Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 9


The question went right past CJ. All he cared about was Levi; How badly was he hurt?

"Can you stand up? I 'kin' carry you if you need to!" he cried, "I shoulda never let you 'git' in harm alike that!"

Levi noticed how CJ's language was reverting to a colloquial style. Obviously flustered, the young teen was only concerned with Levi and upset at what he thought was a failing on his behalf.

"Look.... CJ!" Levi barked.

The boy snapped out of his haze and stared into Levi's dreamy green eyes.

"Where the fuck do you think you FAILED me? Take a look around you! Does that look like failure?" Levi asked.

The boy continued to gaze into Levi's eyes.

"But.. But... If... If....!" he stammered.

"'If' fucking nothing!" Levi interrupted, "You're fucking awesome! Where the fuck in a hick shithole like Gold Strike did you learn killer moves like that?'

CJ explained how he just "watched and learned."

"And you never fucking ever fought anyone before?" Levi asked.

The boy shook his head "No!"

"Fuck I want you for my bodyguard!" Levi laughed, "Along with all the fringe benefits!'"

CJ looked confused.

"Fringe benefits?" he asked.

Levi leered at the young teen's impressive junk straining in his well worn jeans.

A smile came over CJ's face.

"Oh... YEAH!" he smiled.

"At least twenty times!" Levi cracked.

"In one day!" CJ bounced back.

Levi tried to stand up but faltered.

"Want me to carry you?" CJ asked.

The image of being held in CJ's strong arms made Levi swoon. He had seen the entire fight unwind before his eyes. At first, Levi thought CJ was going down to a slaughter. But that first blow to Bobby Ray told Levi that things were going to be different than he had expected.

Levi had seen CJ's every move. He watched the boy's body as the three bullies fell. Underneath his soft skin, there was a musculature that was so easy to overlook. Levi saw the boy's arms; those sleek, powerful biceps and shoulders ripple with untold strength. He saw CJ's long, lithe legs radiate an animalistic power not seen in most adult men, let alone a sixteen year old teenager. CJ did not have the bulked out, grotesque profile of a bodybuilder on proverbial steroids. CJ could project a sleek, lethal offense when needed; then he reverted back to an ordinary teenage boy.

"Kind of like Superboy!" Levi mumbled.

"Huh?" CJ asked.

"You're my own private 'Superboy!' Let's get the fuck out of here!" Levi replied.

CJ helped Levi rise to his feet.

"Grab the knife just in case!" Levi said.

"In case of what?" CJ asked.

"Evidence!" Levi replied.

CJ didn't know what that meant but he complied. After all, this was Levi's world and CJ figured the boy knew what to do.

They were soon in the truck and headed back out onto the freeway and not a minute too soon. Three eighteen wheelers and some school buses loaded with kids were pulling into the stop.

"Just in fucking time!" Levi exclaimed.

Now Levi had to explain what had happened (and why). It was CJ's first introduction to homophobia. The young teen was full of questions and Levi tried to fully explain everything to his friend.

"Couldn't you just call the sheriff?" CJ asked.

"If I did that I'd have to explain you and that wouldn't be easy!" Levi replied.

"'Explain me?'" CJ asked.

Levi then had to try and make CJ understand how the first thing the "sheriff" (actually the "Department of Public Safety" or "Highway Patrol") would do is identify all involved parties.

"And you have no identification... That would be a big problem!" Levi said.

"So.... then..... I..... I..... I..... am.... a..... a 'problem?'" the boy asked.

"FUCK NO!" Levi quickly replied, "It's just that in this time everyone has some kind of identification! And you don't have any.... yet!"

"How will I get that.... eye.... eye.... eye....denti-fication?" CJ asked.

"Charles!" Levi replied, "Charles can do anything like that... By the time he's through with you, you will fit in to the Twenty-First Century just like you had lived here all your life!"

CJ smiled at the boy.

"He really loves me!" CJ said over and over to himself.

The young teen was still completely oblivious to his performance in overcoming three thugs in defense of the boy he loved. He still harbored thoughts of "failing" Levi. It would take time but with Levi's continued praise and adoration, CJ would finally erase from his mind any doubts about "failure."

As they neared the outskirts of Phoenix, Levi noticed a convoy streaking northbound on the freeway.

"Wow!" He exclaimed.

Three DPS police cruisers and two ambulances, all with red lights blazing, were speeding in the direction the boys had left.

"I bet I know where they are going!" Levi laughed.

CJ looked confused.

"They have to pick up a load of beaten blubber back at the rest stop!" Levi chortled.

The older teen continued to try explaining life in the Twenty First Century to his new friend.

"What we went through was very rare!" Levi explained, "Most people... A lot of people... are becoming more and more accepting of guys like us. In a lot of states two guys or two girls can even get married!"

