The Universe Hates Me

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 11

When I woke up on Saturday morning I was nervous. Really fucking nervous. I went to the toilet and then spent a while preparing myself in the bathroom. I'm not sure if you could ever be clean enough for your first time having bum sex but I was going to make sure I was as squeaky clean as I could possibly be!

I came downstairs to have breakfast, still feeling butterflies in my stomach. It was a big day. I was going to have sex with Alex. But what if it all went wrong? What if he hated doing it with me? My mind was whirring with all the worst case scenarios I could think of, which were a lot.

"Whats going on Freddie?" Dad asked sensing my nerves.

"Um nothing." I lied.

"You off to Alex's today? Staying the night?"

"Er yeah to both of those."

"Is that why you're nervous?"

"What?! No! Why would I be nervous going over to my best friend and boyfriend to stay the night?! Something I''ve done hundreds of times?! Just because if something new happens between us and it goes wrong then things between us might also go wrong? Nothing like that is going to happen. Not at all. We'll just talk and play computer games like usually. I can't believe you're suggesting we're going to have sex or something. Ugh, nobody's Dad should be that invested in their son's sex life! Not that I have one or about to have one tonight or anything."

My Dad shook his head, "Breathe Freddie. It was an innocent question."

"And an innocent answer by me! Anyway I should think about heading off once I've had some toast."

"Freddie," My Dad said softly, "I think you should wait."

"I can't, I said I'd be over in half an hour."

"Not that. I think you shuld wait to have sex rather than doing it today."

"WHAT!?! Nobody mentioned sex! Sex isn't on the menu, not that we have a menu for when we hang out as that would be a bit weird. "I'll have a game of FIFA for starters, a movie for main and bum sex for dessert" Your mind works in a very very dirty way Dad and I think I should probably shut up now as I can see by your expression I probably shouldn't have said anything at all."

My Dad stood up and put his arms around me, pulling me close.

"I love you so much Freddie. I want to keep you safe. I'm being honest that I think you should wait to have sex."

"Nobody is..."

My Dad put his hand over my mouth, "Shhh, let me finish....However I know you won't wait. No teenage boy does. I'd be a hypocrite if I tried to stop you. If I banned you from the sleepover you'd only do it somewhere unsafe. I'm not happy about all this but I'm here for you. Just make sure you really want to do this..and definitely use condoms! Do you need a hand with the enema?"

No!" I replied my face flaming red. I broke the hug and ate my piece of toast.

"Well if you have any questions about anything or you have second thoughts and want me to come and pick you up just send me a message."

"Thanks Dad," I said giving him a hug again and cunningly wiping my greasy mouth on his shirt at the same time.

" careful. Remember consent can be withdrawn at any time. I love Alex and I trust him as I know he loves you but he's also a slave to his hormones like you. If you want him to stop. If you feel uncomfortable at any point tell him. Now I guess I shouldn't say this...but have fun."

I hugged Dad and headed off out. As I walked to Alex's I realised I was actually the luckiest boy in the world, in one respect anyway. How many gay boys would have a Dad like mine? He tried his best to be supportive even if it was fucking embarassing at times. Not many Dad's would buy their underage son condoms and enemas.

I decided not to tell Alex about my conversation with Dad. I knew he got freaked out whenever sex and my Dad were involved. Actually the way I phrased that sounds really wrong and he'd be totally right to be freaked out. The idea of my Dad having sex with anyone is just a whole load of bleugh!

I knocked on Alex's door and he opened the door, as is often the case my brain decided to overrule my very sensible decision to keep the earlier chat to myself "So my Dad knows you're going to be fucking me for the first time tonight."

Alex spluttered straight away before sighing and just saying, "Not even a hello Freddie. THAT is what you felt you had to tell me straight up?"

"Er....sorry, I didn't actually mean to say that. Forget I said anything. We definitely didn't discuss me and you having sex and he definitely didn't say it was fine as long as used condoms."

Alex shook his head, his face bright red, "How am I ever going to face your Dad again?!"

"Yeah sorry about that. We better make sure this sex is epic to make up for it!"

Alex grinned at me, "I guess we better had!". He then took my hand and pulled my inside for a kiss. "Does your Dad know you lied to him?" He asked breathlessly breaking the kiss.

"About what?"

"About me fucking you for the first time tonight!"

