Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 10

Levi awoke with a start. Something was missing. CJ was missing! Morning light beamed through the windows. Levi panicked then he calmed down. Last night the two boys had fallen asleep, nestled together on the couch. Now he was lying perfectly on the same furniture but comforted by a soft fluffy pillow. Shaking the sleepy bugs out of his eyes, the teen looked around and saw a pile of clothes on the floor. They were CJ's! Then he saw an unmistakeable picture of absolute beauty.

A tall, thin, lean, lithe and NAKED!.... teenager sprung off the diving board and into the "pond!" Totally.... naked....as the proverbial jaybird, with his impressive junk flying through the air; the normally fluffy soft thatch of blonde hair soaked by water.... Levi watched the young teen slice into the water like a shark.

"How the fuck did he learn how to swim like that in a state as dry as a popcorn fart? Especially over a century ago!" Levi wondered.

CJ swam the length of the pool, turned, headed underwater and suddenly his head popped up at the other end of the pool.

Levi roared with laughter as his 7" cock twitched.

"Damn! He's SO fucking CUTE!" he thought.

Not worried about where his new friend was, Levi took care of his morning piss and then headed into the kitchen.

"I'll show him I can cook!" he thought.

On the way to make breakfast, Levi tossed CJ's clothes in the washer Why he didn't know....

"We gotta get him some new shit!" he thought.

Leaving a towel and a skimpy pair of running shorts, Levi schemed to have some scantily clad eye candy as an appetizer for the morning......

CJ soon appeared at the kitchen door wearing those skimpy shorts ("he took the 'bait!'" Levi laughed to himself); the teen's hair was still damp with moisture. His bright blue eyes blazed with an overpowering energy.

"That sure smells good!" he remarked.

Levi turned and almost dropped a platter of pancakes. Standing before him was the ultimate picture of teenage innocence and sensuality.

Nothing in the online world looked nearly this appetizing: 6' 2", about 140 pounds of trim, toned and tightly muscled genuine pioneer farm boy stood smiling at Levi. The eyes, the little nose, the unruly hair, the kissable lips, the "innie" belly button, the broad shoulders and perfectly flat stomach, the smooth, almost totally hairless body (even in his "pits!") was enough to turn any straight boy gay in a nanosecond. The best part was the tiny, tight pair of shorts stretching over and (not very successfully) trying to conceal the hidden treasure lying beneath the soft cotton fabric.

Levi gulped and recovered from his near fumble. Maybe he had made a big mistake. There was no way he could concentrate on anything with this Adonis boy-stud hovering so closely. His mouth was dry and he began to shake at the sight of CJ's unbridled sexuality. The truly fascinating thing was that CJ had no idea of the sexual energy he radiated like a lighthouse!

"It's.... It's...!" Levi stumbled.

His mouth was dry as clay!

"It's.. uh.... breakfast for you... For us!" he stammered.

CJ glided into the kitchen and began eying Levi's culinary work.

Heat radiated from the teen like a blowtorch. Levi thought he was going to shoot a load of cum just from feeling the young teen's presence.

"This... uh... is. or are..... pancakes!" he stuttered, "And eggs... and sausage and bacon... and some biscuits!"

CJ eyed the eggs.

"They look funny!" he said.

Levi didn't know what he meant until it hit him.

"Oh they're scrambled! I bet you've never seen that style before!" he laughed.

The young boy's suspicion over them being "real" eggs made Levi glad he hadn't whipped up an omelet for his friend...

"You shoulda made some for yourself!" CJ advised.

Levi was getting used to the boy's penchant for downing what almost seemed like his complete body weight in every meal.

"I can always make more!" he laughed.

They moved into the dining room where Levi laid out the whole smorgasbord of food.

"Help yourself... and if you have any questions just ask!" Levi explained to his friend.

CJ tore into the food like a chainsaw into rotten wood. Levi watched as CJ downed gulp after gulp of everything in sight. The "oddity" of the eggs disappeared after one bite. As the two boys ate, a ringing phone interrupted their feast.

CJ hardly noticed the sound as Levi took the call.