CJ's head snapped to look at Levi.

"You mean... we could.... like... a man and a wife?" he asked, "Then.... who.... uh.... would.... be.... the... wife?"

Levi laughed at his friend's innocence.

"I've been thinking a lot about that!" Levi replied.

He then explained to CJ the gay "roles" of "tops," "bottoms," and being "versatile."

"So what...uh... are.... you?" the young boy asked.

"I've always pretty much been a 'top' boy!" Levi replied.

Then he looked sullen.

"Until that asshole Ryan raped me!" he said gloomily.

CJ's smile disappeared. Levi had mentioned Ryan before, but after the bathroom experience, the thought of anyone hurting his friend made the young teen see red.

"I could..... I could.... hurt him REAL bad for doing that to you!" he said softly.

Levi stared at the young teen. After seeing what he had done to the three bullies at the rest stop, he shuddered to think what damage CJ could bestow on Ryan.

"So uh..... you never answered....!" CJ stuttered.

Levi looked confused at the young teen's remark.

"What?" he asked the boy.

"What.. do.... you.... like... to.. do.....!" the boy stuttered.

"Well... Like I said, I was always pretty much a 'top' boy!" Levi laughed, "But seeing what you've got hiding in those jeans.... has made me maybe rethink my preferences!"

CJ shrunk up into a ball at Levi's remark. He wondered if Levi would still want him when he finally saw.... what Trapper had ridiculed for years.....

Levi saw the boy's change in posture.

"Hey!" he said, grabbing CJ's thigh, "Are you okay?"

CJ gave Levi a weak smile and nodded "yes," but his mind was filled with turbulent thoughts.

The Tacoma crested a hill on the freeway and suddenly the road went from four lanes to eight. Coming into Phoenix from the North, there was little to preannounce the city's presence. A few homes along the freeway suddenly gave way to the Northern suburb of "Anthem." CJ's eyes were greeted with hundreds of houses, stores, an outlet mall, and cars and trucks everywhere.

He used his favorite word to describe the scene, "WOW!"

Darkness gave CJ another unique first time experience in seeing his new home: thousands of lights shone everywhere.

"They must use a lot of kerosene!" the boy said softly.

Levi laughed and explained to the teen that the lights were all powered by electricity, which CJ had heard of in Mrs. Holloway's lessons; he had simply never seen what that energy force could do in a modern world.

As they drove further into the city, the boy's gasps and "Wows" became more frequent. In a way, Levi was glad they arrived after dark. The night would conceal much of the structure of the city. CJ could assimilate that later....

Transitioning from one freeway to another, and then to city streets, gave CJ more down to Earth views of his new world. His barrage of questions about everything he saw hit Levi in rapid fire succession.

"Whoa!" Levi laughed, "You're asking me too many things way too fast!"

"I.... I... am sorry....!" the boy stuttered, "There is just so much to see!"

"And we've got all the time in the world!" Levi replied.

"YEAH!" CJ replied.

Soon they moved into the quiet streets of Levi's home. The Tacoma finally pulled up to the Security gate and Levi greeted the night shift lead guard.

"Hey Bob! This is CJ.... Curtis Jay Jones.... He's going to be living here permanently!" Levi explained.

Bob looked a bit perplexed.

"Mr. Baker didn't tell me about this!" he replied, "Has he spoken to you? He's been trying to reach you all day!"

Levi replied, "Uhh... Well..... I was... kinda... out of range for a bit!"

He smiled at the explanation, which was technically correct.

"I'll call him as soon as we get inside... Anyways... Let the day shift leader know that we'll be down in the morning so CJ can get a key card, secondary keys and alarm codes!" Levi said.

Bob nodded and waved the Tacoma through the iron gate.

"WOW!" CJ exclaimed again, "You live here all by yourself?"

Levi looked at the young teen.

"No... Actually there's one other boy living here with me!" he replied.

CJ looked like someone had punched him in the stomach.

"Oh!" he said softly, "I was kinda hoping we......!"

Levi saw the boy's expression and realized his joke had not been understood. His eyes teared at the thought of making his friend feel. insecure....

"Silly!" Levi laughed, "The 'other boy' is YOU!"

CJ's head spun around and his eyes lit up again.

"Really? Just me and you? In... this place..... looks.... so BIG!" he exclaimed.

"Four thousand square feet that used to seem so lonely to me but now... It all looks so damned good to my eyes...!" Levi replied, looking at his friend, "And it's not going to be so damned lonely any more either!"

Levi and CJ stared into each others eyes again. They both could feel an otherworldly connection pulsing between them.

That moment was broken as the garage door slowly opened and Levi pulled the Tacoma in next to the Wrangler.

CJ uttered more "WOWS" as that happened.