"Er...aren't you going to be?! I got my bum so clean you could eat your dinner off it if you wanted! Although that would probably be a bit weird, particularly if it was something with sauce like a curry."

Alex grinned and winked at me, "Tonight might be the third or fourth time. I want to fuck you right now!"

"Did you just wink at me?! I thought you might be having a stroke!" I said as Alex took my hand and led me upstairs...

A few minutes we were naked in his bedroom and shit was definitely becoming very real.

I stood there in front of my best friend, now boyfriend. He was beautiful and I realised how lucky I was to have him even if he was also lucky to have me because to be honest I was pretty fucking amazing. Also my bum was so clean you could probably see your reflection in it. Alex was completely naked and I drank in every bit of him. I looked down to his proud erect dick, wondering how god had creates such a thing of beauty. I was acutely aware that in a few moments that dick would be…

You do know you're saying all this out loud Freddie?" Alex said with a smile interrupting me.

"How dare you interrupt my monologiing! You know I only do them when I'm nervous!"

Alex came and held me close, "I'm nervous too, but if you don't want to do this, if you want to wait we can just take it alow.

I looked at Alex, looked down at his hard dick and knew I had a decision to make. I'd put a finger up my bum before but his dick was much much thicker and bigger than that. So there probably would be pain involved. But then again I had a very high pain threshold! I wanted it inside me. I wanted every bit of him inside me even though that wasn't actually possible. Then I wanted to eat his bum like it was a tasty piece of cake. I wanted to....

"Internal monologuing now?"

"Surely everybody internally monologues?? It's called "thinking!?" I said slightly aggrieved.

"True! What we're you thinking?"

"How much I want your dick inside me and then afterwards how nice it would be to eat your bum."

Alex went bright red and groaned, "Why? Why do I do this to myself!"

"It's me you need to do it to!"

Alex giggled and kissed me and pulled me onto his bed. I rolled onto my front and lifted my bum in the air, "Plunge your weapon of lust into my love tunnel!"

"Seriously?!" Alex said giggling.

"Yeah sorry, it sounded more erotic in my head!"

We both giggled at that and the tension in the room eased, Alex then eased me over onto my back. "I want to see you as we do it, so I know it's really you."

"Of course it's me! How do we it then?"

Alec reached over to this bedside cabinet and pulled out a bottle of lube, he'd definitely been preparing! He kissed me again and then I felt his slick finger gently intruding on my hole. He loosened me with his fingers before withdrawing them. I knew what was coming next. He smiled at me and with some jiggling around we got into position so that he was pushing his hard dick up against my hole. I tried to relax, to let it invade me and then it slipped inside me. I winced at the pain.

"I'm in.." he said with a gasp.

"You're....telling mee..." I gasped back still in a bit of pain. "Take it…slow."

I'm not going to lie, it took a bit of getting used to. I suppose my hole wasn't used to be invaded by something like a hard dick. Alex gently eased himself in and after a shy smile from me and a nod he started thrusting in and out. It probably wasn't the best sex anyone has ever had. He slipped out a couple of times but we'd get better with practice. As it was it was still pretty fucking amazing!

I got used to the feeling of him pushing inside me and started to furiously wank my hard dick, I knew I wouldn't last long but I could tell neither would Alex. Then our first time was over, Alex came as I did, shooting my cum all over him as his fired inside deep inside me. We'd have better sex in the future but we'd never have it for the first time again and I knew we'd both always remember this moment. We stared into each other's eyes as we got our breaths back and then we giggled together.

"Fuck, that was epic!" Alex said as he bent down to kiss me. We kissed for a long time before we came up for air,

Whether it was the having sex that pushed me over the edge but finally I felt free, "I really like you Alex," I said and was rewarded by his smile lighting up his face

"Do I have fuck you everytime I want you to tell me you like me you?" He replied still smiling,

"Hmm…maybe not every time but let's give it another go!"

The advantage of being young and horny is the rebound time is pretty much non existent. We had sex for the second time there and then. Then later that day when his parents were in bed I tried being on top before we slipped back into what I knew would be our preferred set up - me on my back, legs wrapped around Alex's shoulders as he stared into my eyes and fucked me until we both came! Once we'd cleaned up (fuck why did they design our bodies so that sex is so messy?!), we fell asleep in each other's arms. It had been a big day for us. Whatever happened next we we're no longer virgins and nobody could take that away from us.

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