My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 13

A few weeks after our first time having full on sex together we were home alone at Simon's house. We'd struggled to squeeze in much proper sex over that time. Well I guess we'd had just about enough but in reality we'd like to be doing each other a few times a day!

It was the first time we'd had sex for three days and I got a bit carried away as Simon thrust in and out of me. He was hitting my spot again and again causing me to almost scream with enjoyment.

"Fuck me...nngghhhh....harder......let me....lmmmphhh....have your......babies!" I said between grunts and moans.

As Simon heard me gasp those words out he stopped thrusting his dick in and just looked at me as I giggled.

"Jamie. You know that is something we'll probably miss out on if we stay together forever? Having kids." He looked serious as he asked me this.

"I don't care. All I want and need is you! I was just being silly saying those words. Now finish off and fill me up!" I replied, still giggling slightly. My words had only been throwaway ones, I wasn't serious. Luckily he clearly realised that as he grinned at me, "Your wish is my command!" He said and started pushing in and out and of me again. I'd happily have just stayed like that forever but a couple of minutes later he came in me. For one moment I thought I was going to cum just from being fucked but just as I was getting close Simon had orgasmed with a loud cry of release.

After I'd cleaned up we lay in each other's arms on his bed holding each other close.

"I meant what I said Jamie. If we stay together we'll miss out on having children. Our lives would be very different."

"Si, we're 14. We wouldn't be having babies with anyone for a while! But who knows, in the future we might be able to adopt or whatever. But seriously, let's enjoy what we have. Don't stress about the future and what we might miss out on. After all we have something together most people would kill for. Now, lift those legs up and let me slip my dick into your hole. Who knows, maybe I'll fuck you so hard that something magical will happen!" I said with a giggle.

I loved being fucked by Simon but I also loved the feeling of my hard dick inside him as well. His hole clamped tightly on it as I moved in and out. We'd experimented with a few different positions those first few weeks but the first position we used was still our favourite.

The room was full of grunts and groans as I edged towards finally having that orgasm that I'd almost had a few minutes before. This time it was pretty epic as my body felt on fire as I shot my cum into the boy I loved. I slowed my thrusts down and pulled out and collapsed on top of Simon. The room stunk of sex and so did we. Simon opened the window to let some air in and we quickly showered clean and got dressed. You never quite knew if someone would come back and we didn't want to get caught. We lay down on his bed again with both of us smelling clean and fresh. Simon then threw a curveball I wasn't expecting at all.

"I think we should tell our Mums Jamie."

"Tell them what Si?" I asked in surprise. Did he really mean what I thought he did?

"About us. I know it's risky and they might go mental and ban us from seeing each other. We'd still find a way though! I just think we should be honest. I'm certain I want to be with you. I'm not suggesting we're out and proud at school or anything! Just that if we tell our Mums at least someone else knows. Then my Mum could decide whether my Dad and Dean should be told."

I leaned in and kissed him, our tongues entwined until we both came up for breath.

"If that's what you want Si! It's a bigger step for you. I'm pretty sure my Mum will be cool with it but you've got three people in your family. When shall we do it?"

"I thought we just did it but I'm happy to do it with you again!" Simon replied with a cheeky grin.

"Easy tiger! I meant when shall we tell them? Although I'm always happy to do it again!"

Simon looked thoughtful. "I'm not sure. I think we just choose the right moment. It'll present itself. Maybe on one of the evenings my Mum pops over to yours? They usually have a few glasses of wine so will maybe be more sympathetic! And my Dad and Dean won't be there."

"Good plan. I guess there's no point getting all stinky and messy again. Let's seal the deal with a 69," I said with a grin and soon we were both sucking each other's dicks. I knew there was a chance our Mum's would stop us doing this. After all we were only 14. However I hoped they realised that horse had already bolted. Love and lust would find a way and I reckoned they'd rather we were doing it in a safe space like our rooms rather than having to take risks outside the home. Of course I was well aware that not all parents handle their kids coming out very well and so while I thought both our Mums were probably ok with it I couldn't lie that I was nervous about it.

Those nerves hadn't gone away when two weeks later the opportunity presented itself. Simon and his Mum had come round for the evening and we both thought it was a good time to do it. First of all though we had some pretty epic sex in my room while our Mum's chatted downstairs completely oblivious to what we were doing in my room! Afterwards we showered clean again together and got dressed.

"I reckon they're on the second bottle now. Shall we go and chat to them?" Simon asked me, clearly nervous.

"I guess so," I replied, equally nervous. While on paper it sounded a sensible decision to tell them, suddenly when faced with the reality it didn't seem quite so good.

"How do we play it? Hi Mum, I'm gay and so is Jamie who is my boyfriend. We've been fucking each other for ages. Oh and Dean once caught Jamie sucking my dick on the rocking chair in the hall?" Simon asked with a giggle.

I giggled as well before shaking my head. "I think we provide just enough information. All they need to know is that we're boyfriends. They don't need to know what we've been up to!"

We kissed each other before taking a deep breath and heading down to face out hopefully not impending doom.

"Hi Mum, Hi Jamie's Mum, " Simon said as we entered the lounge where they were sat down chatting and laughing. Despite my Mum always insisting Simon call her by her first name he always called her "Jamie's Mum" which he did think was the funniest thing in the world. My Mum liked his cheekiness and Simon was one of those boys it was hard not to be amused by.

"Hello boys, do you need something?" My Mum asked.

"Um not really. Well sort of. have something to talk about with you," I said blushing bright red and feeling more nervous than I had in my life.

