The Universe Hates Me

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 12


That was my first thought and my first word when I woke up the next morning. I was sore. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as Alex had fucked me three times and my bum had never previously had anything inside it anywhere near as big as his meaty dick.

"You okay?" Alex asked sleepily as I limped off to the toilet. The less said about that the better. I limped slightly back into the bedroom and he was sitting there looking at me with a bit of concern.

"You okay Freddie?"

"Yeah, I'm just a bit sore back there. I guess being fucked three times was a bit to the system!

"Hmmm I'm conflicted…" Alex said with a shy smile.

"What about?"

"Well…..part of me hates myself for hurting you.."

"You don't have to! I loved it!" I interjected.

"…and part of me is inordinately proud you can't walk properly because I fucked you so hard!" Alex grinned broadly as he said that.

"You say the sweetest things!" I replied and we both fell about giggling. Alex then stopped and took my hand.

"I'm going to come out to mum and dad."

"Cool! When?"

"This morning. With you here."

"Wow, are you sure you want me here? It's a pretty personal thing to do. Although I guess my coming out wasn't quite as I intended so I suppose you taking control of it makes sense."

Alex giggled, "Yeah, not sure my parents would get the whole giant orc dick route that you went down!"

"Shut up! I've explained it all before!"

Alex pulled me in for a hug and kissed my cheek, "I'm just winding you up. It's allowed. We're boyfriends after all. Now, shall we kiss, then shower then face the music?"

"Sounds good to me but my bum is strictly off limits today!"

"But not your mouth..?" Alex asked hopefully.

"Perhaps it's available but not until your dick is so clean I can see my reflection in it!"

A shared shower and a blowjob each later we were in the kitchen having breakfast when Alex's parents came in. After a bit of toast munching and some small talk Alex cleared his throat a bit theatrically and said he had to tell them something.

"If it's to finally admit you were the one who broke the vase grandma gave me for my birthday then it's fine, we already know."

"No Mum, it's not that and I didn't break it anyway! And even if I did that was over five years ago!"

Bill must have seen my serious expression as he nodded gravely and said, "The floor is yours Alex."

So…the thing is….well Um….I had a big speech prepared but I guess I should keep it simple. So I'm a bit different to most people. I like boys. So yeah, that's what I want to say, I'm gay and Freddie, he's my boyfriend."

Both of Alex's parents smiled broadly at us and then hugged him, and then me.

"Thank you for telling us Alex but we already know," Catherine said still smiling, but a genuine "I'm really pleased for you" type of smile rather than once of those forced "I actually hate this but I'm pretending not to" that some parents can have when they hear something they weren't expecting.

"How?!" Alex asked in shock.

"It's been obvious how you feel about about Frddie for years. Then recently we could see he looked at you the same. Plus the moans coming from the bedroom last night!"

"Dad!!" Alex said sounding scandalised.

"Well keep the noise down if you don't want comments made! Anyway after last night and this bit of news sleepovers are banned from now on though!"

"What?!!" We both said at the same time.

"You're young and we don't you to move too fast," Catherine said gently.

I snorted in amusement, "Bit late for that, we've done everything together and I mean EVERYTHING! No wonder I can't walk properly today! Ah I probably shouldn't have said that out loud should I given from the colour of your faces, just forget I said anything. In fact I didn't say anything. I've been quiet all morning, not a word out of me!"

"That would be a first!" Bill said with a smile.

"Please don't ban Freddie from staying over. If you don't want us to have sex in this house we won't, hard as that would be!" Alex protested?

"No pun intended! " I said with a grin but could see from the way Alex shook his head I wasn't helping

"Perhaps but how do we know you can be trusted to control yourselves and your urges?"

"You don't!" I said to a groan from Alex but I knew what I was doing. "But I love you both and respect you and if you tell me to not do something in your house I won't. I'd rather have blue balls.".(cue another groan by Alex) .."..than miss out spending time with Alex. But being honest we have options other than here. While Dad isn't happy that we're having sex and thinks we should wait, he also knows that we'd just do it somewhere else if he banned us, probably somewhere not as safe like school or the park.

