Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 8

Three pairs of eyes watched every move the boys made.

"God I hate fucking faggots!" one of the three said to his companions.

The three watched as the Tacoma headed back out onto the Interstate.

"Come on!" one of the three said.

"Where we goin'?" another asked.

"Hunting faggots!" the first one replied.

As the Tacoma flew down the Interstate, Levi started talking again. He did a lot of talking on their trip back to Phoenix. CJ would ask the questions and Levi would try to explain in answers the boy could understand.

This conversation was different. Levi was bursting with joy.

"You did so FUCKING GOOD!" he barked.

"Huh?" CJ asked.

"Back there... When you ordered your food... You've never seen anything like that in your life but you did just great! And with the girls.....!" Levi exclaimed.

"Well I just kind of watched and listened 'bout the food!" CJ said softly, "And as for the girls... Well... I mean they were nice and everything but I kept thinking about who I want!"

Levi blushed at the boy's remark.

"You got me!" Levi shot back.

"Forever?" CJ asked hopefully.

"That's my plan!" Levi smiled at the boy.

CJ felt so giddy again.

"A dream! A dream! It has to be a dream!" he kept telling himself.

"But it is not! I can see Levi! I can hear Levi! I can SMELL Levi! And I wanna fuck.... Oh God whatever he wants to do! I will try to learn so hard! I just hope he gives me a chance!" the boy thought to himself.

The bad memories; the years of abuse by Trapper; the snotty, nasty remarks made by many of the people in Gold Strike, were starting to fade.

CJ's attention returned to reality as Levi guided the truck off the freeway to a rest stop.

"I want us to watch something!" the older boy explained to his friend.

Parking the Tacoma, Levi led CJ to a secluded overlook. To the West was a line of mountains; the evening sun was getting close to setting behind the peaks.

"Our first sunset together!" Levi cooed in the young boy's ear.

"Our place... Where you and I will share our lives together.... sits on a hill and we'll get a lot of chances to watch sunrises and sunsets together!" Levi again whispered to the boy.

The two snuggled together as the sun slowly dipped behind the mountains.

"L... L..... L....Leeeviiiii!" CJ stuttered, "It is all like a dream to me... I mean.... You showed up one day... In my life... Out of nowhere... And you talked about things I could never imagine.... A place that sounded so much better than what I had in Gold Strike.... But most of all... When I looked at you... Even the very first time... When I treated you like shi------.... Very badly in the General Store... I felt something I did not understand... And now I do... It. It..... It.... is love!"

CJ and Levi cried as they held each other while the sun's final rays disappeared.

They remained snuggled together until Levi said, "We need to head back... Your new life is waiting for you!"

CJ nodded.

Levi said, "I gotta take a piss.... It's right over there!"

He pointed towards the restrooms.

"If you gotta go, here's your chance!" He continued, "But we can always stop somewhere along the way if you need to!'

CJ replied, "I'll just wait here for you!"

Levi nodded and headed into the bathroom. It was dimly lit; the very same place where he had gotten his blow jobs earlier that day... It almost seemed like that event happened.... 102 years ago! The thought made Levi smile.

Levi let "Little Levi" out and a stream of piss hit the urinal. He looked down at the glory hole.

"No more of that shit for me!" he said to himself.

Levi was almost finished when the door to the restroom opened and closed. Levi was packing his junk back inside his skinnys.

"Hey....!!!! Looks like we found ourselves a fag!" a nasty voice barked.

Levi froze at the sound. Two more voices rattled nasty laughter at the remark.

Levi slowly turned around to see who was there.

It was the same three men who had watched the two boys back at the at the Subway.

"W... W.... W.... What do.... yyyyou wwwant?" Levi said.

His voice trembled with fear.

"Sounds like the fucking queer is about to piss himself!" one of the three men hissed.

"Where's your fucking boyfriend, faggot?" another hissed.

"None of your business!" Levi bristled.

