitated. He was hard as a rock again. He knew it was obvious, but he was embarrassed to openly display it.

"Maybe later."

Connor dove in, and the boys swam a few laps before resting side by side, elbows propped up on the edge of the pool, talking and getting better acquainted. Most of the conversation concerned soccer, or fútbol as Tiago called it, a common interest.

Connor had an idea. "We could practice at Riverside Park sometime if you want to. Maybe you could teach me some things about goalkeeping."

Tiago smiled. "Sounds good. That'd give me some offensive practice. How about next Saturday afternoon? I'll meet you at the park at two o'clock. If you bring the ball, I'll bring some sticks for a makeshift goal."

Connor beamed with happiness. "That'd be perfect."

The sun was dropping low in the sky. Tiago was hungry.

"I better get back to my cousin's place and find some food."

Connor was upset with himself. "I should have offered you something earlier. I haven't had dinner either. There's leftover pizza and a salad. Nothing much, but I'd be happy to share it with you."

Tiago gave Connor one of his special smiles. "It's okay, Chico. We've been busy talking, not thinking about food. Sure, I'd like to join you for dinner."

They climbed out of the pool. Tiago sent a text message to his cousin, and then started to pull on his shorts. Connor tossed him a towel.

"You can wrap this around yourself if you want to. We'll be back in the pool later."

While Connor warmed up the pizza in the microwave, Tiago put plates and the salad on the kitchen table and fetched a couple of sodas from the refrigerator.

The boys sat down across from each other. Tiago's bare foot touched Connor's. It may have been accidental the first time, but Connor was sure the second and third were deliberate. He was having a hard time concentrating, and searched for a conversational topic.

"What's it like living in Mexico?"

Tiago took a sip of his soda. "Not that much different, really. One thing I notice is that yards are bigger and streets are paved better here."

"What other sports do you play at school?"

"Nothing besides football - soccer, that is."

"Same here. I'll stick with soccer for a team sport."

They finished eating in silence, uninterrupted except by the foot tag, which Connor now participated in too.

It was dark when they returned to the pool. The only illumination was that of the in-pool lighting and the moon overhead. More self-confident now, Connor abandoned his Speedo.

After an hour or so of swimming, diving, and general horseplay, the boys paused in the shallow end and leaned side by side against the pool wall. Tiago put an arm around Connor's shoulders.

"Thanks for inviting me to join you here. It's been fun hanging out and getting to know you."

Connor reached up and grasped Tiago's wrist, pulling his arm tighter.

"I'm glad you stayed. And you don't have to leave."

"Your parents will be home soon."

"They're at some event at the country club so they won't be home until late. Besides, my friends sometimes stay overnight."

Tiago removed his arm and turned to face Connor, grinning at him and trapping him with both arms against the pool wall.

"Was that an invitation, Chico?"

Connor grinned back. "Yeah."

"I must be your friend now."

The grin widened as he put his hands on the yard boy's shoulders. "Yeah."

"What do you and your friends do when they stay overnight?"

"Play video games. Or watch movies on Netflix."

"Cool! Can I pick the movie?"


Having dried himself and put on his cargo shorts, Tiago followed Connor to his basement bedroom. The nearly-new computer with a large monitor looked like a great place to watch a movie, but Tiago was in for a surprise. After pulling on a pair of board shorts, Connor led Tiago to the home theater, also in the basement. The room, featuring a wide screen on the wall and a dozen theater seats, was larger than the living rooms in the homes in Tiago's neighborhood. Connor went first to the mini-fridge with the box of snacks on top.

"Something to drink?"

"A lemon-lime of some kind and a bag of chips would be great, thank you."

Connor handed Tiago his food choices, and then selected his own items. Leading his new friend to the controls near the screen, he turned on the system and brought up Netflix.

"Go ahead and pick the movie."

Tiago hesitated. "The one I have in mind isn't on Netflix. In fact, it's a video on a flash drive in my pocket."

Connor held out his hand. "No problem. I can plug it in and redirect the video to the theater screen."

Tiago handed the flash drive to Connor, who set up the computer to show the video. The boys sat down front and center to watch.

Clearly an amateur production, the first ten seconds displayed a piece of cardboard on which was crudely written in bold black letters, My First Time . The video had been recorded with a so-called hidden camera in a teenage boy's bedroom, cluttered with soccer and water polo gear, trophies, and memorabilia.

Positioned slightly above and to the right of the foot of a twin bed, the camera showed a much-younger Tiago lying naked on his back. Above the bed was an autographed poster of soccer star Anton Hysen. Between Tiago's legs, a young Asian kid knelt, lubricating his rigid pole.

"You're sure you don't want me to use a rubber?"

An unsmiling Tiago boldly replied in an adolescent voice.

"No! Lo quiero natural."

"Your uncle would shit a brick if he knew what I was gonna do to you. Thirteen is a little young to get fucked by your sixteen-year-old friend."

"Lo que no sabe, no le hará daño."

"Yeah, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, but you gotta learn English if you're gonna live in California, even just for the summers."

Tiago gave him the finger. "Ahórrame la conferencia."

"Okay, I'll skip the lecture, but it's true. Now, do you want me to fuck you, or not?"

"Fuck me."

The Asian boy laughed. "Well, at least you know how to say the important things."

He leaned over and positioned his pole. "It's gonna hurt."

"No me importa. Simplemente hazlo. .. Just do it."

Tiago gasped as the Asian kid penetrated him. He grimaced with pain as the boy pushed all the way in and, without further comment, began to slowly and methodically screw him.