Then he saw the Wrangler and said, "I saw.. uh..... trucks..... no..... wait..... you said.... SU-- V---s like this on the.uh...... free----way! Is this yours too?"

Levi was proud that the teen was able to remember and use the correct terminology. Coming from a world 102 years in the past into the Twenty First Century had apparently not yet overloaded his brain with the experience.

"Yeah.... I couldn't decide on a Tacoma or the Wrangler so I got both!" he laughed.

"What is that space for?" CJ asked, motioning to the third vehicle bay.

"Oh it's just a three car garage... Sometimes Charles uses it!" he replied.

Then a thought popped into his mind, "Of course.... Now... It'll be where you get to park your very own vehicle!"

CJ's head snapped like a whip.

"MINE?" he barked.

"Of course! You're a Twenty First Century boy now and you get all the toys that go with that... And believe me, there's a shitload of them too!" Levi laughed.

"I.... I.... do... not..... know.... It.... can not!" the boy stuttered.

Suddenly Levi noticed something. He didn't know why he had failed to notice it before, or maybe... now that he thought about it... he had.....

"CJ!" he said.

The boy turned to look at him.

"Do you know what.... a 'contraction' is?"

CJ looked perplexed then he realized what Levi meant.

"Oh yes! Mrs Holloway said it is a crude way of speaking and not proper English....!" he started to reply.

Levi thought about all the conversations he had with CJ, Mrs. Holloway and anyone else in Gold Strike. Their use of the English language had been... different..... Differences accountable for the era but also in style. Much more formal than what he was accustomed to.....

"Well that was then as this is now! A contraction is FINE to use... So.... start using them!" he laughed, "It makes everything you say flow much easier....!"

"Then it is not....!" the boy replied.

"Isn't!" Levi laughed.

"Then..... it.... is.... is..... isn't. isn't bad to...!" the boy stammered.

"FUCK NO!" Levi laughed.

He ruffled the teen's hair as they entered the house.

Levi took CJ on a whirlwind tour of the 4000 square foot Santa Fe style home; the living room, the den, the kitchen and dining rooms, the exercise room, Charles' office, and finally to the bedrooms.

"It is... Uh..... It's....!" he stumbled.

Levi smiled at CJ's effort.

"It's... so.... big.... and..... nice.... and.......!" the boy cried.

"And it's all OURS!" Levi cooed softly, "You... Me..... and NO ONE else! This whole house is OUR place.... You can go anywhere you want... It's OURS forever!"

"For.... For..... Forever?" the boy gasped.

"Fuck yes! It's all paid for a long time ago and I've got... Now we'll both have.... a shitload of money to keep it in style!" Levi laughed.

"But I was saving the best for last!" he continued, "This is YOUR bedroom. It used to be mine.... But it's all yours now.... I mean the whole house is yours but this room is your own personal private space. I would never come in here to bother you or...!"

"Bother me? How could you do that?" CJ asked.

"Well it's kinda hard to explain.... But it's like having a very private place where maybe you want to just be alone and.... whatever!" Levi replied.

He wasn't sure CJ understood the concept. Living with Trapper in a one room dirt floored pig sty was worlds away from what the young teen saw before his eyes.

"And this is your bed!" Levi said, showing the boy the huge king-sized resting place.

"It is.... It... It's so.... soft ...and... CLEAN!" the boy beamed.

Of course Levi was dying to snuggle... to cuddle... to feel CJ's lithe young body pressed next to his But.. he was still willing to wait and see... how his new friend would initiate that experience on his own.

"There's more!" the older teen laughed, "You said "Clean!' and well.... here is how you do that!"

Levi lead the boy into a full sized bathroom, complete with all the modern conveniences ("Including plenty of hot water!") and a bidet.

Both boys laughed as Levi explained how it worked. Then he gave CJ some personal hygiene instructions and most importantly, the necessary tools for keeping his whole body clean and fresh. Levi didn't have to explain how a douche works; CJ instinctively seem to understand.

The young teen gingerly stepped inside the glassed, walk-in shower and looked around.

"It is... IT'S!!" he stuttered, "All too much for me....!"

"SHHHH!" Levi cautioned, "It's not too much for you and there's a whole lot more to come!"

The boys moved into Levi's bedroom. All of Levi's stuff; his tablet, lap top, PC, media center, DVD/CD collection, clothes.... everything a typical eighteen year old boy owns was there for CJ to explore.

"You'll get all of this for yourself too!" Levi laughed.

"But I do not..... !" he stumbled, "I don..... I DON'T even know what this stuff is!"

"Don't worry about it! We've got all the time in the world for you to learn!" Levi whispered softly to his young friend.

CJ looked at Levi's huge bed and the closet full of clothes.

"Are those all!" he laughed, "'Levis?'"

