My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 12

I quickly realised I was definitely in a very bad situation. I cursed that I'd let my guard down and ended up like this. I'd had run ins with bullies in the past and Frank was no exception to that. I should have been more aware that he'd want to get at me after what Simon had said. I was the easy target after all. Simon was popular and bullying or mistreating him would end badly.

"I thought I was free to go," I said pointlessly. I clearly wasn't as my situation had deteriorated significantly. I was now trapped in a toilet cubicle with Frank. He was blocking a locked door and in any case he was much stronger than I was. I could have attacked him but I wasn't convinced that would do any good. Things looked really bad for me.

"You fucking idiot, of course you weren't free to go. I just wanted to get you into a place you couldn't escape from and where we'd have some privacy for you to suck my dick. Luckily for you I don't need a piss otherwise your clothes would be all wet now. Let's keep this simple. Like you fuckers say I am. You suck my dick, I let you go. You don't suck my dick, I beat you up till you do!" he said grinning at me nastily. He waved his soft dick in my direction which was just slowly beginning to chub up.

"No fucking way am I sucking your dick. So go ahead and beat me up. Am sure the inevitable expulsion from school is a small price to pay for you," I threw back at him. I may have been in a bad spot but there was no way I was backing down and sucking that dick of his. If nothing else it would just validate what he thought of me and he'd no doubt spread it around the school making it sound really bad for me.

He laughed, "My dad is on the board of governors. I doubt I'd be expelled. "Dad, some gay boy trapped me in the toilets and tried to make me suck his dick. I had to fight him off and I may have gone a bit too far and hurt him more than I intended. But I was so scared. I didn't want him to face fuck me!" he said, smirking at me.

I had to give it to him. He was definitely more cunning than I thought and I realised I was in more trouble than I'd initially realised. He shuffled forward with his now hard dick dripping precum from the end. He was clearly excited at what he thought was about to happen. It was bigger hard than soft unsurprisingly and bigger than Simon's or mine was.

"Open wide," he said with a giggle. I kept my mouth firmly shut as he pushed it against my lips. It stunk of piss and was pretty disgusting. To my annoyance though my dick twitched slightly at the same time but I fought it. There was no fucking way I going to do this.

Frank however had other ideas. He held my nose as I tried to push him off me. The exertion and not being able to breath meant my mouth opened and he pushed it in. At that moment the main door opened and I heard Simon shout "Are you in here Jamie?". This was the opening I needed. I bit down on Frank's dick. I didn't bite particularly hard but it was enough for him to scream "ouch!" and he then withdrew it from my mouth.

"I'm in here Si! Frank's trapped me and trying to force me to suck his dick,"I said in a panicked tone.

"Well seems your boyfriend has turned up. Maybe you can both suck my dick! I can easily beat both you up," Frank said with a nasty laugh before opening the door to see Simon there.

"What the fuck is going on?" I sighed in relief as I heard the door open again and Tom's voice float in. I wasn't expecting that. He was big enough to handle Frank easily. Frank would be scared of a boy two years above us and everyone knew Tom wouldn't stand for this sort of shit. I suddenly realised the danger was over. I was saved. Frank came out sheepishly and I then ran to the sink and threw up into it. Possibly from the fear rather than the actual taste and smell of Frank's dick but it felt good to clear the system!

"So...what the fuck has been going on?" Tom asked. Frank gave his side which was pretty much the lie he'd tell his dad. He didn't know I knew Tom of course and I explained what had happened from my side. Clearly me throwing up didn't really scan with Frank's story either. Simon looked furious as I explained it all and I began to think Frank's feeling that he could beat us both up was a bit optimistic!

"We all know you're lying Frank. A trip to the headmaster with me is in order. Someone told Simon they'd seen you following Jamie into these toilets. Simon saw me on the way here. I heard Jamie bite on your dick and you scream. Tell you what, I'll believe you if you show me your dick and confirm there are no bite marks," Tom said with a grimace.

Frank refused and knew the game was up. Simon then came over to me and hugged me before smirking at Frank, "Oh by the way Frank. You WERE right about one thing. Jamie is my boyfriend and the only dick he sucks is mine," He said and kissed me on the cheek. Tom smiled at me and winked causing me to blush.

Tom then said we should go with him in so the headmaster could hear our side of the story. With that he walked Frank out of there and I sighed with relief as we followed them to the headmasters office. As I walked through the corridors my brain was spinning with out of control thoughts. Yes Tom was there and everyone liked and respected him. But what happened if it all went wrong and I got blamed for everything? After all, as Frank said his father was very influential.

Tom prepared the way with the headmaster and while it was embarrassing telling my side of things it did all seem to go well. As I explained everything from my perspective I could see the headmaster was sympathetic. I expected Frank to tell a pack of lies but in the end Frank confessed all and ended up with a suspension for a week. This seemed fairly generous given the sexual assault he had committed on me but I guess everyone deserves a second chance. I was worried how he would spin it to friends and whether that meant everyone would find out about me and Simon.

However I was worried over nothing. We never saw Frank again as he was packed off to boarding school soon after. His Dad had loads of money and I guess he decided Frank needed to be someone else's problem. I suspect the embarrassment of your son sexually assaulting a boy at the school you're a governor at was just too much for him.

Outside the office after we'd finished Tom smiled at me and Simon.

"Can I have a word in private with Jamie please?" He asked Simon who shrugged and said it was ok. He walked over and sat on a chair out of earshot as Tom put his hand on my shoulder.

"You ok now Jamie? That must have been a terrible experience."

"I think so. Thanks to you and Simon anyway!"

"So.....Simon is your boyfriend. You move fast! Seems like only yesterday I was having to teach you about wanking off. Now you've got a boyfriend and from the sound of it you've progressed to dick sucking. It's fun isn't it!" He asked, winking at me which caused me to blush slightly.

"Yeah it is! We've had a few tricky times but hopefully we're back on the right path," I said with a smile.

"Teenage love is always complicated. So many new emotions and experiences to deal with. It's easy to fall out over nothing. But then again the making up afterwards is always fun! It's clear you both love each other and have each other's back. That's the most important thing. Now anything else I can help you with before we go back to your boyfriend?" As Tom asked me this I realised I did have a question. It was pretty embarrassing but at the same time I suspected Tom would know the answer.

"Um yeah, maybe one more thing. Um...say we wanted to take the next step if you know what I mean. Is there anything I need to be aware of?" I asked blushing furiously.

To his credit Tom didn't take the piss or pretend he didn't know what I was talking about. He just smiled and was very matter of fact about it all.

"Just take it slowly Jamie. Taking a dick up your arse for the first time can hurt and take some getting used to. Use loads and loads of lubrication and be gentle with one another. You'll really enjoy it. It feels fucking amazing!"

"Ok thanks, that makes sense! Um what do I use as lubrication? So you've done it then?" I asked in surprise although I shouldn't have been I guess.

"Yeah a few times with Jon. I've done it with Sarah too but that's a different hole! I love my girlfriend but I also know that I like boys too. Jon's my best friend and there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun between friends! As for lubrication, expect a delivery through your front door at some point!"

We both giggled and went to join Simon. We grinned at each other and the relief that it was all over was palpable. Luckily no one really found out about the whole incident and our secret was safe. It was a close shave though and I hated the fact that Frank had tried to use my sexuality against me. I hoped he didn't think I was weaker than him just because I was gay. I half wished I'd bitten his dick clean off but the final outcome had been more than satisfactory! It was likely I'd never have to deal with his shit again.

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