My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 11

We never got to have full sex that Christmas. Whether we would have done anyway I don't know. We'd only just got together and it would have been moving very fast! Yes we'd both told each other how we felt and that we were really lusted and loved up. However there was something in waiting and holding on to the anticipation of all the new things we could discover together.

It was a moot point though. First of all I got the flu then Simon did and it wasn't until the weekend before school restarted that we were well enough to get together. It wasn't the end of the world as it allowed us both thinking time to cement how strongly we felt about each other. However we also did have physical needs so I almost ran around his house on that Sunday morning as I was so horny and excited!

Simon's parents were out visiting a relative so luckily we'd have the house to ourselves as Dean was off to play football. I passed Dean on their drive. He was bravely heading out in the cold in a football kit and a ball to play with mates. Very optimistically dressed for the weather! Simon let me in and we kissed passionately in the hallway. We had a lot of catching up to do after all!

They had a big hallway that had stairs at the end of it with a grandfather clock. There was a rocking chair as well with a large mirror and doors leading off to the rest of the house. It always added an element of grandeur to their house I thought!

"I missed you so much," I said after we'd broken off our kiss.

"Needy! It was only a few days," he replied smiling at me. Then he winked, "I missed you so much too and I missed this," He squeezed my dick as he said this, causing me to moan slightly.

"Let's go to your room. I need that dick of yours now," I said with a wink taking his hand.

"Nah, I've got a better idea. Every time I see that rocking chair I always think it would be good for some fun. If we sit on it and rock gently while the other one sucks dick then you probably don't need to do any work, and it has the benefit of being opposite the mirror so you can see yourself getting sucked at the same time!" He'd obviously given it some thought and planning which I liked and I readily agreed. I liked this suggestion and I liked the slightly pervy nature of it. It boded very well for our hopefully impending sex life!

So before I knew it I was on my knees in front of Simon sitting in the chair. He'd pulled his trousers and boxers down and I took his hard dick in his mouth. He moaned and started gently rocking. It was a bit weird but it was actually quite good fun. The chair made a bit of a racket and Simon didn't bother keeping the noise down. I could tell he was getting close when I thought I heard a noise and him trying to pull me off him. He'd obviously forgotten I loved him cumming in my mouth so I kept going before I heard..

"Just came back to get my goalkeeping gloves..what the fuck are you two doing?!" Dean's high pitched voice came from the front door as Simon grunted and came in my mouth at the same time. The door slammed shut and I pulled off as his dick pulsed to see Simon's shocked face.

"Fuck," He simply said. I looked at him in rising panic but he took a deep breath and forced a smile.

"It's fine. I'll talk to him. But we should probably go up to my room for your blowjob," He said. My hard dick had deflated and I was really anxious but Simon managed to coax it back into life. Neither of us were particularly into it though and as soon as I'd cum and we cleaned up Simon said we should probably go and find Dean.

I was really stressed. More so than Simon it seemed. "Hey calm down Jamie, Dean's cool. He was probably just shocked, we need to chat to him but it'll be fine," He said confidently.

"It's ok for you. I was the one on my knees with a mouthful of dick!" I pointed out.

"Hmm good point, sorry, we should have gone to my bedroom. I just got carried away. I'd been fantasising about doing it on the chair with you for days!" He replied grinning at me. I relaxed slightly and we turned into the park where I could see Dean kicking a ball about with some of his friends.

We sat down and waited, the cold wind chilling the air. Dean didn't last long before he had finished and as he headed away from his friends he saw us.

"Let me have a few minutes alone with him," Simon said and went over to Dean. There was some gesticulating on Dean's part, some explaining from Simon and finally an arm around his brother and they were both smiling when they came over.

"Dean understands and he knows he isn't to tell anyone. Sorry it was a shock for you Dean. It was just friends helping each other out," Simon said. I looked at him slightly askance, we were boyfriends not just helping each other out but clearly he didn't want Dean to know.

Dean looked a bit nervous or maybe overwhelmed but as we approached the house the reason became clear.

"Erm. Don't be mad," He said, turning to look at us. "But I was really shocked by what I saw and I. Um...might have mentioned something to Rich when I saw him before the others came to join us," He said looking guilty. Rich was the younger brother of a boy in our year called Carl. Carl was ok but a bit of a dick. If Rich told him what Dean had said he might say something but we could probably just deny it.

Simon put his arm around his brother, "Hey don't worry, it's us who made a mistake, not you! We'll deal with it. Now don't stress and if you have any questions at all about what you saw just let me know," He said, pulling him close in a hug. It made me wistful, wishing I had a brother like that.

"Ok. If you're going to do it again when you get home can I watch?" Dean asked before giggling as Simon called him a "cheeky bastard" and no he couldn't watch.