As the older kid thrust in harder and faster, Tiago moaned with excitement. His facial expressions showed a continually changing mixture of pain, pleasure, anxiety, and determination. Grasping the Asian kid's forearms, he looked up into his eyes.

"Más fuerte!"

"Okay, you asked for it."

As requested, the Asian kid thrust in harder. Tiago put his hands over his head against the wall to keep from being pushed into it.

"Si! Bueno!"

The Asian kid's thrusts were faster now. His heavy breathing revealed his growing sexual excitement. Then he was at the point of no return. The two locked eyes as he drove in hard and shot his load.

For the first time, Tiago smiled, the trademark smile that Connor was now familiar with.

"Gracias, amigo."

"De nada, compadre."

The video ended. Connor sat in stunned silence for a few moments. Tiago put a hand on his shoulder.

"What do you think of the video, Chico?"

Lost in thought, Connor didn't respond. The video never showed the Asian kid's face, but his voice sounded familiar. And the kanji symbols tattooed on his back looked familiar as well. Then it came together. He'd seen those symbols before, and had looked for them online. They were name symbols, and he'd seen them on the back of their Japanese-American pool boy, Kenzo.

Tiago poked Connor in the ribs. "Earth to Chico."

Connor shook himself out of his reverie.

"What did you say?"

"What do you think of the video?"

"I think it's really hot. How did it feel when he did that to you?"

Tiago smiled smugly as he retrieved his flash drive.

"There's only one way to find out, Chico."

In the semi-darkness of Connor's basement room, Tiago casually tossed his shorts in a corner and followed Connor onto the bed. Kneeling over the younger boy, Tiago kissed him gently. Making use of knowledge gained from the videos he'd seen earlier, Connor pulled Tiago's head down and gave him a more intense and longer lasting kiss.

Tiago broke off the kiss to nibble on Connor's ear and bite playfully at his neck. Moving on down, he nibbled at Connor's nipples, and then licked his way down his faint, blond treasure trail to his rigid pole. As Connor moaned with pleasure, Tiago worked over the boy's boner, and then swallowed it.

Putting his hands on Tiago's head like he'd seen the blond kid do in the video, Connor squirmed with excitement while Tiago expertly stimulated his boner. Wetting his finger with saliva, Tiago slipped it inside Connor's hole. That part hadn't been in the video. Connor couldn't believe how good it felt. Horny and stimulated from both sides, he wouldn't last long.

"Oh, shit! If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

Tiago kept it up. It took another thirty seconds. With a howl of pleasure, Connor blew his load. Tiago swallowed it all. After he'd licked up the last drops, he leaned up and grinned.

"Did you like that?"

Connor smiled happily. "It was awesome! Are you gonna do more now?"

Tiago rolled over onto his back. "I think we'll save that for another time."

Connor's face showed his disappointment. "But it's what you wanna do. And I want you to do it to me."

Tiago turned on his side facing Connor and leaned up on his elbow, gently rubbing Connor's chest with his other hand.

"I want you to think about it some more. You gotta be sure you wanna do it. If you do, I'll make it fun for both of us, but it's gonna hurt a lot."

"Well... Okay, if you say so."

They were interrupted by the sound of the garage door opening. Connor frowned.

"Shit! They're home early."

The boys pretended to be asleep as Connor's parents came into the hallway from the garage. Connor's dad tapped on the bedroom door, looked in briefly, and reported softly to his wife.

"He's in bed. He has a friend staying over."

"I'm glad. He shouldn't be alone so much."

Connor's parents closed the door and went upstairs. Tiago looked at him.

"It's a good thing we stopped when we did."

"Yeah, you're right."

Tiago gave him a kiss on his cheek. "We'll do the rest another time. I know a more private place to do it."

Tiago awoke early. Slipping quietly out of bed, he pulled on his shorts and sandals. He smiled. Asleep, Connor looked so innocent, an innocence he planned to replace with experience. It didn't hurt to wait, though. The more eager Connor was to give up his virginity, the more fun it would be to take it.

Quietly slipping out the door, he retrieved his bicycle and headed towards Diego's home and a morning of work. His cousin was already there. Ricardo smiled at him.

"Did you have a good night?"

Tiago grinned. "Yeah, but it was only a warm-up for a better one."

"The blond kid where we worked Wednesday?"


"Did you have breakfast?"


Ricardo handed him a breakfast burrito wrapped in foil.

"Juanita suspected as much. You'd starve to death if it weren't for her. Are you gonna be home tonight? The twins were disappointed that their primo favorito didn't come home to play with them."

Tiago smiled. "I'll make up for it tonight."

Naked, Tiago knelt between Connor's legs, smiling down at him. Connor could feel Tiago's pole pressed between his legs. He was going to put it in. Now Connor would find out what sex was really like. Any second now... but someone was knocking on the door...

It was his dad. "Connor, get up, breakfast is ready."

Shit! What a time to have a dream interrupted.

"Okay. I'll be right up."

Quickly pulling on shorts and a t-shirt, he dashed up the stairs. His mom looked puzzled.

"I thought you had a friend with you. Did he leave already?"

"Yeah, he had to go to work early."

"At his age? And on a Saturday? I hoped we'd get to meet him."

"You already have. Tiago."

"Do I know him?"

"Yeah. He's the young guy who works with the yard maintenance crew - the one who talked to you about taking care of our yard."

A brief look of surprise crossed his mom's face. Then she smiled.

"That's super! I'd forgotten his name. He's such a great kid. I'm glad he's your friend."

Connor smiled to himself. If she only knew. "So am I."

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