"At least they haven't hurt CJ yet!" Levi thought to himself.

"Wrong answer, faggot!" one man barked.

Levi felt the man's fist hit his stomach. He doubled over in pain and fell to the floor.

"They're all such little pussies!" one of the men laughed.

"All they really know how to do is spread filth and molest little boys!" another one barked.

Levi's eyes blurred with the pain. He saw the foot coming straight at him.

Closing his eyes, he hoped it would be over quickly.

CJ was growing restless sitting alone. He missed the smell, the touch, the sound of his friend.

"How long does it take to pee?" he laughed to himself.

Getting up, CJ turned and strolled to the restroom. He easily read the sign "Men" on the door and entered.

The faculty was dimly lit and smelled like something strong (CJ would later learn that odor was bleach). The odor didn't both him; then he heard voices. They bothered him a lot....

"They're all such little pussies" a voice barked.

CJ turned the corner and saw Levi HIS Levi lying on the floor crying.

"Levi?" CJ asked, "Levi???"

"Well.Well....!!!! Here's the other faggot looking for his fuck buddy!" One man laughed.

Levi looked up at his young friend. Tears flowed out of his beautiful green eyes. A foot struck the older teen in the ribs.

"Fucking faggot!" a raspy voice chortled.

"CJ!" Levi cried out in pain, "RUN FAST!!! NOW!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!"

CJ didn't do what Levi said.

Instead, he spun around and faced the three men.

"You hurt my Levi!" he said.

The boy's voice was soft and non-threatening. The men were not impressed. They didn't notice (or could not have known) that CJ eyes burned a brilliant, blinding blue hue. The luster of his eyes was a warning; it went unheeded by the three men.

What happened next was mercifully quick but brutally thorough in its execution.

CJ saw the boy he loved. The boy who traveled through time to save him. The boy who loved him. Who would coach him. Teach him. Stand by him. The boy who would give him hope and a new life..... lying on the floor in pain. Tears streaming down that beautiful face. Not tears of joy or ecstasy, but tears of pain.

CJ snapped. Years of abuse. Degradation. Ridicule. Embarrassment. Humiliation.

Now his one hope, his one love, was hurting and in pain on the floor of a smelly bathroom.

It took less than two minutes. Levi watched as it all happened. He thought for sure CJ was going to be sliced up and beaten to a pulp. He was wrong. What transpired in the next few moments of time would forever be branded into Levis consciousness....

The three men never stood a chance.....

Growing up in a lawless frontier town fueled by cheap whiskey and testosterone afforded CJ the opportunity to witness a lot of violence. Fist fights, knife fights, gun fights and even the occasional shoot out (as the two boys had experienced first hand) were all too common.

CJ never took part in any of these activities. But he watched. And he learned. As Levi quickly discovered, the young teen soaked up knowledge like a sponge. Years of being Trapper's literal slave; chopping wood, working the mining claim, hauling supplies in from town... all had combined to mold CJ into a lithe, strong, supple adolescent.

The boy had often wondered if he could "take" Trapper in a fight. He figured that day might someday arrive and he perpetually wondered if he was strong enough to face the abusive man. Of course Levi's intervention changed all of that.

Now the stakes were higher for CJ. The boy he needed, loved, craved, cherished, respected and admired, was lying on the ground crying and in pain.

Three large men confronted the single 140 pound, 6' 2" sixteen year old boy.

"Bobby Ray", twenty-six years old, 6' tall and 220 pounds; "Earl," twenty-four, 5'11" and 180 pounds, and "Ronnie Jay," Bobby's brother, twenty-seven, 6', 225 pounds, were frequent visitors to the rest stop. Their favorite past time was bullying, beating up and robbing gay men.

Perpetually unemployed, the three men had been brainwashed by years of conservative hate speech in the media and a steady barrage of fundamentalist christian bigotry; their thought processes were further diluted by a steady diet of cheap alcohol and occasional drugs.