As we sat on the bed in Simon's room I felt like things were going back to normal after the panic of earlier. Dean treated me like a brother too and wouldn't tell anyone but I was still a bit annoyed with Simon about it as he'd taken an unnecessary risk. What would have happened if it was his parents back early? Oh well, hopefully no bad would come of it. And after a toe curlingly good 69 back in his room I'd almost forgotten about.

I certainly hadn't forgotten about it the next day though, as we walked into our form class together there were a few wolf whistles. I sat down next to Simon who looked nonplussed.

"Ah the gay boys sitting next to each other!" A boy called Frank who neither of us liked said. Frank was a bully. He was large and chunky, when he hit you you'd know about it. Luckily he'd never hit me but he had some of my friends. He was bottom of the class and top of the arsehole list really.

Simon stood up, "What the fuck you talking about? You got a problem Frank?" He asked.

"A bit, didn't realise we had homosexuals in our class," He said slowly saying the word homosexual as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

"I have no fucking idea what you're talking about although I'm impressed you know the word. I didn't think you knew any words longer than four letters," Simon said going on the offensive.

"The word is out about you two! Carl told James who told me about what Carl's brother found out from your brother and now everyone knows," Frank said with a smirk. The rest of the class stayed silent, watching how this played out. Simon was very popular and quick witted so it was a risky move by Frank taking him on in public.

Simon burst out laughing, "Jesus fucking christ Frank, are people that fucking stupid?! Oh my 11 year old brother told another 11 year old who told his 14 year old brother who told you what he saw. Yeah that sounds right. Someone is fucking around with you! Might be Carl, or his brother or mine but I think it's pretty clear you're being fucked with. I know you're a bit slow at times Frank but you've outdone yourself this time!" Simon said with a flourish, getting laughs from the class and causing Frank to sit down looking really pissed off.

"Well played," I whispered, Simon nodded but kept quiet after that. He was a bit weird for the rest of the day and rushed off home after school without me saying he had to be back home quickly.

The next morning he picked me up as usual but was definitely a bit.....strange with me. I wouldn't say cold but standoffish. I wasn't stupid, I knew something was up.

"Everything ok Si?" I asked as we walked together.

He smiled, "Yeah of course Jamie! It's all good. Just got a lot on mind, you know school work and stuff." He replied. Like me Simon was usually top of the class so I wasn't buying that but I didn't want to make a big deal of it.

"I'd like to book an appointment with my boyfriend's dick. Shall we catch up at yours after school. Or mine," I asked with a grin. It had been a couple of days and I was horny. I thought he grimaced at the word boyfriend but he smiled at me warmly.

"If only! Got so much school work I'm really pushed, maybe at the weekend," He said which surprised me as I had an equal amount of schoolwork. Still, I wasn't going to push it, softly softly, catchee monkey.

By Thursday morning Carl had apologised to Simon and me for spreading rumours and he and Simon laughed about their little brothers stirring things up. Simon had done an excellent job of defusing the rumours and the situation. His popularity was such though that I did seriously doubt it was a problem if people knew it was true. Yes no one was out at school but I wasn't convinced it was the social pariah causing thing that Simon thought it was.

Frank had looked pissed off ever since Monday and people were taking the piss out of him for being thick which while true I didn't ever participate in. Bullies are scumbags but they're also usually made by experience rather than being born that way. It was clear though that he blamed Simon for it. Whether or not I was also a target for his anger I wasn't sure about. He certainly cast dark looks in our direction but hadn't used the gay word since.

I got my answer on Thursday after school. I'd said to Simon I needed a piss and I'd catch him up. I flopped my dick out in the urinal and was mid piss when Frank walked in. He smiled nastily when he saw me. He then strode up to the urinal next to me. I was shaking my dick and about to zip up when he flopped his out. He turned round to face me as I turned to leave, blocking my way.

His dick was long and thin. He was well hung length wise for our age although not chunky like some I'd seen.

He smirked at me.

"Good job I saw you coming in here. I know you're a gay boy. You're going to suck this for me otherwise I'll beat the shit out of you," He said, moving closer so I was up against the wall.

"No fucking way," I said forcefully.

He grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his dick despite me trying to wriggle free. "Mmm, I know you like that," He said.

"Fuck off, I'm not gay,"I said, I was possibly lying but if I was Bi it wasn't. Either way Frank was the last person I'd come out to! He held my hand there for a few seconds before releasing it.

"Go then, fuck off out of here while I have my piss before I change my mind," He said.

I gathered myself together. I picked up my school bag that I'd dropped and walked quickly towards the door past the cubicles on my left. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and pushed into the cubicle by Frank. He came in with me and shut the door behind him. He pushed me down onto the toilet seat and I realised I was in a shit load of trouble.

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