"Hmmm maybe you boys are more mature than we give you credit for," Catherine said looking at me in what was maybe a new impressed light.

I nodded, "Definitely. Particularly Alex, physically he is more mature than me, he's got one of the biggest d…"

"Hearts in the year and it's full of love for Freddie." Alex said cutting across me which made me realise he probably didn't want me to outing the size of his dick. I don't know why, it was a pretty amazing one but if he was shy who was I to out him size wise

"We are just worried one of you will get hurt. We love you Alex and Freddie, we love you like a son too"

"I love Freddie and I'd never do anything to hurt to him"

I could see Catherine looking a bit teary eyed and decided it was time for me to lay some truths Freddie style. Mature, well thought through and sensible.

"I'd never do anything to hurt Alex and I know he wouldn't hurt me." good start Freddie.

"I know but you're young and sometimes you can hurt each other without realising," Catherine said shaking her head.

More mature Freddie truthbombs incoming , "I know you're worried and I understand that." Nods from parents, this was going well.

"But Alex was very gentle with me. He used lots of lube and loosened me with his fingers first before he put his big di…ah I think maybe you mean emotionally hurt rather than physically. I'll shut up now" I said noticing the look of horror on their faces. Still time for me to make one more intervention. Something that I knew I needed to say to everyone in the room.

"But all that is really important is that I love Alex so much!"

You love me?!? He asked with a shy smile.

"Of course! You know I do! You're amazing! The sex might be amazing but it's much more than that! Um…sorry, no more mention of sex," I promised his parents who looked a bit phased by my words. I guess it was all over as Bill deftly changed the subject onto something else.

We finished breakfast and ten minutes later we were back in Alex's room. I wanted to be a supportive boyfriend and wanted him to know how pleased I was he'd come out.

"That went well. I'm proud of you!" I said leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"Thanks," he replied exhaling a large relieved sigh,

"Although…maybe you did reveal a bit more of what we were doing than I personally would have!"

"What do you mean?!" Alex replied looking confused.

"And the not too subtle boasting about how big your dick is, which it is compared to mine but no need to let your parents know everything. I mean I'm not complaining that's it's nice and big but not sure you have to tell EVERYONE that!" I emphasised the word everyone so that Alex knew not to keep telling people how big his dick was. I know I wasn't blabbing my mouth off about his dick and the amazing sex we were having but it needed him to keep quiet too.

For some reason Alex looked affronted at me calling him out, "Me?! I didn't say anything! YOU were the one…Fuck it, you know what?"

"What?" I replied.

Alex moved in until his mouth was up against my ear "My dick is big compared to yours and I'm going to shove it so deep inside you you're going to see stars" he growled at me. To say I was turned on was the biggest understatement in the world!

"Oh my god, I am…if I was a girl I'd be so fucking wet now it would be gushing out of my trousers and soaking your bedroom carpet

He winced at that

"Okay so maybe that wasn't as erotic as I wanted it to be. How about I love you and I want your babies now? No? Okay what about fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk straight?!"

Better, Alex said approvingly kissing my neck before pulling me onto the bed. I'd soon forgotten that my bum was off limits and Alex was as good as his word. I was definitely pretty wobbly when I walked home at the end of the weekend!

After that sleepover where we lost our virginities and Alex came out, things between us sort of settled into domestic bliss. Life became a mix of homework, sex, watching movies together, more sex, playing PS4, hanging out with our friends, playing boardgames, having sex while playing boardgames (If Twister counts anyway, it has the advantage of being very easy to wipe clean!), going for walks together, just hanging out and chatting shit and of course even more sex. You get the picture. Finally my life had settled down. Even if there was still the odd embarrassing incident it didn't matter,

So in short, I was convinced the universe hated me, that it's sole purpose for existing was to make my life hell. But actually seems I was wrong about that. It doesn't hate me after all. In fact, I've realised that now me and Alex are together that I'm actually the luckiest boy in the universe and as long as me and Alex are together forever nothing will ever change that.

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