"Charles!" he said, "Yes... I know.... I shouldn't have... but..... I !!!! Oh WOW!!! Do I Do WE! CJ.... His name is CJ.... Do we ever have a story to tell you! And I..... WE need your help big time.... YES!.... It's really important.... Okay..... Eleven o'clock is fine... Look... I'm sorry I didn't call when I got back...... Gold Strike.... GOLD STRIKE.... G..O..L..D...... S.. T.. R..I..K..E!!!! It's the town you sent me.... Yes I know it's a long ways away... But OH WOW! You won't believe what happened to me and CJ!!!!. CJ!!!! He's my.. My BOYFRIEND and he's here now!!!! OKAY!!!! Eleven O'clock! Bye!"

As he hung up the phone, CJ turned and asked, "Am I in trouble?"

"No fucking way!" Levi laughed, "That was Charles... He's pretty pissed about me going away for a day without telling him.....!"

"But you were in Gold Strike for almost five days!" CJ interrupted.

Then it registered with CJ; the time travel effect had created a "bend" or distortion that had taken Levi back in time, then forward in that new reality, then back almost to the minute he had left "his time."

"I keep getting confused when I try to think.....!" CJ started to explain.

"Don't worry about it. It's over and done with...!" Levi replied.

"So what are you going to tell... uh... Charles?" CJ asked.

"What do you mean?" Levi asked.

"Will he..... believe you?" the boy said.

Levi thought about that. It was going to sound incredible. More like supernatural. Even more like a bad Sci-Fi Channel movie.....

"He's never doubted me before!" Levi said.

"But.... uh... Have you ever... moved through time before?" CJ shot back.

Levi knew CJ had a point. He was more surprised that the boy had such a grasp on the incredulous nature of the whole experience.

"Just when did you get so fucking smart?" Levi laughed.

CJ shot him a smirk that could only be described as... smug....

"Oh.... I have.... I'VE always been smart!" he answered, "I've just been hiding it from you!"

"Fucking smart ass!" Levi laughed.

CJ watched in amazement as the dishwasher whirred in the background. Levi gave the boy a tour of the kitchen, showing off all the gadgets that a kid from the early 1900's could never even begin to imagine.

"It's all like.... MAGIC!" he whispered in awe.

"You ain't seen nothing yet!' Levi laughed.


Levi grabbed the boy and pressed him against the refrigerator. The two teens instantly locked in a passionate full mouth kiss. Levi could taste pancakes and syrup in his friend's mouth. An audible gasp escaped CJ's lips as he thrust his pelvis into Levi's crotch.

Levi could feel a monstrous bulge in CJ's skimpy running shorts. It threatened to rip right through the soft, thin fabric. His own cock was screaming for release from his jeans.

"OHHH FUUUUCK!" Levi moaned.

CJ suddenly realized what was happening; If this continued, his cock would...

"NO!" he thought, "Then he'll know! He'll see it!"

CJ pulled free from Levi and darted out through the den and dove into the pool.

Levi was left standing there with a pair of blue balls, a raging hard-on, and a pair of pre-cum soaked jeans.

"What the fuck?" he thought to himself, "What did I do wrong?"

His thoughts were interrupted by Security calling to announce that Charles was headed into the house.

"I wonder how he's going to take this?" Levi wondered.

Levi could have never imagined that the very foundations of the friendship between Charles Baker and himself would be tested to its limits.....

"Charles!" Levi greeted the man warmly.

"You know I should be.. In fact I AM... Royally pissed off at you for pulling a stunt like that!" the man barked.

"Chill out, Charles.... I'm eighteen now I can do whatever I want....!" he replied.

"That's not the point! What if you had hurt yourself.... You didn't tell a damned soul where you were going... How was I supposed to know you hadn't been kidnapped or the victim of.....!" he started to reply.

"KIDNAPPED? Really?" Levi laughed.

"In case you haven't noticed... You're worth a pretty pile of money And I'm sure a lot of people would love to try and ransom you off for a piece of that pie!" the man shot back.

Levi knew Charles had a point, but he also knew he had never been in that kind of danger.

"I'm sorry Charles...!" he started to say.

"And of all the godforsaken places to go.... GOLD STRIKE? Why there? There's no 'there' THERE! It's a wasteland from another time.....!" Charles interrupted.

Levi stood up and stared at the man.

"Charles... There's something I have to tell you.... To try and explain to you..... Maybe you need to calm down and listen....!" Levi said softly.