"Look! This fag can barely talk!-----" Bobby Ray started to say.

He never finished his sentence. CJ delivered a blow that struck the man squarely in his right eye.

Bobby Ray howled in pain. The fight was fifteen seconds old.

"You still got one good eye left!" CJ said.

The boy's demeanor was subtle, steady and so casual. Casual enough to distract the men as to what had just happened. A second equally forceful blow struck Bobby Ray in his left eye. The man howled and screamed again.

"An eye for an eye!" CJ laughed.

Twenty-five seconds had passed.

The two other men moved towards CJ. A third blow struck Bobby Ray squarely on his nose. Blood and snot flew across the room as he staggered back, hit the wall and fell to the floor with a broken nose.

CJ turned to face Ronnie Jay.

"You're gonna die for what you did to my brother!" the man hissed.

Levi saw Earl moving up behind CJ. He tried to call out to his friend but his voice cracked and broke.

It didn't really matter....

Earl grabbed CJ from behind and tried to hold him.

"Tear him uppPPPPPP!" Earl cried.

Earl's command was uneven and distorted as CJ pushed back like a battering ram, slamming the two into the brick wall. Earl took the full force of the blow as he literally hit the bricks. CJ pulled forward and repeated the move with another slam against the wall. Earl's grip loosened and he slumped to the floor.

"You're mine now boy... And you're dead fucking meat!" Ronnie hissed.

He pulled out a knife an brandished it at the boy. CJ had seen this happen over and over in Gold Strike. Almost one minute into the fight.

Ronnie lunged at the boy over and over. CJ was young and fast. VERY fast. Cool, calm and collected. Ronnie was older, slower and pissed off because his brother was lying on the floor in agony.

CJ started to "play" with the man. Letting him lunge and strike over and over. The boy grew more confident; adrenaline coursed through his young body. He studied every move Ronnie made. Like a computer, his brain was gathering the man's method and tactics....

CJ moved in for the final take down.

Fatigued and pissed at getting nowhere; unnerved because no matter what he did - CJ remained calm and collected - Ronnie only wanted to hurt the boy.... and hurt him badly. CJ's moves stayed steady and consistent almost like a machine. A more rational person might have thought twice and backed off.

It didn't turn out that way.

The final lunge came at CJ; the boy intercepted Ronnie's assault. Grabbing his wrist, CJ twisted hard and forcefully. That action spun Ronnie around; the knife fell from his grip as CJ slammed him face-first into the steel partition with the glory hole. The force was so violent it left a massive dent where Ronnie's body made contact. That impact broke Ronnie's nose and sent several teeth flying out and down to the ground. As the boy grabbed and twisted Ronnie's wrist, bones snapped and shattered. It would take many hours of surgery and rehabilitation before Ronnie would ever regain only partial use of his hand.....

Releasing the man, CJ watched Ronnie fall to the floor in wailing in agony. One minute and twenty seconds had passed.

CJ stood towered over the man. A noise, or maybe it was a sensation, alerted him and he spun to face Earl. The man was staggering to his feet to charge at CJ. Earl should have stayed on the ground. All he got for his efforts was a personal introduction to CJ's well-worn size fourteen boots. A sledge hammer blow hit on the man's face sent snot, blood and more teeth flying across the bathroom. Unconscious, Earl dropped like a stone.

One minute and forty five seconds had passed.

CJ loomed over the three completely beaten men. The only sounds in the bathroom were their sobbing and cries of pain. CJ had barely broken a sweat. His floppy blonde hair dropped back into place as his mind unwound from the devastation he had just wreaked.

Satisfied that there was no immediate threat, he turned and fell to the floor in front of Levi.

Both boys tried to speak at once....

"How the fuck... Where did you... Wow! WOW!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!" Levi cried.

CJ cried as well; but his tears were of a different nature.

"I failed... I failed.so much.... to keep you... safe!" he cried.

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