Yard Boy

by Backwoods Boy

Chapter 1

Carolyn wondered if the kid owned a shirt. She'd never seen him wearing one, even when he approached her about providing yard maintenance services. Although her primary motive for hiring Hernandez Landscaping was the quality of their work, the eye candy that came with it was an attractive bonus.

Along with their work shoes and olive-drab cargo shorts, the rest of the crew wore clean white polo shirts with the company logo on the back and their names embroidered on the front. So she knew the older man was Diego, the younger Ricardo, and the young woman who occasionally worked with them was Juanita. The kid's name was as yet unknown, but she planned to change that.

Turning away from her bedroom window, she quickly gave herself a critical look in the full-length, closet-door mirror. At thirty-five, she was still capable of turning heads. The fitness facility at the country club kept her in top physical shape. Her designer clothing showed her body to its best advantage. A good hairstylist and strategic use of cosmetics took care of the rest.

Carolyn stepped out of her room and onto the interior balcony overlooking the opulent formal living room, part of the lifestyle required for her successful, politically-ambitious, lawyer husband. Walking down the wide staircase, she reflected on how she'd arrived at this point in life.

She'd married Arthur, twelve years older, when she was twenty. At the time, she was his secretary and pregnant by him. The divorce could have been ugly, except his first wife had been even more indiscreet than Arthur. Thanks to the detective Carolyn had quietly hired, Arthur had the lurid pictures to prove it.

Although Carolyn had done quite well for herself, Arthur gained the most from his second marriage. The inheritance from her grandparents, her social connections through her parents, and the hard-nosed business sense inherited from her father had put them where they were today.

And now Arthur was doing his best to screw it up. She'd suspected he was having sex with his nineteen-year-old secretary - administrative assistant was the title in vogue, she reminded herself - and now, thanks to the same detective, she had the pictures to prove it. She wondered if he'd already been molesting the boy when he was babysitting for them.

Carolyn had been surprised at first that her husband's extramarital relationship was homosexual, but on reflection she should have seen it coming. In recent years, his attention had turned increasingly to attractive young men, while their relationship became increasingly platonic. Now, his occasional acquiescence to her needs was perfunctory and mechanical.

Carolyn's primary concern was what discovery by others could do to Arthur's reputation and career. A heterosexual affair would have been bad enough - a gay one would ruin him. The fool should know better, but his brain had always been in his penis.

Carolyn smiled grimly. Though he went by Nick , the boy-whore's given name was Nickel . Even his name was cheap, not to mention archaic. He and Arthur were riding for a fall, but Carolyn was going to pull the rug out from under them slowly and subtly because she had some fun of her own in mind. If she had her way, and she usually did, the shirtless yard boy would become her version of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Tiago was a sixteen-year-old hunk, and he knew it. He'd inherited his muscular build, but hard work had enhanced the legacy. His unruly black hair, dark eyes, and dark skin contrasted with his perfect white teeth when he flashed his innocent boyish smile. Behind the smile, the fun-loving twinkle in his eyes suggested the kind of charismatic rogue who seduced young adventurers, much like the legendary Pied Piper.

The lawn-care and landscaping service Tiago had worked for since he was fourteen belonged to his uncle Diego. The rest of the crew wore the company uniform. Tiago had resisted from day one, discarding his shirt the minute he got to the job site. Diego objected at first, but Tiago was so good-natured and persistent about his rebellion that his uncle soon gave in. Now, he simply left his shirt at home.

Diego's business had increased more than usual this particular summer. Neighbors of Diego's clients suddenly became interested in his services, and he quickly realized the interest arose from both the excellence of their work and the attractive adolescent who came with it. Since the inquiries were usually made to his friendly, outgoing nephew, Diego put Tiago in charge of new-customer contact.

In spite of his smile, Tiago was far from innocent and boyish. Having numerous older cousins and friends, he'd been introduced to sex at an early age. In short, he'd been screwing ever since he first got jizz on his hand. And although he didn't mind displaying his body for lustful women and their daughters, it was their sons he was interested in.