It was about then that the man noticed CJ diving into the pool.

"Now who the Hell is that?" he asked Levi.

Staring at the boy, the man continued, "Christ! How old is he? Thirteen? Fourteen? Really... Levi... I know that you have a......!"

"He's sixteen, Charles... And he's the reason I went to Gold Strike!" Levi interrupted.

Charles looked at Levi and then back to CJ out on the diving board (again!).

"You're not making any sense!" the man asserted, "You're trying to tell me HE lives in Gold Strike?"

"Lived!" Levi said, Lived.... A long time ago!"

Charles shook his head.

"I know you're a 'straight-up' kind of kid.... You don't do any drugs that I know of... You don't drink... You don't go to wild parties... Other than a non-stop train load of boys that you.... uh......!" he stumbled.

"That I fuck around with... Yeah ...Yeah..Yeah.... I know.... I'm eighteen... What am I supposed to be? A fucking choir boy? And they're all getting nailed by a bunch of pervy old priests!" Levi shot back.

Charles smiled at the remark.

"But sixteen... You're eighteen.. Legally... What about his parents?" he asked.

Levi smiled at the irony of the remark.

"Not a problem.... That's why I need your help!" he replied.

Charles looked more confused.

Levi went to the patio and called CJ. The boy bounded out of the pool and up to his older friend.

Handing him a robe, Levi said, "I may need you for this!"

CJ looked at the man sitting inside and then to Levi.

"Should I be afraid?" he asked.

"NO! Levi barked, "I'm the top dog here... Charles just hasn't figured that out yet! Come on inside!"

Levi led CJ to a chair where he had the boy sit.

"Charles.. This is CJ... Uh....Curtis Jay Jones.... He's going to be living here.... for.... for as long as I am....!" Levi started to explain.

"What? Living here? You said he is sixteen. How about his parents? You known damned well!" the man stopped.

Staring at CJ he barked, "What about it, kid? You're sixteen? Don't you have a home to go to.....!"

"Back the fuck off, Charles!" Levi barked.

The man saw an intensity in Levi's eyes. Not anger. More like.... almost a paternal thing; like Levi was protecting the kid.

"You need to chill the fuck down and listen!" Levi continued, "Listen and keep quiet 'till I'm... Till WE'RE finished.... And do we ever have a story to tell you....!"

So it began. Levi started with his outing to Gold Strike. Of course he left out the salacious part about the blow job at the rest area...

"There was no need to do into those finer details!" the boy thought to himself.

It took about twenty minutes to cover everything. Levi also kind of skipped around CJ getting shot. He knew that CJ's mind was still recovering from his first time travel trip and he saw no reason to upset his friend. When prompted, CJ filled in details about his life in Gold Strike and how he came to meet Levi. Levi brought up Trapper and the sordid reality of how the man was abusing CJ as a condition for having a place to live.

After all was said and done, the room fell quiet. A pin dropping to the floor would have sounded like a gunshot.

Levi looked at CJ; CJ returned the glance; then they both looked at Charles.

The man sat as still as a stone monument.

Finally he broke the silence.

"That's some.... tale.... A truly mountainous crock of shit if you ask me... Do you seriously expect me to buy some bullshit story about traveling through time?" the man barked.

Then he turned to CJ, "So kid.... What's your real story? Who put you up to this? Are you trying to blackmail Levi? Well let me tell you.... I can make you disappear really easily... No one will ever know.....!"

Levi had been standing behind CJ as they told their stories. He frequently placed his hands on the younger boy's shoulders to reassure him as they revealed the details of their adventure.

Charles' remark sent Levi flying around the chair towards him.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW CHARLES!" he screamed, "DON'T FUCKING FORGET WHO WORKS FOR WHO! What I told you... What CJ told you.... is EXACTLY how it happened. I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU'RE 'BUYING IT' OR NOT CAUSE IT'S NOT FOR FUCKING SALE!!!! CJ STAYS! He's my boyfriend! He's what I've been looking for all my fucking rich kid spoiled life! Before I'd EVER lose him I'd sell Roberts International... Hell I'd give it away to RENKO [Ed Note: An Asian competitor that has been trying to buy or otherwise neutralize Roberts International for years] for fucking pennies on the dollar.... I'd take all my money AND CJ with me and we'd skip this fucking country and LEAVE ALL OF YOU FUCKERS STARVING WITH YOUR DICKS FLAPPING IN THE WIND!!"