"Sounds serious. You better both sit down!" My Mum said. A ghost of a smile played across her lips and she looked like she was trying not to laugh. At the same time to my surprise Simon's Mum stood up and picked up her handbag. She brought out £20 which she gave to my Mum.

Simon and I looked at each other in confusion as we sat on the sofa.

"What was that for?" I asked in surprise.

"Just a little bet between friends. So what did you want to tell us?" This time Simon's mum looked amused. I'm not sure it was helping our nerves. It seemed they thought we were going to talk about something trivial rather than something so important to us. I was expecting their amusement to disappear pretty quickly once we told them.

"Right um well the thing is. Well me and Simon..well basically..," I was stammering and unable to form the right words. They were watching us so intently that I was losing my bottle.

At this moment Simon took pity on me and stepped in with not the most complex of sentences but one that at least got the message out there pretty bluntly! "We're both gay and we're boyfriends."

Our Mums didn't say anything for a moment. Then my Mum broke the silence.

"We know! In fact that £20 was because I thought you'd tell us before the summer." She said smiling at us both.

"While I thought you'd just keep it to yourself rather than tell us but I'm pleased you haven't. Even if it has cost me £20!" Simon's Mum said with a smile.

"Um so you're not mad? And how did you know?" Simon asked in confusion.

"Of course we're not mad. We love you both and want you to be happy. It's not exactly a surprise. First of all we do your washing and neither of you seem to notice that you're leaving a lot of evidence behind!. We've seen the way you look at each other for a long long time. The only thing that threw us off the scent was when there was the incident involving girlfriends. But since all that it's been pretty obvious to us. You're our sons after all. I've known Jamie as long as I've known you. Neither of you are particularly good at hiding your feelings. It's one of the things I love about you both." I breathed a slight sigh of relief as Simon's Mum told us this with a smile.

My Mum then got involved. "Yes it's been obvious to us both for a while. After all It's not like you're particularly quiet when you're in the bedroom! Noise does travel outside a room sometimes boys! Also both of your hair is still wet. Given teenage boys don't like showers at the best of times it is a bit of a giveaway. Why would both of you be having a shower at 8pm? And together as the boiler only fired up for a few minutes? Good job covering things up isn't your job as you're both pretty rubbish at it. Now come and give us both a hug!"

Simon and I stood up and my Mum, then his Mum hugged us both. We sat down, the relief palpable between us.

"So...what happens now? Should Dad and Dean know? And will Dad be angry?" Simon asked, looking worried.

"Your father will be fine. He loves you unconditionally. I can tell him though if you'd rather not. It's a hard thing to talk about. I think you should tell Dean yourself. He looks up to you and it would be best to hear it from you. He's old enough to understand it," Simon's Mum said clearly unaware Dean must have his suspicions after what he'd seen.

"Ok that sounds like a plan. We're not going to tell anyone else. And um.....are we still able to do sleepovers together?" Simon asked nervously.

"I doubt we could stop you even if we wanted to. But nothing will change in that respect. What goes on in your bedrooms is up to you. We trust you to take suitable precautions so you don't get caught and also to keep the noise down. We always expected this day to come and both of us agree we'd rather you were doing it safely in your room than taking risks outside. Your Dad will agree as well. Now I'm in no rush to go home so if you want to go and hang out upstairs then that's ok. I imagine you're both a bag of nerves!" Simon's Mum said. She'd clearly discussed it all with my Mum beforehand so they were ready if we ever came clean about being boyfriends.

We hugged them both again and ran upstairs together. Once we got into my room we jumped on the bed and sighed in relief. We were both incredibly happy that was over. We were also happy that our burgeoning sex life wasn't about to be curtailed.

"Thank fuck that's done!" Simon said with a grin.

"Yeah, that was tense! Well I guess we should take advantage of the fact they're happy for us to keep doing what we're doing!"

"True, thank fuck for that as well! So how about a 69? THAT will keep the noise down!"

We both giggled before pulling our trousers down and sucking each other dry.

After coming out to both our Mums things felt different. Like a big weight had been lifted off both of us. It only strengthened our relationship and we both knew it. Over the next couple of weeks Simon came out to Dean as well who wasn't exactly surprised. He did ask if he could watch us having sex one time but we think he was just being a bit cheeky. Well we hoped he was but we'd be a bit careful when he was in the house!

Simon's Dad was totally nonplussed about the whole thing when Simon came out to him with his Mum's help. All in all it was just a lot easier really, just that first time telling someone else about you is the big step. It was never as difficult or as nerve wracking as that first time with our Mums was.

In the years to come we came to a few close friends at school. Then once we went to University the world was a bit different. We were then in a world where sexuality was just less of an issue as it used to be. Thankfully the world was becoming a little bit more of a tolerant place. That was all a while off yet though. Still we had each other and that was all that mattered.

Back in that bedroom on that fateful day where we finally told our Mums how we felt about each other and were honest about our sexuality, we kissed on my bed and told each other we loved the other over and over again.

I felt like the luckiest boy in the world. It had been a tough journey at times but it just showed the ups and downs of life. I knew Simon and I had already had a few and there would be more to come but we'd have each other's back. We always did and would face the challenges of life and growing up together.

After all he was my best friend. He always had been. He always would be. We'd just been lucky enough that we'd been able to turn that friendship into something even more amazing. Best friends first. Now boyfriends. After everything we'd been through we'd finally found out what had been staring us in the face all along: all we needed was each other. And that's what we both now knew and there was no way anything was going to come between us.

He was my boyfriend, my lover. And most important of all now and always he was my best friend.

The End

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