Tiago smiled to himself. He'd seen Mrs. Thomson watching from her bedroom window. When he signed her up for lawn services, he'd suspected his hot body was part of her motivation. His stimulus for soliciting her business was equally impure - he was interested in relieving her young son of his virginity.

From his vantage point behind the pool shed, Connor Thomson watched as Tiago meticulously trimmed the hedge. Sweat glistened on the older teen's rippling back muscles as he pursued his task. A rivulet of moisture ran down his spine and into his shorts, creating a wet streak as it continued down between his well-rounded ass cheeks.

Greased with lubricant swiped from his mom's bathroom, Connor's cum gun slid easily in his hand. He'd been edging for ten minutes now, and the end was near. His knees buckled slightly as he blew his load and watched it flow down the pool shed wall.

Connor wished Tiago was his buddy so they could do things together, like play soccer and go swimming, but other things too. Like in the videos he'd recently watched.

The first video had arrived several days earlier in Connor's email. It featured two teenage boys - a well-tanned blond, and a dark-haired Latino - meeting at a park, and then swimming naked in a pool.

The next day's video showed the two kissing and casually groping each other in the shallow end of the pool. The third day, the blond boy was sitting on the edge of the pool while his playmate sucked his hard cock like a lollipop.

Hooked, Connor waited anxiously for the next installment, and he wasn't disappointed. The naked action had moved to a bedroom. Friendly grappling on the bed ended with the Latino kid on top. He got up on his knees and reached for a small container on the nightstand. The blonde boy watched as he spread the contents on his hard cock and leaned forward.

Connor stared in disbelief as the Latino's boner disappeared into his companion. Frozen to his computer chair, he watched in amazement as the Latino began to rhythmically move inside the blond boy. Lewd comments he'd heard in the junior-high locker room suddenly became clear - this was how guys had sex with each other. His asshole tingled, and shivers ran up and down his spine. The video was so realistic, it was like having the blond boy's experience himself.

His eyes locked to the screen, Connor watched breathlessly as the Latino's sexual excitement grew. As the boy went over the edge and released his load, Connor spontaneously creamed his shorts.

Connor turned off the video. He'd never seen anything so hot. He wanted Tiago to do that to him.

Kenzo handed Tiago a glass of iced tea and then sat down in the lawn chair next to his friend. The late afternoon swim had been refreshing, and now they'd let the warm Southern California sun dry them.

The nineteen-year-old son of Diego's neighbor, Kenzo, owned and operated a pool maintenance company, now in its second year. He'd started the business right out of high school, cashing in on knowledge gained maintaining his parents' pool, beside which he and Tiago now sat. Many of his first clients had come as referrals from Hernandez Landscaping. Kenzo took a sip of his iced tea and turned to Tiago.

"Did you send him the video?"

"Yeah, I did. Split into four parts to build his interest. Thanks for the suggestion - and the video. I'm surprised you didn't use it yourself."

"I thought about it. In the two years I've taken care of their pool we've become good friends, but he hasn't shown interest in me other than as an older-brother figure. What makes you think you'll succeed?"

Tiago grinned. "He stands behind the pool shed and jacks off while he watches me work."

Kenzo laughed out loud. "So, that's jizz on the wall. I always thought it was bird shit. That's why it's always in the same place. I think you've got it made." He took a sip of his drink. "Are you going to use the other video?"

"I didn't send it to him because it's too personal to have copies floating around. I have a plan for showing it to him. If the first one didn't get him interested, that one will. Do you think he'll recognize you?"

Kenzo thought for a moment. "I don't think so. We were both three years younger, and my back is always to the camera. But I don't really care either way." He smiled. "Go ahead and show it to him. And let me know how it works out."

Tiago set down his empty glass and stood up.

"I'll do that. I gotta go. I have a couple of overdue bills to collect on."

"Yeah, I know about those. Diego warned me about that part of being in business. Good luck with the bill collection." He smiled. "And the seduction."

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