The room was silent. Charles was speechless at Levi's passionate outburst. He had known Levi for more than half of the boy's life. Something was definitely different about.. this newest boy that Levi had "uncovered." Charles had seen Levi cavorting with plenty of past one-nighters but the way Levi stood next to, hovered over, protected CJ.... was something he had never seen before.

And CJ..... he quietly watched the dialog between man and young man unfold. He was petrified when Charles lashed out at him. Levi's strong grip on his shoulders; the nearness of the older boy to him, gave CJ the strength and assurance he needed.

"Levi loves me more than...... I... ever imagined!" he cried inside to himself.

The younger teen looked at Levi with complete and total devotion and adoration.

Finally Charles cleared his throat and spoke, "Okay.... Okay.... I see that you're.... really.. committed to.... Uh..... CJ.... But Levi.... you have to admit..... it's one Hell of a story.....!"

"It's fucking true. ALL OF IT!" Levi barked.

"All right! All right! But if you could just give me some proof!" Charles pleaded, "Something to....!"

"You want fucking proof? Other than a sixteen year old boy sitting here in 2014..... A sixteen year old boy who was born in fucking 1896!" Levi barked, "OKAY.... I'll give you more fucking proof than you can handle!"

Levi turned to CJ, "Babe... You got your little pouch with your stuff in it?"

"Uhhhh. I left it in your.truck!" he replied.

"Go get it please!" the older boy instructed, "Come on, Charles over to the computer. I have to force your fucking mind to accept the truth!"

Charles got up while Levi fired up the computer. CJ came back with his oilskin pouch. Charles eyed the pouch carefully.

Levi opened it and took out CJ's birth record.

"Here's a fucking start!" Levi barked.

Charles examined the document; it was crude by contemporary standards but to the man it proved nothing. Anyone could have replicated such a document. Then Levi pulled out CJ's rock hammer.

"Does this look like anything you'd buy today at Home Depot?" Levi barked.

"What's a 'Home Depot?'" CJ asked.

That question didn't surprise Levi but it made Charles do a double take. He could sense the boy really didn't know what Home Depot was.....

Levi then pulled out a small draw string pouch.

"Careful!" he admonished Charles, "Look inside!"

Charles opened the pouch and his eyes widened.

"It looks like.....!" he started to say.

"GOLD.....!!!!" Levi finished the man's sentence, "Pure gold from CJ's claim!"

"Actually it was Trapper's claim!" the boy corrected Levi.

Charles couldn't take his eyes off the oilskin pouch. He had seen one like it somewhere before.

"In... a.... MUSEUM?" he thought to himself.

"Still.... that doesn't....!" the man started to say.

"Oh... fuck.... there's more.... A whole LOT more!" Levi interrupted again.

The older teen downloaded all the pictures he had taken while in Gold Strike. They were all there. The buildings. The people. The train. CJ. Mrs. Holloway. Hok'ee. The Wildcat Mine. Everything. Just as it had existed 102 years ago.

Charles studied the pictures carefully. They did look like they were taken in Arizona... Then he saw one that made his head almost spin in circles. A wall board at the railroad station with the date clearly written and legible in the photo: Monday, August 26, 1912. Arrival and departure times were listed for the day's trains.

The man didn't know what to think. There were too many things starting to build up that actually made sense. But that made no sense. Because if it made sense, then what Levi and CJ had told him was.... the truth? That Levi actually traveled back in time and brought back a teenage boy from. 1912?

Charles' head was starting to ache.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Levi exclaimed.

CJ giggled at the teen's outburst.

"What now?" Charles asked.

"LOOK THE FUCK AT THIS!" Levi exclaimed.

The teen had pulled up the limited information on Gold Strike from the same museum that he had accessed before his trip.

"The story is all different!" Levi exclaimed.

"Different?" CJ and Charles said in perfect unison.

"YES" Levi exclaimed again, "It says here that on August 29, 1912, a freak thunderstorm struck the Wildcat Mine on its opening day for new operations. A powerful lightning bolt struck the powder shack and it blew up, causing a massive cave in!"