Levi smiled at the boy, "Most of them... I bet they're too short for you but we can get you plenty more!"

"WOW!" was all CJ could muster.

They proceeded into the den and the lights of the city spread out below them like a fairyland vista.

"This is where we can watch our sunsets together!" Levi said.

The young boy was awash with feelings. His mind reeled at the sights he had seen in just a few short hours. No more dirt floors. No more......

"Hey! It....is... It's cool in here! How is that....!" he started to ask.

"Climate control.....!" Levi replied.

He had to explain that to CJ as well, and of course every explanation met with several more successive explanations. It was worth it. Levi had a cause now. Someone who he could love. Mentor. Care for. Nurture. He had a real reason for living!

The boys stared into the darkness and the lights of the city.

Levi died laughing when CJ piped up, "You have a pond in your back yard! Is that where you git your water from?"

Levi started laughing so hard he had to sit down. Ignoring the boy's bad grammar, Levi proceeded to explain what a swimming pool was used for....

"Not for drinking. Not for bathing. Don't pee in the pool.... It's just for swimming like we did at the water tower!" he told the boy, "Even in the winter!"

CJ had bad thoughts about making quick dips into the freezing cold water tank during the winter months.

"Don't worry! It's heated in winter!" Levi replied.

CJ's stomach rumbled as the boys continued to stand next to each other staring out into the night.

"Are you hungry?" Levi asked.

CJ nodded forcefully.

"Well then it's time to introduce you to more Twenty First Century food!" Levi exclaimed.

He shepherded the teen into his bedroom PC where Levi ordered up five extra large pizzas. That might seem like a lot, but after CJ downed all those subs a few hours ago, Levi didn't want to take any chances.

"Let's wash up before the food arrives!" Levi suggested.

"How does it [the pizzas] get here?" CJ asked.

More explanations.....

Levi ushered the boy back to the bathroom. He gave CJ two huge fluffy towels and showed the boy the basics of how the shower works.

"There's plenty of deodorant and stuff here!" Levi showed the boy.

CJ looked confused.

"Remember how you said I smelled fresh and clean? That's how!" he explained to the teen.

Levi was dying to shower WITH CJ and to carefully wash every inch of the young boy's totally awesome body but...... that experience would have to wait..... If Levi's patience held out!.....

Soon the newly cleaned boys rejoined in the den just as Security announced the pizzas had arrived.

So how does it feel to be squeaky clean------!" Levi started to ask.

"GREAT!" CJ exclaimed, "And I get to be like this all the time?"

"All the time, baby... All the time!" Levi laughed.

Levi lead CJ out onto the patio.

The night had cooled down and Levi thought the setting might be more....romantic.

"Don't you ever have to cook your own food?" CJ asked.

"Wow! You sped right through that one and didn't even hesitate!" Levi laughed.

CJ looked confused.

"Don't!" Levi laughed, "And yes.... I can cook.... Mom....!"

His voice broke with the thought of his deceased parents.

"Mom... and Dad.... they both taught me how to cook a lot of things... But I'm.... When.... You're too hungry to mess around with that... so I thought this way would be faster.

CJ eyed the pizzas.

"How come you didn't order any for yourself?" he asked, "How do you eat it?"

Levi rolled his eyes and laughed.

CJ proved more than able to devour the lion's share of the five pies. He did generously share with his older friend. Levi didn't mind. Watching CJ eat; seeing the boy in a state of total bliss, was turning the older teen on big time!

When it came down to the last piece, Levi took it and instructed CJ to start nibbling from one end. Levi started from the other. In seconds their lips met and Levi pushed his tongue inside CJ's mouth. He could taste the pizza and the essence of the young boy as well. Levi's cock expanded and almost ripped out of his skinny jeans. CJ mewled and groaned as the two boy's tongues meshed together.

"I've.waited.so.long..for.this!" Levi moaned.

CJ's eyes rolled back in his head. He still could not believe all that had happened to him. Levi was real. He was more than the young teen could ever have imagined....

Moving back inside Levi showed CJ the art of brushing his teeth. Levi was taking nothing for granted. He had no idea how much knowledge CJ had about anything. And even if the boy knew, had he ever had the ability and access to follow through.....??

In the den, the boys cuddled on a large sofa. Levi amazed CJ with his plans for tomorrow.

"You'll get to meet Charles... He can fix you up with any identification you need. Then we need to go shopping for you. Clothes. Lots of clothes. We have fill that walk-in closest up with clothes for my new Twenty First Century boy... And toys... A computer. A phone. Media player.. .Everything you'll ever want..... CJ's eyes grew heavy and soon both boys fell asleep together.

Nothing sexual happened on that first night together. Both Levi and CJ would always remember it was the best sleep of their young lives....

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