Levi read on, "But fortunately the six miners working that day had already fled in terror over the advance of the storm. No one was injured in the cave in!"

"So?" Charles said.

"That's not the way it was supposed to have happened!" Levi said.

"I was. to... have... died in that... accident!" CJ choked out.

"Charles! Look at this!" Levi said.

He was shaking with excitement as he pulled up his saved screen shot from before his trip to Gold Strike.

Charles read the account, "Seven miners died in a freak cave in caused by an explosion during a violent thunderstorm.... And one of the dead was.......!"

The man read Curtis' name and then stared at the boy.

"Here!" Levi said, opening another page on the computer, "Look at this!"

Charles' eyes widened when he saw the class picture from Mrs. Holloway's school. There was a familiar face: Curtis Jay Jones, adorned with a cowboy hat, was smiling with the other children.

Charles was the one now starting to shake.

There was too much here to ignore.

"LOOK AT THIS!" Levi cried again, "It's another change from before and after!"

Levi showed Charles and CJ a picture that looked all too familiar to the two boys.

"Shoot out at high noon in Gold Strike!" it read, authored by a Mr. Higgins of the Arizona Journal Miner.

It was a picture taken immediately after the shootout witnessed by CJ and Levi; only in the new picture, there were two figures at the lower edge of the photograph. It was obviously two boys; their faces were indistinct but both CJ and Levi knew it was THEM!

"That picture doesn't prove it is you two!" Charles protested.

He knew he was on weak ground. There were too many other facts that didn't add up; or, maybe they DID add up and that's what was driving him crazy.

"Well take the fucking picture and have in enhanced. You know it can be done... You know the company has the resources to do it... You fucking talk about it all the time!" Levi barked.

Charles knew Levi was correct. Roberts International had tremendous facilities for photo enhancement. It went with the business of constructing expensive facilities in uncharted and often hostile parts of the world.

The man threw his hands up in the air. He was totally confused; No, it was more like beaten. Whipped. Cowed. By an eighteen year old boy who had either done his homework or he was trying to pull the biggest hoax of his life.

Charles thought the latter idea didn't make any sense at all.

"Okay... Okay!" Charles cried out.

Levi shot the man a smug that essentially said "Fuck You!"

"I give in!" the man said, "But what do you want to do now?"

Levi gripped CJ's broad, tight shoulders and held on like a vice.

"HE needs an I.D.! A real legit birth certificate and a Social Security number. He's going to live with me and you know damned well he can't function in this world with them!" Levi explained.

Charles started to protest.

Levi didn't let him get very far.

"I want CJ set up with a bank account.... Accounts. Twenty five million dollars for him when he turns eighteen. I want him to see a doctor and a dentist.!"

CJ cringed at the latter

"Don't worry, babe,. It won't hurt at all!" Levi said to the teen.

"And I want an assessment done on his educational level.... He only got through the eighth grade but I think he's a whole lot fucking smarter than that!" Levi said.

CJ smiled and his eye moistened at Levis' praise.

"He needs to go to school. But no public school shit. I don't want him exposed to the horseshit that goes on there. I want him schooled here. I'll pay. Whatever it takes. Find the best. He also needs to be brought up to speed on a Century's worth of changes!"

Charles was now numb.

"Twenty five million dollars? No way!" he thought to himself.

Then he looked at Levi and from the way the older teen was acting towards CJ, Charles knew it would be a mistake to argue.

Finally the man spoke, "Well that's a lot... I mean it can all be done... But I was wondering.... CJ!"

He smiled for the first time at the young teen.

"If you could let me borrow those items I'd like to have then.....examined!" he said.

"What for? That's all the money I have!" CJ said (referring to the gold).

"Don't worry about it, babe!" Levi interjected, "Gold is still very important today but it's not a currency for common use.... Charles... you make damned sure all his stuff is returned INTACT and WHOLE! And be fast about it.... I don't want CJ's personal stuff gone any longer than it needs to be!"

Charles pulled out his phone and made a call.

Levi smiled at his young friend.

"Everything's gonna be FINE!" he said.

"Okay It's done!" Charles said, "A courier will be here within an hour. It'll all be sent to LA and... should be ready for review with a couple of days and back to CJ in less time than that!"

"As for the rest!' he continued, "Let me start working on it!"

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